Chapter 3

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

Jillian woke in the morning after her escapades the prior night- attending a BDSM seminar on hypnosis and then touring the convention with the hypnodomme feeling really strange and confused. The first thing she noticed was that she was on top of the bed, not under the covers but she also realized she was wearing her tee-shirt gift from the night before when she attended the hypnosis seminar at the BDSM convention, and she noticed that familiar smell from her nearly nightly activity of watching hypno porn when she couldn’t sleep.

She realized she didn’t even turn on the laptop last night, it was still charging at the desk in the corner of the room. Her mind flashed to the convention, and the seminar, and walking the grounds with Doctor DeLaurent- then she blushed as her mind reminded her of her intense hypnofantasy of being hypnotized to submit- but there was black shiny rubber involved.

“OMG that was some wild dream,” the college student thought to herself as she lazily got up and headed to the bathroom. “Must have been thinking too much about that show the Doctor put on last night.”

Jillian was just unable to realize it was more than a dream.

As she walked to the bathroom, JIllian stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the open tube of lipstick standing upright like a beacon for her to see. As she continued her walk to the vanity table, she could not take her eyes off the red lipstick, as she flashed back to the lips of the Doctor and then the red lips of the shapely woman in rubber.

“OMG,” she thought as the rubber dominant flashed through her mind.

She then picked up the tube and read the name on the side of the tube- “Rojo Convincente”, and thought “there’s that word again…”

Putting the tube back on the vanity table, Jillian spied the business card trapped intentionally between the mirror and the wood trim of the mirror frame. She saw the professional business card and began to think about her sleepless nights and was nervous about asking for help. And even more nervous after seeing the Doctor in the BDSM seminar last night.

“I am always so tired, I’m tired of being tired all the time,” Jennifer thought as she decided the best immediate course of action was to shower and prepare for her day. A day where she would just likely do schoolwork, take a walk, not fall asleep, then watch hypno porn until the early am hours and wake up feeling tired. Again.

Jillian showered, dressed, then set up her work station for schoolwork. Before she started, she decided food and coffee would be the order of the day, so she set out to the kitchen, made a pot of coffee,grabbed a muffin then went into her bedroom. As she walked in, she looked again right at the business card, and then the lipstick.

“OMG what is wrong with me,” she thought, as she felt a shiver looking at the red lipstick tube lying on the table.

“Guess I need to do something about this,” Jillian thought as she took the card and then steeled her nerves to actually call the office of the beautiful red lipped psychiatrist. She noticed on the card that the office didn’t open until 9 am, so she would have to wait an hour before making the call to get help with her insomnia. Instead, Jillian made her way to her work station and on one laptop she pulled up her financial portfolio, checking how she did the prior week. As a finance major, JIllian had become an online broker for her own account, and she was doing fairly well as a day trader. Well enough to move off campus and live alone.

On the other computer, instead of working on her studies, she pulled up the website of Dr. Alicia DeLaurent, whose office was only a 30 minute drive from her apartment. The office space seemed small but intimate, and then she was the “About the Doctor” section and was taken back.

“Wow,” thought Jillian looking at the professional photos of the Doctor on her website. Jillian noticed the dark haired doctor wore a tight fitting black outfit for the pictures, it showed off her ample breasts and the skirt was long enough to be professional but short enough to reveal a beautiful pair of legs. But what resonated with Jillian was the lipstick, the same shade she wore the evening before and the tube Jillian had with her on her vanity, as well as the perfectly matched nails, both her fingers and toes, her toes visible through stiletto style heels.

Jillian walked over to the vanity, and in slow circles put on the lipstick. She then, almost in a daze, went back to the laptop and watched her favorite FF hypno porn. Not wanting to lose track of time, she wanted to make sure she called the Doctor’s office to contact Dr. DeLaurent, she set a timer to remind herself to call at 9 am. She didn’t want to wait the whole weekend to contact her about her insomnia, and the card said office hours were 9 to noon on Saturdays.

While waiting until 9am, Jillian mindlessly sat and watched the videos, and began by playing with her breasts as she watched, then after about 10 minutes she found her hand in her pants slowly rubbing away. Watching. Rubbing.

When the alarm went off, Jillian shook her head to bring herself back to reality, took a drink of her now cold coffee and calmed her nerves to call the office of Dr. Alicia DeLaurent, putting in the phone number on the card.

