Chapter 2

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

Dr. Alicia DeLaurent smiled, as she had two subjects deepening their trance depth- the lovely Angelica was repeating a mantra while handsome and muscular Damien was counting himself deeper in a backwards count he started at 1,000. The subs were on loan for the “New to BDSM and Hypnosis” seminar she had just completed. But the cause of the beautiful smile was the third person hypnotized in the room, an attendee that the Doctor of Domination had stealthily tranced as she induced Angelica quietly at the front of the room. The ‘Doctor of Domination’ had nicknamed “Just JIllian” after the girl’s incredibly shy response when asked about her last name, which she rightfully refused to give.

“Good Jillian, you have done a wonderful job following suggestions so far,” the Doctor. “Listen carefully as I give you instructions you are compelled to follow, just as you were compelled to listen to the induction earlier, do you understand, Jillian?”

“Yes, Doctor,” was the pretty 22-year old college student’s sleepy response.

“Very good, Jillian,” the hypnodomme said. “When you awaken, you will walk the convention grounds for the next 20 minutes, and choose one other thing here that you find exciting besides hypnosis, do you understand, Jillian?”

“Yes, Doctor,” responded the deeply hypnotized young lady.

“Very good, Jillian,” the psychiatrist continued. “After the 20 minutes of walking the convention, you will go to the convention food court, buy two bottles of water and sit alone at a table, thinking about the thing you found exciting, and think about being hypnotized yourself, do you understand?”

“Yes , Doctor,” Jillian replied lazily.

“You will sit at the table alone, lost in those thoughts drinking one bottle of water until the food court closes, do you understand?” the pretty brunette asked the subject.

“Yes, Doctor,” the sleepy submissive said.

“Tell me what you are going to do when I wake you, Jillian,” the hypnotist asked her newest and prettiest subject.

“Walk the convention for 20 minutes, find one other exciting thing , food court, 2 bottles of water, drink one, stay until it closes.” JIllian replied to her hypnotist.

“Very good, Jillian,” the domme continued. “And what is your trigger that will send you back into hypnosis deeply and immediately?”

“Sleepy submissive, Doctor,” the girl answered.

“Jillian, the trigger will work on you whenever I say it to you and I do not need to touch you for you to sink deep into trance, whether in person or over the phone,” the hypnotist suggested. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” was the sleepy answer.

“When you awaken, you will say thank you for your gift and then go and complete your task, Jillian, do you understand?” the hypnodomme said, smiling as her pretty hypno subject followed right along.

“Yes, Doctor,” was the slow and sluggish reply from the girl who went deep into trance in her first real session.

“Stand up Jillian,” commanded the diminutive hypnodomme with a gigantic presence. “When I snap my fingers you will be wide awake picking up our conversation where I was giving you your participation gift.”

“Yes, Doctor,” replied the girl, slowly being conditioned in her responses to her hypnotist.


“Well you are a good sport, Just Jillian, I hope you enjoyed the seminar,” the Doctor said as her subject came awake. “Here’s your t-shirt, wear it with pride,”

Jillian looked at the white t-shirt as Alicia opened it, and blushed crimson, a shade deeper than the hypnodomme’s lipstick as she read the words ‘I survived the Doctor of Domination” set into a pair of red lips. She continued to blush at seeing the spiral on the back of the shirt.

“Oh wow, umm thank you Doctor,” Jillian said. “Not sure I will wear that out of the house.”

“Nobody knows you have this little kink, Jillian?” asked Alicia with an engaging smile.

“No, Doctor,” replied Jillian as she looked at her feet and nervously shuffled.

“Well, Jillian, I do need to get to my subs here for after care,” the Doctor of Domination said, looking ever the professional.

“What are they doing?” asked the new to hypnosis enthusiast.

“Keeping their mind occupied while we chat Jillian,” responded the hypnodomme, as she held her arms out and expected a hug from the young woman.

Jillian walked into the hug, not sure what else to do, and finding herself embarrassed and excited at the same time.

