The Henchwoman

Epilogue: The Henchwoman's Henchwoman

by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #sub:female

Inspired by illustrations by sue-chan.

Some Time Later

Dr. Ben 'Bear' McCreed, probably the world's smartest hierarch and 2nd in command of his former organization, couldn't wake up. He usually got his standard 8 hours of sleep with no issue, as he worked smart instead of hard, so it confused his sleepy mind why it felt the need to not get up on schedule. Some feeling was keeping him asleep, or wanting to remain asleep. He couldn't think of anything pressing to deal with, no important event he was missing, so there was no panic to force himself awake. He just let himself dream, wondering where it would take him, wondering why water was involved, wondering why a voice was involved, asking him questions a part of his mind answered back silently.

"So you're the one that came up with with name Sibyl? An old word for ancient oracle or seer?"

"Yes," his mind calmly answered.

"Interesting choice. Was she happy with that name?"

"Not at first. I told her about the unique spelling, the meaning, and convinced her how subtle it was. It grew on her after a while," was Bear's detailed, honest answer.

"I can see that happening. You convinced Sibyl to do a lot. Were you the one that got her to become a hierarch heroine?"

"No, she came to us after we introduced ourselves. I was the one who convinced her to stay, planned it so she would never have to face danger, how she could work from our safe headquarters and help there."

"Sound planning, but I assume it was more to it than that. You wanted to keep her safe."


"Were you fond of her?"


"Romantically interested?"


"Did you ever pursue her?"



"My appearance."

"Such a shame."

Bearing the look of a literal giant skinny teddy bear turned off way more people that it appealed to, no matter how civil is IQ made him, or cuddly his fur literally made him. Sibyl being one of the few females to look past it, even embrace that side of him was something he never took for granted, wishing she had initiated something between them when they were still a team. Bear would've wondered why all the questions if the voice asking them didn't produce something calming within him, keeping his mind sleepily sedated.

"You enjoyed being a hierarch superhero, yes?"


"When your group liquidated, you were adamant about resurrecting it?"


"Did you think about recruiting Sibyl to help with that?"


"Would you be surprised to know she's the one who helped end things?"


"Why do you think she ended them?"

"Because...." Bear couldn't find reasoning to support what sounded like a baseless theory. He'd known Sibyl for years, and never expected her to subvert or aid ending all their hard work. Such a question made him uncomfortable and forced himself awake, to no avail.

"Why do you think she ended them?" The question was repeated.

"I don't know," Bear answered as if strained.

"What do you know?" The broad question for such a genius threw his mind for a loop; he didn't know where to start.

"Do you know who I am?"


"Do you want to know?"

"....yes." The fear in his response was unmistakable, equal to his curiosity.

"Open your eyes."

Whatever force kept his eyes shut was lifted, and he found himself on his knees, besides boxers covered only in his natural fur, having to look up a scientific impossibility, or miracle, or both. A mind conditioned to critical, clinical analysis was reduced to basic reactionary functioning. The myriad of colors radiated in the head, resembling tangible energy to the senses, energy that cradled and massaged the back of the eyeballs, holding them in place with coercive pleasure to behold the hypnotic shade of green retinas that took away the genius humanoid hero and left a mind willing to be reduced to mush the longer he looked.

"Nice to make your acquaintance Dr. Bear, and to put a face and dopey grin to the mind that help thwart all my employers' plans. I'm the interrogator who gave you so much trouble over the years, but you can call me Dr. Sway."

Bear's boxers tented without hesitation, never having seen such a knockout of a woman, even without her unique powers, nor a woman who looked at him with such regard. Dressed in a black and white silk robe with heels to match, Dr. Sway looked like a classic beauty that belonged on the silver screen, not invading his dreams, not solely anyway he would've thought.

"Dr. Sway..." the reverence in his voice made her smile, convincing her that all the well-behaved heroic slaves she never had were painfully kept out of reach, leaving her to deal with rough rogues that were merely fun for extracting information and sapping ego and will power.

"Yes, Dr. Bear. And have you met my associate?"

Julia turned her gaze, allowing Bear to hazily take in his surroundings. He had to be dreaming since the colors wouldn't stop blending around him, except for the lovely Dr. Sway and her associate Sibyl, the sight of whom woke Bear enough out of his reverie enough to want to respond. But the young comrade he once knew seemed very different. Arms crossed, smiling at the blonde, but smirking at him, make-up resembling the hypnotic color shade painted around her right eye. The most different part was how he felt his muscles seized by her psychic powers, forcing not only immobility, but turning his head back to Dr. Sway's eyes which ended resistance with just a glance.

