Compelling Again

Chapter 1

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

Author’s Note—This is the second series featuring the Doctor of Domination, Alicia DeLaurent. Feedback is welcome and appreciated—

Jennifer Sloan wandered aimlessly about the Beachfront Hotel suite contemplating what to do. She wound up staying alone for the week around New Year’s after her travel companion and college roommate, Bianca, had to leave because of the death of her grandmother. Bianca invited Jennifer to travel with her to the hotel penthouse suite that her father had rented every New Years, because they put on a terrific NYE Ball, even though it was winter in this part of the world and freezing outside.

She recalled the conversation she had with Bianca’s father, who said “don’t be alarmed but they have an event there every year- a’ BDSM New Year’ thing. There could be some interesting things you might see, but security is good and you can’t get on that floor without the right passes.” She now had the right passes, and a ticket to the opening event, and was staring right at them wondering if she should actually go.

That there was a BDSM event at the hotel was startling to the college coed, but at her friend’s encouragement she decided to go for the New Year’s event. When the pair arrived to enjoy their stay, Bianca was greeted by the hotel manager and informed there was a car waiting to take her to the airport to be with family, as she learned of the death of her grandmother. After hurriedly and awkwardly saying goodbye with Bianca, Jennifer was addressed by the hotel manager.

“Excuse me Miss Sloan, Mr. Johansen said that you should stay, and enjoy your weekend. At this point. the room is not refundable, and anything you want is on the Johansen family tab.” explained the manager. “Excuse me, but I need to attend to something, please enjoy your stay Miss Sloan.”

Jenn took the suite’s room keycard walked to the elevator and turned and watched as the manager greeted a beautiful, perfectly made up woman with black hair in a meticulous business suit as if she were the most important guest he had ever greeted.

“Wow, very stunning,” Jenn thought In her head, As she waited at the elevator she saw the woman turn and look toward her. Jenn quickly turned away as she made eye contact with the woman. Jenn felt a nervous something when the dark haired, almond shape eyed beauty made the brief connection.

Jennifer was tidying things as she recalled that first encounter with the beautiful woman as she checked into the hotel. She was biding her time by checking her messages, watching videos, making social media visits. But Dr. Alicia DeLaurent, as she came to know her as, was never completely out of her thoughts. The woman she met just the day before, who through eye contact made her feel flutters in her stomach. A random meet at the hotel bar that led to an impromptu dinner together since they were both staying alone at the hotel- a dinner where she learned the raven haired, almond eyed beauty was a psychiatrist and the headliner for the hotel’s yearly BDSM New Years celebration.— doing an R rated hypnosis show, the following night and again on NYE. That dinner led to a VIP invitation to the show the Doctor was headlining. And at the actual pass and ticket Jennifer Sloan spent hours staring at leading up to the time of the opening event.

Another flashback at a meet at the hotel gym the next morning, and a not so subtle reminder of her invitation as the VIP guest for Alicia DeLaurent’s opening show. Meeting after meeting, where those original flutters from the first eye contact turned into swarms of butterflies as she again and again saw the doctor, who, Jennifer learned, went by the names the “Doctor of Domination” and “Heaven’s Hypnodomme”.

Jennifer was currently remembering the meet at the gym, the morning after dinner.

“Oh ummm hi Doctor.” clumsily said the college student, nearly falling off the stair climber. Jennifer managed to stabilize herself and continue climbing, noticing the knowing smile and slight chuckle from the woman to her right.

“Careful there Miss Jennifer Sloan, it is a pleasure to see you again this morning,” replied the doctor. “And in this setting I don’t need a title.”

“Ssorry about that then,” Jennifer replied, as the butterflies grew larger by the second.

“Don’t give it another thought Jennifer,” replied the doctor, wearing a very nice one piece spandex workout outfit of black, revealing her well sculpted body that made men stare and women jealous. “And I truly did enjoy dinner and our conversation last night. I will be doing show prep all day today, but I do hope we get a chance to connect again soon.”

“Tttthhat would be great,” Jennifer nervously responded, purposely fiddling with the stair climber settings to avoid eye contact with the intimidating beauty, as she tried not to blush. “That workout gear is really awesome looking. You look great in it, you must work out all the time.”

Alicia descended the stair climber, walked to the front of the stairclimber where Jennifer was working out, placed her right hand on the hand of the nervous younger woman, looked her in the eyes and said “Of course, strong mind and strong body, Miss Jennifer Sloan.”