“Sleepy submissive,” said the hypnodomme in the girl’s ear, as she held up the girl who sunk deep into hypnosis again. “You will find my touch and my praise to be wonderful, and when I praise you or touch you, a warm, wonderful feeling will wash over you, do you understand Jillian?”

“Yes, Doctor,” replied the once again hypnotized girl.

“Awake when I snap my fingers again Jillian, enjoying the evening, remembering just a nice hug as a thank you for your participation, remembering to complete your tasks, do you understand, Jillian?” suggested the hypnodomme.

“Yes, Doctor,” replied Jillian in a muffled tone as her mouth was firmly on the leather corseted shoulder of the hypnodomme.

“Very good, Jillian,” finished the domme.


As JIllian awakened, she felt a warm wonderful feeling encapsulate her body as she released the hug from the Doctor. She stepped back and shivered. The Doctor of Domination smiled widely.

“Anyway Jillian, I need to get to Angelica and Damien here,” Alicia said as she smiled at the pretty college girl. “You have been a very good sport, Jillian, thank you.”

Jillian again felt a wave at the praise, and was slow to respond as Alicia thoroughly enjoyed the interaction.

“Thank you Doctor, I won’t bother you any longer,” said the girl as she turned and started to leave the seminar room.

“It’s never a bother when I meet such wonderful girls like you, Jillian,” the domme said as she watched the girl stop in her tracks, shiver, and then finally exit the room.

“Angelica, Damien, you may stop now,” the hypnodomme said as she ensured their safety, as both subs stopped their self-deepening technique. “Eyes open, look at me.”

Both sets of eyes focused on their hypnotist.

“Angelica, any worries or problems we need to address from tonight’s session?” asked the hypnodomme, ensuring her borrowed submissives were not harmed.

“No, Ma’am,” replied the pretty redhead.

“Damien, any worries or problems we need to address from tonight’s session?” the domme asked the male submissive.

“No, Ma’am,” the muscular male submissive replied.

“Very good, Angelica and Damien, Tomorrow is our big day,” started the hypnodomme. “When i snap my fingers, you will awaken, give me a hug, and then go home and rest for tomorrow’s activities. You will find it easy to rest, and sleep at a normal hour for you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” was the seemingly choreographed, same time response from the pair.

“Kneeling position and silent,” ordered the hypnodomme, as the slaves got off their chairs and onto their knees in a perfect kneeling position.

“I do love submissives that know their place,” said the domme to herself. “And there are some who just don’t know that place yet…”


Both submissives looked around, then at one another. Angelica rose to her feet first, smiled at Alicia and walked over and gave her hypnotist a warm hug, and quietly exited the room. Damien eventually rose to his feet, and gave his hypnotist a hug, and eventually left the room as Alicia smiled.

“Shows like this and subs like those almost make me want to get back into this full time,” the hypnodomme thought as she packed her bag and readied to exit the seminar room.

Jillian was making her way through the BDSM exhibits and showcases as she walked the convention grounds, checking out exhibit after exhibit. She was on sensory overload, as she had never seen anything like this before. Part of her wondered why she didn’t just leave the convention all together, but she felt she needed to see the entire convention center. Find something exciting.

As she walked, Jillian did not enjoy the chastity device kiosk, thinking how hard that would be for her, especially as she was getting further and deeper into online hypnosis and finding it incredibly exciting to watch. Bondage didn’t do anything for her either, she hated the thought of being tied up and unable to move. Not at all a fan of pain, flogging and caning scared her. She was actually mildly repulsed by foot worship, thinking of her own feet in the shoes she was wearing and how gross it would be when she took them off, and her worshipping feet or even someone worshipping hers seemed disgusting.

After each stop, Jillian thought “well, to each their own I guess.”

After seeing the caning and flogging, Jillian raced by the torture display, which was just a stand with some literature on it. The discussion group about denial seemed interesting as she walked by, but she knew she didn’t have the willpower for it at all, especially as her nightly hypno video watching habit lengthened.

As Jillian walked by the pet play display, she was part amused and shocked as a woman about her age was in full cat mode, meowing and licking her hands which were covered with gloves to look like paws, with ears sticking out of the headband she wore. The girl even had piercings in her nose with whiskers extending outward. Jillian moved on from the display.

