Compelling Again

4 Promoter Gets Promoted

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

Compelling Again Chapter 4

“That’s right, Mona, very compelling,” the beautiful hypnodomme/psychiatrist Alicia DeLaurent responded to her current subject, Monique Masters, the promoter of the New Years Eve BDSM event she was headlining. “And the amazing thing about hypnosis is that your subconscious can remember things that your waking conscious mind can’t, like how compelling it is for you to find the center of the crystal as the light dances off of it, sinking you deeper into hypnosis the more you look.”

“Yesss…..” the promoter responded, who at one time was the mentor to the dominant hypnotist she had brought in to headline her shows at the convention. The hypnodomme who was hypnotizing her while she believed she was mentoring the young aspiring domme.

“Remember all those times you spent watching the crystal, sinking deeper into hypnosis for me when you believed you were mentoring me. Your subconscious mind even remembers how it counts you deeper into hypnosis, doesn’t it, Mona?” the domme continued as she held the spinning, jade colored teardrop crystal on a shiny silver chain in the center of the vision of the now sinking promoter.

“Yess….” the older dominant woman replied, as she searched for the crystal’s center, spiraling herself deeper into hypnosis. Somewhere she remembered how.

“Then focus on the crystal, Mona, and count yourself deeper for me,” the dominant hypnotist who was being paid to do shows by the woman she was hypnotizing instructed. “Begin now, Mona.”


“Ten…..” the promoter began her slow, deepening count as her hypnotist hung the crystal on a stand in front of her and made her way over to her other subject, who stood perfectly still, hands laced behind her neck, chest out, feet shoulder width apart in her own Pose One watching and following along as her hypnotist began trancing the other woman.

“Nine….” the popular promoter continued her countdown, as the hypnodomme reached her destination- Miss Jennifer Sloan, another submissive deep in hypnosis while posing in her ‘Pose One, hands laced behind her neck, chest out, and watching the proceedings.

“Eight….” the founder of the BDSM event continued the countdown readily remembered by her subconscious when prompted by the Doctor.

“Jennifer, what are you watching, tell me,” the domme asked, as Monique Masters continued counting herself deeper in the background.

“You hypnotizing that woman, Ma’am,” Jennifer said clearly, still in Pose One.

“Seven….” Monique said in the background as she continued to focus on finding the center of the crystal that hung spinning in front of her.

“What do you think of that, Jennifer, me hypnotizing her?” the hypnodomme continued.

“Exciting, Ma’am,” the college student replied, never breaking pose, never taking her eyes off the other woman in the room, the woman who was deepening her own trance level.

“Six….” the promoter called out quietly, as her breathing slowed and her eyes became more unfocused and glassy as her trance depth deepened.

“That’s right, Jennifer, it is always exciting to see hypnosis, isn’t it?” the domme asked the young subject posing for her.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the college student responded in the affirmative.

“Five….” was the even quieter call emanated from the ever deepening promoter.

“Tell me Jennifer, do you enjoy being hypnotized more than watching hypnosis?” the dominant asked.

“Yes, Ma;am,” the girl replied honestly.

“Four....” the well dressed promoter said from her knees as her breathing slowed and trance deepened.

“Would you like to continue training as a hypnosis sub for me, Jennifer while you are here for the weekend?” the domme asked. “Doctor’s orders, answer me honestly.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the 22 year old answered unwaveringly.

“Three…” the ever sinking BDSM promoter and mentor called out.

“Good girl, Jennifer,” the domme said as she walked in front of the submissive and cupped her chin with her right hand. “Then the rest of the weekend you will be trained and hypnotized, what do you say to me for that?”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” the girl replied as the domme gave her a light kiss on the lips, sending a wave of pleasure through the new submissive, who despite her excitement from the praise and contact never faltered in her pose.

“Two…” the woman in charge of the entire convention said as her level of trance deepened further.