“Yes, I see that,” Jennifer added, obviously nervous, almost missing a step again coming dangerously close to crashing off the stair climber.

“I do hope you have been compelled enough to see my show tonight, Jennifer,” replied the psychiatrist, removing her hand, ending the eye contact, nodding approvingly at the college girl and exiting the hotel gym. “I look forward to seeing you at the show. Remember, I have a VIP seat reserved for you, 9pm.”

Jennifer turned the stairs up to a higher level, hoping to shake the butterflies and thinking “damn she knows how to make an exit.”

Following her hour long workout, Jennifer returned to the suite and relaxed in the in-suite jacuzzi enjoying her time alone with no pressure from anyone to do anything or be anywhere. It was unusual and a relief. Eventually she showered and made her way down to the lobby and then to the brunch at one of the small restaurants. She enjoyed a light meal, looking out at the ocean through the large bay windows. She decided to take a walk in the cold winter temperatures to see the sites she knew she would thoroughly enjoy if it were summer.

As she made her way back to her suite, walking through the lobby she saw Dr. Alicia DeLaurent heading toward the blue elevator with 5 people in tow, almost synchronized in tier mannerisms and movements. In seeing the beautiful doctor, she stopped in her tracks- unsure if she wanted to move toward or away from the psychiatrist/hypnotist/domme. It didn’t matter- she was spotted- and the domme simply looked at Jennifer, and acknowledged her presence with a sultry look, a knowing smile and a nod before entering the elevator like a mother duck with her synchronized pack of baby ducklings in tow.

Jennifer again stood in place, frozen in time for a second, feeling a cold shiver run through her body- and she knew it was not from taking in the cold winter temperatures from her walk outside. A multitude of feelings overwhelmed her senses- ranging from intrigue to interest to fear. Jennifer shook her head rapidly from side to side again- and then headed to her suite with all kinds of things running through her head.

Jennifer speculated that Alicia had enjoyed a late lunch before her performance in the evening, and the people she was with were part of her show, an R-Rated hypnosis themed show. She imagined the show prep involved hypnosis, and seeing the movements of those with her sent a shiver through her that scared and excited her all at once.

No matter her speculation, one thing she knew the more she saw of Alicia De Laurent, the more intrigued she was getting. She wasn’t lesbian- but she was not exactly inexperienced in that department either, but she felt something very different in her interaction with the black haired beauty. And that was something her football star boyfriend would never understand. Those feelings terrified and intrigued her to varying degrees as she thought about whether to use the pass to access the floor and the VIP ticket to see her show.

Jennifer rode the elevator alone to the suite, and decided that decision would be better served after a nap. As she lay in bed, those thoughts about the woman she met just a day before permeated in her mind, and left her unable to sleep. She was confused and unsure, but she realized she had never felt a connection with anyone like that before. Not her All American football star boyfriend, or anyone else. Ever. She realized Alicia De Laurent had ‘it’— whatever that was- and she had it oozing from every pore, with every word she spoke and in every action and mannerism. Jennifer sat in a very comfortable chair, looked out at the ocean, and tried to reason with herself on the decision as to whether or not to go to the show.

Looking at the clock, Jennifer saw it was just after 8pm. She took a deep breath, thinking ‘omg what am I actually doing’. She took out the pass to the 14th floor and the VIP show ticket and read them what seemed the ten thousandth times. Then she made her decision. Which wasn’t really a decision, she knew she was going to go all along, but was trying to convince herself it was actually a good idea.

She hurriedly put on the wristband to access the 14th floor as she rode the elevator down. As she exited, security gave her a look- recognizing her as a newcomer to the event- as she was wearing a simple dress and heels, unlike most other patrons who were wearing their favorite gear and styles from leather to spandex to rubber and more. Jennifer was intimidated at the site of the people and their mode of dress. Security asked if she was in the right place- since her dress and mannerisms indicated she was a newbie. She held up her VIP show ticket.

“Ah yes, VIP. I will escort you to the show personally Miss,” stated the tattooed and muscled security guard. “Follow me please, Miss.”

And Jennifer followed the security guard as he took her through the hallway to the main ballroom through an entrance marked ‘private” with a freshly printed sign.

“Miss, the usher will show you to your seat, enjoy the show,” the security guard said as he turned and left.

Jennifer, turned and just nodded. The usher then turned and said “right this way Miss.”