Jillian stopped in her tracks at the pony play exhibit, as she thought of the seminar’s finale of the female sub riding the male sub like a horse. And the male ‘horse’ fed a sugar cube. Part of her found it exciting, but she was pretty sure it was from the hypnosis element in the seminar. She was stunned when she saw the male horse with a tail protruding from his ass.

The wax display didn’t do anything to excite Jillian, it looked hot and she was afraid of fire so it was definitely not that interesting for her. But the next booth stopped JIllian in her tracks.

“Wow…” Jillian thought as she saw a woman about her height dressed in shiny black rubber, from the shoulders down. The woman’s body was impossibly perfect, and she had black hair pulled into a tight ponytail. Her face was pretty, and her lipstick was a glossy bright red. Immediately on seeing the rubber clad black haired woman with the red lipstick, JIllian got excited.

Standing there for a moment, Jillian’s next thought was “Doctor,” who also had black hair, wore tight black clothes, and had bright red lipstick.

“It’s okay sweetie, I won’t bite,” the woman said as she moved to talk to JIllian. “Unless you like that, my pretty.”

Jillian, still stunned, just smiled.

“Of course you can touch it, sweetie,” the woman cooed in a sing-songy voice. “That’s why we are here. And you are so cute you can touch ANYWHERE.”

Jillian didn’t know how to react, and stood still. The woman then took Jillian’s hand and placed it on her arm.

“Smooth, isn’t it sweetie?” asked the woman in rubber.

Jillian nodded her head up and down instead of saying yes. The woman took Jillian’s hand and placed it on her right breast, which woke Jillian from her daze and sent her retreating.

Looking at her watch, she realized she had been walking for almost 20 minutes, and decided to get a drink at the convention food court. She ordered two bottles of water, then went and sat at a table in the back corner, opened the water, took a drink and thought about the hypnosis show and the shiny rubber woman with bright red lipstick. She couldn’t help but find it compelling to get lost in her thoughts, which had her seeing a connection between the black shiny rubber the woman wore and the shiny black leather the Doctor wore in the seminar. And of course, the red lipstick sealed that connection for Jillian, who always had found red lipstick a sign of sexy.

Jillian sat mindlessly at the table, alone, sipping her water, thoughts of shiny rubber and hypnosis and being hypnotized enveloping her mind until she was brought out of that revelry by a familiar voice.

“Penny for your thoughts, Just Jillian?” asked the voice she recognized. “Well, $75 is more like it, the $50 for the convention entrance and $25 for the seminar.”

As she looked up, and shook her head to clear her thoughts, she was staring up at the star of the hypnosis seminar, Dr. Alicia DeLaurent. Clearly flustered, Jillian nearly spilled her water all over as she recognized the pretty hypnotist, still wearing the shiny leather outfit, and the unmistakable red lipstick.

“Oh umm hi Doctor,” stammered the college student as she was even more nervous after being caught in mid daydream, furiously patting the small puddle on the table with napkins.

“Mind if I sit, Just Jillian,” asked the psychiatrist, probing to see what buttons to push.

“Oh umm no, not at all,” nervously replied Jillian. “But I don’t know why you want to sit with me I am sooo new to all of this and sooo nervous…”

“Thank you Jillian, you are very sweet,” started the Doctor, who noticed a slight motion in the girl after the praise she offered as she sat next to her. “Because I am intrigued at what brought you here in the first place.”

“Is this for me?” asked the psychiatrist before Jillian could say anything, pointing at the unopened bottle of water in front of Jillian.

“Yes, Doctor,” replied Jillian, not thinking and also trying to be polite.

“Thank you Jillian, you are such a sweetheart,” Alicia said as she reached out and took the bottle with one hand, while taking and squeezing Jillian’s hand with the other.

Alicia knew she had a very receptive hypnosis subject, as the touch and the praise saw Jillian close her eyes as the wonderful feeling washed over her completely, making the hypnodomme smile.

“So what did bring you here, Jillian?” seriously asked the psychiatrist. “This is mostly an acquired taste.”

