Compelling Again

3 Dog Daze

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

Author's Note- This is the second series featuring the Doctor of Domination, Alicia DeLaurent. Comments, ratings and feedback are welcomed and appreciated!

The alarm blared at 7 am waking Jennifer Sloan from a fitful slumber after an evening of watching an R-rated hypnosis show and then being hypnotized herself by the showcase hypnodomme after the show. The now lone travelling college student was confused as she awakened, still wearing the dress she wore the evening before, and waking on top of the covers and not under them. As she regained consciousness, finally turning off the loudly menacing alarm, she noticed her bra and panty were strewn on the floor. She looked at her hands and remembered snippets of returning to the hotel suite she was staying in.

"What the hell did I do last night?" she thought to herself as she finally got up and walked to the bathroom, remembering removing her bra and panty and allowing her hands free reign to provide herself pleasure. Then, the alarm. Flashbacks of Alicia DeLaurent's voice and blue neon numbers clouded her mind, but only pieces of memories. Jennifer Sloan decided to clear her head with a morning workout at the hotel gym.

"Hypnotized...." Jennifer thought as she continued waking. "I was hypnotized..."

Jennifer walked into the bathroom, brushed her teeth and turned on the water to enter the shower. She normally would not shower before heading to the gym, but her remembering the evening's finale and her waking and remembering the attempt to pleasure herself had her feeling a need to shower. She shook off the fact that she had no idea if she ever finished the attempt at pleasuring herself.

A nice long shower later, Jennifer excited the warm confines of the glass encased shower and stepped out and dried off- and then she saw something she had not noticed before getting into the shower- a lycra one piece workout outfit just like Doctor DeLaurent changed into the prior evening. This one, however,was black with neon blue running through it in a pattern as she saw the back of it where the zipper was.

"Where did this come from..." the college coed questioned as she wrapped the towel around her lithe body for warmth as she stepped over to the outfit, taking the hangar off the hook and turning it around to see the front. On the front was tacked a note on hotel stationery, with a beautifully flowing handwritten message in a script of blue:


I thought you would want to work out this morning after our conversation yesterday. Doctor's orders, put this workout outfit on (I know you will love it!) and go to the gym at the hotel and get in a workout you will feel much better. We will meet up later today!

With Love,

Doctor Alicia DeLaurent

Jennifer nodded her head, put down the note, dried off and put on the black lycra with neon blue running through it. As she zipped it up, she sized herself up in the mirror checking out the fit of the lycra.

"Oh... I do love it..." Jennifer thought, not noticing the nearly imperceptible neon blue spiral pattern that adorned the breast cups of the lycra she was now sporting. She rubbed her hands across the outfit, tugging at the ends of the outfit, ensuring it fit everywhere, before checking the zipper in the back was fully closed.

Jennifer made her way out of the bathroom, found her sneakers in two separate parts of the suite, put on black ankle socks and then the black sneakers, and headed out of the suite for the elevator. Unlike the prior evening, there was no one waiting outside the elevator when she made her arrival at the doors of the elevator.

As she arrived, she reached out with her right hand, pressed the down button, took a step back, put her feet shoulder width apart and gently rolled her eyes up to see the neon blue numbers indicating the elevator floor as the elevator made its slow ascent to her floor. As she stood, almost frozen in place staring, her breathing slowed. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

"Stand, watch, breathe." formed in her mind.

The loud chime of the elevator door opening shook Jennifer from her focus on the neon blue lit elevator floor display to let her know her ride had arrived. She took a deep breath, stepped in the elevator, pressed the ground floor button, then turned around. The college girl had a deja vu feeling that she could not place as she turned, placed her hands behind her on the small of her back, thrust her chest out, and gently rolled her eyes up to focus on the neon blue numbers that captivated her.

"Pose Three," was a distant thought somewhere deep in the back of the girl's mind, the pose that seemed most appropriate after her experience the evening prior with the Doctor.

"Stand and watch and breathe," was Jennifer's next, and then her only current thought.

Jennifer Sloan, in her black workout outfit with neon blue patterns and the almost imperceptible spiral pattern on the breasts, stood in her newly learned Pose Three. Her eyes gently scrolled up and focused on the neon blue numbers with black background as they showed her descended from her current floor down to the first floor gym. The girl found herself relaxing as her breathing deepened floor by floor until she reached her destination.

"Stand, and watch, and breathe..."