“This is how you are to wear your makeup the rest of the time you are staying here, Jennifer, do you understand?” the domme asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl replied as she continued to watch Monique count herself deeper. On some level, Jessica may have wondered if she was sinking deeper at the same time as she watched and listened, if such thoughts were available to her in her own hypnotized state.

“One…” the well known and well-respected promoter called out, her journey into deep hypnosis and return to obedience nearly complete.

“Stay in your pose and watch how a well trained subject responds, Jessica, say nothing, do not move,” the domme ordered. “Think about whether this is the depth of hypnosis and obedience you wish to be.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the lovely Jennifer replied.

“Zero….” Monique Masters said as her eyes closed shut her head slowly sank into her chest as she succumbed to her subconscious memory of deep hypnosis.

With Jennifer Sloan welcoming her own hypnosis training and watching intently, Alicia DeLaurent, the Doctor of Domination made her way back to the deeply hypnotized show promoter, who was kneeling, eyes closed, chin in chest, a trickle of drool escaping her slightly parted red painted lips.

“Eyes open, Mona.” Alicia ordered. “Focus on me now.”

“Yes Miss,” Mona replied after opening her eyes.

“Answer me honestly, Mona, did you miss being hypnotized?” the domme asked as she made her way to the older dominant and show promoter.

“Yes, Miss,” was the reply.

“I didn’t want it to be this way,” the pretty domme told her one time mentor. “You left me no choice, Mona, I hate that I had to use this back door to get you to do the right thing. But I am right, and soon you will know this fact as well. But don’t worry Mona, we will make the best of this. It is unfortunate that you need to learn such a lesson.”

“Yes, Miss,” the kneeling, hypnotized promoter responded.

“Now, Mona, when you awaken you will remember a few new truths, do you understand?” Alicia asked. “Even though you may become aware of things, you will never question me or my judgement about anything, do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss,” the kneeling submissive replied.

“In private you will always defer to me, and follow all of my instructions at all times, do you understand?” the domme asked.

“Yes, Miss,” the powerful member of the BDSM community stated.

“In public, you will still behave as you normally do, be your normal self,” the domme instructed. “However, you will not let anyone know that the relationship between us has changed in any way, do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss,” the most popular promoter in the BDSM community replied, kneeling and deep in hypnosis.

“You will schedule a meeting of Dominants to discuss the abuse issue, you will schedule it for tomorrow,” the Doctor of Domination instructed. “I will give you the agenda for the meeting,

do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss,” the deeply hypnotized woman replied.

“It is a shame that you need to be trained to do the right thing,” the hypnodomme said “But I will train you, Mona. You don’t have a choice anymore. Your inactivity to assist the powerless forfeit your choice.”

The kneeling dominant didn’t reply or acknowledge the latest comments, since she was not asked a direct question to respond to. Across the room, Alicia DeLaurent’s other hypnotized submissive, Jennifer Sloan, stood in her pose, laser focused on the pair before her.

“Mona, you will schedule that meeting and tell me the time and place, and who accepts your invitation, do you understand?” the domme asked. “As well as those who complain or question this.”

“Yes, Miss,” the woman originally named Mona Masterson but changed to Monique Masters for her professional career as a Domme and promoter replied.

“Now Mona let’s establish that submissive loop,” the domme said. “The more you are hypnotized, the deeper you will sink into hypnosis, and the deeper into hypnosis you sink, the more you want to obey, do you understand?”

“Yes Miss,” was the response.

“The deeper you go the more you obey, do you understand?” the domme instructed.

“Yes, Miss,” was again the familiar response the domme was accustomed to hearing.

“The deeper you go the more you obey,” the domme said, “Repeat that phrase, Mona.”

“The deeper I go the more I obey….” the promoter responded.

“You must keep repeating that Mona, knowing each time you say it, it becomes more and more part of you,” the domme instructed. “Repeat until I say to stop.”

“The deeper I go the more I obey….”

“The deeper I go the more I obey….”

“The deeper I go the more I obey….”

Alicia DeLaurent left the kneeling promoter to repeat her phrase, as she headed over to the lobey young hypnotized college student who looked on intently, as intently as a hypnotized woman can.

