A Cure for Boredomme

A Cure For Boredomme- 7TH Heaven

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

Time moved slowly for Liana, as her time was being spent preparing for her rendezvous to seduce Charles Carpenter, boss of a rival crime family. Damon Santiago was using Hannah Hunt to hypnotically fill his ex-wife's head with all the information needed to seduce then snare Carpenter. Every day Hannah would stop over and continue her work on the blonde ex-wife, to the point that she eventually knew everything about her ex husband's rival. After her hypnosis sessions with Hannah, Liana would continue her obedience training to Damon and furthered her younger sister Lisa's training and addiction.

Younger sister Lisa originally wondered why her sister was doing this to her, but over time that wonder faded as she fell into her new routine. She was dependent on Damon for everything, and most importantly in her mind dependent on him for the designer drug she craved. The drug, created in Santiago's lab, heightened sexual drive while providing a euphoria in the user. Damon Santiago adeptly used the drug to create a well conditioned slave who at one time did not want anything to do with her sister or her lifestyle. Lisa was now all-in- as the obedient submissive to the crime lord, who was pushed to this point with the help of her sister.

Santiago welcomed Liana and Hannah into the room where her sister was staying, after her original stay in an underground cell had changed with her new submissive attitude.

"Hello bitch," Damon said as his naked ex wife entered the room, wearing only a collar. "Lisa's been waiting for you, haven't you Lisa?"

"Yes Damon," the younger sister said, wearing a bra and panty set with a shock collar around her neck.

"She's very excited to see you, Liana," Santiago continued with an evil smile, as he walked over to Lisa and stroked her cheek.. "You are her trainer after all. Keeping her aroused and giving her the medicine she craves."

"Yes Damon," Liana replied.

"Lisa tell your sister what you want," Damon said with a smirk.

"Please give me my medicine and vibrator," Lisa said almost pleadingly. "I really need it..."

Liana looked at her sister, and her demeanor showed no emotion. She simply was following her conditioning, set in place by Hannah Hunt, and was honoring and obeying her ex-husband. Hannah looked on in disbelief and horror, mortified that this situation was partly a result of her work on Liana.

Damon looked at Hannah and smiled. He knew she feared him, and he relished the fact. She wouldn't look him directly in the eye, and her comments were short and to the point with her boss.

"You've done well with Liana, and it seems as though things are moving along with my DA," Santiago remarked as he walked over to the hypnotist, who tried to blend into the background. "And I see how much you dislike this."

"Yes well...." Hannah began before getting cut off.

"It doesn't matter what you like," Damon said as he grabbed the arm of the hypnotist. "What matters is you do what I tell you. Otherwise you could be the next Lisa."

"I understand," Hannah said, almost defeatedly.

"Make sure you do, Ms. Hunt," Damon answered. "Liana, give your sister what she wants now."

"Yes Damon," the naked Liana replied as she went to the drawer and pulled out a vibrator, then walked to Damon who handed her the rubber hose and syringe.

Lisa lay back on the bed, removed her panties, spread her legs and held out her arm as she smiled, knowing what was coming and welcoming it.

Hannah tried her best to not look and feel guilty as Liana lubed 

the vibrator and inserted the phallus into her sister then put the panties back on to keep the vibrator inserted. The older sister then tied the rubber hose onto her sister's upper arm and took the syringe and inserted its contents into the left arm. Liana then removed the hose, returned it to the drawer before disposing of the needle.

"Very good Liana, you are quite the obedient bitch," Damon said with a smile. "And so helpful in changing the outlook of your pretty little sister."

"Thank you Damon," Liana said at the backwards compliment.

Hannah cringed at the interaction.

"Come, Liana, Hannah let's leave Lisa to enjoy her ride for a while," Santiago said, showing the women the door.

Santiago led the women to his private office, where he sat behind his large desk while Hannah sat in the chair across from him while Liana knelt on the floor next to Hannah.

"Is she ready for this assignment?" Santiago asked his hypnotist.

"Yes, Sir, she is," Hannah replied, not looking the crime boss in the eye.

