A Cure for Boredomme

A Cure for Boredomme- Eight is Enough

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

"Are you sure? There isn't anything to do?" the assistant wearing all red asked.

"Of course I am sure, unfortunately, I don't like leaving people out there in unsafe conditions, but we need to let things go so nobody suspects anything," the brunette doctor Aliciia DeLaurent remarked. "But I do see an end in sight."

"Yes, and as for scheduling, Deanna Dennison has an appointment at 2 pm," the assistant said.

"Thanks Jillian I am enjoying these appointments," the Doctor replied with a smile. "I look forward to them, actually."

"I wonder why..." the pretty assistant and submissive responded with a laugh.


"Miss Dennison is here," the bubbly receptionist chimed over the intercom.

"Excellent, send her in," the voice over the intercom responded.

"Here's Miss Dennison, Doctor," the receptionist said, leading the women into the office of the psychiatrist.

"Thank you, that will be all, please have a seat Miss Dennison," the Doctor instructed as her receptionist closed the door. "I think we are making excellent progress, don't you agree?"

"I definitely agree," the patient started. "Especially when the student becomes the teacher."

Hannah Hunt's eyes glazed over as she was triggered into hypnosis by "Deanna Dennison", who watched as the pretty doctor's features showed the sure signs of deep hypnosis that had been conditioned into the not so good doctor since her hypnotic carjacking.

"Now dismiss the staff, I am your last client of the day," Alicia DeLaurent ordered as she snapped her fingers before her former professor.

"Yes, Doctor," a hypnotized Hannah replied as she walked to her desk. "Gina, take the rest of today off, Miss Dennison is my last client of the day, get an early start to your weekend."

"Thank you Dr. Hunt," the voice replied. "That is very generous!"

Alicia smiled as the doctor finished her task and stood silently.

"Lock the office door, Hannah," Alicia ordered as she watched her subject comply with no hesitation. "Strip,"


Hannah immediately began removing her clothes, folding them neatly article by article, placing them on a table in the office until she was completely naked.

"Very good, Hannah, this is our what, 10th session and look how well you obey," Alicia teased. "Kneel."


Hannah immediately fell to her knees in the center of her private office.

"Tell me Hannah who obeys better, Emily Tobias or you?" Alicia asked pointedly.

"I don't know, Doctor..." a confused Hannah responded.

"And you are still hypnotizing and training Emily? Doing what Damon is telling you to do?" Alicia asked.

"Yes Doctor," Hannah replied.

"Very good, Hannah," Alicia said as she patted the head of the kneeling psychiatrist. "What thought goes through your mind every time you hypnotize or dominate Emily Tobias?"

"I wish it were you hypnotizing and dominating me, Doctor," Hannah replied as her hypnotist smiled.

"You're learning so well, Professor," Alicia said with relish.

"And how do you feel about Damon Santiago?" Alicia asked.

"I am scared to death of him, Doctor," Hannah replied with a slight shudder.

"Why are you afraid of him, Hannah," Alicia pushed.

"Well Doctor he threatens me, I am afraid he will kill me if I don't do what he says," Hannah began. "Or I will end up like Lisa."

"Tell me about Lisa, Hannah," Alicia instructed.

"Yes, Doctor. Lisa has been trained to be Damon's sex slave. He is drugging her, he says he is using a maintenance dose to keep Lisa under his control," Hannah said.

"Do you know what the drug is, Hannah?" Alicia asked.

"No, Doctor," Hannah replied. "It is something he said was designed by his lab."

"And you want to be safe from Damon Santiago?" Alicia asked.

"Yes, Doctor," the kneeling weapon of the crime lord answered.

"In order to do that you must go deeper for me, obey me, and continue to do the work Damon Santiago hired you for, he must not know anything other than you will do exactly what he says, do you understand, Hannah?" Alicia asked, knowing the answer.

"Yes, Doctor," Hannah replied.

"And you feel totally fucked by the sitution with Damon Santiago?" Alicia asked as she opened her bag taking out a few objects.

"Yes Doctor," Hannah answered.

Alicia held out nipple clamps in front of Hannah, and simply said "attach."


Hannah took the clamps and placed them on her nipples.

Alcia held out a mid size butt plug, and simply said "Insert."


Hannah took the plug and put it in her mouth to lube before inserting it into her ass.

"On the couch, lie down now," Alicia ordered.


Hannah gingerly got up so as to not have the plug leave her ass, and carefully padded her way to the couch in the office to lie down.

