The Henchwoman

Part 5: Hold Sway

by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #sub:female

Inspired by illustrations by sue-chan.

Part 5: Hold Sway

Current Day

Bits and pieces of the last several years flashed through her mind, with the last six months giving her ragged breaths. It all shaped a more complete sequence of events Sibyl had trouble readily accepting. Each memory of Sway her power accessed came with a byproduct of programmed rapture, like it just happened, reinforcing given commands, driving obedience deeper and undetected, until the next time they were officially supposed to meet. Sitting somewhere, still in Dr. Sway's office, in her desk chair, facing the portrait of green eyes was like a silent jab at her pride. She hazily stared at them, half-convinced they were staring back at her, wanting something, but her muddled mind didn't know what.

It would've been so nice to stare, but the memory of why she was there made her jolt out of her seat to search the office. It wasn't a hard search as more memories of the past undercut previous motivations. She was so sure she was there to arrest Sway, not to throw herself into her arms. It was a trick, it had to be, no matter if it was made based on Sway finding out how hot she made Sibyl. She walked around the empty office, plagued with more and more convincing evidence of the past, her psychic powers scanning her psyche, ensuring that these memories were true and not installed.

"Oh my god!"

Once her memories revealed who was to blame for that collective dream the two women shared, she shook her head a few notches below violently, smacking the side of her head with her hands, trying to bury herself in shame, arguing with her body about how hot it was and shouldn't have been. In the rest of her scanning, the only thing that seemed installed was her own sense of wanting to be there to arrest Sway. She fooled herself into believing she was there for something righteous, not something ridiculous. She questioned herself in a wall mirror.

"Bang up job, horny idiot. What do we do now?"

An unmoving figure leaning against the wall to Sibyl's back moved, only to remove her glasses. It was at a distance, but the unmistakable eyes nearly caught her. Only by a strong force of will was she able to shut her eyes in time to avoid the hypnotic siege.

The only bearings the young woman could latch onto was her own strict breathing and a sprinkling of laughter coming from behind her.

"Oh my sweet flower child, I see we're back to this fruitless game."

"Better than the mind games you've been playing with me."

She heard a sigh that was a foot away, cringing at the physical contact she expected, but that never came.

"I'm a capitalist-at-heart, capitalizing on opportunities is what I do. But in this case, it's scary how forgetful young minds are these days, especially barring my assistance. You want to hold back now, but my mind games have merely been holding back the great flood of desire that is a surprisingly-determined hierarch named Sibyl. Who knows how ravished I'd be by now if I didn't."

"That's a damned lie!"

"The only damned thing here seems to be you, self-imposed. You want what you think you can't have, what you convince yourself you shouldn't have, and yet here you are. The truest you inside had to know how flimsy that 'taking me down' scenario was. I admit, mostly for my own amusement, but you'd take any excuse to come back to me."

"You don't kn-"

"Yes I do. I know you, more than I ever thought I would. More than I ever thought I could love knowing. For so long, you dreamed about this moment, this opportunity, and your dream came true because you had the guts to make it come true."

Sibyl hated how effective Sway was with emotional manipulation via compliments.

"You sought me out, you admitted to me what you wanted. No power of mine made that happen, just like no power of yours stood between us. With those eyes closed, and those real memories back and fleshed-out, it must be like dreaming of everything that led up to this point all over again, a highlight reel of some of the hotter moments, not feeling taken for granted, deep within. And once those eyes open, the dream becomes real. All you've ever wanted, ready to embrace you, to set your lonesomeness and burdens aside, to free yourself in me."

Sibyl also hated how she practically loved how in-tune the seductress behind her seemed to be, how she kept her distance yet struck a powerful chord within. She swore the heat on the back of her neck radiated from the breath of Sway's hot words somehow.

