Compelling Again

2 Hypno Elevator

by hypnosissir

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Compelled Again Chapter 2

“That’s it Jennifer, just hold my hand and listen as we walk. Hypnosis is a very compelling thing to try, especially after watching what you just saw. Now Jennifer just take slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth as we walk,” suggested the hypnodomme as she led her prior evening’s dinner companion through the ballroom and down the hall to the blue elevators to head up to her suite. Alicia modeled the breathing as they took the private hallway out of the ballroom to the blue elevators after her NYE BDSM opening show .

“That’s wonderful, Jennifer, that is perfect how you are breathing,” praised the potential once again domme as the striking pair walked to the elevator hand in hand. “Very good Jennnifer, as we stand at the elevator just peek your eyes up to see the lights above the elevator and continue to breathe deeply.”

Jennifer looked up and saw the neon blue numbers on the black background read 01, as she was breathing, watching and listening to Alicia.

“Now Jennifer as we stand here and you continue to breathe and watch the numbers as they rise to meet us you will feel yourself just relax more and more as the numbers rise. Each number relaxing you Jennifer more and more as you simply stand and watch and breathe,” calmly relayed the hypnotist as they stood looking at the lights above the elevator, leaving simple instructions in the mind of the new hypnotic subject.

“And as those numbers rise and you stand and watch and breathe perfectly Jennifer you will find listening to my voice and following my suggestion to become easier,” added the psychiatrist, adjusting her stance to ensure her steadily relaxing trance partner maintained her balance. “Stand, watch and breathe, easy things to do as you relax more and more.”

Jennifer stood, watched, breathed, and most importantly relaxed as the numbers on the elevator rose….





The girl’s breathing slowed as she simply stood, watched and breathed, listening to the perfect rhythm of events told to her by the hypnodomme.

“Jennifer, as you see the doors open it will be so easy to follow my lead, step inside, turn and look back up at the numbered lights as they tell us the floor number,” continued the hypnotist, instructing her newest subject, as the blue floor number read 14 on the black background as the girl’s hazel eyes peeked up to focus on them at the top of the elevator doors. “That’s right Jennifer, step in and turn and look up at the numbers again.”

Jennifer followed her hypnotist’s lead and stepped in, turned, and looked back up at the numbers, following the lead of her hypnotist perfectly. Her breathing continued deep through her nose and out through her mouth, her eyes beautifully glassy and lidding. The hypnotist continued her assault on the conscious mind of the pretty college student, who the day prior had never even seen hypnosis before.

“Very good Jennifer,” the hypnotist persisted, mixing praise and relaxation and suggested commands to the desired results. “Focus on the numbers, and stand and watch and breathe. as the numbers rise you will relax more deeply with each number that passes. Stand and watch and breathe.”

As her breathing slowed, her relaxation visibly deepened as she rode the elevator up to Alicia De Laurent’s suite, while Jennifer focused on the numbers, and listened intently on the voice guiding her. The pair rode the elevator alone and the deeply relaxed coed watched the numbers




“More and more relaxed as the numbers pass,’ added the hypnotist. “So easy to stand and watch and breathe. Focus on the numbers as they rise, listen to my voice and relax more deeply with each number.”

Jennifer’s breathing slowed further as she simply followed instructions. She watched the numbers rise as she relaxed deeper….

“Stand and watch and breathe, Jennifer.”




“You are doing so well Jennifer, as you stand and watch and breathe. The numbers will rise and you will continue to relax more and more,” commanded the Mistress of the evening. “Very good Jennifer, stand and watch and breathe. When the doors open you will simply walk with me to my suite, so easy to do as you continue to listen to my voice, Jennifer. You can do that Jennifer, can’t you…so easy to do.”

“Yesss….” was a faint reply from the rapidly relaxing girl, glassy eyes looking up to focus on the neon blue numbers to indicate the floor while breathing deeply, sending her into relaxation as she nodded ever so slightly. Those numbers had nearly reached their finale.




Penthouse suite floor, the doors opened.

“Come Jennifer, so easy to walk with me as you breathe and relax and listen. Focus on breathing deep and relaxing as we walk,” encouraged Mistress Alicia, feeling that dominant side exert itself again. “Now in front of you is the door to my suite Jennifer, so easy to breathe and relax and listen as we get to the door.”

