Chapter 1

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

This is the introduction of Dr. Alicia DeLaurent, psychiatrist and hypnodomme who is featured in three separate stories, which will be posted here over time. Enjoy, comment and give feedback!


“I can’t believe I’m going to do this,” Jillian thought as she got herself ready to go out. “But I have never seen anything like this before.”

Twenty-two year old Jillian Johnson, a college student majoring in finance, was going to a session of the BDSM Convention in Gladstone, about a 45 minute drive to learn more about her growing interest in hypnosis, which began in her sophomore year after sleepless nights of worrying about studying and grades. Always a hard charging, go-getter, Jillian pushed hard and studied often- which put her at the top of the class in her grade among finance majors, and in the running for top in the class overall. But like most things, that success comes at a cost.

While that drive was satisfying in her academic world, in her personal world it was wreaking havoc, in the form of sleepless nights, over studying, unhealthy fear of unpreparedness, and more recently, insomnia. The insomnia was furthering along her other issues, as her mind was always thinking of several things at once, and never shut down. That led the resourceful college senior to look for a solution, leading to google searches and eventually to hypnosis and you tube hypno channels featuring eroticism and control elements to the point she went down that rabbit hole way too often with her insomnia kicking in night after night.

Now she was going to see what the real deal was, and she was not exactly sure if she was more excited, nervous or disbelieving she had actually bought a ticket to the event at the convention center, and a second ticket for a “New to BDSM and Hypnosis” seminar, featuring a name she had never heard of, Dr. Alicia DeLaurent- referred to as the ‘Doctor of Domination’ and ‘Heaven’s Hypnodomme’.

“Well, I bought these things, may as well use them,” Jillian thought as she tucked the tickets in her bag. “I doubt I will get noticed anyway.”

The pretty coed, wearing a plain white button up blouse, a denim jacket, blue skinny jeans and sneakers and no makeup, felt nervous as she entered the convention center. As she looked around the grounds, she noticed a lot of people dressed casual as she was, and a fair amount wearing their fetish wear of choice, be it leather, rubber, or latex. Most of the features of the convention didn’t hold much interest, as she looked for the room that was housing the hypnosis seminar.

When she walked in the seminar room, she noticed it was like a high school or college class- the front row was nearly empty, and unfortunately for her it was the only location for her to sit- “so much for just blending in and staying out of the way,” she thought as she sat front row center in the 50 seat room. Glancing around the room, she saw all types of people, some in fetish gear, dominants, submissives, and she estimated a few, like her, who were ridiculously curious about hypnosis and domination, and all the available seats were filled.

Throughout the convention center, an announcement was made that the start of the 7 pm seminars was two minutes away. Jillian heard the announcement and felt a shiver run up her spine as she sat and turned and saw every seat filled. Despite her insomnia, she was very excited and awake for the event and the evening, though a bit nervous at where she ended up sitting.

As the announcement signaled the start of the one-hour, 7 pm session, Jillian was taken aback as a beautiful, black haired, almond shaped, hazel color eyed woman with an amazing figure walked to the front of the room. She was dressed in skin-tight black leather pants, a black leather sleeveless corset with a collar, a small, light leather jacket, and knee high, 4 inch heeled black leather boots. Her makeup complemented the almond shape of the eyes, done with with the lashes attached to accentuate the look even further, subtle blush on her cheekbones, and a deep red shade of lipstick complementing the look. As the beauty approached the podium, she took off her light leather jacket and placed it on the chair behind the podium, then walked to the microphone at the podium. Jillian was stunned by her beauty, figure and age, estimating she was probably no older than 30.

“Welcome, pets,” began the stunning young hypnotist, who had yet to introduce herself, as she took off a jade necklace from around her neck and held it up above her head- noticing almost the entire audience was following the teardrop shaped green jade stone.

“And, SLEEP,” she said sternly, as she continued to hold the stone aloft.

Looking around the room, she saw a handful of people had slumped over- either into their own chair or onto the person next to them.

“Well, that wasn’t in the plans,” deadpanned the hypnotist as she laughed. “I was just trying to have a little fun, but it seems we have a few somnambulists here, or at the very least some who have been under hypnosis before.”

The crowd laughed, some, like Jillian, laughed nervously, as she realized her eyes were laser focused on the stone as she held it aloft.