“Jennifer, are you enjoying what you are seeing?” the domme asked as her other subject continued with her phrase on repeat.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl replied.

“I can see you are excited, Jennifer,” the domme said, as she glanced at the girl’s breasts, as her nipples were showing definite signs of excitement, poking ever so slightly through her one piece uniform.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl replied.

“We are going to have a little discussion, Jennifer, I will wake you at three,” the domme began. “You will remain in pose and answer me honestly, do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the hypnotized girl in the black with blue one piece outfit responded.

“Awake at three,” the domme instructed. “One, two, three.”

Jennifer’s eyes blinked as she regained awareness of her surroundings, noticing the beautiful Dr. DeLaurent standing before her, and another woman repeating a mantra across the room.

“How are you feeling, Jennifer?” the domme asked.

“Confused, Ma’am,” the girl replied.

“That’s not unusual for people when they awake from deep hypnosis, Jennifer,” the domme replied. “Are you comfortable?”

“Yes.Ma’am,” Jennifer answered.

“Do you want to move, or sit down?” the domme asked,

“No, Ma’am, I don’t,” Jennifer responded.

“Do you always stand like that, Jennifer?” the domme asked.

“No, Ma’am,” the girl replied.

“So why are you standing this way, hands behind your neck, chest out, then?” the domme asked.

“It feels right, Ma’am,” the girl answered.

“Do you know why that is Jennifer?” the Doctor asked.

“No, Ma’am,” was the reply.

“Because I suggested it, Jennifer,” the domme said as she ran a finger along the posing girl’s arm. “While you were deep in hypnosis. You respond very well to hypnosis and my suggestions.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl replied, not fully understanding everything she was told.

“You are a very good subject, Jennifer,” the domme told the girl as she stepped to the side, removed her finger from the girl and pointed at the mantra repeating Mona. “Now tell me, what do you think of what is happening across the room?”

“It’s exciting Ma’am, it’s so amazing, Ma’am,” the girl replied.

“What do you find so exciting and amazing, Jennifer, tell me,” the domme asked as she looked at the self deepening Mona reciting her lines perfectly.

“How blank she is, Ma’am, how deeply hypnotized she looks, Ma’am,” the girl said,

“I see that excites you Jennifer,” Dr. DeLaurent responded. “Is that something you want to try to get to, Jennifer?”

“I…. I….. i… don’t knowww, Ma’am,” Jennifer said, confused at the emotions and feelings she was experiencing in the moment.

“Doctor’s orders, Jennifer, turn around,” the doctor ordered, as the colleges student turned to see herself in a full length mirror that hung on the wall of the suite,

“Doctor’s orders, Jennifer, Pose Two,” the domme stated flatly, as she watched the girl put herself into the proper pose, hands on hips, smiling in what she thought of as the ‘wonder woman pose’.

An audible ‘oooohhhh,’ could be heard from the girl as she saw herself in the black outfit with blue running through it with the almost imperceptible spirals on the bra cups, her makeup featuring blue eyeshadow and blue lipstick to match the outfit she wore.

“Jennifer, do you like what you see in the mirror?” the domme asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl answered.

“Why, Jennifer?” the doctor furthered.

“Exciting, different, Ma’am,” the girl replied.

“Do you remember putting on what you are wearing? Or doing your makeup?” the domme asked,

“No, Ma’am, not really,” Jennifer answered.

“Then when and why are you looking as you are right now, Jennifer, think and tell me why,” the domme said, as she ran a hand on the shoulder and down the arm of her subject.

“Ohh, ummm well Ma’am, I think while I was hypnotized, Ma’am,” the girl answered.

“Very perceptive, Jennifer, very good girl,” the domme answered. “And look how excited you are, do you like that you were hypnotized to dress and look this way?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl answered without hesitation.

“Why is that Jennifer, tell me why you like it,” the domme asked for an explanation.