"This is just as thrilling for me as it is for you. No, it's even more thrilling for me. I don't know what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, how it will look when it happens, when you open those eyes. I'm dying to know, breathless in anticipation. I can't believe I have the patience I have to wait for you. But I do, because when those eyes open, I'll know it was worth the wait, and that I'll be rewarded so bountifully. When your destiny finally fulfills itself, when your body finally gets what it wants, when your mind dwindles to only what it wants to know, when my body and mind entwine with yours, when my eyes hold you, when your eyes are held in my eyes, when my eyes take loving possession of your eyes, when"

She cursed her mouth for the whimper it didn't hold back. And then her eyelids for succumbing, opening freely to see her sandaled feet, unmoving and unwilling to step elsewhere, to look around in a faint haze, unable to find what she wanted, until she saw herself in the mirror in front of her, and the woman behind that was the clearest sight to her eyes, having found exactly what they needed.

"I love it when dreams come true," Sway spoke with a smile, lashes of bottomless eyes playfully, rapidly batting at their target before greeting her with wide-open gusto, pouring colors into Sibyl, both of them loving how her overflowing mind couldn't get enough.

Immobility prevailed as she took closer and closer steps until Sway was right beside her, resting her chin on Sibyl's shoulder, producing a file she had in her hands.

"Now, we see how good, or bad, a girl you've been."

Sibyl uncaringly lost herself to the river while Sway perused her file compiled from several sources.

"Oh my..." whispered Sway as she found what she was looking for.

"Happy 22nd birthday today, Sibyl. Or Mira, I guess, if we're getting personal.

She didn't respond to hearing her real name, but faintly moaned at feeling Sway's caress on the side of her face, pushing their faces together as they stared lustily at one another.

"And since we're allowed to get this personal now, and you've been such a good girl, you can call me Julia in private, or Mistress in public, heh, or Mistress Julia if you're mine."

Standing beside Sway, downstream the colorful river, Sibyl's mouth quivered, more and more, until it finally unleashed words she only dare dreamed of.


The psychic part of Sibyl was triggered down deep within her, springing itself into action and leaping into Julia's metaphorical arms. The pair, off-balance, fell into a state of submersion. The weight of Mistress atop her had pushed her down, ending her buoyancy as they both fell into flowing waters, feeding themselves oxygen with their deep tongue-dueling kiss. Mira grinded against her older lover as if the space between her hips needed the friction, and the
reciprocation encouraged more.

Floating and twisting in the currents, Sibyl's uncontrollable lust found itself tamed at Sway's gentle touches and expert teases once she pulled back. The hypnotherapist had taken many lovers before; none showed the tigerish ferocity of Mira coming into her own experience of sexuality for the first time. Whether she was partly to blame for how intense that ferocity was or not, she decided to slow things down, to let the fire burn gradually, to gift her lover with how sensual a sexual encounter could be when done right.

Sibyl made cute complaining noises as she felt the water disappear, wrestling with her lover for more control on the meadowy grass before waves of color splashed deeper into sex-filled eyes, reminding her how those eyes belonged to her Mistress, meaning that she was enslaved, willingly subject to what Mistress wanted.

Mistress Julia found herself indisposed from taking stock of her surroundings. She was so caught up in Sibyl, her senses neglected everything around her; she'd gone from seeing where Sibyl floated along years ago, to standing in that meadow. Everything looked so surreal and fluid, a faintly fuzzy drug-induced dream world. She was nearly scared to see the sun, which was just her eye in gigantic proportions. She wondered why she could look at the same sights and not be entranced, figuring it's the same reason she could look at herself in any mirror and not be mentally subdued.

"How did I get here?"

"Psychic....transference. You're"

"I see that," Julia smiled. "I see that we're in your dream, and you're in my power."

"Oh yes Mistress!"

Despite not a drop of liquid on them from exiting the stream, both set of panties were completely soaked. It would be hard to make Sibyl wait for what she wanted too, but she was more intent than ever in having her way in this adventure.

