A Cure for Boredomme

A Cure For Boredomme- 6th Sense

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

"Why don't you come into my main office," Dr, Hannah Hunt united. "We will be far more comfortable here."

Liana Santiago, ex-wife of the reputed crime lord Damon Santiago followed. She was a miic of nervous and anxious at what was about to transpire, but had no choice in the grander scheme. Based on recent developments, Liana felt she was on borrowed time, Her task ger was to convince the psychiatrist she missed the lifestyle and Damon, then move on from there.

"Have a seat. Let's get right to it then,," Hannah instructed, pointing to a reclining chair across from her desk. "As we both know, Mr. Santiago wants me to find out what your game is and why you want to come back to him."

"I just really miss him and the lifestyle, I gave up everything for him, and now I realize I made a mistake walking away from all that," Liana answered.

"That sounds like a lovely scripted answer, Liana. But I'm skeptical, I know there's more,"

Hannah said as she stood up and walked and sat on the desk facing the pretty blonde with silicon enhancements. "There is always more..."

Hannah walked over to a locked medicine cabinet in the corner of her office and took out a vial of clear liquid, a syringe and a rubber hose as she walked back to where the former crime boss' wife sat.

"Let's see what that more turns out to be, shall we?" Hannah said as she placed the items on the desk in front of her unscheduled, non paying client courtesy of Damon Santiago.

Liana squirmed in her seat. She flashed back to the last several days with Alicia DeLaurent, hoping the work the psychiatrist did with her would help her survive. Liana hated walking into the lion's den, but she felt she had no choice, it was her best opportunity for survival.

"What's wrong Liana, not a fan of needles? I assure you it's a harmless drug, it will simply ensure you are telling the truth," Hannah said, making a show of filling the syringe with the contents of the vial before putting it down on the desk in front of Liana.

"Roll up your sleeve, Liana," the doctor instructed, as the blonde complied and rolled up her right sleeve. "Very good."

Hannah inspected the right arm of the woman sitting before her, then rolled down the right sleeve and rolled up the left sleeve. Liana gave her a look.

"I have to inspect the merchandise, Liana, to make sure you aren't a user," the doctor said as she placed the rubber hose around the bicep and tied it off. Hannah then took a rubber ball from her pocket and placed it in the left hand of her new client. "Squeeze."

As Liana squeezed the rubber ball, Hannah emptied the contents of the syringe into the left arm of the former Mrs. Santiago.

"Very good, Liana," the doctor followed as she removed the rubber hose and lowered the sleeve. She then took the rubber ball and sat across from her patient in her desk chair. "You will slowly feel yourself relaxing. That's just the drug going its work on you, nothing to worry about. Unless you have something to hide."

Liana did not say a thing, but took a deep breath and opened her eyes wide before settling back into the recliner.

"Don't be nervous Liana, everything will be just fine," the hypnotist said as she pushed a candle to the edge of the desk between her and her subject, the candle right at eye level. "You may notice you are starting to drift and feel floaty, that's normal. But I do want you to focus on the flame of the candle while we chat, Liana."

Hannah lit the candle on her desk and noticed how Liana had taken to the suggestion and stared into the flame the second it was lit. Dr. Hunt smiled a confident smile.

"Perfect, Liana, just focus on the flame as we chat," Hannah said. "You are doing perfectly so far."

Liana felt a similar feeling from her time with her childhood friend Alicia De Laurent, but it was not exactly the same and she desperately tried to hold on to whatever rational thought she could, but this drug was definitely different and she felt that difference, and it made her nervous. As nervous as she could feel while the drug took hold.

"Liana, every time I snap my fingers you will count a number beginning from one and working your way up, do you understand?" the hypnotist instructed once the drug had taken its full effect.

"Yes," Liana replied as her glazed eyes and blank expression told her story.

"From now on, you will address me as Ma'am, won't you Liana?" Hannah interjected, making sure to leave a reminder as to the roles each will have in this new relationship.

"Yes, Ma'am," the blonde replied without hesitation or without intonation.

"Each number you count you will find yourself sinking deeper into this relaxing feeling, sinking deeper into this feeling of relaxation, as you focus on the candle and listen to my voice and my finger snaps, do you understand?" Hannah continued.