As she continued her induction, Alicia had the keycard ready to go as they neared the door. Her pretty 22-year old subject was deeply relaxed as she followed her latest suggestion to breathe and relax and listen.

“Jennifer when we enter the suite I will direct you to a chair where you will sit and continue to breathe deeply and listen to my voice, so easy to sit where I direct you,” prompted the hypnotist, still holding the hand of her subject as the suite door opened. “Do you understand?”

“Yesssss…” was an even more faint reply than the previous one.

“Very good, Jennifer you are doing so well as you breathe and relax and listen,” the psychiatrist praised as she escorted the girl to the chair at the center of the suite. “Now Jennifer, sit in this chair and look up please.”

“Yessss…..” the college coed whispered as she followed instructions.

Jennifer complied, sitting in a relaxed posture, slightly elevating her chin as she turned her eyes to look up as she was instructed to, just as she had done earlier in the elevator. Jennifer’s glassy hazel eyes looked up, seeing the perfectly ade u almond shaped eyes of the beautiful hypnodomme.

“Jennifer, when I snap my fingers you will sink deep into hypnosis, and you will close your eyes and sleep. You will still focus and listen to my voice, do you understand?” asked the hypnotist, already knowing the answer.

Jennifer Sloan nodded her head ever so slightly in the affirmative, still breathing deeply, listening , never breaking eye contact- and now ready to completely relax into deep hypnosis.


Jennifer Sloan’s eyes closed, her chin tucked into her chest and the pretty college coed sunk deep in hypnotic trance with slow, deep breaths identifying her deeply relaxed state.

“Now Jennifer Sloan, it’s time for me to help you become the you that you are compelled to be…” said the smiling hypnotist.

The hypnodomme took a deep breath and began her plan to assist the pretty young woman who was stuck in a societal rut, based on what other people wanted for her, not what she may want for herself.

“Jennifer, you will answer me clearly even in your deep state of hypnosis, so easy to respond and answer when I ask something of you. Now, when I count you up to three, every time you hear the number three you will be wide awake and out of trance, you will awaken naturally and gently and calmly, do you understand?”

“Yes,” replied the deeply entranced young woman.

“Very good Jennifer, you will find it so easy to use my title when you address me even when you awaken, do you understand?” continued the Doctor.

“Yes, Doctor,” responded the girl.

Alicia deLaurent intentionally left it vague as to what title Jennifer was to choose to use, as the young lady had seen both Doctor and Mistress used in the last two days. This was to allow the girl to determine the course of activity.

“Very good Jennifer,” praised the Doctor. “Do you like this feeling of being so deeply hypnotized?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer replied immediately and decisively- well as decisive as a deeply hypnotized young lady can be.

“And you would like to feel this feeling of deep hypnosis again?” asked the Doctor, already knowing that answer.

“Yes Doctor,” the girl replied.

The hypnodomme and Doctor smiled, as she set her newest subject into a patterned refrain of answering ‘yes, Doctor’ time and again.

“And the relaxation you are experiencing is pleasurable, Jennifer?” asked the doctor.

“Yes, Doctor,” again replied the college girl.

“Very good, Jennifer,” the Doctor said, smiling. “Whenever i say the words ‘sleepy submissive’ you will return to this very relaxed, deeply hypnotized state. Every time I say the words ‘sleepy submissive’ you will sink into hypnosis, ten times deeper each time you hear those words, ‘sleepy submissive’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl replied.

“Very good, Jennifer,” the doctor praised her attentiveness. “Awake at three, one, two, three.”

Jennifer awoke, gradually and slowly and calmly.

“How do you feel, Jennifer?” asked the domme.

“Calm, relaxed, Doctor,” was the reply, as the girl seamlessly used the chosen title for the woman who was hypnotizing her.

“What do you remember, Jennifer?” asked the Doctor.

“Blue elevator lights, Doctor,” Jennifer began. “Standing, watching, breathing.”

“Do you remember being hypnotized, Jennifer?” the domme asked.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer replied.

“What do you remember, Jennifer?” furthered the doctor.

“Relaxing, watching, breathing, your voice,” the girl replied.

“Very good Jennifer,” the doctor said with a smile. “Did you enjoy being hypnotized, Jennifer?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer answered immediately.

“What did you like about being hypnotized most, Jennifer?” the hypnodomme followed up.

“No thinking, no pressure, just listening, following along,” the girl responded.