“Right on schedule,” thought the smiling hypnodomme, as her office phone rang right at 9am. The Doctor didn’t schedule any patients for this Saturday since she was performing again in the evening at the BDSM convention. But she did show up expecting this very call. At this very time.

“Doctor’s office,” Alicia said as she picked up the phone.

“Oh ummm hiii,” stammered Jillian as she recognized the voice that answered the phone, which sent her for a loop, as she expected staff to pick up the phone, not the Doctor herself.

“Hello, this is Dr. DeLaurent, how can I help you?” Alicia said as she smiled inwardly at the exchange that was unfolding.

“Well ummm omygod omygod um I’m sorry just so nervous,” Jillian tried to explain. “Sooo sorry…”

“That’s fine don’t worry,” Alicia said with a smile. “How about if I just ask you questions and you just answer them will that work for you?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian replied, in a familiar phrase from the night before.

“That’s wonderful, young lady,” Alicia said, as Jillian felt a wave of pleasure course through her body. “Let’s start with your name, shall we?”

“Yes, Doctor, my name is Jillian,” replied the college student, reminding the doctor of the previous evening when she only provided her first name.

“Just Jillian?” smartly replied the hypnodomme. “May I have your last name, JIllian?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian said as her thoughts drifted back to the prior night’s events as it were deja vu. “Johnson is my last name.”

“Very good then Jillian Johnson,” Alicia praised, realizing the effects were still solid in the girl’s mind. “What is your problem that you need help with then, Jillian?”

“Insomnia, Doctor,” the pretty young girl replied.

“And how did you hear about me, Jillian?” asked the doctor, still playing the professional angle.

“You gave me your card last night, Doctor,” stated Jillian, almost feeling transported to the same space as the prior night.

“You are Just Jillian from the show last night, how wonderful!” explained the psychiatrist. “You decided to take me up on my offer to help you then?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian answered.

“Well Jillian, I will need your information so we can get things moving,” Alicia instructed. “Are you prepared to do that?”

“Yes, Doctor,” replied Jillan.

“Good girl, Jillian,” prompted the Doctor. “I will need you to fill out some paperwork and insurance things, is that a problem, Jillian?”

“No, Doctor, it isn’t a problem,” Jillian responded.

Alicia asked for her email address and phone number to email the forms to be completed, and in case they were disconnected.

“I have sent the forms to you Jillian, do you have them?” asked the psychiatrist.

“Yes, Doctor, I have them,” Jillian replied.

“Very good, you are a very good sleepy submissive,” the hypnodomme said to the girl, triggering her into trance. “Can you still hear me, Jillian?”

“Yes Doctor,” replied the slow, steady hypnotized voice on the phone.

“Good girl, Jillian, you take suggestion very well,” Alicia mused. “Now, as you are filling out the forms, you will become very confused and need to call back here to get help filling the forms out, do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor, I understand,” the hypnotized girl replied.

“Good girl, just Jillian,” the smiling hypnodomme countered. “Awake at three JIllian, one, two, three, wide awake now.”

“Good girl, Jillian, if you need help just call back,” the Doctor informed the potential new patient.

Jillian, normally a competent and able young woman, followed the suggestions perfectly and called back four times while trying to complete the paperwork with questions as simple as ‘what do you mean by primary physician,’ to the last one about what is the difference between ID number and group insurance number. The repeated phone calls made Jillian feel vulnerable and incompetent, and it showed in her conversation as she nearly broke down in tears at the repeated failures of completing simple paperwork. It was at that point that Alicia helped soothe Jillian.

“Sleepy submissive,” the Doctor calmly said into the phone, sending the frazzled young lady back into the comfort of hypnosis. “Jillian, when you awaken you will no longer have any problems completing the new patient forms I sent you, do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” the sleepy girl answered.

“Good girl, Jillian,” the doctor told her sleepy submissive, as she heard the tell tale sign of the wave of pleasure making its way through the young woman. “Did you look through my practice’s website, Jillian?”

“Yes, Doctor,” she answered in her sleepy monotone.

“What did you find that was interesting, JIllian?” probed the hypnodomme.

“Pictures, Doctor,” Jillian replied.

“Oh and what pictures are you interested in telling me about?” the psychiatrist asked.

“Yours, Doctor,” was the reply.

“What interested you about my pictures, JIllian?” asked the dominant.

“Beautiful, Doctor. Red lips, matching nails, hot,” replied the hypnotized student.