"Good girl, Hannah," Alicia said as she lay on the couch, hands at her sides, clamps and plug in place. "Time to condition you deeper so you may eventually be free from Damon Santiago."

Alicia pulled out a vibrating wand and turned it on low and gently placed it right where Hannah wanted it.

"Soon you will learn to feel totally fucked but in a good way, by me," Alicia told the hypnotized Hannah Hunt. "Now listen carefully, you have work to do..."


"I must say the last 2 weeks have been amazing, Liana," Charles Carpenter admitted as she lay next to the blonde ex wife of his rival. "You have some amazing talents."

"Oh, you don't know the half of it, Charles," Liana said as she playfully started sucking him again. "And you never will."

Charles sat back in bed and enjoyed life as Liana Santiago behaved like a porn star working expertly on his once again rising member, for the third time of the day before his phone interrupted. Charles reached over, picked his phone up off the nightstand and looked at the message while Liana never skipped a beat.

"Show time," Charles said as she pushed Liana off of his member. "Sorry Liana, business calls. Big business."

Charles put his phone back on the night stand and hurried into the bathroom where he turned on the shower. Liana padded out of bed and looked into the slightly open bathroom door and heard the curtain of the shower close, so she raced over to his phone and unlocked it, and read the last message.

"Meet in 90 minutes, location as discussed," with the phone number being the only identifying thing about the message.

Liana took out her phone and texted Damon the message and phone number.

"Excellent, slut. When he leaves, fuck yourself to orgasm three times like the whore that you are then pack your things and wait. He won't be coming back," Damon texted back."My driver will get you in 2 hours."

Damon then sent the next message with the information directly to Emily Tobias from his 'undercover informant' computer, knowing the DA would spring into action courtesy of the craftsmanship of Hannah Hunt..

Liana got back in bed and waited for Charles to get out of the shower, pretending to be the good girlfriend of the crime boss.

Carpenter got out of the shower, dressed and ready to go. Liana got out of bed and gave him a hug and a kiss as he hurriedly got his things together.

"Five minutes, out front, this is the one," Charles said into the phone, Liana believing the person on the other end of the phone was his driver. "This one is the big one, I will let you know how things go."

Liana shed a tear after Charles left, partially sad because she did actually like him, but mostly happy because she had flawlessly obeyed Damon just like she was conditioned to do.

LIana then hurriedly packed her things and took out her vibrator.

"This slut has more work to do to complete the assignment..." she thought as she began playing with her favorite toy.


Hannah Hunt arrived at the Santiago compound and was immediately escorted to the office of the crime family head with a security guard and told to wait. Damon enjoyed the mental games he played, knowing the hypnotist was living in fear. It was his addiction- playing mind games from his position of power and fear. This was just another head game, having her wait alone with security for her task. Hannah sat in the chair across from where Damon would sit if he were in the office while security stood at the door.

"Any chance I can get some water?" the doctor asked.

"I'm not leaving my position," the guard said.

"Where am I going? You know I won't leave here, not without permission or a guard," Hannah reasoned. "There's a water cooler literally across the hall."

"OK. Stay right there," the guard ordered.

"No problem, thank you," Hannah responded.

As soon as the guard left the room, Hannah removed the box of gum from her pocket, the kind that was in what looked like a small case, and removed a usb data stick and placed it in the laptop port of the computer on the desk of Damon Santiago, then placed a stack of papers from one section of the desk over the port so as to not be seen. She then moved back to the seat she occupied when the guard left, while the data stealing usb stick did its work.

"Water," the guard said to Hannah, handing her the paper cup of water.

"Thank you," the hypnotist responded, taking only a small sip.


"How nice to see the sisters together again," Damon said as he entered the room where Liana and Lisa were sitting. "Come girls, let's check out the late news, shall we?"

The sisters dutifully followed Damon into the larger room where the big screen television was playing the local station. Soon enough, the pretty blond talking head came on the screen exclaiming the big news of the day.

"And in our top story, another week and yet another crime family wiped out," the blonde anchor proclaimed. "Let's send it over to our field reporter who is at the courthouse steps for an update."

"Thank you Ashley," the reporter began. "According to various sources within the DA's office, the Charles Carpenter head of the Carpenter crime family, was arrested with most of his lieutenants as well as a supplier of drugs. No names released as of yet for the supplier. These arrests mark the third and fourth crime syndicates potentially taken down under the brief but effective tenure of District Attorney Emily Tobias. We will have more news as it develops, back to the studio..."