"Yes, Ma'am," the ex wife of the crime lord answered.

"Each number will take you deeper, and relax you more and more, as you count, focus on the flame, and listen to my voice and fingersnaps, do you understand?" the psychiatrist pushed.

"Yes, Ma'am," Liana replied, her focus holding onto the candle as it burned before her.

"And as you count, your relaxation grows, and at some point in your count your mind will shut off, and you will close your eyes and sink into a state of deep hypnotic relaxation and bliss," Hannah pressed. "Nobody knows when that number will happen, but it will happen and it will feel so good to have your mind shut down and feel so relaxed and deeply hypnotized. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," was the reply, though Liana may not truly understand yet mimicked the expected response.

"Then let's begin Liana, it's time for you to find your most relaxed self," Hannah started.


"One," LIna replied, her focus on the candle flame.

"Very good, Liana, just counting for me, listening to my voice and my fingersnaps, and sinking deeper into relaxation with each number," the hypnodomme pushed.


"Two," was the response, eyes never leaving the flame.

"Excellent Liana, feeling these numbers deepening your relaxation, feeling so good to relax as you simply listen to my voice and my fingers as they guide you deeper," the dominant pushed at the order of her new boss.



"Perfect, Liana, feels so wonderful to listen, to obey, to sink deeper into relaxation with every number you count." Hannah continued.



"Outstanding, Liana, listening, counting, obeying, sinking deeper into relaxation, feels so wonderful," the hypnodomme furthered.



"You are doing so very well, so focused on the flame, focused on sinking deeper with each number, listening to my voice and my fingers...." Hannah teased.



"Feeling so relaxed now, so deeply relaxed as you sink deeper into relaxation as you simply count for me, as you listen to my voice and my fingers..." Hannah continued.



"That's wonderful, Liana, so good to sink so deep so fast as you listen and obey, sinking deeper with each number you count as you listen to my voice and my fingers, feeling so wonderfully relaxed," Hannah added.



"So close now Liana, so wonderfully relaxed, so focused on the candle flame, so focused on listening to and obeying my voice and my fingers as they relax you more deeply," Hannah pressed.



"So wonderful to listen, obey and sink as you follow my words and my fingers as they take you deeper and deeper into relaxation," Hannah said with a smile, seeing the signs of the final struggle for her latest subject.



"Perfect, Liana, no more need to fight, allow yourself to sink completely and your mind to shut down, you are doing so well focusing on the candle, my voice and fingers," Hannah cajoled.


Liana began to reply, but instead her eyes closed slowly as her chin sank into her chest and her head rolled to the right. Hannah smiled as she looked forward to conditioning her boss' ex wife.

"Very good, Liana, so deep now," Hannah said to her drugged and hypnotized subject. "So very deep now. Tell me why you have chosen to come back to Damon now, after all this time?"

"Miss him, and the lifestyle, Ma'am," Liana said.

"Open your eyes Liana, focus on the flame," the hypnotist demanded. "Every time I snap my fingers you will either close or open your eyes. If your eyes are closed you will open them and focus on the candle flame. If they are open you will close them. Every time you open or close your eyes you will sink deeper and feel my control grow, do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Liana said, eyes focused on the candle's dancing flame.

"Good girl, Liana," the psychiatrist continued. "And why have you agreed to see me with no restrictions?"

"I will do anything I need to get back with Damon, Ma'am," Liana replied.

The drugs, the deep state of hypnosis, despite the short duration had Hannah Hunt that Liana hypnotized, was indeed enough for the hypnodomme to believe the former Mrs. Santiago was being honest. Hannah, convinced of her own abilities and press clippings, did not see any reason to probe deeper for motive. She would spend the afternoon conditioning and training Liana to be an obedient tool to be used.


Liana's training began as she closed her eyes and sunk just a bit deeper.

"Liana, whenever I show you the candle and ask you to light it you must always light the candle and sink deep into this relaxing state, you can't resist but lighting the candle and sinking deeper, do you understand?" Hannah instructed.

"Yess, Ma'amm," Liana replied.


Liana opened her eyes and she found her vision engulfed by the flame of the candle.