“Jillian, when you wake, you will complete the new patient forms with ease. You will then apply the red lipstick just like I did. You will think of how exciting it was seeing everything on me match and you will think it is a great idea to have your nails match the lipstick you now love wearing, do you understand so far Jillian?” the ever thinking domme said, using the new information from Jillian.

“Yes, Doctor, I understand,” the girl replied, absorbing her suggestions like a sponge absorbs water.

“You will go to the Ultimate Beauty Shoppe in Upper Suffolk this afternoon at exactly 1:30pm, you will think you searched online where to find the lipstick, and that the place to find the matching nail polish would be at the same location where the lipstick is sold,” the Doctor instructed. “Do you understand, Jillian?”

“Yes Doctor, I understand.” the girl replied.

“Tell me what you will do after I awaken you, Jillian?” asked the doctor, ensuring her suggestions were taking perfect hold.

“I will finish the new patient forms. Apply lipstick. Look for matching nail polish for lipstick online, go to Ultimate Beauty Shoppe at 1:30pm,” repeated the hypnotized college girl perfectly.

“Good girl, Jillian, you are doing very well,” the hypnodomme praised the girl, who welcomed the wave of pleasure more and more. “Waking up at three, picking up our conversation about your new patient paperwork where we left off, Awake at three,”



“Three, wide awake,”

“Oh umm sorry i lost my place there a second, Doctor,” Jillian explained.

“Oh no worries, JIlian, you aren’t the first with that, and you won’t be the last,” the psychiatrist said, back in professional mode. “I think you have it all figured out from here now, Jillian.”

“Yes, Doctor, thank you,” the coed replied.

“As soon as we get an insurance approval, we will have you begin treatment right away JIllian, don’t you worry,” Alicia said calmly to reassure. “I will leave you to it, Jillian.”

“Thank you Doctor,” Jillian said as she disconnected the phone call.

Once the suggestion that she have difficulty with the paperwork ended, Jillian then finished the new patient forms with ease. She then walked over to the vanity and picked up the red lipstick tube and opened the cap and slowly applied it in circular motions. She felt a shudder as she applied circle after circle. Once applied, she looked down at her nails and thought how great Doctor DeLaurent’s nails looked in the matching shade, and maybe she should follow suit. She then walked over to the workstation and sat down, setting her phone to ring an alarm at 12:30pm. She spent a few seconds looking for where the ‘Rojo Convincente’ lipstick was sold, figuring the matching shade of nail polish would be available there. She decided that the best option was to go to an upscale store in Upper Suffolk where the lipstick was sold.

Looking at her phone, she saw it was only a little after 10, so she figured she would study while then go get the nail polish and enjoy lunch while she was out.

Alicia DeLaurent smiled as she left her office after seeing Jillian turn in her new patient paperwork, which included a request for insurance coverage for seeing the psychiatrist for insomnia and stress.

“Her own insurance company will pay for me to train her,” the hypnodomme thought to herself as she decided to dress for the gym for when she ‘runs into’ Jillian at the cosmetics store this afternoon.

Once home, the beautiful doctor got dressed for an afternoon session of yoga before her evening “Hypnosis and BDSM” seminar session at the final night of the convention. Alicia purposely selected her one piece shiny black lycra long sleeve outfit that zipped in the back to wear, and a simple pair of black flip flops that showed her perfect pedicure in rojo convincente. Once dressed, she reapplied her lipstick and headed off to Upper Suffolk, where her gym and nail salon were located on the same block as her favorite cosmetics shop. Alicia smiled as she saw herself in the mirror.

Jillian decided on a pair of skinny jeans, a tight black top and sandals as she made her way to the Ultimate to hopefully find the matching nail polish to the lipstick. It was a fairly large shopping center, a bit upscale, with high end cafes and coffee shops, high end retail stores, and even a yoga gym she noticed as she cruised the parking lot to get to her destination.

Alicia noticed the car as Jillian parked, having sat in the passenger seat just the night before, and Jillian headed into the store before Jillian exited the car. Alicia picked up a new tube of rojo convincente lipstick and then headed toward the nail polish. Jillian was a bit disappointed and a bit upset that the store did not include the brand of nail polish, but only the lipstick line. The doctor continued to watch as Jillian methodically searched for the matching shade, holding the open tube of lipstick in comparison to the bottles of red nail polish.