“Would you like to be hypnotized again, Jennifer?” the Doctor asked the college student.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer replied with no hesitation.

“What did you think of the show, Jennifer?” asked the hypnodomme.

“It was amazing, exciting, scary,” the girl replied.

“Would you like to go back under hypnosis for me, Jennifer?” asked the domme, who’s smile never left her face as the now awake girl again was responding in her familiar refrain of ‘yes, Doctor’.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian said unwaveringly.

“Sleepy submissive,” the domme instructed as the girl fell back into hypnosis again. “Ten times deeper, Jennifer, so easy to sink deeper every time you enter hypnosis. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” the once again hypnotized girl answered as her chin fell back into her chest, and her breathing again slowed, her eyes closed once more.

“Awake on three, Jennifer,” the domme instructed. “One, two, three, wide awake now.”

“Did that feel wonderful, Jennifer?” asked the Doctor, beginning the deepening process.

“Yes, Doctor,” responded the girl once alert enough to be able to answer.

“Would you like to go back under hypnosis for me, Jennifer?” asked the Doctor of Domination.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer answered.

“How wonderful, she is thoroughly conditioned in her ‘yes, Doctor’ response,” thought the hypnodomme as she smiled at her alternatingly hypnotized then slowly wakened subject. The Doctor spent time deepening her trance levels while reinforcing her triggers to enter hypnosis and awaken from trance, always asking for and receiving permission to continue her conditioning.

After several rounds of deepening trance level triggers and waking, the beautiful hypnodomme continued with Jennifer.

“Let me change into something more comfortable, while you adjust to being fully awake, Jennifer,” the domme told her guest, as she went to get out of her show costume. “I won’t but a few minutes.”

Jennifer, after her rounds of deep hypnosis and awakening through fractionation, simply nodded as she slowly regained her bearings. Instinctively, she found her breathing returning to the pattern she had learned earlier, in through her nose and out through her mouth, and she was fully aware that she was breathing in that manner. Still, she sat quietly and waited for Alicia to return.

“There we are, Jennifer,” the hypnodomme said as she returned wearing a tight fitting, one piece, black yoga outfit. “So, tell me, did you enjoy this little demonstration of hypnosis?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer responded.

“I told you that you would, Jennifer,” the Doctor replied with a laugh. “Tell me what you thought of the show, give me details, Jennifer.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer began. “It was amazing how they just did everything you suggested. It was so powerful. Scary to see what you did with that Master.”

“Sleepy submissive,” the Doctor said, sending her guest into deep hypnosis again. “When you awaken Jennifer you will always respond honestly and you will follow any suggestion I give you after you hear me say the words, ‘Doctor’s orders’. When you hear the words ‘Doctor’s orders’ you will be honest with me and complete the suggestion I give you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer said slowly.

“Awake at three, forgetting this trance, and picking up our conversation where we left off,” the Doctor instructed. “One, Two, Three.”

Jennifer lazily opened her eyes and stretched, saying, “oh I’m sorry Doctor, I think I missed what you said.”

“I asked you if you had any visions of you being hypnotized like the willing subs, Jennifer,” the Doctor asked with a wry smile.

“Oh ummm, well, I uhhh, Ohhh,” stammered Jennifer, not wanting to answer.

“Jennifer, Doctor’s orders, answer the question, did you have thoughts of yourself being hypnotized like the willing subs?” asked the domme again.

“Yes, Doctor,” responded Jennifer as she turned a shade shy of crimson.

“Well that is interesting, Jennifer.” the Doctor said with a smile. “I will only do that with you if it is what YOU decide, my dear, do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer answered.

“So you said you enjoyed hypnosis, Jennifer,” the Domme told her. “I knew you would, I can always tell who will enjoy hypnosis. But I would like to just chat a bit about you, if you don’t mind that is.”

“Oh ummm well I don’t want to bother you with my problems, Doctor,” Jennifer said sincerely.

“Doctor’s orders, Jennifer, let’s talk about you,” the domme said.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer said.

“Tell me about your childhood, Jennifer,” the Doctor ordered.

“Not much to say really,” the girl began. “Lived with my mom, never knew my father, my mom worked a lot.”

“Are you close with your mother, Jennifer?” the Doctor asked.

“We were, Doctor, but she died when I was 17,” Jennifer answered.

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that, I had no idea, Jennifer,” the Doctor replied, placing her hand on the girl’s arm for reassurance. “You were 17, what happened after that, did you live with relatives?”