“Well Ma’am, no expectations, nobody expecting anything from me, no worries,” Jennifer replied honestly.

“And you want more hypnosis Jennifer?” the doctor of domination asked, as she put her hands on the girl’s shoulders and leaned in to almost whisper.

“Yyyesss, Mmma’amm,” the girl nervously replied.

“Sleepy submissive,” the domme said, triggering the girl to deep trance again. “Open your eyes, and focus on the mirror, looking at yourself, Jennifer. Look at how deep you are in trance, and how beautiful you look dressed this way. Think about how that excites you. Repeat in your mind ‘I want to be hypnotized, I love being hypnotized.’”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl responded, never taking her eyes off the mirror.

“Tell me what you are thinking, Jennifer, the only thought in your mind right now,” the domme asked.

“I want to be hypnotized, I love being hypnotized,” was the sleepy response as the girl continued her stare in the mirror at her hypnotized self.

“Good girl, Jennifer, continue this until I tell you to stop,” the domme said, giving the hypnotized girl a kiss on the cheek, causing a shudder in the girl as she walked over to Mona.

Jennifer never responded, she was too wrapped up in the pleasure and the focus on her task, as the beautiful Dr. DeLaurent returned to her promoter and newly hypnotized subject Monique Masters. Upon reaching her as she crossed the room, she placed her hand under the kneeling woman’s chin, lifting it to meet her gaze.

“Stop now Mona,” the domme instructed as the promoter ended her mantra, ‘The deeper I go the more I obey…’

“Answer me honestly Mona,” the hypnodomme instructed. “How do you feel kneeling there for me?”

“Different, Miss,” the successful promoter replied.

“In what way, Mona,” the domme pushed her hand still on the chin of her submissive.

“I know you are working for me this week, but this feels right, Miss,” the older domme replied.

“Am i right, Mona?” the domme asked, testing the depth of the programming.

“Yes, Miss,” the promoter answered without hesitation.

“How often am I right, Mona?” Dr. DeLaurent pushed.

“It feels wrong to disagree with you, Miss,” the kneeling, hypnotized woman responded.

“Wide awake at three, Mona,” the domme instructed. “One, two, three,”


Monique Masters slowly opened her eyes, slowly regained an awareness of where she was, eventually realizing she was on her knees looking up at her beautiful headliner.

“Welcome back, Monique,” the hypnodomme said with a smile. “How are you doing, comfortable there on your knees?”

“Oh ummm well It’s a bit hard to say,” the woman running the NYE BDSM convention and shows said as she looked for a logical reason why she was on her knees in the suite of her headliner.

“I think you know, you just haven’t realized it yet, but you will soon, Mona….” the hypnodomme said, using her given name to the now awake promoter, causing the woman she was addressing to stop in her tracks.

“I umm, oh, yes… we were talking about the issue with Mark….” Monique said.

“Yes, we were, Monique,” the hypnodomme said. “And you chose money over protecting innocent people.”

“Nnno, it’s not like that,” the promoter refuted. “I am not like that..”

“Did you tell me not to get involved in your business?” the hypnodomme asked.

“I….I…..yes,” the promoter responded.

“Then it is about the money,” reasoned the doctor. “Stand up, Monique.”

Monique Masters stood up, and turned to face Alicia DeLaurent, and in doing so realized she must have been kneeling for a considerable time period based on the indentations in her knees and the stiffness she felt as she rose to stand.

“Was I right about the money?” the domme asked, already sure of the answer.

“Yes,” the business owner and convention creator said.

“Was I right about how to protect the submissives who need protecting?” the hypnodomme queried.

“Yes,” was the short reply, as the woman wanted to say more in her defense, but knew deep down that her headliner was absolutely correct, even if she struggled to understand why she now felt this way.

“Very good, Monique,” Alicia responded. “You are learning new truths rapidly. You are going to help organize a system to protect the submissives of any dominant that attends any of your shows, it is the right thing to do.”

“Yes, I will,” answered the powerful promoter.