Damon turned off the television, and stroked the hair of Lisa who sat on the floor in front of him, gently stroking his rising bulge as he watched. Liana stood and watched the report, and a tear came to her eye upon seeing the face of Charles on the screen.

"Tears of joy Liana?" Damon asked with a smirk as he looked at his ex wife. "You are responsible for his demise. I must say there is nothing like a spy who looks like a porn star and obeys like a slave, isn't that right slut?"

"Yes, Damon," Liana replied, wiping the tear away.

"Now the real fun begins, slut," Damon said as he pushed Lisa off his member and stood up and laughed. "Now the life you earned begins."

"Let's go," Damon said as he took the pair back to the original room where Lisa was held.

The room contained a chair where someone could be locked in and a standard desk chair next to it. Next to the chairs was a table with a medical kit on it.

"Have a seat, Liana," Damon ordered.

Liana moved to sit in the desk chair and began to sit down.

"Wrong chair, slut," Damon said as he pointed to the other chair, and watched as his ex wife moved to the other chair. "Lisa, lock her in place like a good girl."

"Of course Damon," the girl replied and she moved and locked her older sister in the chair.

"Bring in Ms. Hunt," Damon said on his phone.

The security guard walked over and motioned for the hypnotist to get up and follow. As she stood, Hannah "managed" to get her leg caught under the chair and feigned falling, and in her 'fall' the cup of water she held spilled on the front of the pants of the security guard.

"Oh no! I am soooo sorry! I think there are towels by the water cooler..." Hannah offered.

The guard, in his haste to dry off and maintain his cool, said "Stay here!" then walked hurriedly across the hall to the location of the water cooler, where he found a towel.

As the guard went to get a towel to dry off, Hannah reached over and took out the data stick and carefully placed it back into the gum packet just as the guard returned.

"Gum?" Hannah asked as she had the pack opened in her hand.

"No. Let's go," the guard said as Hannah returned the gum packet to her pocket. It was the only thing in her possession, as her purse and cell phone were securely locked away the second she entered the compound,

The security team member brought in the hypnotist, who saw Lisa locking Liana into place in the chair. Hannah cringed as she saw the medical kit on the table next to Liana.

"Hello Miss Hunt, I know you have time tonight since my favorite DA is working on the new charges for yet another crime family that was arrested thanks to the information provided by an informant," Damon chuckled. "I saw my DA on television earlier this evening saying her law and order style is the reason for these criminals going down."

"Yes Damon, well that is what got her the Assistant DA position, her policy and her record," Hannah replied.

"How cute, Ms. Hunt, defending your little toy," Damon said smugly with a hearty laugh.. "Well, really MY little toy."

Intimidated, Hannah looked at the floor as Damon was talking.

"Now Ms. Hunt do your magic and bring back that bitch of an ex wife of mine," Damon began. "The porn star slut slave was fun, but I want to see my OG ex wife as her fate is sealed."

"Yes, Damon," Hannah said. "I'll need some time."

"You have 15 minutes, get to work or you will be next," Damon replied as he took up a space against the wall, with Lisa moving in to hug and be nearby.

Hannah pulled out a candle and lit it in front of Liana.

"Liana, look at the flame of the candle now," the hypnotist commanded. "As you look at it when we are together, what must you do?"

"I must relax and go deeper," Liana said, remembering her conditioning at the hands of Dr. Hunt.

"Very good Liana," Hannah responded. "And you remember how to count yourself deeper, don't you Liana?"

"Yes...." the blonde replied.

"Then begin now," Hannah ordered.

Liana's eyes glazed over more as she began her count.












Liana's eyes slammed shut, her chin went to her ample chest as she sunk deep into hypnosis.

Hannah looked at Damon, who smiled and motioned with his hands to continue.

"Liana, you remember the boxes, don't you?" the hypnotist asked.

"Yes..." the hypnotized woman responded.

"What color are the boxes and what do they mean, remember and tell me," Hannah suggested.

"Yess... blue box... obedient Liana, honor and obey Damon Liana.... Red box... original girl... normal Liana..." Liana replied.

"Very good Liana," Hannah responded, "How many boxes are open at one time?"

"One..." Liana replied.

"Which box is open now?" Hannah continued.

"Blue box..." Liana replied.

"That's right, Liana," Hannah answered. "And we can control which box is open in your mind, do you remember, Liana?"

"Yes..." was the slow, steady, hypnotized reply.

