Feminine Allure

A Day in Service

by me_chan


It was a few days after the party at Ms. Skeptic's house and the lingering feeling of serving her still made me tingle whenever the thought came up. After the unexpected suggestion of going down on Mistress in the street, I hoped I made an impression big enough to where it wouldn't be a week before the next time I'd see her.

I was pleasantly surprised to find one message left on my machine that wasn't work affiliated.

"Hello Subject, just called to say hi, and remind you of something. I know you've planned a day off for yourself tomorrow. I happen to be free tomorrow as well. It was intentional, of course, for both of us to have time off. Your Mistress is very proud of you for your performance, and wants to be pleased again. And this time, She wants to be surprised. Tonight, I want you to stare at the moving metronome tonight, and think of me as it moves back and forth; imagine my commands for you, the willingness and drive to follow my words, and the pleasure in pleasing me. And starting bright and early tomorrow, you're going to show me how good a self-motivated subject you can be. I will call you later tonight with further details. Until then my sweet."

The tingling in me got significantly stronger as I began to think about what tomorrow would bring. I made sure to get things squared away early at my apartment. An earlier-than-usual dinner later, I was looking over work reports and waiting for Mistress's call. Something seemed off about what I was reading, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Numbers were not adding up correctly, yet they were some other way. Considering this was the kind of thing that I was good at, and also the kind of thing that could keep me up late just thinking about it, I felt my relief when my cell rang.


"Evening dear Subject. Please listen very carefully to my words now..."

Listen I did, and the last thing I consciously remember was watching the metronome. Afterwards, I was simply happy to have no more cares for the rest of the night.

I woke to the alarm beeping, refreshed for once, still a bit spacey, but functional, with a specific need in mind. I showered and dressed in sweats, called myself a cab, and found a flower market to buy roses from before arriving.

The hidden key was right where she left it, and I entered to find her still sleeping in bed peacefully. If not for her instruction, I would've lay next to her and kissed her awake. Instead, I started lightly cleaning and dusting, and make a continental breakfast for her. Walking into the room without making a sound, I set her food down on the bed and stroke her hair till her eyes open. She greeted me with a warm, approving smile. She kissed my forehead and sent me off to prepare a bath. After she enjoys her assorted fruit and croissants, I was allowed to bathe and wash her perfect body; I ended up focusing a lot on her more sensitive areas, with her unspoken permission. After drying her, I fetched her red silk robe. She told me that the robe would be her attire for the duration of the day; I could hardly hide my joy, with how amazing she looked it in. She couldn't hide her satisfied grin when she told me to disrobe.

Feeling the silk of her robe against my chest, I felt harder than I was at Ms. Skeptic's party. She whispered something in my ears, something long enough to be sentences, followed by a series of numbers I couldn't keep up with. I lost of track of everything when her fingers snapped in my face.

For the rest of the day, deep in trance, I was her faithful, mindless servant, waiting on her hand and foot. Luckily it was a warm day since I was allowed to wear nothing. I started by painting her toes and fingernails in a deep red I could've gotten lost in if I wasn't already significantly lost. The lunch and dinner I'd fixed for us was as light as breakfast. I was allowed to feed her small bites of meats and bread. The full body massage was stellar because of being allowed to stare at Her frame for as long as I wanted to, and wherever I touched her, I felt her hands on my body. Stroking Her walls in-between Her legs felt like Her hand softly stroking me; she reached several soft climaxes while I got a nice build-up to an edge of one. After all that stimulation, I was Her footstool for maybe an hour as She enjoyed whatever was on TV.

It surprised the still-conscious parts of me to have all of that interaction non-verbal. Anytime Mistress wasn't pleased, she tapped me on the nose, and I had to think about what I was doing wrong and correct myself. I knew I was doing it correctly when she brushed parts of my body with her whole hand; parts of me remained pleasure-radiated long after Her touch. And a snap of her fingers simply meant to move faster in obeying. Around what was probably dusk, I was pulled into an unexpected kiss, and found enough initiative to carry her into my arms to Her bedroom, where She moaned loudly and snapped Her fingers dozens of times.

After being made to shower before I left (which I had to obey but regret, as I wanted to keep the musk and Her scent as long as I could), She'd given me one last farewell kiss. "You were an exemplary Subject today. Enjoy your reward tonight." I didn't understand what She meant by that, not until I was ready for bed in my apartment and was filled with Her voice in my head and phantom caresses all over my body. The stimulation to my nipples and erection should've had me screaming, but my moans were silent, and all I could whisper was "Thank you Mistress" over and over again, completing the best day-off I think I've ever had.

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