Feminine Allure

Representation of Proof

by me_chan


A loud sound jolted a surge of images in my head all at the same time, of that girl. That girl that surpassed every fantasy I ever had made into one spectacular creature. I'm about to lose my balance, and yet my body stiffens as I notice something. I've somehow moved to the teacher's desk near the front of the class. It supports me as I wonder when I stood up; the lighting severely changed, as warm sunlight coming in through the windows horizontally became an overhead spotlight.

Once I noticed the girl standing there, my hypnotist, it was all coming into place. She'd gotten me to her class, to use as a guinea pig to sell her teacher on her theory of...of...

What did she call it?

"Feminine Allure." I heard her say, with quite a bit of confidence in her voice. She was addressing someone else; it looked like her teacher who was at the desk. I looked around to see an almost full auditorium of students. That worried me since she had a gentle grip on my arm, which was sure to create another erection the more I thought about it. Worrying about that, I'd missed words exchanged by her and her teacher. Before I could figure out what was going on, she brought her attention back to me.

"So, how do you feel?"


"Wonderful. And before we begin, let me say thanks for agreeing to be a part of MY presentation." I noticed the emphasis she put to herself, surmising that was the exchange with her teacher. Awfully bold of her, as I don't think any of my teachers would've ever let me get away with that.

When I got to thinking of the word 'presentation,' I envisioned typical stage hypnosis shows filled with lots of embarrassing moments. I must've tensed up a bit physically, because suddenly her other hand was on my shoulder as if ready to relax my fears away.

"Aww, it seems my guest has a little bit of stage fright. As you can tell before, he was very cooperative and willing to do nearly anything I asked. Of course, certain levels of hypnotism can achieve this. Right now, you might be thinking all I did to him was hypnotize him using one of the many known traditional methods, which our professor here thinks is the only way to effectively induce trance. 'Feminine Allure' as a means to hypnotize can't really be feasible. But of course, I'm here to prove my claim and reveal to you naysayers how wrong you are. Right now, I want you to watch my subject's face. Earlier he received a trigger to instantly induce him; the snap of my fingers would allow his mind to all the sexy images I'd shown him before. I'm willing to concede how sexy I look, how I might end-up as an inspiration for many wet-dreams. I'm certainly his right now. Watch his face to know the true effect of those showered in beauty."

To this day I wonder how my face looked when the effect hit me. I'd hazard a guess of one second before the climax of the best blowjob anyone's ever gotten. I'd never felt a tent grow in my pants so quickly, but I couldn't help it. The embodiment of all that was sexy and worthy of worship, and every element that made Her so, quickly flashed through my thoughts.

It felt like I was hard for an eternity. Consciousness slipped in and out of me, to the point where my senses were only aware of significant things. Brief, impossibly heavenly scenes. In one scene, She sat in a loveseat onstage, as I lay against it, Her legs lazily spread against my chest. I rubbed against and kissed them as much as She allowed me. Another time Her breasts are pressed against the back of my head, and I was inspired to describe every girl I've ever desired, and how they compared to Her, which they couldn't. The next scene was still me talking, though it's coming out half-gibberish as She toys with the eraser of a #2 pencil in Her mouth, and my nipples shared in the sensations; I was compelled to focus on her mouth then as she nipped and licked it, erasing rational thoughts. The last scene that comes to mind was me silent, drowsy, and standing next to the desk with Her finger on the top of my head. She sits on the desk and moves me back and forth over and over again, while my feet are rooted in one fixed place. An audience of students, and the teacher who was moved into the crowd away from his own desk, they all look how I felt, blissed out. It felt deeper for me with the direction I'd been given.

"Isn't my little metronome so cute? He moves to the rhythm I set so well, so intent on pleasing me that his stage fright leaves him completely. And as you see him moving back and forth, you might begin moving to my rhythm now. Some of you might've been captivated by the first demonstration, others as by the third or fourth. Now, I'm quite sure there isn't a single set of eyes attached to a brain that isn't accepting of my theory. You've all seen what the sight of me has done to my friend here; knowing I could do the same to all of you boys, girls, professors; take your mind with feminine wiles and nothing else. All this time you've not only watched him, but watched me as well, a gorgeous woman aware of her powers, taking center stage in your minds, in your fantasies, loving how I'm addressing you now like I've addressed him as he fell in my power. If there is anyone who finds that idea in any way unappealing, or if there’s someone who still has doubts about my theory, please voice your opinions now."

Silence rang through the lecture hall.

"As I thought, all of you totally believe me, and are incapable of resisting me. You know everything I say is true. Speaking, acting, thinking; such chores those things are for you now. Those things take you away from my mesmerizing rhythm that my sub and I make you a part of. My words and suggestions take your minds back and forth, back and forth, where two directions equal one, deeper and deeper, deeper into the meaning of my words - in summation, obedience. Any who aren't interested in obeying me, speak now and save yourself from My influence."

Complete silence again; crickets could've been present and equally mesmerized.

"Very good. Such a wonderful class I'm in charge of today. Actually a class I'm in charge of for the rest of the semester. You've all proven to me how much you like to sink. As a bit of incentive, and to make sure my influence lasts, I will allow your infatuation with me to become the catalysts that seals my control over you all. My subject will be rewarded with a special gift, and you will focus on me and feel all that he feels. You will dream about his pleasure, and remain obedient in the hopes that one day it could be yours. Doesn't that sound wonderful, my subject?"

I noticed Her voice became huskier and almost primal, as was the look on Her face when She turned me to face Her. I found myself lying on top of the desk, between the desk and my Mistress. I'd heard of girls being wet when aroused, even in my inexperience, it felt like She was as lost in lust as I was with how little friction there was. I'd been ready to release an eternity ago, but found my immediate calling in releasing with my Mistress, and allowed her to take the lead. It couldn't have been a minute later before our mouths and loins screamed triumphantly. The class and everything before had all been forgotten, and the hard surface of the desk became more malleable, and my naked body between sweat-filled sheets was trying to breathe slowly and steadily. The weight of my Mistress on top was immeasurable perfection.

I heard "sleeeeeeeeeeeeep" whispered in my ear, like a silk scarf running its length all over me. I saw Her face before I drifted off, and tried to take that image with me in whatever dreams I'd have.

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