Feminine Allure

Sounds of Adoration

by me_chan


I barely heard the first sounds of the CD as faint as it was, which only drew my attention in. I closed my eyes to concentrate more as She walked up behind me. She didn't ask, but I knew She wanted my opinion on it. I could barely give her one. The sound of waves crashing that followed made me think of a generic sounds of nature CD. But apparently I was listening with two different ears; my ears heard nature, my mind heard what She was saying. Whatever my mind heard, the rest of me agreed with.

"She is the one"

"The irresistible one."

And with every word, my mind accepted every new word as truth.

"I love this song," she whispered. That was all the encouragement a growing part of me needed.

"Her eyes, irresistible. Her movements, graceful. Her body, alluring. Her craft, marvelous. Her effect, wonderful."

"Open your eyes; look at Her."

I was blurred enough not to care who said the last line. My eyes opened and there stood the same beautiful woman, literally enhanced into something more. She posed like a sculpted goddess, waiting to be worshipped. More masterless quotes were spoken.

"Approach Her; adore Her."

"The closer you get; the deeper you sink."

"Behold Her; worship Her."

Being able to touch Her was such a blessing.

"Caress Her; indulge Her."

The more I touched and experienced, the happier I was to be Hers.

"Tease Her; entice Her."

"Pleasure Her; serve Her."

"Hold Her; cherish Her."

The body advanced, the mind submitted. A perfect harmony.

"Kiss Her; pleasure Her."

"Kneel to her; lavish Her"

"Assert to Her; let Her guide you."

"Obey Her as you know how; lose yourself in Her, completely."

The commands continued, and I heard Her moan loudly with cries of joy. I was dimly aware of the pleasure of giving Her the pleasure She richly deserved. I was happy that my Mistress was receiving pleasure, hoping it could last forever. I was also happy to have a name for Her that wasn't a pronoun.


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