“Oh um well I’m in school and i started not sleeping at night, so I started looking for things to help online,” Jillian responded.

“And what did you find, Jillian?” the doctor asked.

“Hypnosis, Doctor,” the girl replied.

“It is true hypnosis can help insomnia, Jillian,” the Doctor began. “But it is a long way from hypnosis to being HERE, my dear.”

“Ohmygod, uh yeah ummm I guess I took a detour or something,” Jillian said, embarrassed.

“It isn’t uncommon Jillian, I mean how many hands were raised when I asked that question in the seminar?” the doctor reasoned, trying to calm the girl. “Was your hand one of them, JIllian?”

“Yes Doctor,” Jillian responded sheepishly as she stared straight into the table.

“Well Jillian, we all have things we like,” started the doctor. “And things we don’t like. What did you find here that you liked, for example?”

“I liked the rubber outfit this woman was wearing, Doctor,” Jillian answered.

“Oh really, why is that?” asked the smiling Doctor.

“It was black, shiny… she had red lipstick….” Jillian stammered, sinking into that lost fog of her thoughts of what was exciting, like she was in earlier.

Alicia saw the change in Jillian, and with that change she leaned in and whispered in the girl’s ear.

“Sleepy submissive,” the hypnodomme said as the girl closed her eyes and sunk once again deep into hypnosis.

“Jillian, eyes open, focus on me, answer me honestly and completely, do you understand?” the domme ordered.

“Yes, Doctor, I understand,” replied the once again hypnotized college girl as she opened her eyes and focused on the beautiful hypnoteuse.

“Why were you so excited by the rubber and her red lipstick, JIllian?” asked the Doctor of Domination.

“She reminded me of you, Doctor,” responded the hypnotized 22-year old.

“How wonderful Jillian, do I excite you?” asked the doctor, knowing the answer already but wanting to hear her subject tell her anyway.

“Yes, Doctor,” responded Jillian, focused on the red lips of the hypnotist.

“Tell me how I excite you, Jillian,” continued the hypnodomme.

“Beautiful, powerful, hypnosis,” replied the girl honestly.

“Good girl, Jillian,” the hypnotist said, as she saw the girl again shiver at the praise. “What have you been exploring online?”

“Submission hypnosis videos, Doctor,” replied Jillian.

“How often do you watch them?” asked the doctor.

“Almost every night, Doctor,” replied the girl.

“Why every night, Jillian?” furthered the hypnotist.

“I can’t sleep at night, Doctor,” was Jillian’s answer.

“How long have you been watching at night Jillian?” asked the hypnodomme.

“Almost 2 years Doctor,” replied the girl.

“And do you fantasize about being the one under hypnosis in the videos you watch?” asked the Doctor.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian replied.

“I told you to focus on me, Jillian, what are you focusing on with me right now, Jillian?” asked the hypnotist, wondering if there was more in the girl about what she found exciting.

“Your lips, Doctor,” Jillian replied.

“Why my lips and not my eyes, or something else, Jilllian?” continued the hypnotist.

“Sexy red, I don’t know Doctor” replied the girl, who Alicia realized was focused on her lips.

Alicia took a drink of water as she was interrupted as someone approached their table.

“Hello Alicia, I understand you killed it again tonight, the feedback was great,” said the woman who approached her. “Who is your friend?”

“Thank you Monique,” Alicia responded to Mistress Monique Masters, talent promoter for the event. “I may just have to get into this full time again it was so much fun.”

“Well, you always do well in that setting, Alicia,” Monique replied. “So, who is your friend?”

“This is Jillian, she attended the session tonight,” Alicia said. “She found it very compelling, didn’t you JIllian?

“Yes, Doctor,” responded the hypnotized Jillian, as the new arriving person at the table realized what was happening, while Jillian wasn’t so responsive.

“Well, you bitch, here you go,” Monique responded, handing Alicia a $5 bill. “I should learn my lesson.”

“Well Monique, I do like the challenge of our little bet,” Alicia said. “I do love that look as you pay me.”