“Tell me it’s the right thing to do, Monique,” the smiling, confident domme instructed.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Monique found herself saying.

“What, exactly is the right thing to do, Monique?” the domme asked to ensure it was understood completely

“Protecting the subs who attend any of my shows.” the promoter added.

“Did you always feel this way, Monique?” the Doctor asked.

“No,” was the short reply.

“Do you know why you think this way now?” the hypnodomme asked.

“No,” was again the short reply.

Monique Masters, creator, founder and promoter of the most successful BDSM shows in the country, was confused with the line of questioning and the questions themselves. Somehow some way she wanted to say differently, but she just could not find the words, they never appeared in her mind.

“This is why, Mona,” the hypnodomme said as she again took out the teardrop shaped jade crystal on a silver chain and dangled it in front of the woman who hired her to do two shows this week. “You need to learn a lesson of what it is like to be powerless, like some submissives who attend your shows feel.”

Monique Masters was once again lost in the crystal as it spun and shined light, as she had been conditioned to be so many times before.

“That’s right Mona, deeper into the crystal agan.” the domme ordered, as she watched the woman submit again to deep relaxing hypnosis.

“Mona, when I awaken you in a few moments, you will be awake and your normal self. Except for the fact that you will always defer to me on anything I instruct of you,” the domme began. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss,” the promoter replied.

“You will check your phone, I will have a text to you that you will obey without hesitation, do you understand?” the domme continued.

“Yes, Miss,” was the older woman’s response.

“You will go about your day as normal, however whenever I text or call you, that will always be your focus and priority, do you understand?” the domme requested.

“”Yes, Miss,” was again the response.

“Very good, Mona,” the domme said. “Complete those tasks I text you, they are very important.”

“Yes, Miss.” the promoter replied.

“Now, Mona, when you awaken, you will be powerless to stop yourself from doing whatever instructions I give you,” the domme began. “No matter the task, you will obey the instructions I give you, do you understand?”

“Yes, MIss,” the promoter said.

“Awake at three,” Doctor DeLaurent instructed. “One, two, three.”


Monique Masters again woke slowly, again gently regaining her bearings as she noticed the hypnotist she hired, and at one time mentored stood looking at her with a wide, knowing smile.

“Feeling ok, Monique? You look a little flush,” the domme said.

“Oh umm yes, i’m fine,” the woman said, trying to cover her current state of being.

“Then why don’t you kneel there, Monique,” the domme ordered.

Monique Masters fell to her knees, unsure why or how at the moment.

“Good girl, Monique,” the domme said. “I bet you are wondering what exactly is happening, aren’t you?”

“Yyyess,” was the nervous reply.

“The response you are looking for is ‘yes, Miss’, don’t you agree?” the Doctor told the woman who was technically her boss this week.

“Yes, Miss,” Monique dutifully replied.

“That is how you will address me when we are in this suite or when we are alone, do you understand?” the domme instructed.

“Yes, MIss,” Monique again replied.

“Are you wondering why this is happening, Monique?” the domme asked.

“Yes, Miss,” the kneeling, awake woman replied.

“You need a lesson in what it is like to be powerless, like the submissives you failed and were reluctant to protect.” the Doctor said. “You could have, and should have, by all rights, done the right thing, yet you did not. And here we are, welcoming a new side of you. And you have nobody to blame but yourself and your own greed. Your lesson is that you now obey me in all things, do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss,” the promoter replied, trying to fully grasp what the Doctor’s end game was.

“Fortunately for you, I am a benevolent dictator,” the domme relayed to the woman having her life altered. “You should be thankful for that.”

“Thank you, Miss,” Monique replied.

“On your feet, take my hand,” the domme ordered. “My touch soothes and excites you at the same time.”

“Yes, Miss,” Monique responded.

Alicia led her sub to where Jennifer Sloan was looking at herself in the mirror in Pose Two, hands on hips, feet shoulder width apart, smiling.

“You accused me of evil things regarding Miss Sloan here, Monique, do you remember?” the Doctor asked.