"Excellent, I will be expecting results," Santiago replied. "Otherwise there will be consequences. Now get her ready."

"Yes, Sir," Hannah said as she stood. "Come, Liana, let's get you organized."


"Movement, Doctor," Jillian said as she peered in the office of Alicia DeLaurent. "Looks like Liana and Hannah Hunt heading off together."

"Ok, not sure we can track them with Liana's computer, but the coming and going at Santiago's and at Emily Tobias' is helpful. I do see a pattern for now," the Doctor said.

"Yes, Santiago's by 9 am and then at Tobias' at 7," Jllian added. "Hunt usually leaves Tobias between 11 and 12 every night."

"Great, I think I see a plan coming together, very good Jillian," the Doctor said to her receptionist/submissive.

"I love your plans, Doctor," Jillian said with a laugh and a smile.


"Good luck, happy hunting," Hannah said as she dropped Liana off at the Grand Hotel. "Uber back to Damon's if you aren't successful."

"Yes Ma'am," Liana said as she grabbed her purse and made her way into the hotel, specifically the VIP Bar where Charles Carpenter frequented.

Liana was dressed in a right fitting little black dress showing off her silicon enhanced breasts and her toned legs in black hose and heels. Her blonde hair was a perfect contrast as was her perfectly done makeup. The look caused every male, and most female heads to turn and see who the stunning woman was who entered the bar and made her way to a corner of the bar where she could see just about everyone, including Charles Carpenter.

Liana smiled as she raised her glass of wine as if to toast Charles Carpenter, who was curious as to why the blonde ex wife of one of his rivals was even there. She smiled as he walked toward her.

"So this is something I never thought I would see, Liana Santiago alive in my favorite bar," Carpenter said with confidence. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I heard you were here," Liana said with a nod and a smile.

"Really...." Carpenter said, almost disbelieving.

"Really. Let's just say I chose the wrong guy the first time around," the blonde said, teasingly playing with her necklace. "I always thought you were smart and impressive, Charles."

"So why aren't you dead?" Carpenter asked. "Damon is not known for being generous that way..."

"Let's just say I made a deal with the one person he does listen to," Liana said.

"Really, Damon listens to no one, as far as we all can tell," Carpenter added.

"Oh, he does listen to one person," the ex wife said. "His mother, who has a soft spot for me."

"Haha, who ever would have guessed Damon Santiago is a momma's boy," Carpenter said with a chuckle.

"But I am free from him, and I will be honest. I love the lifestyle," Liana said as she walked behind the crime boss. "And I am very interested and attracted to you, Charles Carpenter. I do have certain talents...."

Liana reached around her prey and hugged him from behind, her silicon enhanced breasts firmly planted in the back of her target. Her left hand tightly hugged his midsection, while her right hand wandered a bit further south.

"Now this is something," Liana whispered in the ear of Charles Carpenter as she gently felt the bulge in his pants. "And I know the way you look at me why this is excited...."

"Perceptive, Liana," Carpenter countered.

"Let's get out of here," the silicone blonde said as she firmly grabbed the hardening manhood of her target as she walked to his side. "I have the penthouse suite. We can tell your team you are going to be busy as we head upstairs..."

Liana playfully tugged on the manhood of Carpenter, as if it were a leash, noticing its hardening.

"Catch you tomorrow boys," the crime lord said to his lieutenants as he took the hand of Liana and headed to the elevators.

The blonde was all over the crime lord before the elevator came to a stop at the penthouse, and Liana went into full pornstar mode once the door opened.


"So tell me Emily, how are your cases moving along?" Hannah asked her slave, who knelt in her living room in her uniform.

"Well, the O'Boyle case is a slam dunk and today I just got evidence against another crime family. This evidence literally includes receipts, so that one should be another conviction," the District Attorney replied.

"That's wonderful Emily, you make sure you do whatever you need to for the conviction, failure isn't an option," the hypnodomme replied.

"Yes Mistress," the lawyer said from her knees.

"Any other news on cases?" the domme asked.