“Yeah, I think this is the last time we have this bet, I can’t keep losing to you because you never fail to hypnotize girls and bring them around like this,” Monique responded, laughing. “She is a pretty one I must say, the best looking one I have seen you bring under!”

“Not only is Jillian pretty, she is a very good subject,” Alicia responded. “Jillian, please say hello to Mistress Monique.”

“Yes, Doctor,” JIllian replied to the command. “Hello Mistress Monique.”

“Jillian, tell Mistress Monique that you are hypnotized,” Alicia suggested.

“Yes, Doctor,” began Jillian. “I am hypnotized, Mistress Monique.”

Alicia and Monique enjoyed a slight laugh as the hypnotized girl was following instructions perfectly.

“Well Alicia, this one might be a keeper,” Monique told her top hypnosis talent. “I didn’t mind losing the bet tonight after seeing that. Alicia be careful and have fun, see you tomorrow.”

Monique left the table $5 lighter after losing again at the running bet with Alicia DeLaurent- that the charming hypnoteuse would have a brand new subject hypnotized and with her at the designated time and location set between them. Tonight’s bet was 9:30 pm at the convention food court, and Alicia enjoyed the challenge- and was currently undefeated in the competition.

“Now then, Jillian, we are going to take a walk together around the convention,” Alicia told the girl. “You will remain deeply hypnotized as we walk, but behave as if you are wide awake, do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” JIllian replied.

“Every step we take together will deepen your trance, and your enjoyment for being hypnotized. However, my touch will no longer have the effect of allowing you to feel that pleasure wave wash over you, only praise from me will provide that feeling, do you understand, Jillian?” suggested the hypnodomme.

“Yes Doctor, I understand,” replied the hypnotized college student.

“Good girl, Jillian,” said the hypnotist. “As we walk around, each time I hold out my hand to you, you will immediately move to hold my hand. It will feel safe and warm and comfortable for you Jilian, do you understand?”

“Yes Doctor, I understand,” Jillian replied.

“Good girl, Jillian,” the psychiatrist said as she moved to get up from the table, holding out her left hand. “Come along, Jillian,”

Jillian stood as quickly as her hypnotized body and mind would let her as she reached out with her right hand to hold the Doctor’s extended hand. They then left the food court and Dr. Alicia DeLaurent led JIllian on a tour of the BDSM conference.

“Now Jillian I want you to answer honestly when I ask you a question,” Alicia instructed as they walked hand in hand though the convention.

“Yes, Doctor,” replied the hypnotized Jillian, walking and sinking deeper with every step as she held the hand of her hypnotist.

Alicia led her hypnotized subject through the convention center, enjoying the time and enjoying how well the new subject was following suggestion. They walked the same path Jillian had singularly walked earlier as she searched for what else in the convention excited her.

“Not a fan of pain, Jillian?” the doctor asked as they held hands and walked by the flogging and caning exhibition.

“No Doctor,” replied the girl focused on answering questions honestly, walking and sinking deeper and looking for her beautiful hypnodomme’s hand when held out. Simple. Easy.

“How cute, look at the kitty, Jillian,” Alicia told the college girl as they approached the pet play display. “Would you like to be a cute little kitty, Jillian?”

“No, Doctor,” replied the hypnotized girl in all honesty.

“Well we all have things we do like and things we don’t,” Alicia said. “And look, Jillian, look at the ponies. What do you think of them?”

“They look happy, Doctor,” answered Jillian.

“Would you like to be my little pony, Jillian?” teased the hypnodomme.

“No Doctor,” responded the girl.

“Why not, Jillian? Didn’t you enjoy the show tonight at the seminar?” asked Alicia.

“I loved the show, Doctor, I don’t want a tail,” Jillian said in reply.

Alicia laughed, and then she saw the rubber costume and clothing section. Alicia casually whispered into her newest subject’s ear “such a good girl, Jillian, so very attentive to my questions and walking with me as you sink deeper.”

JIllian shuddered at the praise, as her hypnotist smiled and felt the shiver as she held her hand.

“Jillian, stay here, don’t move ,” the hypnotist told her subject.