“Good evening everyone, I am Dr. Alicia DeLaurent, and I will be conducting tonight’s demonstration and seminar,” she said, as she brought down the necklace and put it back around her neck, the tear drop shaped stone nestling in the leather corset, between a pair of ample breasts. “But first, I need to wake up our sleeping beauties! Legal tells me they need to remember the seminar or I don’t get paid!”

As she walked around to wake the five people who went under with her opener, she continued to introduce herself to the crowd.

“Yes, I am really a Doctor, and I am a licensed Psychiatrist,” the raven haired woman continued in a serious announcer style voice. “But tonight, I am the Doctor of Domination, though my last review called me ‘Heaven’s Hypnodomme’.”

Again the crowd laughed nervously, as she finished waking up the sleepers.

“And to answer your question, I am young- but I am very experienced. I worked my way through medical school working with a hypnodomme, learning everything about the lifestyle and the right way to do things,” Dr. DeLaurent continued.

“It was either this or stripping to pay for school,” the beautiful Doctor said as the hypnodomme made a little dance move. The audience laughed as she was rapidly winning them over.

“But to be honest,” the dominant said, “hypnosis and Domination and submission work very well together. It can be used to reduce inhibition, increase sensations and emotions, and make things much better for the submissive in terms of confidence, pride and enjoyment in their submission.”

“So enough about me,” the Doctor of domination continued as she wagged a finger at the crowd, “though I noticed quite a few lingering looks while I was dancing after my stripper comment. Who would have guessed a BDSM hypno seminar would have pervs in it? I don’t know about you, I’m stunned!”

Alicia walked the room with the wireless mic, and every eye in the auditorium was on her. She had them, and she knew she had them. Despite her youth, she was a gifted public presenter.

“What’s your name?” she leaned over and asked a younger man sitting near the back.

“Jackson,” the man replied, as he looked at Alicia’s breasts which were right at the center of his vision.

“Jackson, my eyes are up here,” she teased as she took a step back and playfully put her finger on his chin and lifted it up. “What got you interested in hypnosis?”

“Porn,” was the one word answer of the young man, as the room laughed.

“Okay, more pervs!,” the hypnotist playfully continued to the entertainment of the audience. “And that explains where you are looking. Let’s narrow it down, then, what type of porn, Jackson?”

“Video hypno porn,” was the reply.

“Thank you, Jackson,” the domme replied. “A common answer, let’s move this along then, who else is sailing on the SS Jackson and got into this from watching hypno porn videos online?”

A good number of attendees raised their hands, including Jillian in the front row.

“Do we have any Dom/sub lifestyle people here?” Asked the domme.

A few hands shot up in the air, promoting the domme to say “wonderful, a few. Remember, this is for beginners! How many people see hypnosis as their beginning into Domination and submission?”

A few more hands were raised. “Now we are getting somewhere! Potential clients please make sure you take my business card on the way out. That’s an order….”

Laughter came after the beautiful domme’s witty commentary.

“So, for the next part I would like a volunteer, It’s all right, you can trust me!” the doctor asked, as several hands immediately shot up in the air.

“Okay, you, what’s your name?” the Doctor asked one man who she notices hadn’t taken his eyes off her breasts the entire seminar.

“Charles.” the casually dressed middle aged man replied.

“Ok, Charles. Here’s your ‘Hypnotist’s Assistant’ uniform, the changing room is, oh wait there is no changing room so I guess right here will be fine….” the pretty doctor said as she tossed her volunteer two microscopic pieces of neon yellow fabric that turned out to be a bikini bottom and matching micro top.

“Whoa, ummm wait, what?” the man stuttered.

“Well, Charles, you did volunteer,” the Doctor replied, giving him a matter of fact look and a nod holding her hands palms up as if to say ‘too bad’.

“But, but I thought it was for something else.. Not for this….” the man stammered, holding up the barely there fabric pieces.

“Awww, sorry Charlie,” mocked the hypnodomme. “But you volunteered. Here’s rule number one in Hypnosis and in Domination and submission. Take notes if you have to!”

The Doctor took out a medical chart from inside the podium, opened it, clipped a pen to it, then walked over and handed it to Charles, who was rapidly turning redder than the lipstick the domme was wearing. Charles, his embarrassment increasing by the second, fumbled handling the chart and the articles of ‘clothing’, as the audience watched and laughed.