"Very good Liana," Hannah said. "Now it is time to put obedient Liana, honor and obey Damon Liana in the blue box and close the lid, tell me when the lid is closed,"

After what seemed like an eternity for Hannah, with Damon staring her down the entire time with a wicked smile on his face, Liana finally answered, "the lid is closed."

"Excellent Liana, you have remembered everything perfectly," the hypnotist said. "Now it is time to reopen the red box, time for the original girl, normal Liana to be free in your mind. Original girl, normal Liana, will remember everything that blue box Liana did when she emerges from the red box, do you understand? Let the original girl, normal Liana, out of the box now. You will awaken as original girl normal Liana."

Slowly Liana began shaking her head as she awakened from her recent joyride as Damon's obedient porn star spy.

"What the fuck did you do to me,,," Liana said to Hannah as her original self emerged. She realized she was bound to the chair and began thrashing to try to break free to no avail. "Let me go! Let me out of here!"

Damon walked over to his ex wife and slapped her face as she began screaming. Hannah recoiled at the exchange.

"That's enough, slut," Damon said. "Nobody wants to hear your screams. Lisa, come here. Now."

Liana's younger sister practically ran to Damon. She threw an arm around the man who trained her and began rubbing up against him in a sexy way.

"Thank your sister, Lisa, after all it was her that started you on your way to the sexy little slut you are now, she was the first one to put a needle in your arm," Damon said with a laugh.

"Thanks Liana!" Lisa said.

"Lisa, wouldn't it be nice for your sister to feel like you do? So sexy and fun?" Damon asked with that evil smile.

"Yes, it would be sooooo fun!" Lisa replied, still attached to Damon, her hands rubbing and roaming on his body.

"Then let's get to it," Damon said as he brought Lisa closer to her sister. Damon noticed Hannah inching her way closer to the door. "Stay right there Miss Hunt. I couldn't have had this moment without you, so watch and enjoy."

Hannah shook her head in disbelief and looked at her feet in fear. She realized it was far too late for remorse.

"Lisa, why don't you go sit next to your sister," Damon instructed.

Liana thrashed violently in the chair she was bound to, unable to remove herself from the situation. Damon walked over to the medical kit and took out a syringe and a rubber hose, handing the younger sister the rubber hose.

"Just like I told you, Lisa," Damon reminded as he handed the younger sister the hose, then watched as Lisa tied the hose around the arm of Liana.

"Very good Lisa," Damon began. "Now it's time for your sister to enjoy the same ride you have, tell her how great you feel Lisa."

"It's sooooo great LIana, oh my god you are gonna love it..." the younger sister responded.

Hannah wished she could disappear as she watched Damon take a syringe and give it to Lisa.

"You know what to do, Lisa," Damon instructed as Lisa prepared the needle by releasing any air inside.

Damon then stood before his ex wife and brushed back the strands of hair that had fallen in front of her eyes from thrashing, and smiled wickedly at her.

"Welcome to your new life, you fucking slut, this is what you deserve," Damon said as he watched Lisa inject her older sister in the arm with the drug that was used to train and control LIsa.

Liana felt the effects fairly soon. As Damon smiled, Hannah helplessly watched.

"Feels nice doesn't it slut," Damon said to Liana as he handed Lisa the same vibrating wand that Liana used when she first was injected with the same drug. "You know what to do Lisa,"

LIsa sat in the chair next to her sister and flipped the switch sending the wand roaring to life as she began to use the wand on her sister.

"Enjoy the ride, slut," Damon said as he turned to leave the room, grabbing Hannah by the arm along the way, escorting her to the next destination, which she hoped was out of there.

Damon led the hypnotist to the garage, and then out of the building and to her car, where her bag and phone were already waiting..

"You do excellent work, Ms. Hunt," Santiago said as he grabbed her chin to make her look at him. "It's worth every single penny to own you."

"Hello," the woman's voice answered as Hannah made the call.

"Hello Doctor," Hannah responded.

"How nice of you to call, have you completed your assignment?" the woman asked.

"Yes, Doctor," Hannah replied, her breathing slowing.

"I told you, Hannah, it's best when the student becomes the teacher," the voice told the hypnotist owned by Santiago. "Now,here is what you will do now..."


Alicia DeLaurent smiled as she saw the headline of the city newspaper declaring yet another success for law enforcement with the arrest of Damon Santiago and his crew, She was doubly pleased at the praise heaped upon Emily Tobias, who had the term 'acting' removed from her title as she was given the job of District Attorney full time. It was fitting that this was the day they were to meet so the doctor could explain exactly what had transpired through the entire saga.

