The Henchwoman

Part 3: Swaying

by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #sub:female

Two Years Ago

Colorful dreams had been the bane of Sibyl's frustration since her capture, her constant reminder of her first big folly. Their idea to bring her along, but a psychic not seeing a surprise attack coming supplied her comrades with occasional bad jokes like "p.o.w." or "didn't see that coming, did you?" It was to get her to laugh at the misfortune and loosen up, cause they all made mistakes, but she saw it as them cutting her more slack than she thought she deserved. Worst of all, it forced her to dedicate a considerable amount of her psychic training to parsing useful, whatever usable information out of the interrogation, which there was none, while suppressing the practically carnal feelings inspired from that encounter, which she discovered she couldn't. Like a rash that flared after she thought she was rid of it, several elements itched something awful, and just wouldn't go away. Given time and circumstances, they only got worse.

After the fact of a certain circumstance, she'd found one faction of the corporate anti-hierarch cabals out there concocted a pretty devious discovery - hierarch experimental sciences which led to means of anti-hierarch inhibiting. They were far along enough that testing with live subjects became a viability. Sibyl had been taken by pure happenstance, taken along with another comrade and random hierarch they tried to rescue from a few rowdy bigots. Turns out they were plain-clothes mercs hired to abduct test subjects, who just happened to strike gold.

By the time consciousness came back to her, she was strapped down to a table in some laboratory next to the two others, unharmed, and yet completely disarmed. Every attempt to reach in and access her powers resulted in nothing. She didn't know what caused it. This felt worse than nullification; it was like her powers weren't even there to begin with. It made her struggle against her restraints, no matter the physical futility. She'd never remembered being so afraid in her life. Worse than what could happen was what did, ripping away a part of herself she'd come to terms with early on, and loved over time, an important part of her young identity.

Sibyl gave the guard who approached her an angry look, denying them the tears and screams that would probably please her captors. The table shifted, inclining her body nearly perpendicular to the ground. The table rolled her practically upright through the dark hallway. Nothing in the corridor gave any indication of where she was, or any means of escape. Robbed of the ease of taking the guard's mind and making him release her and giving them a quiet exit hurt more than any pain she was being wheeled to, or so she hoped.

"I hope you'll enjoy our accommodations," the guard gruffly spoke with a smile that disgusted the young psychic.

A bead of sweat dripped from her forehead the closer she got to the bright light of the end of the corridor, obviously her destination. Twin doors automatically opened when she got close enough, introducing her to another lab filled with all sorts of confusion, probably invasive instruments. The only occupants were an old, graying scientist greeting her with a combined condescending and lecherous look, and a lab technician keeping their eyes fixed only on the console, as if they had a conscious but couldn't bear the sight to come.

"What a lovely guest gracing our presence tonight. I'm Professor Deakins, the head of this illustrious lab. I'm so pleased to make the acquaintance of the infamous Sibyl, who can see the future and trouble coming a mile away, or so I'm told. Tell me, as a fellow futurist, are you as excited for what's to come as I am?"

Sibyl took advantage of him being in spitting distance, her scornful saliva gracing his cheek. His response was only to smile, and step back.

"I'll give you that, young lady. It's not like you have much else to assault me with. While I, on the other hand..." he gestured to the entirety of his lab. She lost count of the number of sharp objects, ready to prod and dissect her, leaving gentle, fearful shaking beyond her control in their wake.

"Professor, you must look at this."

The lab tech ushered him over to the console to look at numbers scrolling down the screen next to a profile pic of Sibyl. Whatever the numbers were, it made the two scientist look at each other purposefully. Then the technician looked toward Sibyl, walking to her while the older scientist was fixed in place, staring into space.

Sibyl looked strangely at the scientist whom first addressed her, then did a double-take at the face of the technician. Minus the black hair, it was the same face that had filled her most passionate daydreams, complete with deep green eyes that handed her her first loss, peeking over glasses with a smile wider than the smirk over Dr. Sway's lips. She looked in her eyes as if they had the key to explain how she retained her power when Sibyl couldn't, only looking away to gauge the guard that remained at her side, standing at attention as if nothing was awry.

"Deakins was right about one thing - a lovely guest gracing our presence. In my case, a recurring one at that."

"How the hell are you here? Why the hell are you helping them?" Sibyl spoke nearly without thinking.

"Helping these bastards? How insulting an assumption. I'm here for the same reason you are - hierarch nullification, apparently Professor Deakins' here's life mission, which he's recently achieved in the form of an air vapor, harmless to humans, but has just the right chemical mix in it to shut our powers down. It's ventilated through this whole place, and I know he's got bigger, more effective plans for it, and us. I've met some pretty ardent haters of our kind, but this guy, coupled with an unfortunately brilliant mind, is our biggest threat."

"What do you mean 'our'?. His bosses would be your bosses, right?"

"Would you sit idly by while your bosses develop a weapon to steal away an advantageous skillset?"

"And oh yeah, how the hell do you still have your powers around this bullshit vapor?"