"Liana, since you will do anything to be back with Damon, when you are back with Damon you must renew your vows with him, do you understand?" Hannah demanded.

"Yes, Ma'am," Liana replied without inflection or hesitation.

"You will find these new vows very important and must be followed to the letter, do you understand?" Hannah asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," the hypnotized blonde replied.


Liana slowly closed her eyes, sinking deeper and continuing her own conditioning.

"Liana, let's practice your new vows for Damon, who you are desperate to be back with, are you ready to learn your new vows?" Hannah asked.

"Yess, Ma'am," Liana responded.


Liana opened her eyes and again found the flame of the candle, holding her focus.

"Your new vows are 'I honor and obey Damon,'" Hannah instructed. "Tell me what your new vows are, Liana."

"'I honor and obey Damon.' Ma'am," the blonde responded.


Liana closed her eyes once again.

"Good girl, Liana," Hannah responded. "Every time you repeat your vows they become more important, and more a part of who you are and what you need to do, your vows tell you what you live for. You will honor him in all things and obey him as a slave, do ou understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Liana said, her eyes closed, her body breathing slowly.


Liana opened her eyes again to find the flame. Hannah smiled at how well the pretty, silicone enhanced woman was conditioning herself and following her instructions perfectly.

"Liana, from now on when I snap my fingers, you will continue to either open or close your eyes as you have, deepening your relaxation," Hannah began. "You will also repeat your vows each time I snap my fingers. And each time you repeat your vows those vows become more important to you, your vows become what you must do, your vows the most important thing in your life. Do you understand?"

"Yess, Ma'am," the drugged and hypnotized ex wife of the crime lord responded.


Liana closed her eyes again, perfectly falling into her conditioning, helping her hypnotist further her depth of trance.

"Liana, tell me what two things you will do when I snap my fingers?" Hannah asked with a smile,

"Open or close eyes, repeat my vows, Ma'am," Liana answered.

"Very good, Liana, and what will happen each time you open or close your eyes?" Hannah asked.

"Relax deeper, Ma'am," the conditioned woman replied.

"Liana, tell me what happens every time you repeat your vows?" the hypnodomme asked.

"They will become more important to me every time I repeat them, Ma'am," Liana answered.

"Very good, Liana, we have a long few hours ahead to cement your new life, but you are doing so very well so far," Hannah mused. "Stay focused on my fingers and what you must do now."


Liana Santiago opened her eyes, her glassy orbs eventually focusing on the flame of the candle lit before her, saying "I honor and obey Damon."


Liana closed her eyes, and again repeated "I honor and obey Damon...."

Hannah smiled. A long afternoon indeed.....


"Doctor, I got Liana's laptop secured and online," said Jillian. "It can't be traced or located, it's set up in your inner office."

"Thank you, well done. Any word yet, Jillian?" Alicia asked her red-clad secretary, who had heartily welcomed her life as a submissive for her boss.

"None, her Range Rover is still in the parking garage, Doctor," the latex loving secretary responded through her red painted lips. "Were you expecting a short session?"

"Not really, though Hannah Hunt's overconfidence led me to hope so," Alicia confided.

"Hopefully Liana will do ok, Doctor," the secretary responded hopefully.

"I didn't leave Liana much choice but to let Hannah do her work, under the circumstances it was in her best interests," Alicia confessed.

"Well you always do what's best, Doctor," Jillian said cheerfully. "Did you leave a way to help Liana, Doctor?"

"Of course, Jillian, I always leave a trap door," the doctor said with a smile.


"You may stop for now, Liana," the hypnodomme said as her subject stared mindlessly into the flame of the candle burning in front of her. "When I blow out the candle, you will awaken. You will drink the water in front of you, then go to the bathroom and after that you will return here to this very chair once again, do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," the former Mrs. Santiago responded.

Hannah gently blew out the candle and handed Liana a bottle of water, which she immediately uncapped and began drinking.

"You are doing very well so far, Liana," Hannah said, looking at her watch as she realized 6 hours had already gone by. "What do you think of your new vows, excited to go back with Damon?"