"I was sent information on the time and location of a deal with the Carpenter family about an hour ago, Mistress," the DA responded."I have no way of knowing if it is any good information, and I really can't use it since I can't verify where it came from."

"You will use that information, you will figure out a way to make that happen," Hannah instructed, knowing the details of the origins of that information. "Tell me how you will do that, Emily."

"I will verify it is from an inside informant who we can't give up as a source, Mistress," the attorney replied. "I will complete the necessary details to make it happen."

"Aren't you worried about your ethics? Your license?" the hypnotist asked.

"No Mistress, my ethics are what you tell me they are," the DA responded.

"Good girl, Emily, do get that finished now so you can put your talented tongue to work," the hypnodomme commanded.

"Yes Mistress, I shouldn't be more than an hour," Emily replied as she got off her knees and headed to her home office to complete her task.

As she headed to her workstation in her home office, the doorbell rang, surprising the attorney.

"Emily, do be a good girl and get the door, I ordered dinner for us," the hypnotist stated calmly. "Here is the cash to pay for it, tell the driver to keep the change."

Emily, dressed in her kinky schoolgirl style uniform, took the money from her MIstress, opened the door. The driver, a girl no older than her mid 20's, was stunned seeing the older woman dressed provocatively in her short skirt, tight white top, push up bra, thigh highs and heels with a strap on definitively tenting that short skirt.

"Hhhhere yyou ggoo, Ma'amm," the girl stammered, handing the bag to the state's most powerful attorney, dressed in a manner belying her professional status.

"Thank you sweetie, the rest is for you," Emily said with a big smile, exchanging the cash for the food.

Emily closed the door on the stunned young lady and then brought the food into the kitchen, before heading to work on falsifying evidence.

Hannah ate alone in the kitchen, pondering her own future while her slave violated every ethic she ever held at her command as she waited for Emily to complete her ethics violation before using her for her own pleasure.

"All done, Mistress," Emily said as she entered the kitchen and knelt.

"Very nice Emily you seem to have no problem doing a your told and violating your own ethics," the hypnodomme said.

"No, Mistress," Emily replied.

"You don't need ethics, you have me to tell you them," Hannah said plainly as she backed her chair slightly as she spread her legs. "Now let's get to the best part of your day, under the table my pretty little slut, put that pretty face where it belongs."


"Jillian, anything on Liana?" Alicia DeLaurent asked her assistant/submissive as she monitored the laptop left for them by Liana herself.

"Nothing, I'm afraid this computer is not going to give us much moving forward," the red wearing assistant declared. "There's just limited things we have access to here."

"I was afraid of that, Jillian, It had been too long since we have had contact or seen any sign of her. I am afraid things are going to get out of hand soon. So let's make something happen. Here's the plan..." the brunette Doctor and dominant informed.


Liana looked at the spent Charles Carpenter, sleeping naked with a satisfied grin on his face after going three rounds with the ex wife of his biggest rival, who performed like a porn star in her breakout role. On the nightstand, the former federal agent had connected the phone of the crime boss to a laptop which was stealing all the information within the phone's contents. Her next step was to clone the phone as the drug dealing, prostitute pimping criminal slept peacefully.

"Phase one underway," Liana texted her ex husband. "Phone contents downloading onto the laptop."

"That's a good little whore, did you fuck him well?" Damon Santiago replied.

"Yes, Damon, like a pornstar, exactly like I was told to," was the reply.

"Excellent. You are really a talented whore, I may just make this your new life," texted the crime boss. "Clone that phone next. If he wakes up, back into pornstar mode, don't take no for an answer if he resists."

"Yes Damon, I understand," texted Liana in response.

"Bring everything here in the morning, you have more work to do here," Damon responded.

"Yes, Damon, I understand," was again Liana's response.

"Speaking of whores..." Damon texted along with a picture of Liana's sister Lisa, kneeling giving a blow job.


"Awake at three, Emily," Hannah instructed as she was giving her final instructions to her sub for the evening before heading home.




Emily woke, feeling relaxed after her reinforcing hypnosis session with her Mistress, and she noticed the lovely candle had been lit, captivating her attention.