“Yes Doctor,” the girl dutifully replied as she watched the beautiful hypnodomme begin talking to the woman dressed in black rubber. Jillian again was lost in thought, just as she was at the table in the food court, as she watched her hypnotist and woman in rubber interact. Jilian had no idea if they talked for one minute or three days, she was deep in thought about her excitement as her original interest was meeting her newest excitement. As she looked on, JIllian was struck by the red lipstick both women wore.

“What were you so focused on there Jillian?” asked the Doctor of Domination as she returned to her subject, shaking her from her reverie.

“Red lipstick, Doctor,” Jillian answered, puzzling the doctor for a moment before she smiled and moved on.

“Jillian, this is MissTique, I believe you met earlier tonight, do say hello,” the hypnotist commanded.

“Yes, Doctor, hello, MissTique,” the glassy eyed girl said.

“Jillian, MissTique says you may touch her outfit, please do that now,” Alicia commanded.

Jillian shyly reached out with her right hand and ran it up and down the arm of the Domina. Alicia loved how shy the girl was behaving.

“Jillian, MissTique says you may touch her anywhere,” the hypnotist said. “What is her most prominent physical feature?”

“Her breasts, Doctor,” Jillian answered, and they were the most prominent feature of the beautifully figured rubber fetishist.

“True, Alicia, 34D,” interjected the woman in rubber, as they smiled at each other.

“Please, reach out and feel them, Jillian, MissTique welcomes it,” the hypnotist commanded.

Jillian slowly reached out and touched the woman’s breasts, but in a very reticent way.

“Come on now Jillian, you can be more aggressive than that,” the hypnotist said. “Be more aggressive, Jillian.”

Jillian then began to caress and fondle the woman’s rubber clad breasts with a purpose. Smiles creased the lips of the red lipstick wearing dominants as the new sub worked the breasts with her hands.

“Much better Jillian, good girl,” the hypnodomme praised as the hypnotized girl felt the wave of pleasure and her knees nearly buckled. The dominants let the action continue for a few moments.

“You may stop now Jillian,” the hypnodomme said. “Give MIssTique a nice hug,”

Alicia watched as her subject spread her arms and walked into a hug from the rubber domina.

“Good girl, Jillian,” the domme said, intentionally sending pleasure to the girl. “Take a deep sniff, Jillian, smell the distinct smell of the rubber now. It smells exciting, doesn’t it?”

And Jillian did just that, smelling the rubber as she replied “yes, Doctor.”

“Jillian, keep smelling,” Alicia ordered. “So MIssTique, you can custom fit a suit? That’s fantastic, I may need to take your company up on that very soon.”

“Yes we can, Doctor,” the rubber dominant replied. “You have a very lovely sub here.”

“Thank you MissTique I do hope we can work together sometime,” Alicia replied as she stepped back. “Jillian, you may stop now, come with me.”

Alicia held out her hand, and Jillian immediately reached out and placed her hand in the hypnodomme’s. Alicia led them toward the exit of the convention center to the parking lot.

“Jillian you have done so very well tonight,” the hypnodomme praised. “Pretty soon you will awake and head home. But we have a bit more work to do first,”

“Yes Doctor,” the girl said.

“Let’s walk to your car, Jilian, lead me there,” the hypnodomme instructed as they exited the convention center.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian answered, “This way.”

“Good girl, Jillian,” the doctor praised. “How do you feel holding my hand Jillian?”

“I feel safe and warm and comfortable, Doctor,” the girl replied as they walked in the parking lot toward Jillian’s car.

“Unlock the car, Jilian, get in,” the hypnodomme instructed, while entering on the passenger side.

“Jillian, take out your phone and unlock it for me,” the hypnotist commanded.

Jillian opened her bag, unlocked it and handed the Doctor her cell phone. Alicia put her phone number in the contacts section as Doctor D, then called her own line so she would have JIllian’s cell contact. Alicia then handed the phone back to the girl to put away.

“Did you enjoy the show, Jillian?” asked the hypnotist.

“Yes, Doctor,” the hypnotized girl responded.

“Did you enjoy the rubber outfit?” Alicia asked.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian responded.