“When people came around I told them a relative moved in with me to take care of me,’ Jennifer said, “By the time they came back to check up on me, I was 18.”

“And on your own,” the Doctor said.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer answered.

“And was it difficult being on your own, Jennifer?” asked Alicia.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer began. “I had everything I needed, the house was paid for, insurance money had college paid for…..”

“But what, Jennifer,” the Doctor interjected, knowing there was more than was being said.

“I missed my mom,” the girl replied, eyes tearing slightly.

“Yes Jennifer, I can understand that, not having that older woman figure to look to for help, that person to help guide you through things,” the Doctor stated. “Is that what you missed Jennifer?”

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl responded.

“And you still do, don’t you Jennifer,” the Doctor suggested,

“Yes, Doctor,” was her response.

“I would like to help you with that, if you would allow it Jennifer,” the Doctor offered.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer said. “But how?”

“Hypnosis, Jennifer.” the Doctor of Domination told the girl.

“But… how?” the girl asked.

“Did you like being hypnotized, Jennifer?” asked the doctor.

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl replied.

“I am a bit older than you, and far more experienced, wouldn’t you agree, Jennifer,” the domme added.

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl replied.

“I can use hypnosis and my experience to help guide you, Jennifer, if you wish,” the Doctor instructed.

Jennifer hesitated and didn’t answer. It scared her, but part of her wanted to say yes, to be like the submissives the Doctor had under hypnosis at the show. No thinking, no worrying, no pressures. Just doing. Alicia noticed the trepidation and the confusion in her new subject, having seen it numerous times before.

“Doctor’s orders, answer me honestly, would like my hypnosis and my guidance, Jennifer?” questioned the Doctor, knowing the girl was following her suggestions so far.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jennifer replied with no hesitation.

“Good, Jennifer,” the hypnodomme said with a reassuring smile. “Sleepy submissive.”

Jennifer fell back into hypnosis immediately, as the Doctor formulated a plan, which began with more deepening, then a few simple command triggers. Alicia spent considerable time taking Jennifer in and out of trance, reinforcing the deepening trance trigger, and getting the girl used to being in trance and waking from it.

Pleased with her results, Jennifer was awakened from trance for the next part of her opening night of conditioning.

“How do you feel, Jennifer?” asked the domme, as the girl finally awoke fully.

“Confused, Doctor,” the girl said with a perplexed look.

“That’s to be expected, Jennifer, it is your first night undergoing hypnosis,” the Domme said. “And to be clear, how do you think this relationship will develop?”

“I don’t understand what you mean, Doctor,” Jennifer replied.

“What I mean is, Jennifer, what are the roles we will have in this relationship? What do you think?” asked the domme.

“I don’t know, Doctor,” the college student answered.

“Well, Jennifer, are we in my professional work office space?” led the domme.

“No, Doctor,” the girl replied.

“No, we are not, so you may want to reconsider the title you address me with, Jennifer.” the domme suggested.

“Oh….. umm oookayy,” the girl stuttered, realizing exactly where things were going.

“Doctor’s orders, Jennifer, what role will you be playing in our relationship?” the domme asked directly.

“Ssssubmissive, Dddoctor,” the pretty college student stammered in reply.

“That’s correct, Jennifer, you are intuitive and bright,” the Doctor praised. “Doctor’s orders, what would be a more correct way to address me then?”

“Mmmisstress….” the girl said, almost not believing it came from her own lips.

“Close, Jennifer, but that would indicate a more permanent relationship, as of now you are simply learning,” the Domme instructed. “So try again,”

“Ma’am?” the girl asked in the form of a question.

“That is acceptable, Jennifer,” the domme reassured. “I am a professional in this setting as well so that title is correct. For now.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” replied the girl, immediately changing titles, which did not go unnoticed by the domme.

“Ready for more hypnosis and training, Jennifer?” the domme questioned.

“Yes, Ma’am,” was the reply.

Alicia DeLaurent recognized her new subject’s breathing was slowing, and that the girl easily transitioned from ‘yes, Doctor’ to ‘yes, Ma’am’. Not that it mattered in the long term, but it showed the girl was ready for submission quickly.

“Sleepy submissive,” the doctor ordered her newest subject back to trance. “Jennifer, I want you to imagine we are on the elevator again, this time we are heading down, and the further down we go in the elevator the deeper into hypnosis you will sink, and it will feel so wonderful to sink so deep.”