“Yes, Miss,” Monique replied as the domme detached from her older submissive and placed a hand on the shoulder of the young woman in the one piece, black and blue workout gear.

“What do you think of her, Monique?” the domme asked.

“She’s beautiful, in great shape and very deeply hypnotized, Miss,” Monique said honestly.

“Jennifer, say out loud what you are thinking in your mind one time, then you may stop saying it and thinking it and await instructions,” the Doctor told the pretty college girl.

“I want to be hypnotized, I love being hypnotized,” Jennifer said, in a slow, submissive tone.

“Is that true, Jennifer?” the domme followed up.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl replied.

“Monique, don’t you ever question my motives again, do you understand?” the doctor ordered.

“Yes, MIss,” Monique replied.

“Jennifer, I am going to wake you in a moment,’ Alicia began. “When you awaken, very soon you will become very tired. You will then excuse yourself, and head back to your room and lie down. When you lie down, you will have wonderful thoughts of being hypnotized again and again as you fall into a deep, natural sleep, do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss,” the girl replied.

“Very good, we will meet up again later after your nap. Be sure to leave your workout gear on, and touch up your makeup after you awaken. Take the makeup you need off the vanity as you leave here to go back to your room, do you understand?” the submissive girl was asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl replied to the smiling hypnotist.

“Awake at three,” the domme instructed. “One, two, three.”


Jennifer Sloan awakened to the smiling face of her hypnotist and the presence of Monique Masters, and gave a big yawn as she woke from her hypnotic sleep.

“Jennifer, this is Monique Masters, the creator of the NYE BDSM weekend, and technically my boss this week,” the domme said, introducing her two submissive officially for the first time.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ma’am,” the girl said, extending her hand to the promoter.

“Yes, and you too Jennifer,” the promoter said, shaking the girl’s hand.

“I’m sorry Ma’am,” the lonely college student started. “That workout took more out of me than I thought, I am going to go lie down in my room, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, Jennifer,” the smiling domme said. “Please, do what you need to do.”

“Thank you Ma’am,” the girl said to her hypnotist as she headed to the vanity to pick up the makeup to keep her look going.

“And it was nice to meet you, Ma’am,” Jennifer told the creator of the long BDSM NYE weekend.

“And you as well,” Monique replied as she watched the girl pick up the makeup, say thank you to her hypnotist and exit the suite.

“Now Monique, as for you, when you leave here you will only remember a nice conversation about how to best protect the submissives attending your shows,” the doctor began. “You will never tell anyone about our new relationship, do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Monique answered.

“I have show prep, you may leave when I snap my fingers. Remember to obey the instructions I text to you, Monique,” the domme finished.

“Yes, Miss,” the woman running the convention said.

“Kneel,” the doctor said.

“Yes MIss,” Monique replied.

“That’s a perfect spot for you,” the domme said, “Kneeling, powerless and obedient to me.”

“Yes Miss,” the promoter said.

“Stand quietly and leave. I am going to love teaching you this lesson, Mona,” the domme said as she watched the new sub scurry to leave.

No sooner had the promoter exited the suite she rented for her headliner that Dr. Alicia DeLaurent began texting tasks for the new, submissive Monique Masters to complete. Some would not make sense- at least not yet, but would in time. In the meantime, thy hypnodomme prepared for her New Year’s Eve show, with several submissives on loan for the show.

Jennifer Sloan made it to her suite, where she was rapidly succumbing to the suggestion of falling deep to sleep, but she was fighting to stay awake- partly from excitement and partly from her thoughts of being hypnotized again and again as she rubbed herself through her one piece outfit as she became more and more tired and closer to sleep, eventually succumbing to the suggestion to fall into a deep natural slumber.

Monique Masters spent time in her own suite to complete the tasks sent to her by the hypnodomme that became the most important thing in her world once she received them. After a few phone calls, the promoter was up to date in completing her tasks, and she was holding her regularly scheduled meetings.