"I am excited Ma'am," Liana said between drinks of water. "My vows are the most important thing in my life, Ma'am."

Hannah smiled before continuing, "that's very good, Liana, excited to honor and obey Damon?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Liana replied.

"You will be a perfect slave," Hannah followed.

"Yes, Ma'am," the blonde responded.

"Why don't you go to the bathroom, the door is on the wall behind me, that side," Hannah instructed.

"Yes, Ma'am," Liana replied as she stood and walked to where the hypnotist pointed.

Hannah pulled out her phone and called Emily, who was most likely finishing the end of her day.

"Hello, Emily, how are you today?" Hannah asked.

"I'm doing well, thank you Mistress," the District Attorney said from inside her new, large office.

"Everything on task with the O'Boyle case?" the hypnodomme asked.

"So far, Mistress, thank you," the blonde DA answered.

"When you finish at the office head home, put on your uniform and continue your work, it's very important to get that conviction" the hypnotist instructed. "I will be along eventually."

"Of course, Mistress," Emily said as her Mistress disconnected the call.

Liana had emerged from the bathroom and returned to her seat across from the hypnotist, having completed her trip to the restroom.

"Good girl, Liana," the hypnotist said as the woman followed her instructions to the letter. "We still have a bit of work to do, deepening your vows and ensuring you obey my every suggestion of course."

"Yes, Ma'am," Liana replied, her demeanor serious.

"Pick up the torch, Liana, and light the candle now," Hannah ordered.

"Yes, Ma'am," the woman replied as she picked up the torch, lit the candle and watched as her conscious mind slowly drifted away as she focused on her candle flame.

"Very good girl, Liana, you will always obey me even when wide awake, isn't that right?" the hypnotist continued.

"Yes, Ma'am," the drugged woman responded.

"Excellent, Liana, we still have work to do," Hannah reminded.


Liana's eyes closed once again, and her body language indicated she was deepening her trance level as she returned to her conditioning exercise.

"I honor and obey Damon," the blonde said once again.

Hannah Hunt smiled as the blonde in her office obeyed her suggestions, thinking how pleased her boss would be at her progress.


"Hello Damon, I brought you a present," Hannah Hunt said as she arrived at the home of the crime boss. "I know you are going to love it."

"No doubt you won't disappoint me, Ms. Hunt," the crime boss said. "Not for what I am paying you. I take it my DA is doing what is needed to convict my rival?"

"Of course she is, Sir," Hannah said.

"Excellent, one down, two to go, and the evidence on one more will be delivered to my friendly neighborhood District Attorney very soon," Santiago said. "And what have you got for me now."

"Come, Liana," Hannah Hunt instructed.

Liana Santiago entered the room, dressed as she was for her appointment with Hannah Hunt, but her demeanor, posture and body language indicated submission. Liana had no idea about the time nor did she recall much of her day.

"Well well, look what the cat dragged in," Santiago said as he looked at his ex wife. "What exactly am I looking at, Ms. Hunt."

"Liana, come here," the hypnodomme instructed.

"Yes Ma'am," the blonde said as she walked toward the hypnodomme, who was standing near the couch and coffee table.

"Sit here, Liana," the hypnotist instructed, pointing to the couch in front of her. Liana placed a candlestick in front of the blonde.

"Light the candle, Liana," the domme instructed, holding out a torch in front of the blonde.

"Yes, Ma'am," Liana replied, as she took the torch and lit the candle, once again sinking into trance. This time in front of her ex husband, who looked on and smiled, as Hannah held a finger to her lips indicating silence for the moment.

The ex wife of the crime lord sunk into hypnosis as she lit the candle. Hannah looked at Damon, who was nonplussed by the parlor trick.

"Liana, what are your vows?" the hypnotist asked.

"I honor and obey Damon," the blonde responded.

"Tell us what that means Liana," the hypnotist continued.

"I honor Damon in all things and obey like a slave," the ex wife replied.

Damon smiled slightly as Hannah made nervous eye contact.

"Liana, when I blow out the candle you will remember exchanging vows with Damon and you will be wide awake, do you understand?" the hypnodomme instructed.

"Yes, Ma'am," the conditioned Liana Santiago replied.