The ballroom was set up in the round- a circle of seats surrounding a center stage. Seating was 7 rows high, and she estimated there were probably near 500 seats in the large ballroom. Her seat was right behind where the microphone stand was set. And she noticed the seat, even though it was the same as all the other auditorium style seats, had a sign on it. As she got closer she read the sign.

“VIP Miss Jennifer Sloan”.

A chill ran through Jennifer as she read the sign and sat down. Looking at her watch, she noted it was showtime. And the music came up as the announcement was made.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Subs, and Slaves, Masters and Mistresses, welcome to the stage the Doctor of Domination- Heaven’s Hypnodomme, Mistress Alicia!”

Alicia strode confidently to the microphone, took the wireless mic out of the stand, and placed the stand just in front of Jennifer. Alicia smiled at Jennifer, and nodded as if to welcome her. Jennifer felt that connection again- and that chill returned- and was slow to leave.

Jennifer watched the show with eyes wide open- in part from shock and in part amazement, in part from fear. She watched as Alicia put the slaves volunteered by their Dominants through their paces- everything from posing as naked statues to a scene where a male slave was saddled like a horse and a wig wearing female slave rode him proclaiming herself to be Lady Godiva. The two male and two female slaves were put through their embarrassing paces, at least in Jennifer’s mind it was embarrassing- until Alicia reached the grand finale.

“For the grand finale, I will need the Dominants of these two slaves to come on down here please,” announced Alicia. “Audience, please applaud Master Mark and Lady Lydia, who so graciously offered up their slaves for your entertainment in the show tonight.”

As the two dominants made their way there, Jennifer was confused by what she saw, and how she felt. She felt sorry for the slaves on some level since they were on display, though she rationalized as best she could that they had indeed asked for this. She was amazed at the power of hypnosis and the ability of Alicia DeLaurent to use it like a surgeon. But the most confusing thing was her feeling of arousal. She never expected that. She noticed her areolas engorged and tenting the folds of her simple dress. She was feeling arousal elsewhere despite her hands being demurely folded in her lap.

Lady Lydia and Master Mark made their way where their slaves were seated, the slaves comfortably sleeping a dreamless hypnotic sleep until they were summoned again. Mistress Alicia stood aside the row of slaves, smiling.

“And now we shall get to the Grand Finale. Lady Lydia, you have been gracious as always in your time and with your treasured slaves. Master Mark, there has been some disturbing information about you recently that has come to light,” the hypnotic headliner began. “I believe a few corrections are in order. Slaves please open your eyes, stay seated and quiet and enjoy the rest of the show.”

Master Mark clenched his jaw and balled his hands into fists at this statement. The slaves opened their eyes, and gazed at Mistress Alicia. The crowd watched as Alicia picked him apart publicly, listing his abuses and shortcomings as a Master. The list, related by Mistress Alicia included allegations of “abuse of slaves, not honoring safewords, coercion, and torture. Two allegations of rape will be investigated.”

Finally hearing enough, Master Mark took steps toward Mistress Alicia, who had made her way across the stage, screaming loudly at the woman headlining the show.

“Fucking bitch, I will kill you! NOBODY embarrasses me, ever….”

Alicia looked across the stage, and smiled her trademark cat eating the canary grin, not like a woman about to be attacked by a man twice her size.

“Marky Mark, freeze for me, please,” announced Alicia.

And just like that, the hulking Master stopped and froze where he stood. Though he was frozen, he still was screaming wildly and now incoherently realizing he was stuck.

“Marky Mark, silence for me please,” Mistress Alicia ordered.

And just like that, the wild incoherent stream of swearing and threats ended. The crowd went dead silent, stunned at seeing who was probably considered the Alpha of the Alpha Doms be rendered to a frozen, silent mass of humanity.

“I see by your silence you are all stunned to see this Alpha dog be a silent statue. That is the power of hypnosis. Marky Mark, on all fours, please, like a dog,” started Alicia, as the Dom quickly prostrated himself onto all fours. “I will let you all in a little secret everyone. While Lady Lydia gladly lent me her slaves for tonight’s demonstration, they were very prompt and courteous and a testament to the power and influence of a proper dominant.”

“As for Master Mark, I had heard about and investigated more incidents than I care to tell you about. While he was allowing me his slaves to use for the show, he has also been undergoing intense hypnosis as you can all see right now.”