“Dammit,” Jillian said quietly to herself in frustration, “I thought for sure this was the place to find that matching polish.”

The college coed continued her comparisons of red, never quite finding that exact match, under the carefully watchful eye of Dr. Alicia DeLaurent, who had let her hair down and was smiling from ear to ear.

“Show time,” the hypnodomme thought to herself as she turned and walked down the aisle Jillian was still searching in a nearly frantic manner.

“Aaahhhhemmm,” Alicia coughed as she turned the corner, just enough to take Jillian off her task to look up.

Jillian turned and immediately stopped and dropped her lipstick on the floor, and the topless tube rolled a few feet in front of her.

“I think you dropped something,” Alicia said, as she bent over and picked up the tube, holding the red end right at Jillian’s eye level.

“Oh ummmm hhheello Ddooctorr,” stuttered Jillian, standing dead still.

“OH! Jillian! I didn’t recognize you, do forgive me! How wonderful to see you,” the doctor told the pretty college girl. “And I LOVE your taste in lipstick!”

“Tthank yyyouu, Ddddoctorr,” the nervous girl replied.

“Don’t be so shy, Jillian! Here’s your lipstick,” the hypnodomme said, the tube still at eye level between her and the girl. Alicia noticed Jillian’s eyes never wavered, staring at her through the tube.

Jillian finally took the tube from Alicia, and then hurriedly put the cap back on.

“It is so nice to see you again Jillian,” Alicia said as she held out her arms to indicate she should be hugged. Slowly, Jillian moved in, even more slowly opened her arms slightly, and walked in for a hug from the hypnodomme. The Doctor felt the girl’s pleasure wave, as the girl’s knees nearly buckled.

“Sleepy submissive,” Alicia whispered to her newest and potentially most receptive subject. “Anything I suggest, even when awake, will seem like a perfectly good idea, especially if I begin that with the words ‘Doctor’s orders’, do you understand?”

“Yess, Dddoctorr,” whispered the now deeply hypnotized girl in the middle of a hug in the nail polish aisle of a high end cosmetics store.

“Good girl, Jillian,” the doctor whispered, as the praise again sent a tidal wave of pleasure through the girl, who was fortunately being held up by the hypnodomme.

“Awake at three, Jillain picking up our chat where we left off,” the hypnodomme ordered. “One, two, three, wide awake now,”

Alicia broke the hug, and Jillian, slightly confused, took a step back, realizing she had again dropped the lipstick after dropping into trance.

“Well it seems like this has a mind of its own,” Alicia chuckled as she turned her back to JIllian and bent over at the waist to again pick up the wayward tube of lipstick. Jillian’s eyes went wide as she looked directly at the perfect backside of her potential doctor.

Jillian again took the lipstick tube, and quickly put it into her purse, embarrassed.

“So what are you so intently looking for, Jillian?” asked the doctor in an inquisitive tone.

“Ii uhh am looking for the matching nail polish, for that lipstick, Doctor,” Jillian said, blushing slightly.

“Rojo convincente is a perfect shade, Jillian,” the Doctor responded. “But I am afraid you won’t find it in stores.”

“Ohhh, umm I thought it would be here,” Jillian answered, her shoulders slumping at the news.

“I know, because I looked too,” Alicia began. “But I had to ask my manicurist to special order it, they only send it to professionals.”

“Ohhh….” Jillian responded, dejection evident.

“Not to worry, JIllian, I think you’ll like what I am about to tell you,” the psychiatrist told the young woman as she held out her hand to the girl. “Come with me so I can tell you about it.”

As the hypnodomme held out her hand, Jillian hesitated. She was unsure about what to do, especially in such a public place.

“Doctor’s orders, Jillian, come along, you will LOVE where we are going,” the Doctor promised.

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl replied, falling again into the familiar pattern that spoke to her subconscious, as she took the hand of the hypnodomme and exited the store, feeling safe and warm again holding the hand of the Doctor..

The hypnodomme led the 22-year old across the parking lot, holding her hand as the wind gently blew her hair.

“Here we are, Jillian,” the Doctor said, as they approached the door of an upscale manicure salon. “Let’s get you taken care of.”

“I ummm i don’t know, Doctor,” Jillan stuttered, slowly.

“Doctor’s orders, Jillian, let me take care of this for you,” the hypnodomme gently suggested.

“Yes Doctor,” the girl meekly replied, still holding the hand of the beautiful doctor.