Hannah leaned in and blew out the candle. Liana opened her eyes and met the eyes of her hypnotist.

"Such beautiful vows, Liana, congratulations," Hannah said. "Will you repeat it for me one last time before I go?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Liana said. "I honor and obey Damon."

Damon Santiago walked over to Hannah and said "you are not leaving yet."

"She will honor you and obey exactly as you instruct her," Hannah said, hoping to leave the pair as soon as possible. "Enjoy,"

Liana, seated in the chair, looked meekly at her former husband. The day's conditioning and the drugs, combined with the work completed by Alicia DeLaurent to help Liana stay alive only compounded her state of mind. And deepened her state of obedience to both Hannah and now her ex husband.

"Strip," Damon ordered, before looking at Hannah and holding up a hand as if to say not to move.

Liana stood and removed her clothes as Hannah stood and watched, waiting to see why she needed to stay.

Once naked, Damon looked at his ex wife with disdain.

"You don't get to call the shots and come back, bitch," the crime lord said to his ex wife. "And being a bitch, put this on. Now."

"Yes, Damon," Liana replied, taking the object that her ex husband held out, and put it on. Santiago laughed as his pain in the ass ex wife placed the pink dog collar around her neck. Damon smiled as he attached the leash, tugging his ex wife as Hannah followed behind, leading the pair to an elevator in the house.

"Get in," Damon said. "My ex wife is going to have a job to do in a moment. And after that she will be finishing the job of getting rid of the competition."

Hannah gave the crime boss a fearful if puzzling look, while Liana just gazed at the man who held her leash.

"Carpenter always had a thing for this slut," Damon said tugging the leash. "So she is going to love being his piece of ass. She will gather all the evidence needed to bring them down. Using all that plastic surgery I paid for to get to him, and all that government money educating her to get into his computer system."

"Oh... I see...." Hannah said.

"I'm not stupid, Miss Hunt. I have no interest in this slut, I have been there, done that and bought the fucking t-shirt. Shit, I filled the fucking shirt," Santiago said, as he reached out and poked the breast of his ex wife. "But I want to make sure there is no mistake and make sure this slut is truly under my control. No fucking games."

"No, Mr. Santiago, no games at all..." Hannah replied as confidently as she could.

"Good. We're here," Damon said. "Lets go slut."

"Yes, Damon," Liana responded as she followed him attached to the leash. Hannah followed as Damon led his ex by the leash down a long corridor.

"But first a test of control," Santiago said as he unlocked a door in the corridor, pulling his ex wife inside.

The three stood in the dark outside of a cell.

"Here's your job, slut," Santiago began as he unhooked the leash from his ex wife. "Taser the woman, pick her up and sit her in the chair in the cell, lock her in place. Wake her up with the bucket of water. Send her for a little ride with this. Do not recognize her until I tell you to."

"Yes, Damon," Liana replied as she took the syringe and rubber hose and held on to them in her left hand.

"Here you go, slut, get to work," Santiago said as he unhooked her leash, handed Liana a taser and opened the inner cell.

The woman in the cell recoiled as the door opened, shouting "Leave me alone! Stop!"

Santiago flipped the lights on in the cell, disorienting the woman, who continued her shouting as Liana entered.

"Oh my god! Liana! Thank god, get me out of here!" the woman shouted. "What are you doing? Why are you naked?"

Liana pulled up the taser, pointed it at the woman, and fired. The woman moaned and fell unconscious on the cell floor. Liana dropped the taser, and placed the syringe and rubber hose on the tray table next to the small bucket of water.

Liana lifted the woman, sat her in the chair, and locked her neck, feet and both arms in place in the modified chair. She checked the locks, and found the woman would not be able to move at all.

The ex wife then took the bucket of water and hit the woman in the face with its contents, waking her from her taser induced slumber. The woman was disoriented and tried flailing her way out of the chair with no success.

Liana then took the rubber hose and wrapped it around the right bicep of the woman, who was screaming, "No Liana, what are you doing! NO!"

The well conditioned ex wife ignored the pleas of the woman, and picked up the syringe and uncapped it. She looked at the face of the woman as she emptied its contents into her arm, never registering who she was looking at. Liana never stopped herself from focusing on her task to even see who the woman was, she was laser focused on obeying Damon's instructions to the letter.

