Feminine Allure

Healthy Infatuation

by me_chan


I was back in bed at night when it happened again. The world I interacted with through senses changed. My dimmer switch was lowered again, but the sensations expanded. I entered the space my Mistress wanted me in. My body turned in bed to face her lying next to me. Before I can say anything she pressed a delicate finger to my lips. I kissed it as She smiled at me.

"I know you love where we've gone as I have. But the story isn't over; it's time for you to tell me where we're going."

I looked deep in her eyes and started speaking. I couldn't hear a word I was saying, but Mistress's expression told me I was speaking coherently enough. Her smile deepens, and after a minute's worth of thinking She asks "When's the last time you've indulged yourself in feminine allure? The experience of fantasy of it. Not just admiring beautiful women passing by you, but focusing on one woman, in everything that she is."

I didn't answer. I even unconsciously began to look away from Her as my mind searched for the answer. Before Her, those experiences were really rare. It was hard enough for me to believe this woman came into my life; of all the men She could have had, it made little sense to me why I was chosen.

"This shouldn't be a hard question. But since your thoughts are probably far and few in-between, let me help you..."

She gave me an intense look, a look that made me blink several times. A look that made me harder than I've ever been. Embarrassment filled me; never has a girl done that to me with just a look. You'd think a college health class would be a perfect place to study an erection (something as easy to accomplish as breathing with this girl); the reality looked bleak with how wrong it would look. It didn't help that the desk barely concealed it if you were paying attention (thank heavens most of the class was actually interested), or the friction of the jeans making it harder on me.

I wanted to look back at her, to see that beautiful face again, but that smile of hers scared me. It was like a wicked look that suggested pleasure that would come with a price.

The bell rung and I sighed; All I had to do was look like I was doing something important and wait for the class and teacher to leave so my blood could circulate more freely again. I waited till it got quiet to look up to see the girl staring intensely at me again; both heads jumped in surprise. She lowered her eyes to something, and I knew she saw what I didn't want her to see. I wasn't expecting a smirk for a response, but that didn't make me any less embarrassed. As she walked up to me, I had no idea what I was in for.

"I'm...flattered that you noticed me. And just so you know, you've been noticed too." All I could do is stare at her as if confused while she continued. "I was wondering if you could help me with something. You-" "Anything," I whispered, thinking I spoke softly enough. She stopped, not upset that I interrupted her though. "Very good. You see, I'm a psychology major. I have a major-intensive class in 30 minutes, and I wanted to provide a visual display for my presentation."

I wanted to ask if she always procrastinated like this, but all that came out of me was "What....presentation?"

"The hypnotic qualities of feminine allure."

Since she didn't have the vantage point to see, I let myself react naturally, but spoke, trying to sound normal.

"That's...um..quite a title. What would I be in it?"

She leaned forward as if to showcase her cleavage, which worked, while bringing her index finger forward to my nose.

"Proof," she told me suggestively as she tapped my nose with a red fingernail. I wanted to focus on my nose to hang on to the tingling sensation for as long as possible. She must've known what I was feeling as she raised that finger still near my face upwards so I was looking at her again. "Would you believe with all the forms of hypnosis out there, my professor would be bull-headed enough to say the female form doesn`t officially qualify as hypnotic? How absurd is that? If anything, the female form is probably the first-ever trance-inducing sight on the planet. Before spirals, pendants, or gold pendulums, a woman in all her natural beauty showed how easy concentration was for the male mind. No matter what history says, the sex drive has rendered males the true submissives of the species."

"Let's be honest, we both know the effect I have on you. You couldn't lie to me about it even if you wanted to; the more you'd lie, the longer something on you would get." I felt a hand brush my arousal. I shuttered a little, she chuckled. "I always dress to impress, but you must've noticed how provocative and sexy I look today. Each and every part of me is meant to be eye-catching, too lovely to look away from, and oh so easy to focus on." She moves from the seat next to me to sitting atop my desk, showing me how right she was. "But inquiring minds want to know, what part of me draws you in the most? Could it be the sheer, silver pantyhose, the sandals on my pretty feet? Or the frilly skirt that hints at a view of the 'inner' me? Maybe it's the blouse, so white and clean, so revealing of my cleavage and crystal pendant in the valley. As close as you are, I'm sure you can tell me how much my perfume might tease your senses. Yes, I can definitely see that. You should look to my hands while you're so close, trailing over my body, leading you to wherever I want you to go. And onto my face you go, over my very red lips, dangling crystal earrings, eyes that swallow you whole. I used my eyes to find a suitable subject today, and you responded perfectly. Doesn't that make you feel good?"

I slowly shook my head, as to not disturb the bliss her words brought.

"Then again, maybe allure isn't skin deep. Confidence in one's self and intelligence can be very attractive, and I have both in spades. If I know that I'm smart and irresistible, you'd have to agree with me, wouldn't you?"

She shook her head and now it was my eyes following hers, dragging my head along.

"I realize 'hypnotized' seems as relevant to you as wet is when you're swimming, for if you could see what my feminine allure has done to you now, you'd realize that you are soo very hypnotized by me. And the results of my experiment seem to show that every part of me mesmerized you."

"Now, time might have been lost to your sleepy mind now, but it has flown for me, and we need to be off to class so I can show you off to the disbelievers. But as a reward for helping me today, I want you to close your eyes now. Let your mind see every feminine part of me that enthralled your male mind. Every part that you'd love to caress, to touch, to be touched by. Can you see them all? Even my scent and the strength of my confidence and intelligence. Good. Whenever I snap fingers from both my hands, all those images will flash into your mind and create a flash flood of bliss inside you. I will use this in my presentation, and afterwards if you're a good boy. How does that sound?"

She snapped her fingers in both of my ears, and as advertised the collective imagery moved through my body, creating a near-orgasmic feeling. The fact that I couldn't cross the edge though didn't bother me as much as I might've expected.

I still felt that thrill as I returned to bed with Mistress lying next to me. She shook Her head side-to-side with an amused smile, and tapped me on my nose a few times.

"Such a shame you've kept that to yourself for so long. A girl in health class; I never would have thought that with you. But you've inspired me to take this a little further. What do you think will happen to you once you get to that presentation?

Her crisp snap told me I was bound to find out soon enough.

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