Upon completing her show prep and the dismissal of the subjects on loan, the Doctor of Domination made her way to the lobby to meet with her promoter, their first interaction in public since the deep hypnosis and conditioning the powerful promoter underwent earlier in the day.

“Hello, Monique, are we all set?” the hypnodomme asked.

“Yes, we are,” the promoter responded, not referring to her hypnotist as ‘Miss’ to not let on that she was under control of the stewing hypnodomme in public.

“Very good, let’s go,” the Doctor replied. “Are the things I ordered ready and in place?”

“I was told everything is ready,” Monique said. “I checked with the manager before you arrived.”

“Excellent,” the hypnodomme said as she led her powerful submissive to the elevator.

The elevator doors opened and the pair stepped in, the only passengers.

“Tell me Mona, how does it feel to be my little bitch?” the domme asked once the doors closed.

“Like I don’t have a choice,” the promoter answered.

“That’s good,” the domme answered, taking a finger and turning the woman’s face to face her own. “Because you don’t, do you?”

“No, Miss,” the promoter answered.

“How did those words taste, Mona?” the dominant hypnotist asked.

“Like vinegar, Miss,” Monique responded.

“Don’t worry, you’ll learn to love vinegar,” the domme said.

The elevator door dinged, indicating they reached their destination, where the pair departed the elevator, heading to the room of the dominant who created the rift between the Doctor and the promoter, Master Mark.

“Don’t say a word unless I tell you,” the hypnodomme said as they got to his hotel room, where the hypnotist took out the key card and opened the door.

Once inside, Monique Masters was stunned with what they encountered- Master Mark on all fours, coming over to greet them in full dog mode.

“Ruff, Ruff, ruff,” the master said from his place on all fours on the floor as the women entered his room, which was a mess.

“Monique, get the things from the hallway and bring them inside now,” the domme ordered.

Silently, as ordered, Monique obeyed as Alicia took a seat at the table in the room. She picked up the phone and ordered room service- a burger and fries to be delivered to the room ASAP.

“Marky Mark, sit at the table like a human, sit quietly, answer my questions now,” the domme ordered, using her trigger name to control the large man.

The hulking master got to his feet and sulked his way to the chair across from the petite beautiful hypnodomme, who was thumbing through the notebook on the table.

“I see you completed the task I gave you and listed your indiscretions in the book, Marky Mark,” the domme remarked.

“Yes, Mistress Alicia,” the master found himself saying.

“Monique, sit here,” the domme said, pointing to the chair between the Master and the Doctor.

“Marky Mark, you know Mistress Monique?” the domme asked.

“Only by face, Mistress Alicia, we have never met personally,” the master replied.

“Well now you have,” the domme said. “And what a nice job you did with your confessions, you even numbered them.”

After reading a few indiscretions listed by the man who declared himself ‘the alpha dom of the alphas’, Alicia passed the notebook over to Monique, who was instructed to read one specific indiscretion silently.

“What do you think of that, Monique, answer please,” the Doctor of Domination asked.

“Nobody should ever be forced into doing that,” the promoter said. “It’s unethical and disgusting.”

“Then we agree, Monique,” the hypnodomme said as the hulking, controlled Master looked on wondering what was happening, and what would happen next. “That is definitely an acquired taste. Marky Mark, how did you feel writing your confession statement?”

“I tried to stop myself, but I couldn’t,” the master replied. “I just kept writing.”

“No, you don’t have a choice. You gave that up when you started abusing submissives,” the Domme said. “Now you suffer the consequences. Anything you want to say before I start you on your way to paying for these intolerable acts?”

“You bitch, I don’t know how you are doing this but I will find a way out and I will kill you,” the Master said, his hands balled into a fist and trembling, but unable to do anything but sit.

“Paybacks are a bitch, Marky Mark, and I am just the bitch to handle you,” Alicia replied.

“Monique, please put Marky Mark’s dog bed in the corner there,” the Doctor ordered, as Monique nodded and completed her task. As she placed the dog bed in the corner of the room, there was a knock on the door.

