Feminine Allure

Deepening Gallery

by me_chan


My eyes were closed, but my hazy vision was clearing. My head felt like the rest of my body, like it was waking from a very erotic dream. Music was playing in that dream; there was dancing, kneeling, servicing...

And then there was walking. I looked around to notice nothing but dark surroundings. I was in a mental sub-space, an anchored dream. I looked down to see what I was walking on - a stone walkway. I wasn't even afraid to fall of the path with nothing supporting it - I was content and safe, and urged to move forward by something. The path was leading nowhere until I turned my head, and when I looked forward again, a small building completed the path set forth for me. A sign above the door-less entrance read "Deepening Gallery." Curiosity made my legs pick up the pace as I entered.

Led down a lit corridor, displays come up soon to the left and right, with paintings and sculptures of peculiar kinds. The first to my left was a nude female statue adorning a ruby red ring on her finger, held out in-front of me. I let myself stare a long time and had to resist the urge to kiss that hand before I moved on to see more statues to my right. A man prostrated himself before seated woman; their body language told me what their vaguely sculpted faces couldn't - both enjoyed where they were. Next was a color painting showing a woman from her shoulder blades up to her nose, highlighting her lips with bright red lipstick and a knowing smile. I've seen the Mona Lisa in my lifetime, and this painting left me more curious as the secret directly involved me. The last off to the right was a bust of a woman and her right arm swinging a pendant left and right. What made it move from the stilled arm, I have no idea, but I would've been contented to stare at it were it not for a sensation that told me "you're not done."

I slipped away from the swinging crystal's motion to the end of the hallway. In the very center was a life-like sculpted woman, virtually the same woman as every other sculpture, just much more detailed. You walk up to it and read the sign above - "A woman obeyed." Her eyes blinked and Her fingers snapped. I was frozen in place. The statue's posture changed; one hand on Her hip, the other holding Her chin, She moved in-front of me to consider the statue I'd become. Above me must've been a sign; She read out-loud "A man succumbed." She circled and examined me from head-to-toe, not like a butcher would a slab of meat, but more a craftsman judging his creation. Her creation, I should say. Though I'm stiff, Her judgment whispered in my ear makes me unbelievably hard.

"I like you."

Her face moves to mine closing the distance so Her eyes are the only thing I see.


My eyes opened in slits, for real that time. I felt too tired to open them fully. I felt like I was in a bed, under a thin, tented sheet. Before I slip off into sleep again, a hand above the sheet toys with my tip and lips are pressed against my cheek.

"Mistress?" I whisper and moan.

I heard a sexy giggle, followed by Her voices seeing me off to sleep.

"I hope the art lover in you enjoyed my gallery..."

I was pretty sure I went to sleep smiling.

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