The girl breathed deeply as her shoulders slumped and her chin fell into her chest.

“And now as you sink, you will easily and quietly respond to me, do you understand Jennifer?” the domme instructed.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl replied in a soft voice.

“And now, even with your eyes closed, you can see us again standing in the elevator, can’t you Jennifer?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jennifer answered.

“And we are alone in the elevator, what do you see, Jennifer?” the domme continued.

“Blue lights above the door, Ma’am,” the girl lazily replied.

“What number do you see lit up, Jennifer?” the domme asked.

“Twenty three, Ma’am,” was the reply.

“And do you see us standing there, what do you see?” the domme asked.

“Yes Ma’am, reflection in door…” Jennifer answered.

“Describe what you see as you look at our reflection, Jennifer,” the domme ordered.

“Yes, Ma’am, you in black, beautiful. Holding my arm,” the girl described.

“And you, Jennifer, describe what you see as you look at your reflection,” the Doctor asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl said as she took a deep breath before continuing. “I am in a dress, holding on to you, looking up, eyes up, focus on the blue numbers, stand, breathe, relax.”

“Very good, Jennifer,” the domme said, as she reached over and held the girl’s left arm. “Now when I instruct you Jennifer, you will press the button to take us down to the lowest floor, do you understand?” the domme asked.

“Yes. Ma’am,” was the reply as the girl sat in her chair, her eyes gazing up as if she were truly on the elevator and looking at the floor numbers above the door.

“Very good, Jennifer,” the doctor told the girl, “You are doing very well, when you reach out and start the elevator going down, you will sink deeper into hypnosis with every floor number the elevator descends. Each floor sends you deeper and deeper, each time the numbers indicating the floor you will say the floor number as it changes, do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am…”

“Good girl, Jennifer. Each number you say each floor we descend will send you deeper into hypnosis, where you will feel calm, relaxed and comfortable. Do you understand?” the domme asked.

“Yes, Ma’am….”

“Very good Jennnifer, you may press the button to begin sending the elevator down and send you deeper into hypnosis,” the hypnodomme instructed.

Jennifer actually reached out with her right hand and made a motion of pushing a button, beginning her deepening once again.

“Good girl, Jennifer,” the Domme reassured, as she smiled.

“Twenty-two” the girl said, as her breathing continued slowly and deeply.

“Each number takes you deeper into hypnosis, Jennifer, each number relaxes you more deeply,” the domme instructed.


“Each number sends you deeper, more relaxed, more comfortable in being hypnotized,” the domme continued.


“As you sink deeper Jennifer the suggestions I give you get stronger, the deeper you go the stronger my suggestions become,” the domme suggested.


“Each suggestion I give gets stronger the deeper you go, Jennifer, as you feel so relaxed and comfortable in hypnosis,” the hypnodomme continued.


“So wonderful to sink so deep, no worries, just comfortable and following suggestions,” the doctor said, continuing her deepening of the college girl.


“Every time I praise you Jennifer, every time i say ‘good girl’ to you a warm, comfortable feeling of pleasure will wash over your body and feel so wonderful,” the domme continued.


“Doing so well, going so deep, following suggestions, feeling pleasure every time I praise you by saying ‘good girl’,” the doctor suggested.


“Good girl, Jennifer, sinking so deep as you watch the blue numbers fall, sinking you deeper into warm, comfortable trance. Standing in the elevator in your mind, sinking deeper watching the blue numbers as they descend you deeper,” the assault continued from the hypnodomme.


And so it went as the long, slow, 23 floor elevator ride played out in the mind of the hypnotized Jennifer Sloan. Each number sinking her deeper into trance, each number allowing her to feel more comfortable and safe and warm in her hypnotized state, and each praise from her hypnotist, each ‘good girl’ began to register more and more effectively with each praising phrase.

After completing her elevator ride, all the way to floor zero, Alicia DeLaurent instructed the girl to open her eyes, and stay deep in trance.

“Good girl, Jennifer,” the domme began, “you will now learn basic poses that will signify your depth of trance, as well as your reception of suggestion, do you understand?”

Alicia DeLaurent often trained subs to obey the suggestions of how to stand, pose and kneel as a reminder of their position, and to have them used to obeying simple tasks to get them used to obeying without hesitation.