"District Attorney Tobias is here, Doctor," the lovely, red wearing assistant and submissive Jillian said.

"Excellent, Jillian please bring her in now," Alicia instructed.

"Yes, Ma'am," the submissive assistant replied.

"Welcome, District Attorney Tobias," Doctor DeLaurent said as she held out a hand to the District Attorney. "It is a pleasure to meet you."

"I'm a bit confused and not really sure why I am here, to be honest, Doctor," the DA replied as she sat in the chair across from the pretty brunette doctor..

"Well, that is why you are here, to discuss things that have gone on in the last few weeks. Madam District Attorney," Alicia said.

"Please, call me Emily," the DA said. "And feel free to start."

"Well, Emily, let's start with Hannah Hunt," Alicia said. "Tell me what you remember about her,"

"She is a friend," Emily replied with a slight twitch. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I know she is your mistress and has been hypnotizing you since the charity event a few weeks ago," Alicia said, laying the cards on the table.

"What... wait..." Emily stammered. "How...."

"She had been working for Damon Santiago," the Doctor responded. "Here, Emily, just focus here for a moment please."

Alicia took out a candle and lit it, placing it between them on her desk.

"Focus on the flame, Emily, I know you remember how to do that," Doctor DeLaurent said, looking at the DA through the candle flame.

"Yess," Emily said, her conditioning from Hannah clearly evident.

"Very good Emily," Alicia began, "Count yourself down from five, sinking deeper with each number, deeply relaxed at zero."








Emily Tobias fell into yet another deep hypnotic trance, this time in the office of Alicia DeLaurent, who took a deep breath and smiled.

Ninety minutes later, Alicia DeLaurent called for her assistant to bring in coffee and water.

"She looks peaceful, Doctor," Jillian said as she brought in the carafe of coffee and bottles of water.

"Yes, well considering I just told her everything that's happened to her, it took a few suggestions to calm her," Alicia responded. "She will wake when she is ready,"

"It's a lot to process," Jillian remarked.

"Yes, and let's see how she responds when she wakes," the doctor said with a shrug. "Thank you for the coffee and water."

"You're welcome, Doctor," the assistant as she exited.

Eventually the District Attorney slowly regained consciousness.

"Take your time, it is a lot to absorb all at once, I tried to help you mentally while you were under," Alicia said to the slowly waking Emily Tobias.

"Oh my God, everything is true..." Emily began. "Give me a minute..."

Alicia gave the District Attorney water.

"So I have been getting hypnotized and conditioned by the woman I sat with at the charity event a few weeks ago?" Emily asked.

"Yes, and she was hired by Damon Santiago," Alicia added.

"Ok.... and Santiago provided all the information to all the evidence on the crime syndicates that were taken down," Emily said. "And I falsified evidence at their command..."

"Yes, all true," Alicia added.

"And that bitch trained me to be her lesbian slave...." Emily continued.

"Yes, you were under the influence of Hannah Hunt," Alicia informed.

"How did you know she was controlling me...." the DA asked.

"I didn't, not until I hypnotized her myself," Alicia told the DA.

"How did that happen? How did you get involved?" Emily asked.

"Santiago's ex wife, she came to me and told me Hannah had been hired to hypnotize you," Alicia said. "Liana, the ex wife, used to be an analyst with the feds and did Santiago's computer system when they were together. She still monitored him for her own safety. Once he had you under control, she felt she was going to be killed. So she came to me to help when she had to visit Hannah Hunt at his order, really."

"That put you onto Hannah Hunt," the DA said following the leads

"Yes, and when I didn't hear from Liana I made a move on Hanah Hunt," Alicia said with a smile.

"How..." Emily started to ask before being interrupted.

"I carjacked her, and in the process hypnotized her," Alicia said.

"Wait... what?" The DA asked. "Carjacking? That's criminal..."

"OK, then let me rephrase. My car had trouble when I pulled out in front of Hannah Hunt's. There was a car behind her honking and flashing lights and when Hannah got out of the car I got out of the car and Hannah was accidentally hypnotized," Alicia said. "Is that better Madam District Attorney?"

"OK....And you let me stay under the control of that bitch...for how long? Why?" Emily asked with an edge to her voice and an angry look on her face.