"Well, Emily, I have enjoyed visiting this evening but it is time for me to head home. We both have work in the morning," the hypnotist began. "And you must get those convictions, isn't that right?"

"Yes, Mistress," the attorney replied, hardly noticing her disheveled appearance or even the slight glaze that adorned her face from her talented activities. "I understand,"

"You look very tired, Emily, in fact you are very tired," the hypnotist said.

Emily yawned, and her body and movement became sluggish as she followed the suggestion.

"Get a good night's sleep so you may be fresh for work in the morning," the hypnotist continued.

"Yes, Mistress," the DA responded, yawning once more.

Hannah leaned in and planted a kiss on the lips of her submissive, who despite being tired kissed back hard.

"Good night, Emily, off to bed now," the domme instructed after breaking the kiss.

"Good night, Mistress," Emily replied as she slowly made her way to her bed, as her Mistress made her way to her car.


"We have movement. Hannah is in the car," the woman in black in a black SUV stated into her phone. "It's a go, target is alone."

"Excellent, follow at distance and meet at rendezvous point," was the reply.

"I'm on it,," was the reply.

Hannah was hardly paying attention as she took her same route back to her home on the Island that she took every night between 11pm and midnight from her submissive's home. She was deep in thought about her predicament and how deep she was under the thumb of the crime boss Damon Santiago. As she drove she was spinning scenarios in her head about how to alleviate the issue, and none made sense or seemed to be the answer. She hardly noticed that she was being followed from a distance.

As she got close to the highway, the traffic cones and barricades still were prominent as they had been since she began her nightly drive home the last few blocks before she would enter the highway. As she drove, a black SUV similar to hers pulled out in front of her and began to drive slowly. Hannah nearly hit the back of the SUV but it sped up just enough and she was able to brake enough to narrowly avoid a collision. In the activity, her cell phone, which was on the passenger seat next to her, fell forward as she hit the brakes and slid under the passenger seat as she moved forward.

"Shit," Hannah said as her phone went MIA in her car. She tried a quick reach and search, but came up empty. She hit the phone button on her steering wheel, but nothing happened as she realized she disconnected it when her spotify playlist kept interrupting her calls.

Shaken from her deep thought about her predicament, her heart was now racing after the near hit, and she was a bit flustered as her car followed the SUV as it continued in the last blocks of road where there were concrete barricades narrowing the road to one way and one lane. Her confusion and frustration continued as the car in front of her began to slow down, and eventually stop. Hannah, confused and unsure, also came to a stop and looked in the rearview mirror as she thought of backing up and going a different route home. She audibly gasped and slapped the dashboard as she realized another car was behind her and she could not back up, could not go forward and the concrete barriers did not allow her to go around. She wondered if it was Damon's crew, or just some random carjacking. She tried again to find her phone, and again came up with nothing.

The car in front of her slowly began to back up, and the back up lights were bright in the hypnotist's eyes. She noticed the car behind her inching closer, and her confusion and fear were growing. Hannah decided she wasn't going to be hit by the car in front of her, so she decided to get out of the car and walk somewhere, anywhere to get to where people were, which she estimated to be a few blocks at the very least.

As she exited the car, Hannah noticed the car in front of her had stopped backing up, and the driver side door of that car opened. She also noticed the car behind her was flashing its lights and honking the horn.

Hannah looked at the car behind her flashing and honking, and was a bit disoriented at the happenings, especially after her long day with Damon, Liana, and Emily. She was now out of the car, with no purse, no phone, in heels and with all kinds of light and noise distracting her and now a female figure walking toward her from the car in front. With her attention focused on the car behind her, inching closer, flashing lights and honking the horn, she barely noticed the figure from the car in front of her had now come within a few feet of her.

"Professor Hunt," a female voice said as it continued toward her. "It has been a very long time."

Before she processed anything, she noticed the beautiful woman was within arms distance, holding out her hand.

"How have you been, Professor?" the brunette said as she reached out.