“Rule number one is NEVER trust someone who says ‘trust me’— even if they look like me.” the domme said as she stopped and posed, one hand on hip, the other in air while giving a playful wink.

“Rule number two is even more important, so Charles, write this down!” the hypnodomme added, as she stood nearby the embarrassed man. “Ready? Good!”

“NEVER fuck up rule number one,” Dr. Alicia DeLaurent added, pointing a finger at Charles.

The audience laughed, but understood the point of the lesson- especially in this setting.

“And here’s another little free tip, my new friends, when someone asks if you want to volunteer,” she asked, staring right at Charles, who was now officially redder than the domme’s lipstick, “your first question is ALWAYS ‘what am I volunteering for’?”

The doctor walked over, took the scraps of fabric back from the man and said “thank you Charles. You may return to your seat.”

As the man took the walk of shame back to his seat, Alicia added “oh and Charlie, see if you can locate my eyes at some point tonight- that would be about a foot higher than where you have been looking!”

Again the crowd laughed, as Alicia walked back to the front. She looked at the man sitting to the left of Jillian, and walked over toward them. She stopped in front of the mortified coed, looked at her and smiled.

“What’s a pretty young lady like you doing in a place like this?” Alicia asked Jillian, who wanted the floor to swallow here whole.

“I came here to find out more,” quietly said the nicely dressed young lady.

“And I promise, you shall,” the domme said as she held out her hand toward Jillian. “Where are my manners? I’m Dr. Alicia DeLaurent, what’s your name my new friend?”

“Jillian,” responded the girl nervously.

“No last name?” the hypnodomme teased, “just Jillian?”

“Yes,,,” was the quiet, quick response.

“Well thank you, just Jillian,” the pretty woman in leather said. “One last question, this good looking guy next to you, is he with you?”

“No… I’m not here with anyone.” Jillian responded in a barely audible voice.

“Well thank you again, Just Jillian, if you do have questions, don’t be so shy, promise?” the domme asked as she watched the girl nervously nodded her head up and down.

She then turned toward the man sitting next to Jillian and motioned for the man to stand up.

As Alicia watched the man stand, she walked over a few steps and put the microphone into its stand. extended her hand towards the man, who looked at the doctor as she approached him. As she reached him, she shook his hand violently up and down as she placed her left hand behind the man’s neck as she pulled him toward her as she loudly instructed him to “SLEEP”.

The man immediately closed his eyes and fell into the doctor, who held him up with a hug. As she hugged the man, she instructed him to “relax deeper and deeper, focusing on my voice as you sink deeper into your relaxation.”

Once the man was hypnotized, and gently rocking in the pretty domme’s hug, the Doctor of Domination looked at the crowd and said “this is what Charlie was hoping for.”

As the crowd laughed, Doctor DeLaurent deepened his trance depth, telling the male sub “Damien, please go sit up front in one of the empty chairs facing the audience, when you sit, you may return to deep trance, do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am, I understand,” the man said and as he moved to the seat and sat his head rolled slightly left as his chin rested in his chest as he sunk deeply back into hypnosis.

“That was a rapid induction,” the hypnodomme informed the audience. “But to be fair, he is also a lifestyle sub and on loan to me for demonstrations this weekend. That’s how I knew his name.”

Jillian was amazed, aroused a bit and nervous at what she had just seen. The domme had the hypnotized subject stay in trance as she now moved to the right of Jillian and started talking to the women seated there. Jillian was again front and center, and she was nervous and excited. Right in the middle of introductions with the woman to the right of JIllian, the hypnodomme stopped talking.

“Hello again, Just Jillian,” the domme began, extending her legs to show off her boots with 4 inch heels. “These boots are not made for walking, would you mind moving over a seat for me so I can sit?”

Jillian was paralyzed for the moment, and didn’t move or say a thing.

“It’s fine, Just Jillian, I promise that moving to that seat won’t hypnotize you,” Alicia said.

As Jillian started to move, the hypnodomme added “well it won’t hypnotize you very deeply at least.”

Jillian stopped in midair, and turned and looked at the now smiling domme as she faintly made out the laughter of the audience.

“Just teasing, have a seat, just Jillian,” she said as she pointed at Jillian, who sat down without being hypnotized.