“Jennifer, stand up please,” the doctor said, as the girl immediately obeyed. “This is Pose One. Stand and look at me, feet shoulder width apart, lace your hands behind your head. Elbows back, chest out.”

Alicia made a few minor corrections on the posture of the hypnotized girl. Then continued.

“Every time I tell you ‘Pose One’ you will immediately and without hesitation move to this position as quickly as you can, do you understand Jennifer?” the domme asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl replied.

“Good girl,” the domme praised, as Jennifer shuddered as a wave of pleasure coursed through her body. “Smile Jennifer. Now for Pose Two, put your hands on your hips, just like Wonder Woman. When I tell you Pose Two, this is how you will stand.”

Jennifer complied with her hypnotist, and put her hands on her hips and smiled. Alicia was pleased, and decided on one more pose.

“Good girl, Jennifer,” the praise phrase again sending a wonderful wave of pleasure through the rapidly succumbing young lady. “Pose One.”

Jennifer immediately laced her hands behind her neck, and thrust out her chest to complete her triggered response. Her hypnodomme was pleased, as she circled her new sub, smiling.

“Pose Two,” the domme ordered.

Again the college girl moved to immediately obey her trigger, placing her hands on her hips and smiling a wide, if vacant, smile.

“Now Jennifer, let’s discuss Pose Three. Stare straight ahead, no smile, hands behind your back, the back of your hands in the small of your back,” the domme instructed, moving the girl’s hands to the proper location.

“Pose One,” the domme instructed. Jennifer complied, again lacing her hands behind her head, chest out.

“Pose Three,” the domme said, as again the deeply entranced girl stood and placed her hands in the small of her back, no simile.

“Good girl,” the doctor praised. Jennifer shook from pleasure.

After a few more minutes of alternating poses, Alicia was pleased with the progress, and decided it was time to end the first session with her new subject.

“Jennifer, wide awake at three, it is time for you to go to your suite and for the evening,” the domme said. “You will respond to your triggers to pose even when awake, and always respond to the phrase ‘Doctor’s orders’, do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl replied.

‘One, two, three, wide awake,” the domme ordered, snapping her fingers as she watched her pretty sun in her dress slowly awaken.

“How do you feel, Jennifer?” the domme asked.

“Good, Ma’am,” the girl said after waking fully.

“Good girl,” the domme replied, as she watched the girl feel that wave of pleasure. “Come on, Jennifer.”

The domme led the girl to the full sized mirror in the suite, standing Jennifer facing it.

“Pose Two,” the domme ordered, as Jennifer immediately went into the ‘wonder woman’ pose. The girl had no choice but to stare at herself standing in a pose with a vacant smile on her face. The domme then circled the girl.

“Good girl,” the doctor of domination said, as the girl, still posing, still smiling vacantly, watched herself as she felt a wave of pleasure pass through her body for the first time while awake. Alicia DeLaurent smiled, looked in the mirror at Jennifer as she stood to her right.

“Very good girl,” the domme followed up, kissing the pretty college girl on the cheek.

“Doctor’s orders Jennifer, take my hand and follow along, I will take you back to your suite,” the domme said.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jennifer replied, a mix of emotions after her first session of hypnosis.

Alicia took the girl into the hall, then to the elevator, where she led the girl by the hand into the elevator. The domme never said a word, but just quietly observed her subject. Once in the elevator, she noticed the girl’s breathing slow, as she turned and peeked her eyes up at the blue lights indicating the floor the elevator was on.

“Pose One,” Alicia said as she let go of the girl’s hand. Jennifer was standing, hands laced behind her neck, chest out as she rode the elevator the one floor her suite was on.

Once the doors opened, there were sounds of people outside the elevator. Jennifer remained in her pose as people stood outside and waited to get into the elevator. Alicia smiled as the doors opened, as her subject performed flawlessly, remaining in her pose. Alicia leaned in to whisper in her sub’s ear.

“Good girl, Jennifer. Doctor’s orders, take my hand and let’s get you to your suite for the night,” the hypnodomme instructed, as the girl passed her first public test of submission.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jennifer replied in front of the crowd waiting for the stunning domme and her pretty young subject to exit the elevator before getting in.

Alicia then led the girl out of the elevator, and to her suite.

“Don’t worry, Jennifer. I think you will find tomorrow’s hypnosis session even more compelling…”

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