"Trade secrets, my dear," the timbre of Sway's voice lowered noticeably, calming Sibyl as much as the touch that wiped the sweat off her face, calming her, charming the fear out of her, warming her up for the green eyes that filled her eyesight. She heard words passing into her ear, but concentrated more on their meaning of feeling nice, relaxed, convincing her that everything she needed and wanted was right in her eyes. For the shitty day she was having, the young girl inwardly reduced herself to the first time those eyes hypnotized her; it was all to easy to let them do it again, and everything Sway said was true to her mind.

All but one thing was true about Sway there, as Sibyl discovered later. Once word of that initiative crossed Sway's attention, she became stealthily proactive, infiltrating the lab and minds of its occupants one at a time, starting with a lowly guard at the bar, the same one oblivious to the 'lab technician' attending to the subject. Knowing exactly what she was walking into, she brushed off her manual hypnosis expertise and put them to use. She dressed like a sexual prospect to his eyes, but once he let her talk, he soon found there was no greater sexual pleasure than obedience to her words, unable to orgasm without permission coming from her voice. Several lab workers found themselves in the same disposition multiple times after work, except for the 'good' Dr. Deakins, denied at every edge of climax, which just made him even more hooked to her will. Anyone in that facility who merely glanced at the lowly technician was hers, and many often did whenever she showed.

Sway loved how prior exposure to being her mindless slave for a while was all the programming the younger hierarch needed. She looked even cuter than last time they met, drooling, wide-eyed, smiling as if grateful to be rescued from being a victim to science. Sibyl happily remained in her dreamland, unaware of being carted out of the facility along with her companions, unaware of the chaos ensuing after their departure, where bullets flew, data and equipment was destroyed, and according to reports, whoever did that facility in left no survivors, much to the great dismay of the anti-hierarch corporate heads backing it.

Sway had delivered the three to a train station at the city outskirts. By the time they arrived, the vapor had dissipated from their systems, and their powers were restored in-full. The others awoke to probing green eyes, asking what they remembered, making sure there was nothing to remember before sending them to sleep. Sibyl was the last to return to consciousness, as Sway had saved the best for last. But Sibyl's powerless body had tried to instinctively reach out with her powers so hard earlier that Sway being the closest was hit with a powerful mental blast that nearly knocked her back, but she pushed against it and held it down with shimmering green eyes, feeling Sibyl's intrusion into her mind subside. She even felt the anger in that blast turn positive and happy as her body realized who it came into contact with.

Sibyl took to the amnesia suggestion, same as the rest, and found herself picked up by the rest of her comrades who'd searched for them all day. It seemed to be a trying day for everyone, so much so that by the time they returned home, they all went to bed almost immediately. Sibyl among all of them remained the most troubled, unable to remember past helping the lone hierarch being chased in the street. In her head, she felt a threat to pull, something that could reveal the day's mysterious events. When nothing else worked, she pulled at that mental thread, and found everything unraveling not toward a memory, but an experience.

She was still in bed, but not alone. She couldn't tell if it was her bed, or someone else's. There was a lack of panic in Sibyl, as well as the bed's possibly new occupant; their minds knew they should address it, but once a dreamy-eyed Sibyl looked into the eyes of a dreamy-eyed Sway, all else seemed to fade away and instinct took over for both of them. The younger woman gasped as she boldly gripped the blonde's hips in her hands, reaching behind her as if to pull her closer. Sway didn't seem to mind, using her bedmate's keen action to bring their eyes closer together, to establish her authority in the situation as had become second-nature to the henchwoman. They both stared with intensity, and Sibyl's eyes couldn't be considered completely vacant as much lust still shined in them.

They kissed like strangers in the right time and heat, discovering their tongues, their bodies, learning the most intimate details about each other. Sway had to topple and intensify her gaze with Sibyl more than once, as she often acted on consciously, which ironically was what Sibyl would've demanded her to do anyway. Sway occasionally couldn't feel totally in-control, feeling ravenous hands paw at her breasts and flick at her nipples, making the older lover feel taunted. Sway responded in kind by fixing her with another spellbinding stare, twisting strands of brunette hair in the blonde's fingers, using her other hand to twist the young vaginal muscles of Sibyl’s womanhood in a similar motion. Streaming tingles of bliss from knowing fingers shook her body as much as Sway's eyes would let her move, inarticulately moaning how much she loved it, and surrendered to the pleasurable trance.

Somehow Sibyl's body acted on her own again, pushing forward hard enough that they both began grinding on Sway's hand. Mutual orgasms were muffled against one last hot kiss, and Sibyl lost her mind completely as the space around Sway's eyes for a time grew eerily colorful, reminiscent of past dreams, replacing assertive sexual advances with docile satisfaction. As they both came down, nearly numb from all the friction, Sway huffed a surprising breath, still twisting Sibyl's hair, somehow knowing she would associate that with tingles of a twisted pussy.

Once both women came off their high, reality shifted and each found themselves in their own beds. Sibyl was red with embarrassment under her covers, hoping the screams of her stupidly erotic dream stayed in the dream she thought was only hers. Sway, numbly smiling from a fantastic wet-dream, moved out of bed to check her face in the mirror, wondering why the skin of her face felt so strange. Panic set in, faced with faded, but flowing colors.

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