Alicia then sat with Jiliian on one side and the woman on the other, and returned to talking to the woman. The hypnodomme held up the Jade crystal just above eye level, in front of the woman, and whispered into the woman’s ear, slowly and clearly, definitely hypnotizing her. The only other person in the row who could hear the entire induction was Jillian, who was consciously trying to listen, while her eyes were drawn to watching the teardrop shaped crystal. Jillian listened in as the Doctor of Domination went through an entire induction, complete with a trance trigger. Once assured the woman was under, Alicia instructed the woman to open her eyes and enjoy the show. Alicia watched as Jillian opened her eyes at the same time as the intended subject. Alicia smiled.

Alicia made the trance trigger specific to whoever she was touching at the time, announcing into the microphone “for my guests that are hypnotized, the trance trigger will only work when I am touching you.”

Alicia walked back in front of Jillian, and simply said as she placed a hand on her shoulder “Thanks for being such a good sport, Just Jillian, I won’t interrupt your enjoyment of the show any more tonight. Please see me before you go, I have gifts for you for being such a good sport.”

As Alicia nodded, Jillian nodded back.

The Doctor of Domination smiled.

Alicia walked back over to the woman again, placed her hand on the woman’s shoulder and induced her with the newly installed trance trigger of “sleepy submissive.” Once the woman was under hypnosis, Alicia moved the woman to a chair next to the already hypnotized male submissive on loan for the weekend.

“This is Angelica, she is also on loan this weekend, right Angelica?” the domme asked,

“Yes Ma’am,” the hypnotized submissive responded immediately.

“I just did a simple induction, but I chose to do it where only Angelica could see and hear, I didn’t want a public induction where I would have half the audience sleeping in their seats!” the Doctor explained. “So for the rest of the evening we will see a demonstration on how hypnosis interacts with submission. Enjoy the show!”

“Damien, open your eyes and look at me please,” the hypnodomme requested, as the handsome sub followed the suggestion. “Show everyone a slave’s proper position.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Damien said as he got off his chair and knelt, hands behind his back, eyes focused on the floor in front of him.

“Freeze there, Damien,” the domme said, as the submissive’s muscles got rigid as he froze in the kneeling position.

“Angelica, please open your eyes and tell me the phrase I asked you to remember this morning,” the hypnodomme asked the female submissive.

“The deeper I go the more I obey,” stated the female submissive.

“Thank you, Angelica, mantra time,” the Doctor of Domination said as she snapped her fingers in front of the woman, as she watched the brown haired, attractive submissive begin repeating her mantra phrase.

“The deeper I go the more I obey...”

“The deeper I go the more I obey...”

“The deeper I go the more I obey...”

“As you can see, they are well trained to complete the hypnotic suggestion I have given them,” the domme told the audience. “Damien here will kneel frozen until I release him, while Angelica will repeat her mantra phrase until I instruct her to stop. She will also be going deeper with each repetition, and believe her mantra more and more. She is effectively putting herself in a loop, deepening her trance depth and her submission at the same time.”

“Damien, be a good boy and unfreeze and stand in front of me, please,” the polite dominant commanded.

When the submissive was standing in front of his hypnotist, Alicia looked at him, snapped her fingers and said “wide awake now,”

Damien came awake, and smiled.

“Are you ready for hypnosis, Damien?” Alicia asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the awake sub replied, feeling Alicia reach out and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Sleepy submissive,” the hypnotist said, dropping the male volunteer into trance again. “Damien, count backwards from 10 to zero out loud and with every number feel your trance depth sinking deeper by ten with every number, Begin counting now, Damien,”


While the sub counted himself deeper, Alicia explained the idea behind fractionation, taking the sub in and out of hypnosis, suggesting every time they re-enter trance they go deeper each time. The result is a deep trance level, and quite often a confused hypnosis subject.

When Damien finished his count, Alicia immediately had him look at her, and she snapped her fingers saying “wide awake,”

“Hi Damien,” ready for your demonstration?” Alicia asked.

“Yes Ma’am,” the sub replied again.

“Sleepy submissive,” the hypnotist said again, as Damien sank deeper into trance. “Open your eyes, stay deep in trance and sit back down, Damien.”

“Yes Ma’am,” he said as he sat back down.

“Sleepy submissive,” Alicia said. “Damien, count down for me again.”

As the male began another countdown to deepen his own trance level, Alicia turned her attention to Angelica who was dutifully repeating her mantra.

“Stop now, Angelica,” the domme said, placing her hand on the shoulder of the pretty submissive. “Look at me please.”