Once inside, the two women were warmly greeted by the salon owner, recognizing the beautiful Doctor as a very good customer, and wonderful tipper, immediately upon entering.

“Hello Doctor DeLaurent, how wonderful to see you! What is it I can do for you?” the salon owner asked one of her best customers.

“Hello, Laura, it isn’t for me,” the doctor told the salon owner. “It’s for my pretty friend Jillian. Can you fit her in now for my regular color, mani/pedi?”

“Of course, I will take care of this myself,” the salon owner said, looking at her computer to see what exactly that usual was. “The special order Rojo, I remember when this came in, what a beautiful shade.”

“And I think extensions are in order, don’t you think so, Jillian?” Alicia asked as she held up the hand that was clasped in hers to show the salon owner.

“Yes Doctor,” Jillian answered in agreement.

“I think square, inch and a half is perfect for her, what do you think, Laura?” the doctor asked, still holding up the hand of her young friend.

“I think that’s perfect, Doctor DeLaurent,” the salon owner replied. “Let me get my station organized for exactly that, why don’t you both get a drink and I will be ready in a few minutes.”

“Thank you, Laura, just add this to my monthly bill,” the hypnodomme said. “Come on, Jillian, let’s take her up on that offer.”

Alicia led Jillian to the reception area, where a pretty young high school girl asked them what they wanted from behind the counter.

“Two spring waters, please,” the hypnodomme said, leaving a very nice tip for the young girl.

Alicia led Jillian to the far corner of the reception area, having Jillian sit with her back to everyone facing the hypnodomme.

“Sleepy submissive,” the hypnodomme said quietly. “Open your eyes Jillian and look at me.”

The hypnotized girl obeyed her slightly glassy eyes focused on her hypnotist.

“You will be very attentive as you have your nails done, Jillian,” the hypnodomme suggested. “You will be very friendly with Laura as you have them done. With every brush stroke as your nails are being done, you will find yourself thinking back to how much you liked my pictures you told me about earlier. How hot you thought they were, and think of me with every stroke, do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” the hypnotized girl responded.

“Do I excite you, Jillian?” asked the hypnodomme, with a knowing smile.

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl replied.

“What about me excites you, Jillian?” asked the psychiatrist.

“Beautiful, powerful, hypnotist,” Jillian answered.

“Every stroke of the red nail polish will deepen that excitement, Jillian, do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” the deeply breathing, deeply hypnotized girl responded.

“Take a drink of water, Jillian.” the hypnotist suggested, holding out the water.

“Yes, Doctor,” replied Jillian who gently took the water bottle, opened it and took a small drink.

“Good girl Jillian,” the hypnotist said, as she watched the girl feel that wave of pleasure at being praised. “My touch is warm and comforting while being exciting at the same time, and my praise will send that wave of pleasure through your body. Every stroke of the polish onto your new nails will deepen those feelings, do you understand, Jillian?”

“Yes, Doctor,” was the refrain from Jillian.

“Take a drink, Jillian,” the hypnodomme suggested, as the girl followed it perfectly, taking a small drink. “WIde awake at three, very excited to get your nails done.”



“Three, wide awake.”

Jillian woke, blinked heavily, and took a deep breath.

“Here comes Laura,” the Doctor said, pointing to the store owner as she approached the reception area. “Wait here for me if you finish before I get back, Jillian.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian replied.

“Where are you heading off to?” Laura asked, curious.

“Yoga, my studio is on the other side of the shopping center,” Alicia answered.

“Well that explains the yoga outfit,” quipped the salon owner. “It looks fabulous on you, don’t you think so Jillian?”

“Yyyess, for ssure,” the girl answered, blushing.

“Have fun, I have five minutes until class!” Alicia said. “Strong mind, strong body!”

Alicia left the nail salon and headed to her yoga class leaving Jillian in the capable hands of the manicurist.

Jillian watched as Laura put on the extensions, then sat in amazement as she then put on the Rojo nail polish, one slow brushstroke at a time. Each stroke Jillian thought of Doctor Alicia DeLaurent, and how beautiful, powerful and exciting she is, first seeing it online and then a short time ago in person. Jillian felt with each nail, each stroke the aura of the hypnodomme, Dr. Alicia DeLaurent grew in stature in her mind.

Brush stroke. Beautiful.

Brush stroke. Powerful.