Instinctively, without thinking after all the confusion, Hannah held out her hand.

The woman calling her name took the right hand Hannah extended, and pulled it quickly as she reached around with her left hand and pulled her into a rapid hug.

"Sleep now, Hannah." the woman instructed the confused Hannah Hunt, who fell into the arms of the woman who held her hand and held her up.

"That's right, Hannah, nice and deep for me, sleep now," the woman continued. "So nice to be so relaxed, no worries, no stress, no cares, just relaxation."

With her spare hand, the woman who had rapidly induced Hannah Hunt gave a thumbs up. As she did, the car that was disorienting Hannah with the lights and horn had backed up and was soon out of sight.

"So nice and relaxed Hannah, feeling so good, so deep, so relaxed," the woman continued. "So very deep, no worries, no cares, just listening to me and helping you relax after a very long, very stressful day."

"Hannah, in a moment you will remain so very deeply relaxed and you will take my hand and we will go to your car where you will get into the passenger seat. Each step you take will relax you 10 times more deeply, and it will feel so wonderful as you go deeper," the brunette street hypnotist continued. "When you get into the car and sit in the passenger seat you will sink 100 times deeper for me, and it will feel so wonderful, no stress, no worry, no cares, just relaxation and listening to my voice. Do you understand, Hannah?"

"Yessss..." Hannah replied in a muffled tone as her face rested on the shoulder of the woman who had rapidly tranced her.

"Open your eyes and take my hand, Hannah," the woman instructed as she broke the hug.. "Look at me and recognize me Hannah before we walk and you get to sink deeper."

Hannah took the hand offered and looked at the woman who had so rapidly relaxed her as she was instructed.

"Do you recognize me, Professor Hunt?" the woman asked.

"Yesss," hypnotized Hannah responded.

"Do you know who I am, Professor Hunt?" the brunette continued.

'Yessss, Alicia DeLaurent, former student," Hannah replied in a monotone..

"Very good, Professor," Alicia responded. "You are going to learn that students make the best teachers. Now let's walk and get you in the car."

Hannah slowly was led by the hand to her car, and each step did increase her relaxation. When she got to the car, Alicia let go of her hand and she climbed into the passenger seat and felt a big wave of relaxation overcome her.

Alicia smiled at the visible physical reaction as she sat in her car's passenger seat.

"Very good Hannah, close your eyes until I instruct you to open them," Alicia ordered, and on cue Hannah's eyes gently closed. "Count backwards from 100 in your mind and let each number take you deeper into relaxation. When you get to zero, say the number out loud, do you understand?"

"Yessss..." the hypnotist of the crime lord answered.

As Hannah began her count, Alicia looked to the back of the car and noticed her assistant, Jillian, had approached.

"Well executed, Jillian, have you had any other successful hypnotic carjackings?" Alicia DeLaurent asked with a laugh.

"No, Doctor, this is my first, I just followed what you told me to do," Jillian replied. "But you know I am very experienced and really good at that."

"That is true," Alicia said with a smile. "Are you sure there are no cameras in Hannah's house?"

"There are cameras outside the house, but with the tinted windows of Hannah'sSUV they won't notice 2 passengers. There is nothing inside, I used Liana's computer to try and gain access if there was any, but it looks like Santiago is only monitoring the outside of the house as to who is coming and going, Doctor," Jillian answered.

"Good to know. Stay close, I will let you know where we are and what's next, just in case we need to alter plans," the Doctor responded.

"I will be close by, no worries," Jillian responded as she hugged her boss and Mistress before getting into Alicia's car and driving off.

Alicia made her way to the driver's side of Hannah's SUV and got in. WIthin a few moments she heard Hannah.


"Hannah, open your eyes," Alicia commanded and watched as her former professor opened her eyes and stared straight ahead into nothing. "You seem very stressed out about things, tell me is that true?"

"Yess...." Hannah replied.

"Well then let's get you nice and relaxed then so you feel no more stress or worry, won't that be wonderful Hannah?" Alicia asked as she drove to Hannah's house according to the route that was normally taken by Hannah herself.