"Until I got Hunt to get the evidence to take down Santiago," Alicia informed the DA. "Look Madam DA I could have trained you to be my personal little toy once I got into Hannah Hunt's head. You could be under my desk right now licking away like a kitten with a saucer of milk."

"Point taken..." the DA responded sheepishly, her face flushed red.

"And Hunt got you the evidence to put Santiago away for a long time," Alicia added.

"Well, wow it is a lot to take in. I have to do the right thing and clear the people who I falsified evidence against," the DA said.

"I'm afraid not, Emily, it's best if you don't open that box," Alicia said. "The greater good is the bad guys are put away, For a very long time. You did impressive work to get that done,"

"Not at the expense of my reputation, I will always know I falsified evidence, I can't live with knowing that," the DA explained.

"I can do something about that," Alicia said with a smile. "I'm afraid you won't remember that."

She placed the candlestick between her and Emily Tobias and held out the lighter in front of the DA.

"Light the candle, Emily," Alicia ordered.

Emily Tobias took the lighter and lit the candle and looked deeply into the flame.


Emily Tobias sunk into hypnosis once again.

"Old habits do die hard, especially when I don't want them too," Alicia thought to herself as she looked at the again hypnotized DA.


Damon Santiago waited in the holding room at the jail facility he was being held at, for what he was not entirely sure, Based on the evidence of his crimes, he was not given bail and he was not at all pleased as he sat hands cuffed in front of him tethered to the metal table he was forced to sit at. He laughed when he saw Emily Tobias walking in, alone.

"Well if it isn't the lesbian slave DA," Santiago began. "How is life as a mindless lesbian slut for someone I hired?"

"Save your strength, tough guy I have a feeling you will need it where you are going," the DA shot back.

"Whatever you say, you obedient little slut," Santiago retorted. "Where's my lawyer."

"He is on his way, just a bit of a wait at the front desk to get back here where the worst of society is held," Emily responded. "I thought we should have a discussion."

"About what? How I gave you all the information for the arrests? Or how you were compromised and enslaved to be a lesbian sex slut?" Damon asked. "Or how you falsified evidence?"

"Oh, I don't think you want to discuss any of those things. First, I don't falsify evidence," Emily said with confidence, believing every word she said. "Second, I suggest you take the plea bargain deal I offer you. Otherwise, you will find yourself alone in the same prison with every single criminal you set up. Just you. NONE of your men."

"You can't do that..." Santiago said with a yell.

"Yes I can. And I have. Take the deal," the DA said, getting within an inch of the face of the criminal. "Otherwise I bet you will be dead by noon on day one. I'll celebrate at 12:01."

"Fuck you bitch..." Santiago screamed as the DA left the room.

It wasn't long before the DA reentered the holding room once the crime boss' lawyer arrived.

"Hello boys, how are the worst of the worst doing?" Emily said with contempt. "The worst of the criminals and the worst of the lawyers. Before you answer, here's the deal, 5 minutes only to accept, otherwise a long trial and max sentencing in the worst prison."

The DA threw the folder on the table as she sat across from the pair, who began looking at the deal being offered. As they read, Emily tapped her foot with her arms folded.

"One more minute, boys," the DA said confidently. "Take the deal or I will bury you both in court."

Santiago and his lawyer were frantically whispering in animated fashion.

"Take the deal," Santiago said, believing the DA would do what she said.

"Good boy, Damon," the bold DA said as she looked at the criminal before turning to his lawyer and talking to him. "And that saves you a lot of public embarrassment."

The criminal and lawyer signed the deal putting Santiago away for 45 years. In his head, living in prison is better than dying violently in prison. The powerful criminal feared death. The head games he enjoyed playing had been played against him, and he lost, and he knew it.

Once back in her office, Emily Tobias collapsed.


"Well, you want closure," Alicia said as she sat next to Emily Tobias on the nearly empty plane. "This will take care of that."

"I hope so," the DA said. "I'm not sure visiting someone in witness protection is the best idea."

"I think it will be beneficial for both you, and Hannah," Alicia said. "Well, Holly now I suppose. I did have some quality time with her before she went into the witness program."

Emily shot the Doctor a look.

"So changing the subject, I am glad that Lisa is doing well and that Liana has fully recovered," the DA said. "And you had a big part in that, so great job."

"I just got Lisa into the right program since nobody really knew what that drug was," the Doctor explained. "And Liana had a lot of training with the feds. I just cleaned up the mess that Hannah left in her head. Fortunately she wasn't as far along the addiction road as her sister. They both should be fine with a little more time."