Brush stroke. Exciting.

Stroke after stroke of the nail polish being applied further patterned Jillian into those suggested feelings, as her smile widened, her breathing slowed, and her nipples began to engorge.

Alicia returned to the nail salon just before Jillian was through with her ‘Rojo’ manicure with extensions and pedicure, and waited for her in the small salon reception area. Laura delivered the finished product as the hypnodomme patiently watched and waited. Alicia greeted the freshly manicured and pedicured girl with a big smile.

“Let’s see how gorgeous, Jillian,” the hypnodomme said as she held out her hands for JIllian to place on top of hers, nails up. Jililan’s knees literally buckled at the contact with Alicia, causing a slight chuckle form the doctor.

“They are perfect, Jillian, Laura does the best work,” the Doctor said. “Laura, these are fabulous!”

“Thank you, Jillian was a very attentive client,” Laura said. “And thank you for that generous tip.”

“You are welcome, Laura. Come on Jillian, we have one more stop to make,” the hypnodomme said matter of factly.

Jillian never said a word in the exchange, she simply smiled and felt waves of pleasure at contact with the Doctor, and felt safe and warm as her hand was being held. She was a quiet wave of emotions, all geared on her increasing interest in the hypnodomme.

Once outside, her hand still being held and still being led by the hypnodomme, Jillian finally realized what the Doctor had said to her when they left.

“One more stop, Doctor?” the girl questioned.

“Yes, Jillian, one more stop,” Alicia said. “Do you work out, Jillian?”

“Not really, Doctor,” Jillian replied as they walked through the shopping center, Aliica leading the pretty college girl by the hand as they went.

“It may help your problem if you begin, Jililan,” the hypnodomme assured.

“Iii don’t have a gym of really any clothes,” stammered the girl.

“Perfect, I will take care of everything, Jillian,” the Doctor said smiling. “Doctor’s orders. Yoga studio and proper gear. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl replied, realizing they were walking toward the yoga studio in the complex.

“Sleepy submissive,” Alicia whispered to Jillian, as they neared the studio. “Eyes open, only speak when I instruct you to speak. You will be joining this studio, let me do all the talking, and pay attention to what classes I will be attending, you will attend the same classes.”

“Yes, Doctor,” the hypnotized girl responded, as Alicia opened the door, uncoupled their hands and ushered Jillian inside.

The pair didn’t wait long at the front desk before a pretty woman approached them., recognizing Alicia saying, “weren’t you just here?”

“Yes I was,” the Doctor said with a smile. “But we are registering my friend here for classes.”

“How wonderful!” the woman said. “I’m Candice, what’s your name hun?”

Jillian didn’t answer, following her suggestion to allow Alicia to do all the talking.

“This is Jillian,” the Doctor said, stepping in to make an introduction. “Jillian, this is Candice, say hello.”

“Hello,” Jillian said, looking at the woman as she reached out and took her hand to shake.

“So what are you looking for, JIllian? We have a number of programs we can offer you,” the yoga studio employee stated.

“Well, she is new to all of this, so I am thinking she will most likely be doing beginners classes,” Alicia said.

“Perfect, there are beginner classes twice a day- 7 am and 7 pm, nice and easy that way,” Candice said. “You can attend either, both or pick and choose. Our beginner package is one price, unlimited classes.”

“Perfect, she’s in,” Alicia encouraged. “What do you need to finish this registration?”

“It will take 5 minutes with a driver’s license and credit card,” Candice said.

“Jillian, hand Candice your driver’s license,” the hypnodomme instructed. JiIlian methodically got out her driver’s license, while the Doctor took out a credit card.

“These should do,” Candice said, excited to make a sale, taking both cards, and waving both women into a small office.

Candice completed the registration online, printed 2 copies of the agreement, and then placed them in front of Jillian.

“SIgn and date at the bottom, Jillian,” Candice instructed, extending a pen to the hypnotized girl, who didn’t move at all just yet.

“Don’t be shy, JIllian, sign where she says,” Alicia suggested.

Jillian took the pen, and Candice pointed at where to sign and date. Sluggishly, JIllian complied.

Alica signed the credit form, and they had finished registering the girl for the studio.

“I love that schedule,” Alicia said. “Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and Tuesday and Thursday nights. That works for me, does that work for you, Jillian?”

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl replied in a monotone, which was not noticed by the sales girl, who was busy filing away the new forms and ensuring her commission was included online.