“Have you enjoyed being hypnotized, Jillian?” the hypnodomme asked.

“Yes, Doctor,” the college student replied.

“Then it is a shame you won’t remember that Jilian,” the hypnodomme told her subject. “When I awaken you, Jillian, you will not remember being hypnotized or your second interaction with the woman in rubber, you will remember randomly meeting me at the food court and having a conversation, then walking around the convention with me, do you understand, Jillian?”

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl said as she focused on what the doctor was telling her.

“You will not remember being hypnotized, however your subconscious mind will always respond when I trigger you with your trance trigger phrase and you will always go deep into hypnosis for me, do you understand?” asked the hypnodomme.

“Yes, Doctor, I understand,” Jillian answered.

“Sleepy submissive,” the hypnotic dominant said as she watched her subject sink deeper into hypnosis, “Now Jillian, here are the rest of your tasks... “

Alicia flashed a devilish smile as she finished her instructions. She took out her red lipstick from her purse and instructed her subject to open her eyes.

“Focus on the lipstick, Jillian,” suggested the hypnodomme.

Jillian opened her eyes, and while still deep in hypnosis, watched as the doctor opened the lipstick and reapplied it in a slow, sexy circle, as the hypnotized girl’s eyes never left the lipstick tube as it curled the hypnodomme’s lips.

“Put this in your bag, JIllian,” Alicia ordered. and the girl responded and put in her own bag. “Roll down your window.”

Alicia then got out of the car, walked to the driver side window, and looked at the girl through the rolled down window. Alicia was pleased and a bit surprised at the level of depth and control the girl had given over to her, and closed their time together.

“Jillian, your mind will fill in any blanks so the evening’s events will make complete sense, no worries, no cares, only a wonderful evening and enjoying meeting me,” she told the girl through the window.

“Awake on three, Jillian,” the hypnoteiuse instructed as the glassy eyed girl looked up from inside the car at her hypnotist.

“One, two, three….”


JIllian awoke from her trance, took a deep breath, and shook her head side to side as she noticed Alicia in the window.

“It was wonderful to take a walk through the convention with you, Jillian,” said the doctor, holding out her professional practice card. “If you ever want to talk about your insomnia, here is my card.”

Jillian took the Doctor’s official psychiatry business card and quickly stuffed it in her bag, saying “thank you, Doctor.”

“You are quite welcome, Just Jillian,” the dominant said as she held out her hand again, palm up.

Jillian turned in her driver side seat, and without thought placed her right hand, palm down, in the hand of the hypnodomme. Alicia smiled as she took the hand and kissed it, leaving an unmistakable lip print of her red lipstick. The girl blushed and shivered slightly, as she noticed the lip print and took back her hand.

“Good night, drive safely, Jillian, chat soon,” the hypnodomme said before she turned and headed off to find her own car.

“Good night, Doctor,” replied JIllian, as she watched the sexy domme walk off. Jilian did not start her car and drive off until Alicia was out of sight.

Once home, Jillian got ready to relax and get ready for bed, changing into red silk panties and her new “Doctor of Domination” tee shirt from the convention. She opened her purse and immediately pulled out the business card of Dr. Alicia DeLaurent, and a shiver went through her- not a cold shiver, but an exciting, almost arousing shiver. She placed the card in between the molding and the mirror at her vanity table so as to not lose track of it, since she was contemplating calling her about the insomnia.

Moving her purse to the side of the tabletop, she noticed a tube of lipstick, and thought “weird, I didn’t wear makeup so I didn’t bring any.”

She looked at the tube, and saw the name of the company, “Boss Gloss Lipstick” and then the name of the lipstick—”Rojo Convincente”, Spanish for ‘compelling red’. She froze as she saw the name, and then her brain kicked back in gear when she realized she had found the tube on the floor of the seminar. When she opened the tube, she noticed the shade immediately.

“Doctor…” she thought as she stared at the color. Jillian felt her breathing slowing, and a compulsion she couldn’t shake.

Jillian then put the cap down, and in soft, circular motions, slowly applied the lipstick, in the same way her hypnotized mind saw it done earlier in the evening by the beautiful hypnoteuse. Her mind counted the circles, but she counted then backwards and aloud to herself.