“Room service,” the person on the other side of the door said.

“Monique, be a dear and get that and bring it in the room. Be sure to give a generous tip,” Alicia ordered.

Monique opened the door, let the hotel employee bring the room service cart into the room. To anyone looking in, it seemed as though two women were visiting a large man and having a discussion. Monique opened her purse and gave the employee a very nice tip as he left the room.

“I ordered you food, Marky Mark,” the domme said. “I am sure you are hungry, are you?”

“Yes Mistress Alicia, I am,” the man admitted.

“Very good,” the domme replied. “Monique, please take out the bowl from the shopping bag and dump all the food on the plate into the bowl and place it here by the dog bed.”

Monique nodded and completed her task, as the Master looked on in horror.

“Don’t look so sad, Marky Mark, when you treat people like dogs, you are bound to get some fleas yourself,” the Doctor said. “How did you enjoy being a dog?”

“I didn’t, Mistress Alicia,” the Master answered.

“I’m sure your submissives you abused did not like what you did to them, either,” the hypnotist said. “Monique, bring the shopping bag over here please and have a seat.”

The promoter complied, bringing the bag over as she sat.

“Marky Mark, thank you for your confession,” Alicia said, holding up the notebook filled with the Master’s questionable activities he had written earlier in the day, a suggestion while hypnotized. “Based on this, you are not fit to meet with people in public.”

Dr. DeLaurent took the bag and removed from it a dog collar with a velcro attachment. Seeing the collar, the Master started shaking his head violently side to side in fear.

“Marky Mark, sit still, no moving, paws on the table,” the domme said, “Monique, please put the collar on the big dog.”

Once the Master placed his hands on the table, Monique placed the black dog collar around the neck of the master and pulled it closed with the velcro. To Master Mark, it was almost a fate worse than death. He was being controlled and he had no way out. The collar closing shut was devastating to his psyche, and for the first time the master seemed resigned to his fate at the hands of the talented, young beautiful hypnodomme who brilliantly humiliated him at the opening show.

“Marky Mark, all fours now,” the hypnotist instructed, and just like that the master was again on all fours. “Monique, please take that second bowl and fill it with water and place it by his food.”

Monique nodded, and completed her latest task.

“Marky Mark, nighty night,” the domme said, sending the man into deep hypnosis. “You will not be leaving this room for the convention at all. When I snap my fingers you will again be back in your dog mode, behaving as a dog. You will sleep in your dog bed, and not tear up the room. You will go to the bathroom in the shower, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Alicia,” the man said, nearly in tears, nearly broken.

Alicia stood, and walked over to the man on all fours, taking a last item out of the bag.

“Too late for tears, Marky Mark, I am sure the subs you abused had tears flowing, yet you continued,” the domme said, patting him on the head. “Have a good rest of your day.”


Marky Mark went back into his dog mode, circling the room, pawing at his dog bed, sniffing at his food.

“Here, Monique, give him a treat,” Alicia said, handing the package to the promoter. “Call him.”

Monique nodded, and opened the package and held it out for Marky Mark, saying “here Marky Mark, want a treat?”

Marky Mark came over and ate the treat from Monique’s hand. Alicia instructed the promoter to give him a few more, at which the still silent Monique looked at her with trepidation. Finally stopping at four, she instructed Monique to stop.

“Tell me what’s wrong, Mona?” the domme asked knowingly.

“These aren’t dog treats, these are laxatives,” Monique said.

“Yes, I know Monique, but after the bathroom play we just read, he has this coming. And a whole lot more,” the hypnodomme replied. “It’s ironic considering he treated subs like shit. Do you disagree?”

“I don’t know, I guess you are right,” the promoter answered, with just enough hesitation in her voice to force the Doctor of Domination to react. .

“Well Mona, If you are not fully on board yet,” the hypnodomme began as she pulled out the teardrop jade crystal on a silver chain, showing it to her female companion. “Then perhaps to make sure you don’t have your own thoughts on the matter you need to look at this again and find this compelling….”

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