Head trapped in her Mistress's hands, Sibyl's gaze was shifted upwards in surprise, made to stare at the green sun, just as powerful as being face to face with her. A sharp gasp came from Sway's lips sucking at her pulse point on her neck, licking it, teasing biting hard into the skin with her teeth.

"Breathe deep, look deeper, reach as deep as you can within, and give me your power."

"Yes, Mistresss..."

Between them, Sibyl's crystal ball appeared out of nowhere, held in the psychic's hands waiting for the rightful owner to take it. Sway merely touched the top of it and saw her mesmerizing colors manifest on its surface. Sway's hands gripped her chin, and her crystal ball, feeling the control Sibyl assumed on their mental structures.

"Incredible..." Sway whispered to herself.

"Thank you Mistress," an unexpected comment that got the older woman to smirk at her, as she leaned forward.

"Just imagine what would've happened if you were the proper age when I first caught you."

The requested was whispered in her ear, and made their psychic powers time travel back to their first meeting. She would've awoken to those eyes, bringing truth to all those mind-bending rumors, only this time Julia let loose with her eyes, her touches, manipulating her gently to wake her, then sexually exciting her once caught in her power. Acceptably-aged Mira still reached out, but weaker than before, as her target remained unaffected, and Sibyl got a glimpse at her future, the future of Sway's evolving powers. She floated along that river for the first time all over again, except now she couldn't fight the river threatening to flood out of her womanhood.

"So horny, so needy, so green and faced with your superior," Sway mocked her prisoner.

"You have what I need, and you need what I have, pretty. The information for the best orgasm of your life. How about it?"

"No," she protested weakly, never able to tear her gaze away.

"But you're so horny, and so needy..." Sibyl couldn't tell if she was imagining those touches or if Sway got into her mind and knew which parts just got her off easily, but she knew she wasn't going to last long. As a last ditch effort, she tried to reach into her bodily control and force an orgasm to end things quickly without talking. That effort crashed into a wall, a dam too tall to scale, solid and green. The pleasure ramped up and it had nowhere to go.

"Please, please..." the psychic pleaded.

"So needy, so horny, so green..." Sway mercilessly reminded her.

"Pl-lease stop..."

"So needy, so horny, so green..." Julia sing-songed.

"Please..." tears streamed down her eyes, tears of unrequited ecstasy.

"So needy, so horny, so green..." Sway's mouth didn't even move, the mantra echoed deep in Sibyl's brain, betraying her further.

"So needy, so horny, so green..."

Younger eyes rolled in the back of her head as her mind's eye was still trapped in a green gaze. Eventually Mira devolved into surrendering every last bit of information, as the dam slowly began to break all on its own.

"So needy, so horny, so green..." a scream of total surrender happened after she'd given up and still felt denied.

At the snap of Julia's fingers, the dam disappeared and her captive convulsed hard and like a banshee. It look long minutes for her to come off her high, and once she did, she was too far gone to hear suggestions of what Sway had in-store for her, how she would be MIA from her comrades for a while, captive in Sway's bedroom for the next few days.

The dream ended prematurely as Mira felt how long she'd been looking up at the green sun, neck hurting from that posture for so long, happy to have Mistress gently bring it back down to rest, to stare at the real mesmeric view. She smiled her Mistress's smile as Julia droned on.

"Imagine if when you broke into my office that night, that you just happen to turn 22 that day."

Mental magic whisked their awarenesses back to that night, half in the dreamworld, half in her office months ago.

"How old are you, dearie?"


"Ooohhhh, the magic number," the hypnotist chuckled. "And of course, you wouldn't lie to me, cause good, obedient girls I own are incapable of lying, aren't they?"

All Sibyl saw was green, all she felt were the colors softening the back of her mind; she never knew a better birthday present anyone could give her.

"I...good girl, obed..ient, yo-ooh-urs...22."