The doors opened, a chime sounded, and Jennifer slowly allowed her eyes to look down and out of the elevator, not yet out of Pose Three, which she had instinctively engaged in as she began her ride in the elevator. As she looked out, standing in the lobby was none other than Doctor Alicia DeLaurent, also wearing a one piece lycra outfit but in red, with flecks of black and grey, who was looking into the elevator and smiling a wide smile. Jennifer broke her pose and exited the elevator.

"Good morning, Jennifer, I trust you slept well?" the hypnodomme asked the girl as she exited the elevator.

"I think so, Ma'am," the girl replied, as the domme smiled at her use of 'Ma'am'.

"Good girl, Jennifer," the domme praised, as she noticed the girl's body shiver ever so slightly from the praise. "I must say, that outfit suits you perfectly. Do you like it?"

"Thank you , Ma'am," the girl replied, smiling nervously as they chatted outside the elevator. "Yes, I love it!"

"I take it you are on your way to workout in the gym?" the hypnodomme asked, fully knowing the answer already.

"Yes, Ma'am," Jennifer replied.

"Good girl, Jennifer," the Doctor praised as the girl closed her eyes to enjoy the wave of pleasure she was feeling. "As am I, as you can tell by my clothing choice."

"Yes, Ma'am," the girl responded.

"Do you like my outfit, Jennifer?" the doctor asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," the girl answered, too nervous to give more details about the outfit that accentuated all the right curves in all the right places on the stunning hypnodomme.

"Well, we won't get fit standing here chatting away," the domme stated as she held out her hand toward Jennifer. "Doctors orders, take my hand Jennifer, let's go to the gym,"

"Yes, Ma'am," Jennifer said as she looked at her hypnotist, obeyed her triggered suggestion, and placed her hand into the hand of the woman guiding her ever so gently.

The pair walked hand in hand through the lobby, past the dining area, past the bar which was converted to a breakfast area for guests, past the hotel gift shop and down the corridor to the hotel gym. Jennifer Sloan, in the deepest recesses of her mind could not believe she was walking in public in a tight lycra outfit, nor believe she was holding the hand of a beautiful woman who was hypnotizing her. Yet she couldn't stop herself, nor did she ever really consider trying to stop herself.

Once the pair reached the gym, they uncoupled hands and took a face towel from the corner towel rack in the near empty gym. Alicia smiled at Jennifer, who smiled back.

"Sleepy submissive," the hypnodomme said, suggesting her pretty new subject into hypnosis. "Eyes open, focus on me, Jennifer."

Jennifer opened her eyes, and with her head slightly tilted focused on her hypnotist.

"You will spend an hour in the gym, you will work 15 minutes on the stair climber, then 15 minutes on the stationary bicycle," the domme ordered her attentive subject. "After that, 30 minutes on the treadmill. Push yourself, Jennifer, do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," the hypnotized girl responded.

"Good girl," the domme stated. "You responded perfectly to every task so far, Jennifer, even if you don't remember them. Pose Three as we chat Jennifer."

Jennifer again placed her hands behind her in the small of her back as she thrust her chest forward to comply with her trigger.

"After you work out you will immediately come up to my suite," the domme instructed. "As you take the elevator, those beautiful neon blue numbers will again relax you, and take you into hypnosis. When you see the number reach 23, you will be deep in trance and behaving as if you are completely awake. You will then go to my suite, knock in the door, and stand in Pose Two until I open the door for you. Your only thoughts will be 'I love being hypnotized, I trust Ma'am completely', do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," the hypnotized, posing girl said in the nearly empty gym of the hotel.

"What will you do when you finish your workout, Jennifer?" the domme asked.

"Go to your suite... Elevator... numbers hypnotize me... 23......knock on your door... Pose Two," Jennifer recited as best as she could.

"Good girl, Jennifer," the domme smiled. "And as you wait at my door what will you be thinking?"

"I love being hypnotized, I trust Ma'am completely," the girl, hypnotized publicly again, said.

"Very good girl, Jennifer," the domme praised, "you must repeat that in your head as you stand and wait in your beautiful pose, do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," the girl answered.

"Do you like being hypnotized, Jennifer?" the domme asked.

"Yes, Ma'am, I love being hypnotized," Jennifer replied.

"Good girl, Jennifer," the domme said as she looked at the girl. "How do you feel when I praise you, call you 'good girl' or compliment you?"

"Wonderful Ma'am, pleasure," Jennifer answered.

"Good girl, Jennifer, just one more thing before you begin your workout and your tasks," the domme instructed. "You find my touch to be exciting and arousing, Jennifer, especially when paired with praise. My touch will be exciting and arousing for you, Jennifer, do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," the girl replied.