“I understand you have a shop for yoga gear?” Alicia asked.

“Yes, it isn’t on this site, it is just two stores down, out the door to the left.” Candice instructed. “I love your gear, that is really beautiful.”

“Thank you Candice, I love this one piece, comfortable and functional,” Alicia said. “And it shows off the curves.”

“Well you do have those,” Candice responded with a laugh. “Enjoy shopping!”

“Come on, Jillian, let’s get you some gear,” Alicia said, holding out her hand which JIllian readily took, as she enjoyed the warm feeling and the wave of pleasure she felt each time. Two days ago walking in public holding hands with a beautiful woman would not have been something Jillian would ever consider doing. After the last 2 days hypnotized Jillian never even considered not taking the hand of the hypnodomme when it was offered.

Alicia stopped and instructed Jillian to sit on a bench just outside the yoga clothing store.

“Jillian, look at me,” Alicia instructed. “When we go in this store I want you to focus on the tight one piece yoga outfits, do you understand?”

“Yes Doctor,” the tranced girl replied.

“I want you to think back at how exciting it was to see MissTique in the tight rubber outfit last night as you look at these one piece outfits, how exciting it was for you to look, how exciting it was for you to touch them,” the hypnodomme instructed while reminding the hypnotized girl of her interactions with the rubber domme last night, as she observed, felt and felt up the domme. “Those feelings of excitement will be brought back but with double the excitement since you are going to wear the tight outfit, do you understand?”

“Yes Doctor,” the hypnotized girl said.

“Are you excited by what I am wearing, Jillian?” the hypnodomme asked.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian slowly replied.

“Reach out and touch it, Jillian, touch my yoga outfit,” the Doctor ordered.

Slowly, Jillian reached out and started to slowly caress the sleeve of the left arm of the doctor’s outfit. Her breathing was excited, her eyes focused on where her hand was touching the lycra.

“You may be more aggressive, Jillian,” coyly said the hypnodomme, “Doctor’s orders, fell me just like you did the woman in rubber last night.”

“yyess... Ddoctorr,” the girl responded, excited by the permission.

Jilian reached out with both hands, and firmly caressed and felt the lycra and breasts of the beautiful hypnodomme who was controlling her. Alicia smiled a ca t catching the canary smile.

“Stop now Jillian,” Alicia said, not wanting to be caught publicly with any type of lewd display as JIlian almost dejectedly pulled her hands back and folded them in her own lap. :”You will choose three outfits, Jillian, and we will purchase them if I approve, do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” JIllian said.

“Good girl,” the hypnodomme said, as she watched her hypnotized girl shudder again with a wave of pleasure. “Three one piece outfits, Jillian, let’s go inside.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian replied.

Opening the door, they were greeted with a friendly hello, and they had the entire place to themselves.

“If you need anything or want a size check in the back, let me know!” the girl said from across the room as she was folding lycra pants.

Jillian saw a sign for one piece yoga outfits and made her way there as Alicia watched closely behind, curious to see what Jillian was going to choose.

Choice number one was a one piece, pure black, semi shiny outfit that was the closest match to what MissTique was wearing the night before, and similar to the workout gear Alicia was currently wearing.

“Do you like this one, Jillian?” the domme asked.

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl replied still holding and smelling the outfit.

“I will hold this, let me just check the size,” Alicia said. “Choose another outfit.”

Jillian then selected a black matte outfit with little flecks of grey running through the lycra- again her mind reverting back to the outfits worn by the woman in rubber last night and by her hypnotist today.

“Good girl, Jillian,” the Doctor said, seeing how excited Jillian was getting in her selection. “I will take that one too. Go pick a color other than black now.”

“Yes, Doctor,” the girl replied, her excitement clearly visible through her blouse.

Jillian’s third selection was a deep red one piece outfit, which was only a few shades off from the lipstick and nail polish she was wearing.

“What a fitting choice, Jillian, good girl.” the hypnodomme said collecting the third outfit from her hypnotized subject.

“Come Jillian, time to try them on,” Alicia said, leading the girl to the fitting rooms in the middle of the store. There was an outer curtain that concealed the actual rooms which were neatly tucked in the store’s center.

Jillian entered the dressing room, and was followed in by the hypnodomme, who placed the three outfits on a hangar in the dressing room.

“Red one first, no underwear,” the doctor told the hypnotized girl.