"Perhaps it's my birthday. How often does a pre-programmed gift present itself right in-front of me, just waiting to be unwrapped?"

Brushing a brunette pigtail away with her hand, Julia reached for the strap of her shirt, but stopped. Smiling mischievously with her eyes, remembering her newly borrowed power, her hand moved back to the crystal ball, stroking its surface slowly with her fingers. The effect was the strap of Mira's white shirt and bra, sliding across her shoulder by a gentle ghostly hand she only felt, and lips that kissed newly exposed skin. The fabric of that shirt and bra strap stretched beyond their limits to expose the a naked breast, lips tracing a line down to her ripe, hard nipple sucking hard on it. Mira remained still, merely vibrating against a pair of lips that never stopped sucking at her breast, even as Sway's fingers caressed the globe and lowered the other strap, and a second set of lips pleased the other nipple in unison. Too much stimulation at her breasts meant her shirt and bra evaporating from her body went unnoticed.

Slyly, Julia let her forefinger continue caressing while the nail of her pinky tapped against the glass surface, creating pulses of pleasure all over her. Never in the psychic's wildest dreams could she imagine herself rendered topless without being touched, having her belt unfastened and pants unzipped by the mouth of a lover that only smiled at her, while the nipple-sucking slowed but never stopped. Teeth dragged her pants to a puddle at her feet, evaporating just like her summer sandals with the whisking of a finger on the ball, as if removing a clothing app on her phone. Hot breath blew onto her wet panties, and the fabric melted away to nothing, the breath only making her wetter. A hand lasciviously took away her headband and unraveled her pigtails, and a sudden thought struck.

"Wait, the dream that night. What did I do to you to-"

The crystal answered her unfinished question, flashing the memory she was looking for.

"Oh yes. Do you remember this sweetie?"

Julia drew circles on the ball, and Mira felt fingers twisting themselves in her hair, and then more fingers twisting below the waist.

"Oh yes you do. Good girl. I'll have to remember that little trick, of course, it only gets better from there."

Fingers in her crotch turned into a hot mouth at her pussy-kissed flesh.

"Hey Mira, who's the good girl with four mouths at her, mindfucked, and looks splendid in her birthday suit?"

The three mouths at her most erogenous parts increase the work done on the psychic, as she felt herself pushed back into the river, feeling Mistress Julia finger rub against the ball furiously, causing the mouths work her to a furious orgasm. She finally came as a fourth mouth licked her ear and uttered

"This good girl...."

Arching her back and screaming, she felt like her Mistress never left her as she floated away into oblivion.

The next time she opened her eyes, she was laid out across Mistress' office couch, as naked as in her mind, looking around and seeing her black-suited controller next to her, stroking her face.

"And now pretty, time to undress me."

Rolling off the couch and tumbling to the ground, she crawled her way to Julia's feet, removing her shoes, hands traveling up the fabric, impatiently wanting to feel her Mistress's birthday suit as well, desperate to please as she had been.

"Properly slave, this suit is expensive, even if you've already stained it you-know-where."

Suddenly inspired to grin evilly, Mira unzipped her pantsuit, but stuck her tongue deftly into sensitive flesh while her hands lowered the clothes.

"Uuuhhhh, naughty girl."

Mira heard no real admonishment in her voice, so she knew not to stop as she licked and licked, surprised at loving the taste of a woman, caressing her legs in a way she hoped would promote a higher sex drive. How she pinched her thighs seemed to work wonders. She loved how Mistress made a sound of complaint as she stopped licking to submissively come to her suit jacket to slowly, properly unbutton the black suit and white blouse, the brassiere beneath looking lacy and expensive. She nuzzled against the lace while sticking fingers into warm liquidy depths, exploring, seeing what she liked, while planting a deep tongue kiss to her lips. Shielded from hypnotic eyes while the glasses were on, she felt free enough to wink at her lover, and trail kisses straight down her neck, in-between her breasts as the bra unclasped, and her hands went to work on her breasts, squeezing the nipples hard as she lowered her mouth back to the wetness.