"You would think you've met Sibyl before, but it seems us Ph. D’s have had much to learn about our little hierarch. Neither of us knew where her sexual budding would stem from, or towards. Neither of us knew how she truly felt about this game of heroes and villains we all played, and how her hand in ending it was as significant as my hand in ending it."

Bear was helpless to respond to hearing the absurdity that Sibyl manipulated minds to steer them to quitting, and at the same time very intrigued to Dr. Sway's role.

"Ever wonder why your biggest antagonists suddenly disappeared off the map? I think you can surely see why now. Why corporate, 'humanitarian' moguls ceded control to the board of his company, left public life altogether, steered the direction of their companies away from us? If you only knew the true depths of their hatred for our kind. If you only knew how thankful you should be these evolved powers came along when they did. As interested as you might be with exactly what was in-mind for us, interest quickly turned to my eyes, falling swiftly under my sway, turning them to lives of accepted defeat, some living out the rest of their days copying Howard Hughes decline, minds made to question if we ever exist."

"And thanks to my loyal minion here," Julia reached out to pull her hippie-girlfriend to a kiss "I've been able to weed out any long-reaching plans much quicker. Every subordinate and scientist that ever had it in for us, have their minds directed elsewhere, permanently. She's such a good girl."

Mira giggled helplessly at feeling fingers stroke her pigtails, wrapping it in her fingers, being reminded with erotic tingles of where else those fingers twisted her up. Her eyes rolled back at the symbolic gesture, making her owner giggle in amusement, before looking down again.

"As for you, Dr. Bear..."

Just for the sake of dealing with yet another hero, Julia decided to create an air of unspecified dread.

"We can't really allow any forces like the ones we've snuffed to re-focus on us. Virtuous pursuits or not, if you start up again, so will they. It's better if we all go our separate ways, and if you see things my way."

Bear couldn't take his eyes off of her face, but knew to reach out to take her leg extended into his hands. Her skin resembled her eyes in softness, and creating deep compulsion.

"And though Sibyl and I discussed offering you pleasure in exchange for not getting the team back together, I just find myself in the mood to take pleasure from you. From one doctor to another, I'm sure you find it hard to refuse me such a courtesy."

Another compulsion told him to kiss her legs as reverently as he spoke her name, and he did so with gusto. The softness of his furry face tickling her skin as his kisses excited her skin, his mind still floating on the colored river. His kisses went up to her knee before she stopped him.

"You know, I think there is one game I'm willing to let you start up Dr. Bear. My eyes are up here."

Her face moved closer, and the power she already spread onto his mind deepened, washed away all other thoughts and he grinned mindlessly, unable to feel her heel push his chest flat to the ground.

"Spread eagle, Dr. Bear." His limbs shot out diagonally to comply.

"Excellent. The name of this game will be 'bear-skinned rug'."

"Oooh," the silent telepath finally spoke. "Who's the naughty girl now?"

Julia turned her gaze toward her slave, wiping the lusty smile off her face till it turned dreamy and drooling.

"Still you, dearie," she bore her own lusty smile, untying the sash to her robe, laying naked atop Dr. Bear while making Mira crawl to her slit. Deep groans filled the room as she felt herself slide against Bear's smooth fur, feeling his hard member covered in the same material slither and throb across her waist, all the while loving the improved caresses on her thighs. She knew Mira had a thing for doctors, but wondered if it was more his mind or his body that caused the attraction. Already possessing a convincing argument for his body, she reveled at all he could provide her with with his knowledge if she was so inclined.

The feel of a submissive man-sized rug beneath her caused a loss of composure and acceleration of a planned activity.

"Soft bear hug, Dr."

Arms gently wrapped around her torso, and his nose took a deep breath of her musk and perfume, at the same time a familiar tongue darted playfully at her pussy. Green eyes rolled back into a momentary loss of control, one she didn't mind much anymore since it was a by-product of earth-shattering orgasms.

"Dr. Bear, Sibyl" she calmly spoke after recovering, those eyes glancing at each set of dull ones.

"Cum," the command was instantly obeyed, her slaves panting enjoying the mixed smell of sex around them, ready to reap more of the benefits for their happy erotic hypnotist.

Pulling Mira up, she gave each one a kiss to let them recover from the warm-up round, and get them ready for the long game to come. She never thought taking heroes like this would be such a liability-free luxury, and couldn't wait to reap all the benefits. Of course she would see to it that both former heroes would benefit via obedience, delighting in themselves, their owner, any way she saw fit.

"Another day, another one caught up in the Sway," the hypnotist heard her clever associate recite the new, corny catchphrase she assigned to her Mistress. She kept forgetting to deprogram that idea from Mira's head; ridiculous or not, there was a hammy charm to it. The deprogramming would lapse in her memory again as her slaves got to work on her, smiling at the truth of the words.

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