Feminine Allure

Betting on Skeptism

by me_chan


It felt like returning from a much-needed vacation, but the return to the world of weary and mundane duties was inevitable. Work was honestly getting worse, and all the corporate politics that made it worse somehow were overshadowed by time with Mistress.

It'd been a week since that wonderful night, or series of nights spent under her control. In that week, I could never figure out the timing of it all. Other than noticing it was always dark when she appeared, it'd been mostly a blur of trance and erotica; the first period of time in a long time where the time on my wrist or on his computer screen did not exist. Time didn't rule my life, but I always made it a point to be aware of it. Being unaware of it now even felt surreal, as I focused more on the souvenirs my Mistress had left for me.

I gently touched the metronome and watched it move back and forth, almost setting the pace of my breathing to it as I watched it move, imaging what she'd be saying to me as I stared.

Apparently I was enthralled enough to not realize my cellphone was ringing right away.

I shook my head to refocus on reality, and answered it.


"Evening, my dear subject," I heard over the other end.


"Indeed it is. I know you've missed our special nights together, but I figured a little time off would make the heart grow a little fonder."

"Just a little?" I said without thinking.

"Nice to know nothing is little when it comes to me," she spoke in a playful tone. That got a good chuckle out of me, and I wondered if she knew I was already hard.

"Tonight though, I've been invited to a party, and wondered if you felt like accompanying me."

"Of course Mistress, just tell me when and where."

"Good subject, how about...here and now."

Her voice got very low as she said the last few words; I'd thought the call got dropped. I tried to push the end button, but it was nowhere to be found on the analog phone that ended up where my cellphone used to be.

I hung the phone up properly, still utterly confused who'd gotten a phone into my apartment, till I heard a snicker behind me, and got two surprises.

First, I noticed my apartment had doubled in size to where it literally wasn't my apartment anymore, followed by 4 or 5 women looking at me with faces ranging from amused to vainly trying to cover up giggling, and Mistress standing next to them.

"What the..."

It really sunk in then how good a hypnotist she was, and how good a subject I'd seamlessly become, as far as I consciously knew, come to an entirely different place under her unknown hypnotic suggestion.

One woman started clapping in the direction of Mistress, and they all followed suit, with one exception. This woman had her arms crossed with only a slightly amused look on her face. She was later introduced to me as Ms. Skeptic by Mistress; I'd wondered if she was to be shown how good a hypnotist is first-hand, but Mistress reminded me with a kiss to my forehead how she only needed one subject to please her; amazing how secure I felt from her saying that.

Turns out the party was Mistress's friends gathering at Ms. Skeptic's apartment near downtown San Francisco. It was supposed to be a girls night out, till they brought up Mistress's abilities, and her very responsive subject (happily me), and then it became a girls night in featuring show-and-tell. Everyone seemed to be convinced by that "teleportation" display, except for Ms. Skeptic, hence the name. Mistress took me through a few normal stage hypnosis stuff, like forgetting numbers, letters, confusing the names of the ladies with one another, even after they brought out name tags. That one was my favorite, as I was supposed to name them according to their faces; I got everyone's name wrong except for Mistress and Ms. Skeptic, who earned their titles well.

Everyone laughed when I referred to Ms. Skeptic by that name. She could only ask how much I was paid for this ruse. Mistress seemed to be annoyed by that, so she sat me down in on the couch and whispered something in my ear as I lowered myself down, and for several seconds after I was seated. After she's done, she placed her bare foot on the couch, directly in front of the erection I couldn't hide anymore. I was slightly confused and filled with desire. Did she really expect me to...

"I bet he wouldn't..."

Beyond Ms. Skeptic saying I wouldn't, any apprehension I had just went away as I eagerly put my lips to her legs over and over again, inhaling the lovely perfume I smelled.

"I bet he would," a musical voice uttered. "Anything else you want to bet he wouldn't do?"

Another woman piped up "I bet he wouldn't kiss your ass."

As the pseudo command registered in my head, Mistress already removed her foot but hadn't put her ass in front of my face yet. She just looked at my face, trying to gauge my reaction to it. I could only assume she was looking for a trace of hesitation, as if she'd worry that I thought that was going too far. And if she'd found one, she might've commanded me to stop; I loved her assumed consideration for me, despite having that much control to wield as she pleases. Honestly, besides the need to please Her being so strong, I saw this like a sort of stageshow-esque shenanigan, and just went for it. I kissed the fabric of the short skirt, wishing it was her bare skin.

The "betting" was definitely the high point of their night, as they clapped and applauded both of us. One command after another, "I bet he wouldn't" meant there was nothing I wanted more than to do whatever for Her. I was lucky that no woman asked me to give the same kind of attention to them, whether or not Mistress made that rule clear to them without me knowing. Ms. Skeptic was left wide-eyed for the next hour this went on, and fortunately for me, kissing her ass was as erotic as it got then. Eventually Mistress thought that was enough show-and-tell.

"I think that's enough for one night. And I can't recommend a submissive subject enough to you ladies; you really ought to try one sometimes." The fact that I was still in high regard by Mistress kept me smiling. I was told to say goodbye to everyone according to their right name, I added to Ms. Skeptic on the way out "hope I made a believer out of you." The shock on her face made Mistress and I share a good laugh as she led me to the street for the taxi called for me.

Only seconds after we were outside, I heard Mistress's cellphone go off. "I bet he wouldn't go down on you in the street right now."

Mistress looked up to see Ms. Skeptic and the ladies looking down from the apartment. She barely noticed me kneeling at first, but I had her complete attention once I lifted her skirt. I knew she tried to stop me, but she had real trouble forming the words to do so, and could only steady herself to me as I worshipped her on that empty, dimly-lit street with only a set of women looking outside at the time. Two orgasms later, she found the will to stop me, but only because she saw the lights from the cab in the distance. I'd picked up the purse and cellphone she dropped and let her back in to the apartment building's entrance before the cab took me back home. Noticing Ms. Skeptic was still on the line, I tried to say suavely, "I find your lack of faith...adorable."

Mistress laughed hard at that, and thanked me with a big kiss goodbye before I walked toward the cab.

My only regret then was not having a camera to forever capture Ms. Skeptic's expression.

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