The crowd gasped, then audibly laughed. The organizer of the event looked displeased at the turn of events, but allowed the show to continue.

Mistress Alicia called for the stagehand to bring her the bag specially marked for the finale. Thanking the stage crew, the MIstress pulled out a sheet of paper and held it aloft.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is the signed contract allowing permission to be part of this weekend’s shows,” the black haired domme started. “Signed by none other than Master Mark himself. He has agreed to be part of the show.”

“Our self proclaimed Alpha Dog of the Alphas is truly living up to that name right now, isn’t he?” asked Alicia to the crowd watching the Master on all fours on center stage. “But bad dogs do have fleas, I’m afraid.”

“Marky Mark is a fleabag.”

And with that the gigantic master started scratching wildly all over his body as if he was riddled with fleas. The display had the crowd in a roar. Jennifer unconsciously started scratching. Alicia returned the contract to the bag and reached in and pulled out a box. She walked over to the front row, and handed the box to a blonde woman sitting there.

“Miss, what is in the box?” playfully asked Mistress Alicia, placing the microphone in front of the pretty woman.

“It’s a flea collar for large dogs,” the woman replied, to the surprise of the crowd.

Alicia recaptured the box, and gestured to Lady Lydia to come toward her. They looked at the Master, still scratching on all fours.

“What do you think, Lady Lydia, should we put an end to the flea problem?” asked Alicia.

“I suppose we could, Mistress Alicia,” replied the Lady, playing along. “Would you like me to do the honors, Mistress?”

“Well that would be wonderful, Lady Lydia, before he scratches his skin off!” the Doctor of Domination replied. “And please, Lady Lydia, we are equals no need to call me ‘Mistress’.”

Lady Lydia unboxed the flea collar, and carefully maneuvered herself to place and latch the collar around the scratching master’s neck. It was no small feat as the large man was wildly scratching and rolling on the ground in the same manner a large dog with fleas actually would.

“Marky Mark, bark like a good boy please,” Alicia commanded, placing the box in the bag and moving over to place the microphone in front of the Master now on all fours.

“Bark, Bark, bark,” started the Master. “BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK!”

“Marky Mark, lay down silently please,” Alicia told the master who obeyed without hesitation. “Did anyone get that translated for me yet? Oh nevermind, If I may translate I believe he told me I am a fucking bitch who wont get away with this and he will kill me.”

Alicia bent down in front of the master, petting his head playfully, “but you won’t do that, will you. Because you prefer to be a good boy.”

“Marky Mark, want a belly rub?” the hypnotist deridingly asked, as the suggestion sent the hulking master rolling onto his back, hands and feet in the air in the same posture as a dog getting a belly rub.

“Lady Lydia, would you mind lending a hand for a moment again, please?” Alicia looked at the 40-something red haired Mistress.

The Lady walked over to where Alicia was leaning over the prone Master, and as she got to Alicia she asked “do I really have a choice?”

“Ah, Lady Lydia, you always have a choice, you are the epitome of grace and class and a model for everyone to watch as to how to treat submissives and slaves,” Alicia told the Mistress warmly. “If you would not mind, would you undo his pants and lower his zipper and expose what he is hiding down there for me, if you so choose?”

“My pleasure, Miss Alicia,” smiled Lady Lydia, unzipping, then unbuckling the pants of the once proud Master Mark. Lydia freed what the master was hiding in his pants. Mistress Alicia took out a magnifying glass from the bag, placing it in front of the now exposed member of the now degraded dominant.

“Oh my Lady Lydia, are we looking at his member in a mirror? After all, objects in mirrors are larger than they appear!” laughed Alicia, joined in laughter by Lydia and all in attendance.

Once the laughter died down, Alicia resumed the humiliation of the Master who went way too far in the treatment of his slaves.

“Lady, would you indulge me a bit longer?” asked the hypnotist, placing the magnifying glass back in the bag.

“Of course, it would be my pleasure, Miss Alicia,” replied the Lady.

“If you wouldn’t mind, give our good boy a belly rub?” asked Alicia.

“Well look at that, he is twitching already, Miss Alicia,” Lady Lydia said, noting the twitching of Master Mark’s cock.

“Well yes, it is Lady Lydia, he is just being a good boy,” Alicia answered.

“OH i see, Miss Alicia, incredibly clever and oh so fun!” Lady Lydia answered, rubbing the belly of the once proud Master.