"Awake on three," the domme instructed. "One, two, three,"

Jennifer awoke at the count of three, and after a deep breath and small stretch was able to focus again.

"Jennifer? You OK?" the domme asked as her subject awakened from hypnosis a bit confused.

"Yes, Ma'am," Jennifer said.

"I am sorry Jennifer but something has come up, I do need to get to my suite," the domme told the college girl. "We will catch up soon. Doctor's orders, give me a hug, Jennifer."

Jennifer walked in to give her domme a hug, and as she did found the touch from her hypnotist to be exciting and arousing. Alicia felt the girl shudder in response, and enjoyed how responsive the girl was to hypnosis. Upon breaking the hug, Alicia gave the girl a light kiss on the lips.

"Ohhh," Jennifer began to moan at the kiss, her eyes closed, body aroused evidenced by a shiver. Alicia was pleased when the girl began kissing back.

"Now Jennifer, be a good girl," the domme said as she broke contact. "Doctor's orders, focus on your tasks."

"Yes, Ma'am," Jennifer said as the excitement started to subside after her latest incident before eventually composing herself enough to get started on her 60-minute workout.

Alicia left the gym pleased, and understanding that her newest subject responded very well to her hypnosis already, was highly susceptible and was, as of now, following suggestions flawlessly. The fractionating and the deepening proved highly effective, as seen with her latest suggestion regarding physical contact from the hypnodomme.

"Keep her interested, keep her excited, and keep her busy with tasks and she won't think of anything else," the domme thought as she rode the elevator back to her suite, where she had a few things to work out regarding the Master she hypnotized and humiliated as part of her show the prior evening. She was expecting a visit from the promoter of the event to discuss what had transpired. She wasn't exactly looking forward to the conversation, but not shying away from it either.

But for now, she had work to do to prepare for her New Years Eve show, so she made a stop at the hotel room of her unwilling subject from the opening night show, the formerly respected Master, now known derisively by the nickname 'Marky Mark'.

Alicia knocked on his hotel room door, and the hulking, once proud dominant answered it.

"Marky Mark, let me in so we can get ready for the next show," the beautiful hypnodomme ordered.

"Yes Ma'am," rescinded the now very reserved Master, who had threatened the domme the evening prior as she read aloud his transgressions as a Master in public at the show she orchestrated.

"Good boy, Marky Mark," the domme said, brushing a hand across the man's cheek as she walked by and took a seat in his room. The domme's hypnosis sessions with the dominant ensured he would be calm and docile whenever with the beautiful Dr. DeLaurent, whether awake or hypnotized. Her praise and touch

aroused the dominant.

"Marky Mark, all fours," the domme calmly ordered, pointing at the floor at her feet where she sat. "Focus on me."

The giant of a dominant complied, sitting at her feet on all fours as instructed, looking intently at the woman who was literally treating him like a dog.

"Now Marky Mark, I am sure you feel very embarrassed about the show last night and the allegations against you," the domme said. "Are you embarrassed?."

"Yes Ma'am," the man said.

"Marky Mark, hump the floor as I give you instructions, no cumming," the hypnodomme ordered.

"Yes, Ma'am," the Master replied as he slowly started to rub himself on the floor.

"Marky Mark, you will not leave this room today, Every time you try to leave the room, you will get very tired and fall deep asleep. You are far too dangerous to be in public," the doctor said. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," the man/dog humping the floor responded.

"Marky Mark, every time this phone rings, you will answer it," the domme said as she pulled a burner phone from her bag and placed it on the floor by the man. "And I will be calling often."

"Yes, Ma'am," was his response.

"Marky Mark, you will write down all the questionable interactions you have had with any submissive in this notebook," the hypnodomme ordered as she placed a notebook and pen next to the phone on the floor. "Be detailed, do not leave out any potential issue you may have caused. Consider it a confession."

"Yes, Ma'am," the once proud dominant answered, absorbing his suggestions as intended by the domme.

"Marky Mark, from now until the alarm on this phone rings, you will behave as a dog, humping the floor without cumming and other dog-like behaviors," the Doctor suggested as she picked up the phone and set a timer for one hour. "No hurting yourself, no tearing anything in the room up, no leaving this room."

"Ruff, rufff," the man barked, beginning his time as a dog.

"Marky Mark, when the alarm goes off, you will complete your confession and list all your transgressions as a Master," the beautiful hypnotist commanded. "Be detailed and complete."

"Bark bark bark, rufff ruffff, rrrufff," the Master responded.

"Good boy," the domme said as she patted his head and exited the hotel room.