The pair landed and headed to their hotel and checked in. They had dinner in the hotel restaurant, which was regarded as one of the fanciest in the area. Alicia smiled as the host took them to their table to sit down.

Between the pair at the center of the table was a single lit candle. Alicia tapped Emily on the shoulder as they neared the table and held up a single finger, then blew out the candle before they sat down.

"Unless you want the candle lit, Madam District Attorney," Alicia said as she playfully took a lighter out of her purse and held it out in front of her.

"I think I've seen the light on that subject, Doctor," the DA parried.

The women laughed and sat and enjoyed each other's company and had a wonderful dinner.

After dinner, it was time.

"Are you ready for this, Emily?" the doctor asked.

"No, but we're here," the DA replied. "No time like the present is there.."

"She works here," Alicia said. "Perfect, it's empty and almost closing time."

"How did you get the information on her?" the DA asked.

"I get my information right from the source, Hannah herself," the crafty doctor replied. "Let's go inside."

The pair entered the coffee shop and headed over to the counter, where Holly Howe, formerly Doctor Hannah Hunt, now worked.

"Can I help you?" the handsome young barista asked the pair of pretty women.

"You could, but would you mind if Holly were to assist us? We are old friends," Alicia asked the young man.

"Sure, no problem, I'll go get her for you," the barista offered.

Alicia and Emily waited as the barista headed over to where Holly was working, before heading to the counter where they waited.

"What the fuck..." Holly said as she recognized her former slave and the Doctor who had controlled her.

"Hello professor," Alicia said. "I brought you a present. Well, not really but Emily here needs closure."

"Closure? Fuck you. I am stuck here doing this menial bullshit because of you." the former employee of the crime lord said with disdain.

"First, you did this to yourself by working with a criminal. Second, there is nothing wrong with working for a living, so fuck you." Alicia said. "Third, It is always better when the student becomes the teacher."

Holly Howe's eyes closed as her trigger sent her under hypnosis as Alicia smiled a wide grin.

"That never gets old," Alicia said to Emily. "So Holly, open your eyes and look at me."

Holly complied, her hazel eyes looking at her hypnotist once again.

"In a moment, you will walk with us over to the chairs in the lounge section of the coffee shop, do you understand?" Alicia asked.

"Yes..." Holly responded.

"You will wait for me to come get you to go to that section," Alicia instructed. "In the meantime you will behave normally and get Emily two coffees."

"Yes..." Holly said as she made her way to get the coffee as instructed.

"Be right back," Alicia whispered to Emily as she walked over to the young male barista who brought Holly to them.

"Hi, Josh," Alicia said reading the nametag as she reached out and took hold of the forearm of the college aged man, who turned and smiled at the beautiful doctor. "We are just going to steal Holly for just a few minutes, we just need to make a few plans, she will be back to work in a few, that won't be an issue for you, will it?"

Alicia, in full flirt mode, smiled as the young man replied, "Sssure, no problem, whatever you need."

"Thank you Josh, it is refreshing to meet such a nice gentleman," Alicia flirted as she smiled and turned and walked away. She noticed the young man's wide smile as she turned and walked away.

"Is this for me?" Alicia asked as she picked up a coffee as the two other women nodded.

"Come, Holly, we have a few things to discuss," the doctor replied, leading the hypnotized woman over to the lounge area of the shop. Emily followed.

Once the women sat, Alicia took control.

"Holly, after work you will go the the bar at the Montgomery Hotel," the Doctor explained. "You will be very excited to have Emily take you upstairs. You will do exactly what she says, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand," Holly replied.

"Good girl," Alicia said. "When I snap my fingers you will return to work."


Holly opened her eyes and headed back to work.


"Ready? It's almost showtime, coffee girl Holly will be here soon," Alicia said at the hotel bar as she handed Emily a list of triggers and outcomes regarding the former Hannah Hunt. "Here are your options and the triggers."

"Yes I am ready," Emily replied. "So I just say the phrase and that's it?"

"Yes, that's it," Alicia responded. "I had plenty of time to ensure the results will happen when the trigger is spoken. It's your choice what happens to her, you earned that right. You will get that closure you deserve. By the way, when anyone begins dominating her, she will become very submissive."

"OK, got it..." the DA said looking at the list.

'Yes, you do...." Alicia responded, noticing her former Mistress entering the bar, walking over to meet the pair.

"Hello Emily, how are you?" the ex doctor asked, ignoring Alicia. "I've missed you."

