Feminine Allure

Was it just a Dream?

by me_chan


I was reluctant to open my eyes when sunlight crept into my bedroom. I was still reveling in prior experiences, still trying to savor that drunken feeling of being lost in Mistress. Problem with that kind of drunk though is you eventually have to sober up. I opened my eyes to an empty room and felt emptiness inside where the absorbed essence of a wonderful woman used to be. My overactive imagination gave me something I never knew I'd wanted so badly, and left me in sweaty and stained sheets.

I wanted to cry almost, it was so good, but it never was. My eyes got wet, but I just sighed a deep sigh, and moved to the desk in my room to write down all that I could remember. If I couldn't ever live it or dream it again, at least I could read about it. I was so lost in my writing that I completely ignored a ticking sound ringing nearby until I was almost finished.

Against the wall was a metronome. I've never owned one, and couldn't think of a friend who could've gifted me one. Instead of following its motion into trance, I was just puzzled by where it came from. I looked around and noticed a new picture framed an on display on my dresser, of a black and white pic of a woman with very red lips. Next to that was a CD with a spiral design on the front, followed by a grey sculpt of a couple with the man on his knees, resting his head in the woman's lap while she held it there.

If all of that wasn't confusing enough, I turned back to my writing and saw words in my handwriting that weren't from me.

"Who says dreams can't come true? I know that's what it felt like when you woke this morning. I'm sorry for that lonely feeling that might've washed over you when I wasn't there, but trust me, ALL of it happened. Each little scene was something I hope would be unforgettable for you. I'm hoping to top what we've done last night as well, so have no fear, because it certainly isn't over. That will and body of yours is very precious to me, and I thank you for giving it to me so willingly. I also promise to make it feel so good for doing so. Each little souvenir I left in your room should do plenty for reminding you how real and satisfying it was for you and Me."

I let out an easy chuckle as I read it, once, and then twice as I freely let a tear fall down my eye.

Suddenly I could understand how some people felt the day after they'd won the lottery, like life as dramatically improved beyond anything you deserved, but lady luck saw fit for you to follow a prosperous path. Then again, money makes everyone else's world go round. My mistress made mine spin and revolve around her gravity and warmth. I sensed too that unlike money, the source of my happiness would be caring and not fleeting of me.

I opened the curtains and let the sunlight cover my body as I welcomed a new day, as the last line of the message played in my head.

"To be continued my eager, loving subject..."

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