"Yess...." the hypnodomme of the DA responded.

"You notice the light posts lit on the side of the road don't you Hannah?" Alicia asked. "So gently lit as we drive?"

"Yess.." Hannah answered in her sleepy cadence.

"When I snap my fingers, I will tell you a number, and when you hear the number you will count that number of light posts. When you reach the number I have told you, you will say that number out loud, close your eyes and sink 100 times deeper into relaxation for me, do you understand so far Hannah?" the clever brunette hypnotist began, not ironically unaware she was using a similar tactic Hannah had used on Emily Tobias to deepen the trance of Hannah.

"Yesss,,," the stressed hypnotist of the crime lord replied.

"When I snap my fingers, you will open your eyes, look at me for a new number to count. WHen I give you that number, you will again count up to that number before again closing your eyes and sinking 100 times deeper into relaxation, do you understand, Hannah?" Alicia explained simply.

"Yesss...." Hannah answered, her mind interested in the removal of stress from the recent complications in her life surrounding her work for Santiago.

"Very good girl, Hannah, you will become very relaxed and very used to following my suggestions," Alicia began.


Hannah slowly turned her head and looked at her hypnotist.

"Ten," Alicia ordered, and with that Hannah turned her head to look out the front of her car and silently began counting.

"Tennn...." the ever deeper relaxing hypnotist counted as she closed her eyes.

Alicia smiled as she saw her body visibly relax deeper as she closed her eyes.


Hannah opened her eyes again, and turned to see her hypnotist.

"Fifteen," Alicia said with a smile.

Hannah again turned to look out the front of the car and again began her silent count of the gently lit light posts that were evenly spaced on the side of the road. That was how Hannh spent her ride to her home that evening, deepening her own trance level at the command of her former student.

"Excellent, her mind is so confused and stressed she is welcoming the relaxation," Alicia mused in thought. "And she will be getting very used to following my suggestions at the snap of my finger..."

That was how the ride went, Alicia DeLaurent snapping her fingers and giving her former professor a number of light posts to count, then watching as the teacher became the student and followed directions, with Hannah Hunt sending herself deeper into relaxation when reaching the magic number that had her close her eyes and sink once again. Time after time, the professor, and hypnotist to the crime lord, obeyed, her conflicted and exhausted mind welcoming the break from the stress felt at doing the bidding of Damon Santiago.

"We have reached the residence," Doctor DeLaurent said to her assistant Jillian, who was circling nearby as she settled into her evening residence of the local motel. "Let me know if there's anything I need to be aware of. Otherwise, the training will continue."

"Understood, Doctor, I will continue to monitor things through Liana's computer and keep you updated on anything out of the ordinary," the loyal assistant replied, "Enjoy your night."

"You know I will, Jillian," the capable Doctor and dominant answered with a smile.

"Hannah, open your eyes, and look at me," Alicia suggested, as she waited until her subject looked at her. "When I snap my fingers, you will lead me to your office here, we still have work to complete, do you understand?"

"Yess,,," Hannah responded, her relaxation deepened after her nearly hour long drive of counting and sinking.

"Excellent, Hannah, the deeper you go the easier it becomes to follow suggestions and sink deeper again," Alicia suggested.

"Yess," the hypnotized hostess replied.


Hannah exited the passenger side, and then entered the garage level of her home, with Alicia DeLaurent following close behind. She slowly walked down the hallway, and made a slight turn to where her office entrance was.

"Open the door, Hannah, and sit on your patient chair and stay silent," Alicia told the still hypnotized Hannah, who followed the suggestions flawlessly.

"Very good, Hannah," Alicia praised. "Now it's time for a bit of your own medicine."

Hannah simply looked straight ahead at her hypnotist, who was now sitting in her own office chair.

"We are in a Doctor's office, and you are in the patient's chair," Alicia suggested. "Hannah, I am your Doctor, the one who gives you deep relaxation, and you will refer to me as Doctor from now on, do you understand?"

"Yes, Doctor," Hannah responded from her deep hypnotic state with no hesitation.