It was tough for Julia to get used to this new sex servant taking such creative initiative, switching it up at every turn to keep her body guessing. She could stop it if she wanted, but she didn't mind this kind of payback, not when she was learning all on her own how to give her the most satisfaction. Once that tongue hit the place that made Sway's body shake, no mercy was shown.

"Fuck, naughty girl is good at...thissss...."

Somewhere in the sensory overload, orgasms hit once or twice, and Mira let her rest against her chair, gasping for air, for the first time ever in any way powerless in front of a slave. On top of everything else unexpected, she felt Sibyl trying to reach out into her mind again, assuming she was totally helpless post-orgasm, proving she still had much to learn about how quick a female could recuperate. A sensually corrupted Sibyl concentrated weakly to get into Mistress's mind, but felt a foot under her chin and raise her face to green eyes and a myriad of other hypnotic colors.

The standoff hit both hierarch's again, but Sway's gaze needed no concentration to affect her prey, so when they were both in Sibyl's mindscape yet again, Mistress was still in-charge, but what she saw threw her a little off-balance. It was their office, Julia was unchanged, but Mira and grown older, silvery hairs strewn about the brown, laying on the couch next to the chair, pouring her submissive heart out, hoping to be triggered. The hypnotist in her perceived future took older Mira's crystal ball, and manipulated her from the comfort of her own chair, working her up to a first soft orgasm, before climbing on top of the older woman, embracing her long-time slave and kissing her cares away.

It looked like something belonging in the most idealistic and hopeful parts of the brain, or among the cheesiest lesbian Hallmark Channel movies she could ever imagine, yet the heartfelt imagery was clear - "keep me even when I'm old and gray." She could only guess someone young enough who faced dangerous situations on a constant basis, even if much less than her comrades, would probably give thought to if she got old, fighting if nothing else to reach that 'if'.

It did amuse a little to assume Julia would never age, maybe she'd have a few gray hairs by that time, but it touched her a little more that her young heart gave this enough thought to plan for the future, premature or not, indefinite enslavement to her. It wasn't considered how long she would keep any one slave, no matter how useful they were to her. Day-to-day she would decide who would leave her employ, who would stay, who would remember what, etc. Even the special cases like Sibyl, she was unsure.

Then again, how fate kept them connected, the constant variety of overlapping mind-taking, sometimes purposefully binding them together, Sway figured she might have to keep the former heroine around indefinitely, to ensure a proper submissive conduct was maintained. She did have a knack for acting on the former villainess's desired behalfs, commanded to or not. Consideration of the "former" part had struck introspective thoughts just then. She wondered if Sibyl considered how she not only placed her willing body, but a power that could be easily weaponized for some bigger, more sinister plot in the most devious of hands. The old her was lucky Sway had no such inclinations, even if there were so many ways to play around with them.

In any stretch of a prolonged relationship, it was funny what a casually odd couple they could be. A heroine and villainess, the old cougar and the young fawning slave, the plutocrat and the beatnik...the hypnotic capitalist laughed out loud at what they might learn from each other, which turned her thoughts dirty as she smiled lewdly at her slave. Mira would come to appreciate concepts of greed and ownership, greedily hungering for her Julia's body and brainwashing techniques in order to be more owned; Julia would appreciate all the 'free love' Mira could throw at her. Sway wondered if Sibyl predicted the future of her perhaps getting whatever she wished. And as was the doctor's prerogative, she turned that against her 'adversary,' leaning her naked body against Sibyl's, locking gazes once more, smiling at how 'monkey's paw' she could turn this on her slave.

"I guess I'll have to keep my eyes on you for the foreseeable future. Be careful what you beg for, dearie. You just...might...get it."

She kissed her slave deeply and contemplated their future, her benefit surely being theirs.

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