The crowd loved the interaction between the dominants, and enjoyed seeing the overconfident and cocky master taken down a notch. Or two.

“Yes, Lydia, you have figured out that he is truly a ‘good boy’,” Alicia noted, smiling as the master’s cock twitched again. “He prefers to be a good boy because he has never felt pleasure like this before, my fair Lady.”

Lydia smiled, and continued her belly rub. The crowd roared. Alicia enjoyed the moment. Jennifer was stunned, aroused, scared, and intrigued. She wondered in no particular order how Alicia had so much power over him, what was he thinking. And what it would be like to be hypnotized like that.

“He is a good boy, Lady Lydia, and for sure he won’t finish without permission. Marky Mark, isn’t that right, answer yes or no please,” Alicia said condescendingly as she looked down at the fully hard master, now laying on his back getting a belly rub from a Mistress.

“BARK, BARK!” started Master Mark. “BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK!”

“Marky Mark, silence please,” Alicia commanded, “I think the translation is ‘yes Mistress Alicia, yes Lady Lydia!”

Alicia led the crowd in laughter. Master Mark’s own slaves, more than likely former slaves after the show, laughed as well. After suffering abuse at his hand, they were doing as Alicia instructed, enjoying the show.

“Now ladies and gentlemen, subs and slaves, Masters and Mistresses, it is time for our explosive finale!” announced Alicia. “Lady Lydia, if you wouldn’t mind continuing the belly rub just a bit longer I would appreciate that immensely. I will tap you when to step out.”

Lydia nodded, smiling approvingly. Alicia looked at the crowd, lifting her left hand in the air while holding the microphone with her right as she moved 360 degrees around the prone Master.

“In a few moments, we will have the end of our show. Our subject will have his permission to finish and I would ask all but the VIP’s and this evening’s subjects to kindly exit in an orderly fashion, I will need to do some post session care with our gracious subjects,’ Alicia commented, sweeping her hand at the slaves seated who were in the preliminary part of the show.

“As well as our ungracious participants,” Alicia deadpanned, waving her left hand over Marky Mark.

The crowd roared as Alicia walked to the front row in the direction Marky Mark’s cock was pointing. She bent over, looked at the guests seated there, and back at her hypnotized subject. Then, looking back at the guests, she took out a tape measure from an inside pocket in her bag and started measuring the distance from that front row to Marky Mark’s cock. She left the tape measure on the floor.

“And you thought you had great seats!” Alicia deadpanned, looking at the people in the front row, who laughed hysterically. “Let’s see, 13 feet, I assure you in practice rounds his best was only 9 feet six inches.”

Alicia paused a moment, then said “And we can all see he isn’t even six inches. But he is a good boy.”

Alicia dragged the bag with her to the row of seats facing the cock of Master Mark, now a good boy getting a belly rub, and asked a gentleman sitting in the front row “Tell us your name and are enjoying the show and convention?”

“My name is James and I love this show, best one ever and I have been here for them all!” exclaimed the middle aged man dressed in leather.

“Why thank you James, how kind, maybe I should renegotiate my rate?” teased Alicia, noticing a cute younger woman seated next to him. “Is she with you James?”

The man nodded affirmatively. Alicia looked at the pretty redhead.

“Is he loaded or does he have a big cock?” asked the Mistress to the redhead, to the laughter of the crowd, with James and companion laughing loudest of all. With the laughter, nobody heard what the redhead even replied.

“Since you are potentially in the ‘splash zone’, these are for you,” Mistress Alicia said, reaching into the bag, Alicia pulled out a pair of bright yellow rain slickers, and handed them to James and companion. The pair playfully put them on between laughs. Once the pair had the rain gear was on, Alicia handed the duo matching umbrellas, clear plastic and three feet round, before leaving the pair.

Alicia made her way behind Lady Lydia, who was still toying with the hypnotized Master giving him a belly rub, and enjoying the laughter permeating through the ballroom. She made eye contact with Jennifer, who she noted was aroused with eyes now half lidded. Alicia smiled at her prior evening dinner companion, took a last look around the adoring crowd again and resumed.

“Marky Mark, you have been a good boy. A very good boy, following your instructions, suggestions and triggers so very well. Marky Mark, answer with only yes of no, are you ready for your reward?” asked the stunning psychiatrist.

“BARK!” growled the master.

“Good boy! Such a good boy!” Alicia said, standing behind Lady Lydia.

