The Henchwoman

Part 4: Swayed

by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #sub:female

Six Months Ago

Around an early winter sunset, Dr. Sway checked the progress of her clients, spreadsheets cross-referencing daily life and business happenings with diverse portfolios constantly improving hers; the results looked satisfactory. Her elite clientele had no idea they needed to handle more than the mundane problems they came to her for, but they were so grateful to her work with every visit, sometimes feeling the need to recommend to another executive, or the wife of one, or someone else along the grapevine of wealth that her services were required.

"Retirement" as she called it couldn't have been planned better. Safe, more than financially sound, but admittedly a little boring. There was an inherent thrill to high risk dealings with hierarchs, often incredible and sometimes unstable powers, so much property damage either way. Even if just participating through espionage and interrogation, dealing with the unexpected, finding ways to prevail after some close calls, Julia Sway found these things worth more than her substantial pay, but never let her employers know that.

Only a few times was she ever truly challenged, and none more than a psionic hierarch who took the blonde persuader closest to getting as good as she gave. It was thanks to her that she took more precautions than ever, and became the first prompt looking for a graceful exit out of the game. She was right to do so as the corporate heads grew more sick and tired of their plans not working out. Some got desperate and looked at stupid ways to get what they wanted, borderline scorched earth tactics smacking of insane desperation. She smiled at the one time she played hero, preserving hierarchs as a whole, even rescuing the helpless mind maiden which boosted her ego, only to be confused by an erotic dream about her out of nowhere that same night.

After that tiff and failed anti-hierarch endeavor, some of the moguls lashed out, creating internal conflicts, at least on the business side of things. As a whole, they approached her more than a few times, asking if she could permanently program captured heroes into their service, and never liked hearing that her powers were great for short-term programming, but long-term was trickier, and not worth it as missing heroes would cause too much headache when their friends came looking for them. Half-truths were a business necessity too, to keep some of her special talents and their depths very close to the chest. She never bothered to price what permanent enslavement would cost; both the potential gains and losses could be priceless.

Eventually, her exit happened at the same time that both sides getting fed up with the conflict, and dissolving their efforts and groupings. No one knew Sway had a hand in the dissolving, meeting with the more unstable conglomerate heads and persuading them that their plans had no chance in hell of working, to give up and let things go. She thought that her plan worked well enough, except for lately as she swore she was being followed. Several private detectives working pro-bono never seemed to assuage her suspicions, nor did the security force she kept in her new building. So it came as less surprise when she entered her office and found she wasn't alone.

She was stark still at her office door carefully watching the figure hidden in darkness at the other end. She took her tinted glasses off, taking no chances with whomever this might be. As she did, the figure that looked at her seemed to turn her head away.

"A bashful stalker?" Sway questioned to herself.

"You've come all this way to meet me. Why don't you show yourself?"

"Because I...."

The volume and youthful exuberance in her intruder's voice sounded made Sway disbelief she was really there.

"Because what?"


The unmistakeably low tone of submission in the intruder's voice made Sway take a step forward into the overhead light, giving her eyes a stronger draw.

"Come out now," the hypnotist asserted in both a tempting and domineering way.

What stepped out into the light was among the last people she would've guessed. A smidgen more mature than before, a withdrawn, unsure expression so unlike her reputable demeanor; she would've guessed a body-snatcher plot before thinking it was the real Sibyl. No smart-ass comments, no sassy posture, no mind-reading or trying to goad her opponent to make mistakes with personal knowledge, just a scared young woman with inexplicably cold feet.

Observations aside, Sibyl's presence alone meant more bad possibilities than good.

"And if you're here, who else will be joining the party?"

Sway's posture immediately sank into a relaxed conformity, expecting to be taken by force, which she would offer no resistance. At first.

"It's's...just us."

"And why would it be just us, dearie? Are you afraid I'll bring my friends if you bring yours?"

"Your 'friends' don't even know I'm here," Sibyl gestured to her crystal ball that she was still carrying around, explaining how she got by trained surveillance professionals with mental tricks.

"But you wanted me to I said, you've come all this way, back into the lion's den for some reason. Consider your hostess more curious than peckish."

Sway patiently waited for any explanation the girl was willing to give. After a few minutes of stark silence, all she received was

"This....was a mistake."

Sibyl stared at her steps instead of the hostess she hurriedly strafed to the door. She opened it only as far as ajar before a hand slammed it back shut, and another hand forcefully turned her face to green eyes, and a river of color that flowed naturally across the top of her face.

"Was it a mistake," Sway coaxed. "Or was it meant to be?"

She pressed their foreheads together, giving the psychic the full brunt of her stare. Ever since that first encounter, Julia realized that that dream sequence of Sibyl being hypnotized by a world of colors was a premonition to Sway's evolving powers. It started the night of the erotic dream with colors that randomly appeared, vibrant inexplicable appearances, unwelcome like rashes. When it actively ruined tedious make-up repairs, she spent sometimes hours, even days in seclusion to hide the disfigurement. Eventually she thought back to that dream of Sibyl, and felt the joy of having Sibyl in that trance, how she was suppose to feel in-charge of that power, and she was able to channel her energies to let this river of power flow freely.