“Yes, Doctor,” Jillian said as she started undressing immediately.

One outfit after the other, Jillian tried on the red, then the black with grey, then the black yoga workout gear. Alicia had the girl pose in all three. In the black outfit, Alicia put the girl through her paces, “to make sure it fits,” she told the subject.

“Jillian, look in the mirror,” the hypnodomme instructed her subject as she was in the black lycra yoga outfit. “How does it feel?”

“Tight, Doctor,” the girl said.

“Jillian, think about MissTique, and her rubber outfit,” the hypnodomme instructed. “Remember what you did with her?”

Jillian’s breathing slowed and her lips pursed a small smile as she responded “yes Doctor.”

“Jillian, do what you did with her on that rubber outfit to yourself,” the hypnodomme ordered.

In the middle of the empty dressing area, Jillian began by playing with her own breasts as she watched herself in the mirror. Slowly, the hypnodomme walked behind her.

“Good girl, Jillian,” the Doctor whispered in her ear. “Be more aggressive, Jillian, Doctor’s orders, enjoy it.”

Jillian did as she was instructed, and started getting more aggressive in her breastplay.

“Good girl, Jillian,” Alicia whispered to the hypnotized girl. “Do you like the tight clothes?”

“Yyess, Ddocctorr,” the girl panted as she continued her aggressive play in the store.

“Good girl, Jillian, you may stop now,” the hypnodomme instructed.

Jillian stopped her play, and stared at herself in the mirror, wearing the black lycra and focusing on the lipstick and nails of Rojo.

“Don’t worry, good girl, we will work our way to rubber,” Alicia commented.

JIllian responded with a deep breath and a heavy sigh and a shudder of pleasure.

“Get dressed in the clothes you came in, and bring the lycra outfits to the register to check out,” the hypnodomme told her subject as she exited the dressing area.

Jillian brought out all three outfits to the register where she was met by Alicia, where she paid for all three outfits and handed them to the still tranced girl. After completing the purchase, Alicia held out her hand, which Jillian immediately reacted to and placed her hand inside her hypnotist’s, who led her out of the store.

Once outside, the hypnodomme led Jillian back to her car, as the girl felt safe and comfortable in her grasp, and the excitement was growing. Once there, the domme instructed the girl to get in and unlock the doors, walked to the passenger side and got in.

“Jillian, look at me,” the hypnodomme instructed as she took lipstick from her purse and uncapped it. “What happens when you see me apply this lipstick?”

“I will sink deeper, Doctor,” the girl said, as she watched the hypnodomme reapply the lipstick in the five slow looping circles as she had the night before.

“Very good, Jillian,” the hypnodomme told her. “You will remember a fun afternoon after running into me at the beauty store. You will remember me helping you match your nails with the lipstick, and think of me when you see the lips and the nails, do you understand?”

“Yes Doctor, I understand,” parroted the hypnotized girl.

“You will also remember thinking how wonderful my idea was to have you start yoga classes, and how amazing you feel in yout tight lycra workout gear,” the hypnodomme continued. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor, I understand,” the rapidly conditioned girl replied.

“You will still find my touch exciting, warm and comfortable, and always respond to my suggestion after hearing me say ‘doctor’s orders,” do you understand?

“Yes Doctor, I understand,” Jillian repeated once more.

Alicia exited the car and walked to the driver side window, telling her hypnotized college coed to ‘focus here now, JIllian.”

“Yes, Doctor,” the glassy eyed girl said.

“You will accept the gift I give you after you awaken, Jillian, and be very excited to use it,” the hypnodomme commanded.

“Yes, Doctor,” said the girl again.

“Awake at three,” Alicia instructed.



“Three, wide awake,”

JIlian lazily opened her eyes at the end of the count.

“It was such a surprise running into you, Jilllian.” the psychiatrist said, smiling as she watched her slowly emerge out of her hypnotic trance. “I do have one thing to give you.”

“Oh?” asked the college girl who just had her nails done to match her lipstick, joined a yoga gym, and received three pairs of one piece lycra yoga outfits, all courtesy of the beauty standing in front of her.

“Yes, Jillian,” the hypnodomme said as she opened her purse and pulled out a lanyard, pushing into the window at the young lady behind the wheel who accepted the gift. “A guest pass to my seminar tonight, BDSM and hypnosis for submissives. Doctor’s orders, you will find this very compelling…”

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