Angelica looked up at the hypnodomme, waiting for instruction after stopping her mantra repetition.

“Damien, wide awake,” Alicia told the male slave. “Weren’t you just standing right here with me?”

“I don’t think so, Ma’am,” the sub replied.

“Are you sure?” asked the domme.

“Pretty sure, Ma’am,” he replied, questioningly.

“Ok Damien, I guess you have been sitting there the entire time,” the domme said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Sleepy submissive,” Dr. DeLaurent commanded as she placed her hand on the male sub.

“Damien, open your eyes, walk to the back of the room, kneel, close your eyes and count yourself deeper,” the domme commanded.

While Damien complied, Alicia looked at Angelica, who never took her eyes off her hypnotist.

“Angelica, are you a horseback rider?” the domme asked.

“No Ma’am,” the hypnotized woman responded as Alicia sat in the chair next to her, taking her hand.

“Sleepy submissive,” Alicia said. “Angelica, when I tell you it’s ‘time to ride’ you will be very eager for me to show you to an amazing horse to take a ride. Horseback riding will be your favorite thing, do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I understand,” replied the deeply tranced subject.

“While you are with me, you will follow all of my suggestions, won’t you Angelica?” asked the domme.

“Yes Ma’am,” Angelica replied, still holding the hand of the sub.

“”Sleepy submissive,” the doctor commanded as Angelica went deep into hypnosis.

Angelica walked to the back of the room, where Damien was kneeling, and the hypnodomme placed her hand on the submissive.

“Open your eyes, Damien” the pretty hypnotist with hazel eyes commanded.

“When I say the words ‘time to ride’ you will believe you are a horse and love to be ridden,” the hypnodomme instructed, “Your name will be ‘Trigger’ and I will bring you your favorite rider, as you will be tethered to this spot.”

The audience chuckled as Damien replied, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Sleepy Submissive,” Alicia instructed. Damien went back deep into his trance.

“Well everyone, we are almost at the end of the night,” Alicia told the audience as she made her way to the front of the room. “When they announce the session is over, please exit the room so I may do aftercare with the hypnotized submissives. Aftercare is an important part of hypnosis and domination.”

“Angelica, Damien, eyes open, looking at me please,” the hypnodomme demanded. “Time to ride,”

Damien dropped to all fours, and started to whinny and neigh like a horse, excited for a chance to have his favorite rider take him out for a ride. Angelica was excited as well.

“What is it you want to do Angelica?:” asked Alicia.

“Ride a horse Ma’am,” Angelica answered.

“I thought you said you didn’t ride?” the domme answered.

“Oh no, Ma’am, it is my favorite thing to do!” the submissive said, with excitement.

“Well today is your lucky day!” Alicia told the hypnotized woman, holding out her hand. “Come with me, I have someone I want you to meet.”

The women walked to the back of the room, right at Damien who was waiting and rocking up and down, whinnying and neighing, front hooves off the floor.

“This is Trigger, Angelica, a lovely horse, don’t you think?” the hypnotist asked the hypnotized woman.

“Oh wow he’s amazing!” Angelica responded. “May I ride him?”

“Of course you can, Angelica,” the domme said smiling as the crowd looked on, enjoying the show and audibly approving of the change in behavior in Angelica.

“Not that kind of riding, people, what’s wrong with you?” the hypnodomme teased.

“Trigger, settle down so Angelica may ride you,” the hypnotist said and Damien settled on his hands and knees and stayed still.

Alicia took a sugar cube out of her pocket and held it in front of ‘Trigger’ who carefully took and ate the cube, then nodded his head up and down happily.

“There’s a good boy, Trigger,” Alicia said, as she patted the kneeling slave like a horse. “Up you go, Angelica.”

With those words, Angelica climbed on the back of ‘Trigger’, and took hold of imaginary reigns.

“Trigger, be a good boy and no bucking,” admonished the domme, “Angelica, twice around is all, and do concentrate on your ride, stop after two trips around.”

“Yes, Ma’am, thank you Ma’am!” Angelica said as she pulled at the imaginary reigns, gently kicked her heels into Trigger’s sides as they slowly moved.

“There you go, ladies and gentleman. Damien believes he is a horse, and Angelica is truly enjoying riding. We can extend imagination with hypnosis,” the dominant explained.

“And don’t worry, I checked, Trigger is not diabetic,” the Doctor of Domination said, referring to giving the male a sugar cube.