She finally figured out, like all her enslaved puppets did - resistance, forcing it wasn't the answer. Embracing her power was, allowing it to flood minds like an unstoppable force of nature. Days of seclusion from embarrassment turned into meditative sessions for mastery of her evolution. With enough time, she could tap into the river always hiding beneath her skin, always waiting to emerge and pour out into her victims. She felt reminiscent of that cartoon snake with the pulsing eyes, and thanks to Sibyl's shared dream, she knew the colors improved on her rapacious power, the effect on victims elevated from malleably placating to instant-paralyzing mindlessness. In their minds, their envisioned placid selves float along that stream, staring up at the celestial enchanting green, enriched by every other color, feeling that stream of color flowing behind their eyeballs, surrounding them as they peer deeper. She smiled evilly at the girl who started this whole phenomenon years ago.

"Come on little fortune teller, tell the good doctor if this was meant to be?"

She loved posing this question to someone lacking the brain power to give a considerate answer. Whatever was left of her will in the beginning was left to ponder a futile question, and all there would be after was whatever Sway wanted.

"Tell me why you're here."

"Because I want you."

Sibyl remained fixed on Sway's hold, even if her captor stepped back a few steps reactively. The girl took unthinking steps towards her, to embrace the colors in close proximity again. Insistent as she was, she didn't get any further than Sway holding her shoulders at arms length. Sway couldn't believe what she heard after bidding Sibyl to elaborate.

Apparently that colorful dream was the first time Sibyl could ever remember having a genuine libido. With her psychic powers came rigid responsibility, to keep her own mind guarded, to not broadcast her thoughts or invade in the thoughts of most people surrounding her; it was a discipline she hated that kept her from even feeling normal most times, instead of just pretending. Under Sway's power, she got to fully let go, to just feel and react, to her young, hormone-repressed body do what it wanted within the dream. The centerfold that set her off was Dr. Sway's stunning looks; Sibyl had never crushed on anyone as hard before or since. Who else could understand such a need to relinquish themselves on any level, let alone supply the means?

A blonde head of hair cocked to its side, a quirky reaction to information the doctor still had trouble reasoning with. Having the brunette head mimic it, just to keep sight of the eyes, made it not so unbelievable, and was the cutest gesture Sway had ever witnessed, filling her with giggles and gooseflesh.

It made Sway blush to hear that for any of Sibyl's orgasms in the years since they first met, the mercenary hypnotist could be solely responsible. But she was grateful for it. At the cusp of every masturbatory experience, Sway's colors, eyes, and gentle treatment were there to carry her across the finish line. She knew Sway's original intent was platonic, business, anything but how she felt about it, but it never stopped her imagination from running to a place she didn't know existed inside. Sexual fantasies involving that psychedelic-hued meadow and the two women who enjoyed each other's company was her most recurring dream, even at the expense of her own freedom and will power.

As the conflicts between the hierarch haters and Sway's employers died down, she had to admit what separated the older woman and her frustrated self; less than expected. And she may or may have not broadcast thoughts to members of her own group asking why they were fighting at all. When the group dissolved, she was just an unassuming college student looking to graduate and get on with her life, but still deep in-lust with a woman that felt like someone from a ridiculous past life.

Heroic resilience kept her in-check from exploring her persistent base desires for so long, until one day it couldn't. The one hero friend she kept in-touch with, a super-smart hierarch whose odd powers was resembling a teddy bear, she used undetected to help her track down leads of Dr. Sway. Every former suspected subject provided a piece of the puzzle to getting to her, every hypnotic experience they recounted accessible to her probing mind, fodder for Sibyl's sexual pursuit. After resourcefully locating her, and getting within psychic scanning range of Sway, she learned once and for all how asinine seeking her out might be. She twitched in guilty pleasure to realize, it wasn't so impossible, that she wasn't that bad. Unlawful in meager ways, but feeling no need to be at the center of anyone's conflict. The fear of what Sway could actually do to her combated every fantasy. And when fantasy resembled enough what reality could be, there was enough leeway to give herself an excuse to place herself in Sway's clutches like she had.

Sway's immediate response to all the revelations was biting her bottom lip and feeling her own womanhood quickly moisten. It shouldn't have surprised her that she could change the course of a person's life like she could, yet hearing Sibyl's exposed thoughts, deciding the destiny of the fortune teller, made a drenched pussy quiver, convulse, and softly cum all on its own. Tipping her head back, she let the moment of empowerment wash over her. When she was done, she regarded the cause of her spontaneous climax with sultry eyes, making her subject start to feel the same. Before advancing, a question popped into her head.