"Yes I bet you have," the DA replied with disdain.

"Come on, we need to get a few things straightened out," Emily said, taking charge as she motioned to Holly to follow.

"Lead the way," Holly said. "For now anyway."

Emily blushed at the comment.

Once inside her hotel room, Emily began the process of getting closure.

"You are an evil bitch," Emily said.

"Yes, well you were really easy, Emily," Holly began. "And you really loved it. You got VERY into it. Such a good girl."

"Not anymore," Emily replied as she took out a small cat and nine tails from her closet. "You opened up something in me that I never wanted and don't understand and is scary as hell. I can't get it out of my head."

Hannah's bravado simmered at seeing her former slave with the small weapon. Emily walked over and swung the cat and nine tails, striking Holly in the ass. Holy recoiled at the strike, partly from pain most from surprise. She went silent and got into a submissive posture, face down on the floor and her ass up, as if she was asking for more. Emily realized that was from the conditioning placed in her head by Alicia.

"I never asked for this and now it's all I think about," Emily said, holding the cat and nine tails aloft, ready to strike again. "You opened this Pandora's box in me, and I never asked for it and I wish you never did."

Instead of striking her again, Emily tossed the cat and nine tails aside and looked at her former Mistress.

"I'm done with you, you miserable bitch," Emily said. "You prey on the weak and vulnerable. But you won't ever again."

"What do you mean..." Holly asked, confused.

"Well Hannah," Emily began. "I hope you like your new life as Holly."

"I never will but I don't have a choice, remember," the former Hannah replied angrily at her situation.

"Well mess with fire and you get burned, Holly," Emily said. "But now I realize I am done with you."

"No you aren't, I am so deep in your head you just want to be a good girl." the ex doctor responded.

"Fuck you, not anymore," Emily said. "You are going to forget you were ever Hannah Hunt, and you will be a very submissive girl. You won't know you were ever Hannah Hunt, except when you cum after being dominated. In that moment, you will be able to remember exactly who you were and what you used to be for a short time, before returning to being your new submissive personality."

"Fuck.... Alicia DeLaurent....." Hannah responded, realizing what Emily Tobias was saying was absolutely true and why.

"Hannah, the hunt is over," Emily said, sealing the fate of her former Mistress as a lifelong sub, permanently Holly Howe.

LIfe drained for a moment from the former mistress. She blinked heavily and slightly shook her head side to side.

"So, are you going to keep swinging away, beautiful," Holly asked, behaving as her new, permanent personality.

"Nothing with you, Hannah," the DA answered.

"Sorry, who's Hannah? My name's Holly," the woman replied. "So are you going to domme me or not?"

"Sorry Holly, not tonight," Emily said, "Not ever. I'm done with you. Let's go downstairs, our night is over."

"Well what a waste, I really like you," Holly replied. "You're hot, and I was just getting turned on."

"Case closed, it's time to go," Emily said, walking to the door and opening it. Holly took the hint and left with the DA.

When the elevator reached the ground floor, Emily walked Holly to the front door.

"Enjoy your life Holly," Emily said with a tear in her eyes.

"Ok... thanks I guess," Holly replied in confusion as she left the hotel.

Emily made her way back to Alicia, who sat alone at a table in the restaurant, where the candles had not yet been lit.

"That was fast," Alicia said..

"I couldn't do anything, I wanted to beat her senseless, and at the same time I wanted her to control me again. She opened that side of me and I can't stop thinking about it. Being submissive. Being lesbian. Being controlled," Emily started. "So I sent her out of here as Holly."

"So you used the trigger so she forgets Hannah completely, except after being dominated," Alicia said. "Why?"

"I wanted her to have closure with her life too," EMily said. "She was so bitter being in witness protection. She didn't have a choice in that, but at least now she will be Holly, no more bitterness. But I want her to remember what she did to me, and know that it wasn't ok..."

"So you made her forget out of kindness," Alicia said. "Admirable. And your DA side wanted a sense of justice, even if for a moment. But you don't have closure do you."

"Not yet," Emily said, as she reached over and grabbed Alicia's purse.

As Alicia looked on, Emily pulled out the lighter from inside the purse. She then reached over and moved the candlestick between them, and lit the candle. Alicia smiled.

"Hypnotize me, Mistress..."


Once out of the compound, and out of sight, Hannah pulled into a parking lot and took out her cell phone. She scrolled through her contacts and made the call she needed to make.

Thank you for reading, comments always welcome at hypnosissir@gmail.com


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