“This is just mild domination, and it can continue much further, as you can understand. I have only been with these two since this morning,” Alicia explained. “Longer time and training can give deeper and more severe domination.”

As Angelica and Damien finished their ride, the loudspeaker indicated 5 minutes left in the session. At that point Alicia walked to horse and rider, INstructed Angelica to get off the horse, and sit on the floor next to Damien, placed a hand on each and said “sleepy submissive,” triggering them to trance.

“Damien, Angelica, no more horse and rider play, please open your eyes, wave goodbye to our guests and return to the two chairs up in the front now,” the Doctor of Domination ordered.

“Yes Ma’am,” the pair said in near unison as they waved while walking to the front chairs before sitting down.

“After each session I do aftercare with them to ensure they are safe and no problems have arisen. It is an important part of every session,” the doctor explained as the loudspeaker indicated the session was ending.

“So if you have questions, do ask them through email, my email is on the website listed under this course,” Alicia explained, as she walked to the front as the crowd began to exit,

As the crowd was leaving, Alicia called out “Charles! Jackson!”

Both men looked at her as she tossed them each a tee shirt, which had a spiral design on the front and the words “I survived the Doctor of Domination” on the back. Both laughed at the design as they left.

The two submissives sat in their chairs, still under hypnosis, and Alicia smiled as Jillian walked right toward her for her participation gift. Alicia placed her right hand on Jillian’s left forearm as she stood close enough.

“Jillian, please stand her and wait for me to return, don’t move,” the domme said as she removed her hand and walked to the volunteers seated in the front.

“Very good show Damien, Angelica,” the Domme said as the room thinned out.

“Sleepy submissive,” she said as she placed a hand on each sub’s shoulder. “Angelica, repeat your mantra quietly in your head until I tell you to stop. Damien, you may count yourself deeper now, but start your count at 1,000. Start over again if you finish, Damien, and don’t stop until I tell you. ”

Both hypnotized submissives followed the suggestions, as Alicia watched their lips move.

The room was seeing the last stragglers leave, as security had entered and ensured an orderly exit. The lone remaining guest was Jillian, rooted in the same spot, unmoving as Alicia walked over to her, placing her hand on the college student’s shoulder.

“Sit down Jillian,” the Doctor ordered, at which the 22-year old complied and sat in the seat Alicia directed her to. “You were compelled to listen very closely to the induction I whispered to Angelica and look at the crystal, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” replied Jillian.

“Do you feel hypnotized, Jillan?” asked the hypnodomme, smiling at the placid, dovile girl’s responses.

“I don’t know,” Jillian replied.

“Jillian, when I snap my fingers a helium balloon will be attached to your left wrist, causing it to rise up in the air. The higher it rises the deeper into hypnosis you will go, when it reaches as high as it can go you will realize you are deeply hypnotized and feel wonderful,” suggested the hypnodomme.


Slowly, Jilian’s left hand started to rise.

“What’s happening, Jillian?” asked Alicia.

“Balloon attached to my wrist,” responded Jillian as she watched her hand slowly rise.

“What color is the balloon?” asked the domme,

“Blue,” responded Jillian.

“And what color is the ribbon attached to the balloon?” asked the smiling hypnodomme as the left arm of the pretty coed continued its ascent, indicating the young lady’s descent into hypnosis was complete.

“White,” responded Jillian.

Alicia waited until Jillian’s left hand was as high above her head as possible and stopped moving. As it reached its pinnacle, Jillian’s hand fell limp as her wrist was the highest point.

“What have you realized, Jillian?” asked the hypnodomme.

“I am deeply hypnotized and feel wonderful,” the coed responded, to the delight, but not surprise of the hypnodomme, who skillfully manipulated Jillian’s proximity to the intended subject to stealthily send her into trance.

“Very good, Jillian,” the Doctor told the hypnotized girl. “When we talk, you will always refer to me as Doctor, do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” replied the hypnotized coed.

Jillian put her hand on the hypnotized former audience member’s shoulder and said “sleepy submissive.”

Jillian’s hand came crashing down into her lap as she closed her eyes as her chin sunk into her chest as she sank deep into hypnosis, while the hypnodomme smiled at her newest subject.

“I know you are compelled to try hypnosis, Just Jillian, I have a feeling you will love hypnosis….I promise you will find it…. compelling…..”

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