"Very good, Hannah," Alicia reinforced. "Were you a good student, Hannah?"

"Yes, Doctor," the woman in control of the DA admitted.

"The type of student who needed to get every answer correct, Hannah?" Alicia continued.

"Yes, Doctor," Hannah answered.

"Of course you were, Hannah, that is very commendable," Alicia continued. "And now Hannah when I snap my fingers you will be that student again, it will be very important that you answer every question I ask correctly, do you understand?"

"Yes, Doctor," Hannah responded.

"When you know the correct answer, you will raise your hand. Each question you correctly answer will send you deeper into relaxation and feel wonderful, do you understand?" Alicia added.

"Yes, Doctor," the hypnotized Dr. Hunt answered.


Hannah closed and opened her eyes at the snap, and Alicia smiled at her "student".

"Can you name this man, How do you know him, Hannah?" Alicia asked as she held up a photo from the file she had brought with her that sat on the desk, immediately Hannah raised her hand. "Yes, Hannah?"

"Yes, Doctor," Hannah answered. "That is Damon Santiago, he hired me to hypnotize someone for him."

"Very good, Hannah," Alicia continued. "Who did he hire you to hypnotize?"

Hannah raised her hand and like a good student waited to be called on before answering.

"Yes, Hannah?" Dr. DeLaurent said.

"Emily Tobias, she was the Assistant District Attorney when I was hired, Doctor," Hannah offered.

"Well done, Hannah, you are getting them all correct," Alicia said. "What is being done with Emily Tobias?"

Again the prize pupil raised her hand.

"Hannah? You have the answer?" Alicia asked.

"Yes Doctor," Hannah began. "I have made her my slave. She does exactly what I tell her to do."

"What has Emily Tobias been told to do?" Alicia continued.

The star student raised her hand, allowing Dr. DeLaurent to call on Hannah again, "Go on, Hannah...."

"She is being given evidence to use to convict the rivals of Damon Santiago, Doctor," Hannah answered.

"Where is the evidence coming from?" Alicia asked.

Hannah raised her hand again.

"Hannah..." Alicia said, holding out her hand to invite her to answer.

"Damon Santiago," Hannah answered.

"Where is Liana Santiago?" Alicia asked, waiting to see if her hypnotized subject knew the answer.

Alicia DeLaurent was not disappointed as Hannah raised her hand before calling on her.

"Seducing Charles Carpenter to clone his phone for evidence, Doctor," Hannah responded.

"What happened to Liana Santiago to get her to do this?" Doctor DeLaurent questioned.

Hannah's right hands shot up in the air and Alicia pointed at her to answer.

"I hypnotized her, Doctor, and gave her to Damon Santiago, Doctor," Hannah replied.

"What does it mean that you 'gave her' to Damon?" Alicia asked incredulously.

Hannah lifted her hand in the air, having the answer.

"Go on, Hannah...."

"I made her honor and obey Damon as a loyal slave, Doctor," Hannah replied.

"What has Liana been made to do?" Alicia pressed.

Hannah kept her perfect score going.

"Seduce Carpenter, get evidence against him, help train her sister Lisa," Hannah replied.

Dr. DeLaurent bristled at the last comment, infuriated and disgusted.

"Train Lisa how?" Alicia asked sternly.

Hannah put her hand up. Alicia was sure she didn't want to hear the answer.

"As a whore and addicted to a designer drug, Liana was injecting her with," Hannah replied.

"Who is afraid of Damon Santiago?" Alicia asked.

Hannah threw her hand up and even under hypnosis looked nervous.


"I am, Doctor," Hannah replied.

"Hannah, when I snap my fingers, you will count from 10 to zero, go 100 times deeper with each number, when you reach zero close your eyes and sink even deeper," Alicia commanded, hearing enough.

Alicia DeLaurent took out a set of nipple clamps and pair of rubber panties with attached anal probe and dildo.


"You got involved with the worst crime boss in the country and now you are totally fucked, and soon you will be, and you will believe it's your own idea. Listen carefully, Hannah, this is what you are going to do..."


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