Jillian’s mind blanked, her breathing deepened, and her eyes in her reflection were sleepy and glassy.

“Sexy…” Jillian thought to herself as she looked at her reflection.

Jillian stood the tube up on the vanity as she stared at her own lips, thinking in her mind how they matched the Doctor’s now. It felt sexy and amazing. She had another compulsion as she saw the lipstick mark from the Doctor on her right hand. Jillian put her left hand to her lips and kissed the back of her hand, each now showing a sexy print of red lipstick on them, then reapplied the Rojo Convincente in the same circular motion, and again in a five count, and again backwards as her mind became more still, and her eyes more glassy. Jillian grabbed her phone with unfocused eyes and made her way to the bed.

As she knelt on the bed, she set a timer on her phone for 15 minutes, and she looked at her lipstick printed hands and shivered, then she began a slow, sexy caress of her breasts. As she caressed and fondled her own breasts, the glassy eyed girl wondered what it felt like to wear the rubber like the woman at the convention. As she thought about the shiny black rubber, and the red lipstick, she started being more aggressive with her own 34b bosom.

Jillian continued the breast play until the timer chimed, when she stopped. She set the timer again for another 20 minutes, then looked again at her hands, took a deep breath, clapped her hands together then laid back on the bed and started slowly and methodically playing with herself. Dark fantasies of being hypnotized and controlled entered her mind as she slowly started her ministrations. The deeper she got into her fantasies, the faster her hands went. By the time the 20 minute timer ended, she was on the edge for more than a few minutes. But when the timer went off, she took her hands away, and picked up the phone, unlocked it and pressed a button.

“Cccaallll Dddoctor Dddd,” JIllian said in a slow, sleepy monotone, still with some excitement in her.

Seconds later, there was a ring. A few seconds after that, Jillian heard THAT voice as she almost robotically held the phone to her ear.

“Hello Jillian,” she heard through the phone. “By now you are on the edge, aren’t you?”

“Yyyess, Ddoctor,” the girl replied.

“Did you like finding my lipstick?” teased the Doctor of Domination.

“Yyess, Ddoctor,” Jillian answered sleepily, her voice exhibiting a bit more control.

“And what did you do with it when you found it?” followed up the hypnodomme.

“Applied the same way you did, Doctor,” the girl answered.

“And what happened when you did that, Jillian?” queried Alicia.

“I went into hypnosis, Doctor,” Jillian replied.

“And you loved that, didn’t you Jillian?” continued the psychiatrist.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian answered in monotone.

“And you loved your tasks, didn’t you Jillian?” the brunette beauty followed.

“Yes, Doctor,” the hypnotized girl replied.

“Continue your last task, Jillian,” the doctor ordered.

“Yyyyess Dddddoocttorrr,” the hypnotized girl replied as she resumed her last task, using her hands for her own pleasure.

“You have one last task to complete isn’t that right Jillian?” teased the hypnodomme. “What is that last task?”

“Ppermissionn tttooo Cccummm, Dddocctoorr,” Jillian answered as her arousal was audible.

“When I leave the call, set a timer on your phone for ten minutes, Jillian, and when the timer goes of, you have permission to get off,” the smiling Alicia told the frantically rubbing girl.

“Yyyyess Dddddoocttorrr,” the arouased, hypnotized college coed answered with arousal dripping from her voice.

“You have permission to cum when the timer goes off,” Alicia instructed. “When you wake up in the morning, you will remember an amazing fantasy, Jillian, that felt so very real. You will see the lipstick on your hands and lips, think of me, then wash them off and go about your day normally. Your task tomorrow is to call me about helping you with your insomnia, do you understand?”

“Yyeess, Ddddooctorrr,” Jillian replied, still aggressively working on her latest task.

“I know,” the doctor told her hypnotized submissive just before she hung up the call, “that you will find me helping you with your insomnia to be compelling…”

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading the second chapter of Compelling! Feedback is always appreciated and valued, it makes authors better, so please let me know what you think at

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