From beyond the cell, Damon Santiago grabbed Hannah Hunt by the arm, saying "If there's ever a screw up, this is your fate, Miss Hunt. Don't worry, once everyone is out of the way, I will allow you to begin to help Liana's sister kick her addiction. I think I will train her the old fashioned way in the meantime."

"Yes, Sir, I understand." Hannah said, recoiling from the arm grab by the crime lord.

Liana exited the cell and stood in front of Damon.

"Excellent slut," Damon said as he reattached the leash to the pink collar. "Let's go back inside, you still have work to do."

"Yes Damon," Liana replied as she followed the leash tug.

"You can recognize who is in the chair now, Liana," the crime lord said with an evil smile. "Say hello, slut."

"Hello, Lisa," the docile sub said as she greeted her younger sister, who was beginning to feel the effects of the drug her sister injected into her.

"What... why..." Lisa asked, to nobody in particular.

"Well Lisa, your sister asked back with me, but she is more of slave than anything else at this point," Damon replied. "And she gladly helped you start your journey here. You are going to be trained old school style, Lisa. You'll do anything for that next high."

Lisa struggled in her chair, shaking her head side to side as if to wish her predicament away.

As Hannah stood and watched things unfold, she realized she was in deeper than she ever imagined. It was too late for remorse, too late to turn back. She was owned by the crime lord, and it scared the hell out of her.

"Slut, take this and lube it up nice and wet with your mouth," Damon instructed, handing his ex wife a large vibrator before walking over to Lisa.

"And as for you, let's get you very used to being high and excited, shall we?" the crime lord said as he took a pair of scissors and cut the shorts, panties, top and bra off of the woman who was stuck in the chair. Damon then took inventory of the captive's breasts, adding, "I think you might enjoy having what your sister has here, Lisa, but in due time."

Liana was still diligently lubing the vibrator with her mouth as Hannah looked on helplessly.

"Slut, put that inside your sister, turn it on high first," Damon ordered.

"Yes, Damon," the submissive replied, no change of expression seen.

"As you can see, your sister is just a slut who will do exactly as I tell her," Damon told Lisa as Liana inserted the phallus into her younger sister, who immediately screamed in ecstasy as the drugs and vibrator did their work.

"Here you go, slut, sit here and fuck yourself and support your sister," Damon said as he handed Liana her own vibrator.

Liana lubed the vibrator, turned it on high, and inserted inside her as she sat at the feet of her sister. Damon placed the leash on the foot of her sister, then pushed Hannah outside the cell before turning and locking it.

"I get what I want, Ms. Hunt," Damon said. "Don't ever screw up."

Hannah was silent as she was led from the home of Damon Santiago.


Hannah let herself in at Emily Tobias home, where she saw the blonde seated at her home desk working, wearing her uniform- a red and blue plaid pleated skirt that went to mid thigh, thigh high white stockings, red three inch heels, a push up bra and a sleeveless white collared top and no panties, and attached to her was the strap on she had worn the prior evening.

"Hello Emily," Hannah said wearily as she walked in the house. "How is your work coming along?"

"I have secured using that evidence, Mistress, so it should be a conviction," Emily said, referring to the illegally obtained evidence sent to her by Santiago, though she had no idea who sent it.

"Very good, Emily," Hannah said wearily after her trying day and visit to Santiago's house. "Come, I need you now."

"Yes, Mistress," the DA said as she got up from her desk to show off her full uniform with strap on to follow her Mistress to her bedroom.

Hannah threw herself on the bed, and lowered her pants and panties.

"Take them off, and get to work with that talented tongue, Emily," Hannah ordered.

"With pleasure, Mistress," Emily responded.

Hannah stared at the ceiling as Emily Tobias, District Attorney and pawn of Damon Santiago through the hypnodomme, used her mouth on her Mistress, licking away happily. She thought of her time at the crime lord's home again realizing the depth of her predicament as his 'business associate'.

Hannah knew deep down, no matter how much she wished it to be, but her problem regarding Damon Santiago was one that may never be licked...


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