Alicia rode the elevator to her top floor suite, paid for by the NYE convention and its promoter, Monique Masters. The hypnodomme looked up at the blue lights as she rode the 23 floors to the top and thought back to the previous evening as she used those very same neon numbers to hypnotize the lovely Jennifer after her convention opening show. The show where she humiliated a well known Master for mistreating subs, and had Master Mark behaving like a dog- as he currently was in his hotel room after meeting with Alicia DeLaurent once again.

Jennifer completed her 60 minute workout, keeping a timer on her watch to ensure she was following the exact suggestions she received, and when done headed to the blue elevator to go to Doctor Alicia DeLaurent's suite. She waited at the elevator door, as she found herself slipping into Pose Three with her eyes casting an upward gaze at the relaxing neon blue numbers that at the current time were counting down to where she stood.

The pretty college girl rode the same elevator as she had the previous night, this time from the ground floor, but the result was the same- a deep hypnotic trance. The neon blue lights once again sent the girl under as she rode the elevator with her hands behind her back, chest out, eyes rolled up to see those hypnotic neon numbers. Pose Three. Focus on the numbers. Stand, watch, breathe. And when the elevator reached the number 23?


Jennifer Sloan was deep in hypnosis, the chime and door opening sent her hypnotically out of the elevator and down the hall to the suite of her hypnotist. The hypnotized college coed knocked on the door of her hypnotist and snapped into Pose Two, hands on hips, smile, chest out.

"I love being hypnotized, I trust Ma'am completely," the girl repeated in her head as she waited for the door to open.

"Perfect, right on time," the domme mused, hearing the knock at the suite door, then looking out seeing the smiling, glassy eyed girl stand in Pose Two, vacant smile, glassy eyes hands on hips waiting for the door to open.

The domme left her standing in the hallway for a good 45 minutes, as the Doctor of Domination waited for the convention promoter to arrive at her suite to discuss the events of the night before. Jennifer Sloan had no idea if she was standing at the door for 5 minutes of 5 hours before the door opened and the beautiful hypnotist greeted her.

"Awake at three, Jennifer," the domme ordered. "When you wake you will follow my lead and enter my suite."

"Yes, Ma'am," the still smiling, still posing deeply hypnotized girl answered.

"One, two, three," the domme said, as the pretty college student came out of trance. "Doctor's orders, come here and give me a hug."

Jennifer Sloan, eyes still slightly glassy, entered the suite and gave her hypnotist a hug which gave her a feeling of security but an even greater feeling of excitement.

"Come with me, Jennifer, I would like you to do something for me," the domme said in a reasonable tone. "Doctor's orders, you are going to love this."

"Yes Ma'am," the new hypnosis subject said, as she accepted the hand being extended to her by the hypnotist.

Doctor Alicia DeLaurent led the girl to a room in the suite where the mirrored vanity table sat, where there were cosmetics meticulously laid out.

"Sit here, Jennifer," the domme ordered as she pulled out the chair. "Doctor's orders, apply the makeup on the table exactly like you see in the picture on the mirror."

"Yes, Ma'am," the girl replied, as she studied the picture and the makeup to see where to begin. The photo showed a pretty model with thick eyelashes, blue eyeshadow, a natural looking blush at the cheeks and electric blue lipstick.

"When you finish, come show me your work Jennifer," the doctor added.

"Yes, Ma'am," the girl responded.

The hypnodomme and headliner of the week heard a new knock at the suite door, indicating that the promoter had arrived at the suite to discuss the events of the opening show, and there was some palpable tension as the two friends met.

"Come on in, Monique," Alicia DeLaurent offered, opening the door for the BDSM promoter who held conventions and shows all over the world. The popular and powerful promoter entered the suite, and took a seat opposite her current headliner. "I understand you are a bit upset."

"I am, I have a business to run here and I can't have you going rogue and being a vigilante, Alicia," the promoter began. "It ruins my credibility when my headliner dishes out her version of justice at my events without my knowledge or consent. I can't have this."

"You can't have this? How about the subs this so-called 'Master' abused? Can they have this? Who is going to look out for them if you won't?" the hypnodomme countered. "Those subs are scared to death of this man, Monique."

"That may be so, but it is not your place to be judge, jury and executioner for a Dominant's misdeeds. This should be handled by the appropriate authorities, Alicia. Not you deciding what happens," the promoter retorted. "You should have told me and I would have gone to the police. I have had to reassure other doms and dommes that you are not targeting them and that last night was the end of this."