“Marky Mark, activate fireworks on my count,” Alicia reminded, as she gently pulled Lady Lydia’s shoulder to nudge her away from the hypnotized master.

“Marky Mark, three,” began Alicia, as her tranced subject’s breathing rate increased and his cock throbbed without a touch, helping Lady Lydia to her feet.

“Marky Mark, two,” continued the hypnodomme, as her subject’s cock twitched and throbbed, as his hands and feet went in crazy circles as he lay on his back.

“Marky Mark, one,” said Mistress Alicia, as his movements and breathing increased in pace and frustration.

“MARKY MARK TIME FOR FIREWORKS!” Alica smiled as her permission phrase triggered the subject’s cock to spurt uncontrollably, all over his chest, face, hair and several feet behind him. Marky Mark twitched and writhed as he finished.

Shouts, screams, laughter and applause filled the ballroom.

“As I cautiously re-enter the splash zone,” the carefully walking Alicia announced as she looked at the tape measure, “we have a new personal best! Ten feet, one inch, congratulations James and hottie, you are safe!”

“Marky Mark, nighty night!” Mistress announced as the master sank deep into hypnosis.

“Thank you everyone, those who wanted to attend, those who were instructed to be here by their dominants, and those of you who were compelled to be here,” AlIcia announced as she closed the show, looking at Jennifer Sloan as she said the word compelled. “As a word of caution, don’t try this at home. All triggers and trance phrases you have heard here tonight work for me and only me, and took me time to cultivate. I do appreciate your attention and hope you enjoyed the show, please exit the ballroom carefully!”

That ended the show, and as the ballroom emptied and she noticed Jennifer sitting quietly, unmoving in her seat. Alicia walked over to her, gently placed her hand on her arm and said “wait for me, Jennifer, I will not be long,”

Jennifer nodded silently and watched as Alicia placed the microphone back into the stand, then as she talked to the slaves involved with the show, and saw them leave with Lady Lydia. She also watched as Alicia woke and spoke to Marky Mark, who slowly dressed then meekly went on his way without incident. Jennifer was still aroused, her areolas were still engorged, and she felt a wetness in her panties as she was trying to think of something to say.

“Well Miss Jennifer Sloan, what did you think?” asked Alicia, enjoying watching the pretty college student start to talk, say nothing then start all over again.

Alicia moved in the seat next to Jennifer and again gently touched her forearm, saying “I understand, Jennnifer, the first time can be very intense for some people.”

Jennifer had no words. She had no idea what to say, what to do or how to act.

“Tell me, Jennifer Sloan, are you feeling compelled to try hypnosis for yourself now?” smiled and asked the psychiatrist, hypnotist, and dominant.

Jennifer just sat and stared, again starting to answer, but never saying anything. She couldn’t even manage to shake her head in any direction. And Alicia was perfectly content in watching her confusion and arousal.

“I understand, Jennifer,” Alicia began, “It can be a difficult decision to make. I promise, I will help you to become the YOU that you are supposed to be, Miss Jennifer Sloan, what do you say to that?”

Jennnifer sat, and stared. No reply, no way she could reply after seeing the show.

“Ah, Jennifer, I don’t know if you can’t answer or if you are afraid to answer,” the cunning psychiatrist reasoned, smiling. “No matter, really.”

As she pointed to Jennifer’s breasts, aroused nipples still tenting her dress, she commented “I know what these are telling me, Jennifer. Very telling indeed. They do have a point, Miss Sloan, don’t you agree?”

Jennifer took her arms and folded them over her chest and looked at the floor.

“Jennifer, if you wish to try hypnosis for yourself, to help you become the Jennifer Sloan you are destined to be, all you need to do is take my hand and we will

Go to my suite and you may try hypnosis,” calmly related the hypnotist, holding out her left hand as she sat next to the pretty coed.

Alicia stood up. Jennifer stayed frozen.

“Jennifer, take my hand,” Alicia quietly but firmly stated, again holding out her left hand.

Jennifer took her arms offer chest, and placed her right hand into the left hand of Dr. Alicia De Laurent, psychiatrist, hypnotist, and dominant and got to her feet.

She felt her hand gently squeezed as she was encouraged to sidle up next to the hypnotist and follow her lead out of the ballroom.

“I know you are compelled to try this, Miss Jennifer Sloan, I have a feeling you will love hypnosis….I promise you will find it…. compelling…..”

This is part one of the 7 part series

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