"I recall a dream from some time ago. I had this dream the same day I saved all of us from the nasty Dr. Deakins and his anti-hierarch plans. We were in bed together, hot and heavy, making the most of it. Do you remember this dream?"

"Yes," she spoke unbidden, softening after she said it as if exploring the memory.

"Did you have the same dream; did you cause both of us to have a shared dream?"

"....yes" was the answer after a moment of consideration.



Dr. Sway paused for a collection of moments, letting natural emotions come over her all at once, an unorthodox mix of joy, blind passion, a tinge of anger, appreciation, and other feelings that didn't fit together. Ultimately reasoning with it all, she found what felt like a proper response.

"How old are you, dearie?"

"Twenty-one," she automatically replied.

"Awww, sooo close," the hypnotist whispered teasingly at her prey. "Such a

She loved even more how the girl started to whine and resist Sway's arms holding her back from fulfilled arousal. The power of Sway's firm command won out though.

"Stand at attention, slave!"

She stood upright immediately, moaning at being called 'slave.' Sway could tell that her normal composure was nowhere to be found, as quickly as she let her crystal ball fall to the floor, rolling to stop under Sway's heel as she picked it up.

"I know sweetie, I know. Of all the laws I've broken and the morals I've shaded, to think this is where I draw the line - playing with yummy supplicants somewhere above the legal adult age."

Sway had to keep her hand from inching its way to her waist, to slip inside her pants and give her clit the attention it was begging for even more than a minute ago. Though Sibyl was always acknowledged as a beautiful, competent woman whose powers deserved respect, Sway didn't think about her in-kind, not nearly as much as the reverse; the course of their latest meeting changed things considerably though. It already set her off to have this treat fresh, ripe, and literally picked herself off the tree for the hypnotist, but the sensation became even sweeter at the prospect of payback, denying her what she'd broken herself down for, but still keeping her on the proverbial hook, to convince her that 21 was too young for her artificial standards. The only real law Sibyl had broken was manipulating the woman so used to being in control. Twice. Such a repeat infraction demanded suffrage. All the fun she could have
knowing someone who couldn't wait to be hers still had to was too tempting to pass up.

Sibyl found her hands able to rise up, a gesture allowed by Sway for her hands to cup the ball, feeling the gentle pressure of Sway's hand atop the ball, touching it, one of her nails clicking against the glass surface in contemplation.

"But it pleases me to no end to know how deeply and sweetly you are already mine, have always been mine, and if you're good, will always be mine. And my first order which you have been craving is to obey the law, obey my law, and wait till you're twenty-...hmm..."

She smirked evilly, deciding if there was to be any mercy in the law she was to ratify.

"...twenty-two before you approach me again."

Sibyl's unconscious whine at being conscious enough of how much longer she'd have to wait was the cutest sound Sway had heard of any mind slave, and one she would enjoy recreating when the time was right.

"And you know what I love about all this? What I don't have to tell you. I don't have to tell you how to pine for me because you've refined that art all by yourself. I don't tell you what or how to imagine us together because you've mastered that discipline. I don't have to tell you to imagine how undisciplined you'll feel when that proper time comes, and yet how supremely disciplined you'll feel when our gazes truly lock again."

Sibyl's eyes went from staring at nothing to gaining anticipation as her narrowed psychic senses informed her of her hostess turning in her direction. She needed that green and the river of color again, but Sway's head stopped at the intercom on her desk, calling for her secretary to come in. There was a strange inflection in whatever was said, and the response was the secretary coming in, walking toward that desk like a stripper strutting down the cat-
walk. By the time she spread herself all over that desk, her blouse was totally unbuttoned, her skirt discarded to the floor, her knees propped up sexually undulating legs, her elbows helped propped up a face full of lip pouting and sultry gazes, doing everything she could to entice her boss. The secretary got what Sibyl needed, Sway's overpowering stare, that knocked the seductress out of her wide eyes, and poured ingredients to create a dumb-smiling, drooling
bimbo unable to help herself from convulsing amidst a full-body shiver.

Grabbing a fist-full of black hair, Sway gave the secretary a kiss that was more than she could've begged for on her knees, making Sibyl whine again for what she wanted and what she was willing to do just to be close like that.

Sway felt another orgasm quickly approach as she turned to the heroine finally while the black glasses rose to sheath her hypnotic hierarch power, cutting the pigtailed adult off from her power, while her controlled state of mind endured.

"So adorable as the wait will be. And how difficult it will be for you to cope with it."

Looking fancifully at her prey, Sway considered how much evil she considered reaching back into to torment, until she remembered how the prey threw herself on a silver platter to the pleasantly surprised predator. She could treat her as slutty as all her secretaries were, but Sway knew their first time together would be much more affectionate; she never expected Sibyl's inverse resistance and everything else about her to remind the former villainess she had a heart beneath all that wanton will-crushing.

"But, since you've already proven how good a girl you are, I will make it a little easy on you, and help you cope...."

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