"Interesting, Monique," the domme replied. "Which 'other' ones? And what the hell are they hiding?"

"I am not here to argue, Alicia," Monique reasoned. "But you need to end this now."

"I am not going to argue either, Monique, but I will not stop looking out for those who are in trouble, either," the domme replied. "Even if you won't. At YOUR event. And we both know that you can't and you won't get rid of your headliner, especially since I agreed to filling in at the last minute."

"No, Alicia, I can't, but do not continue this or I won't have any choice moving forward." the promoter warned. "Cross me again and you won't work a convention or show again, anywhere. I can promise that."

"I won't back down, Monique. And you know I am right," the domme responded as the promoter prepared to leave. "If we don't protect those who are the least powerful who will?"

"No more of this, Alicia. Friends or not it's bad for business, and this is MY business," the promoter responded as she left the suite. "I mean this."

Alicia DeLaurent had no intention of backing off, and she even had more planned that very day for the Master who had mounting evidence of abuses against submissives. She was not backing down. At that point Jennifer Sloan emerged to show off her makeup skills.

The hypnodomme walked over to the freshly made up young woman saying softly and out of earshot of her promoter, "You look perfect, Jennifer, a perfectly made up sleepy submissive."

"Pose One, Jennifer," the domme instructed, waiting for the triggered into trance girl to lace her hands behind her head, thrust out her chest and move her feet shoulder width apart. "Simply watch and follow along, Jennifer."

"Yes, Ma'am," the pretty Ms. Sloan answered, standing facing the hypnodomme and her promoter, yet seeing her own glassy eyed reflection in a mirror as she observed.

"I will do what's right, Monique, you have my word," the hypnodomme replied as she turned from her hypnotized submissive to look at the lovely Monique Masters, promoter and former mentor.

"I mean it, Alicia, do not screw with me on this," the promoter warned with a finger wag. "And you want to talk about doing things properly? I see what you are doing with that cute little VIP girl. And I know you were at Master Mark's hotel room earlier. NOTHING goes on here that I don't know about."

Monique Masters, BDSM promoter, pointed directly at the blue eyeshadow, blue lipped submissive as she stood in her Pose One during her message to the domme.

"You have no idea what I am doing with her, Monique, and you should mind your business," Alicia replied. "If you did you would protect those submissives- especially the ones who are terrified of Mark."

"This is my business, Alicia, and right now you are fucking with it, and that cannot stand," the promoter sternly replied.

Alicia was not happy her friend was so dismissive of her view in the issue, but knew she always held the trump card. She was, however reluctant to play the winning card with her former mentor, but she felt she had no choice.

"That's too bad, Monique, because I do have my ear to the ground and know how the people here are feeling," the hypnodomme replied. "You've sold out, you choose the bottom line over the wellbeing of those who choose to serve. You sold your soul and your morals for a few shiny pieces of silver."

"Don't you dare call me a sellout," Monique said in a raised voice. "I made you. And after this event I will certainly break you."

"I'm not so sure of that, Monique," the hypnodomme said as she opened a drawer of the desk in her suite and pulled out a box. Monique looked on questioningly what the pretty Doctor was doing. Jennifer stood in her pose, hypnotized and unmoving, as the events unfolded.

"You remember this, don't you Monique?" the hypnodomme said as she looked to the hypnotist pulling a teardrop shaped jade colored crystal on a sparkling silver chain, eventually holding it at eye level between them. Jennifer Sloan also saw the crystal from across the room, and in the mirror the jade was right in the center of her vision.

The promoter looked at the crystal at eye level and found her vision to be focused on it as her thinking became muddled.

"I remember...." the promoter said, her voice trailing off.

"I didn't want to have to resort to this, Monique, or should I say Mona?" the hypnodomme said as she centered the crystal in front of the promoter, using her given and not her professional name. "But you leave me no choice. Someone needs to protect the weak and powerless."

The powerful promoter couldn't look away from the crystal, or ignore the words the woman yielding it were saying. In the recesses of her mind she recalled spending time seeing the object and listening, Intently listening.

"Remember finding the center of the crystal, Mona?" asked the Doctor of Domination. "Remember all those evenings you thought you were mentoring me but were instead doing exactly as you are now?"

"Yess,..." was the reply from the rapidly falling promoter.

"And you remember how the beautiful crystal reflects light...." the domme continued,

"Yess..." again was the response.

"And as you stare at the crystal your NEED to look at it and be hypnotized increases," the domme said.

"What word comes to mind about the crystal, about hypnosis, Mona?" the domme asked, as she continued her impromptu induction of her former mentor.


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