Birth of an Analyst

Chapter 3

by greyscribbler

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Birth of an Analyst

Part 3

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you’re not that old, Boo! Go away now. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

Copyright 2022

Archived on the Read Only Mind web site by permission of the author. This story may be downloaded for personal archiving as long as this notice is retained.

“If it is something the subject wouldn’t like you’d need to keep the stimulation up as you change the focus. Maybe even make it more intense. That would be something to watch out for in any protocols. And something the subject would notice.”

Ethan nodded. “Good points. Unless you could distract them or block their awareness of what was going on somehow.”

Madison frowned. “Drugs you mean?”

“Oh no,” her fellow PhD student replied before pausing, a look on his face as if he hadn’t meant to say anything. “Anyway, this is all conceptual. And I’d guess you need to move away from the socialisation stimulus at some point.”

“Yes. Or they’d fixate on that. But you might want to overlap the initial stimulus with steps along the way to the desired result. So I’d put something in about watching out for gradual escalation.”

“Gradual escalation,” Ethan nodded again. “But more intense as you move to next step in the progression.”

“Of course,” Madison continued, interested despite herself. It wasn’t something someone should ever do but it was an interesting thought exercise. Maybe she’d even include it in her own thesis. “Even if the behaviours are related, changing the reward might mean having to retrain the subject so they follow the new pattern. Keeping to a stimulus they already associate with reward will make it easier.”

“What if you’re using an intrinsic reward? Something that comes from the subject? Wouldn’t they still get it from the basic behaviours, not the specific?”

“Hmm, good point,” Madison allowed. “If the initial training was on a behaviour that wasn’t the end goal, and you were using intrinsic rewards, you’d need to somehow stop the reward for the initial behaviours and redirect it. It’s much easier with rewards like food. You can control when that’s delivered. But that’s not something you could use with a human subject. Unless you’ve kidnapped someone. You’re not putting that in your thesis are you?”

“No,” Ethan laughed. “I don’t think I need to go that far. But blocking the reward for the initial behaviour. I think you’re on to something there. “Drop for me Madison.” Ethan smiled at her vacant look. I wonder what she’d think if she knew she helping to design her own brainwashing? Probably not much. Which was exactly what she was thinking now. Redirecting the reward, coupled with gradual escalation to something more intense? We’ll need some privacy for that. And some preparation. He’d need to think about how to approach it. Repetition of his standard conditioning would do for today. He could look forward to another of his private cam girl shows tonight. “Follow me Madison.”

Ethan gave Madison the same command the next day before leading the beautiful brunette to one of the meeting rooms. No one had even come close to interrupting their sessions, but he wasn’t taking any chances.

“Strip,” he ordered after locking the door. She was still dressing casually. He’d fix that. Eventually. One thing at a time. Ethan took a moment to admire Madison’s body as she stood there, vacant, arms loosely by her side, his fellow student making no move to cover her nakedness. She wasn’t even aware of it.

“Sit down.”

Wordlessly, the girl complied.

Let’s see about moving you in the right direction. He could have made Madison warm herself up but decided against it. Today was important. He wanted to take care of this himself. Plus, he’d waited long enough for at least some reward for his efforts.

Ethan began with her right breast, stroking and fondling. Feather-light touches across the smooth skin, the firmness of her flesh under his fingertips making his cock twitch. Careful. he told himself. This was about Madison. Or at least, getting the girl where he wanted her. He knew exactly what to do. He’d had enough women instruct him in breast play while he had them hypnotised to know exactly what to do. Soon, he was rewarded by a flush in the entranced girl’s checks.

“Are you turned on, Madison?”

“Yes,” she breathed, something almost like emotion colouring her voice.

“That’s right, you’re turned on, aroused.” Ethan continued the stroking, his fingers gliding over her flesh before ending at her nipple. Over and over again, Madison’s breath now coming in deep gasps. He loved the sight of a beautiful woman lost in passion, a slave to the sensations coursing through her body.

“So aroused. So turned on. Can you feel it?”

“Yes!” Madison cried, surprising Ethan in her vehemence. Her nipple was so hard now, he could feel heat radiating off her breast as he drew intricate whorls and spirals across her skin, her lips quivering as he stroked and stroked. His fingernails grazed the length of her erect nipple, a low moan escaping the girl’s lips. Again and again, stroking the side of her breast, underneath it, before moving to the top and then down, maddeningly slowly, until he gently skirted her areola, finally lightly pinching her nipple, pulling it, before letting go.

“Feel that arousal. Feel how turned on you are. You’re going to feel something else soon. A sharp pinch. When you feel that pinch all that arousal, all that wonderful pleasure will be bottled up inside you. You’ll still be so aroused, but you won’t be able to cum. Tell me you’ll be so aroused.”

“I’ll be so aroused,” the girl repeated, just a hint of that arousal in her voice.

“Tell me you’ll be so turned on.”

“I’ll be so turned on.”

“But you won’t be able to cum,” Ethan ordered firmly. Just the right inflection to lock the command in place.

“I-I,” the girl stumbled, just a hint of reluctance. “won’t be able to cum.”

“That’s right. Even when that pressure on your nipple is released you’ll still feel it there, blocking your orgasm.”

Ethan continued to stroke Madison’s breasts for a few minutes, the hypnotised girl moaning in her chair, the dew on her lower lips clear evidence of her arousal. One last stroke, his fingers fixed around her nipple, pinching tight.

“Feel that arousal. Feel the that pressure on your nipple. Bottling it up. Stopping you cumming.”

A quiver shot Madison, but Ethan expected that. He hadn’t just practiced how to turn a woman on. He’d long ago mastered the art of denying a woman her orgasm, keeping her balancing agonisingly on edge, waiting until he decided when she crashed over. A girl desperately thrashing, unable to cum, was almost as attractive as one whose eyes were blank.

Ethan moved to Madison’s left breast, stroking and caressing just as slowly and patiently as he had with her right. “You’re so turned on. So aroused, aren’t you? You feel so good.”

“Yes,” Madison replied her breaths short and sharp “So. Good.”

“Feel the pleasure building and building. Feel it growing.” His fingers danced over her left breast, caressing her smooth skin, softly stroking her areola before pulling his fingers up and off her stiff nub. Over and over again. “So turned on. Loving this pleasure.”

Madison hands were gripping the arms of the chair now, her back arching every time his fingers released her nub, her chest pushing up and forward, desperately seeking to maintain that maddening contact.

“It feels so good. But you can’t cum.” More slow, steady stroking, Madison’s eyelids fluttering.

“Can’t cum.” It was almost a question.

“That’s right,” Ethan told her. “You can’t cum. Not now. I’ll tell you what to do so you can cum. Until then all that arousal, all that pleasure, will be bottled up inside. It feels so good, doesn’t it?” he added, still gently caressing her left breast.


“Good girl. You’re going to feel another sharp pinch. And when it does all that arousal will be bottled up inside you. So turned on, but unable to cum. Even when the pressure is released you won’t be able to cum.”

Madison gasped, her eyes shooting wide, as Ethan’s fingers tightened around her left nipple. For a moment Ethan was afraid that he might have broken her trance, but the eyes above those flushed cheeks were still so beautifully empty.

“Feel that pressure, locking away your orgasm. Even when I remove my fingers that pressure will still be there, stopping you from cumming.”

Ethan watched the girl for a moment, his fingers cruelly locked around her nipple, fingernails biting into her flesh, her back arching as she moaned desperately. Even with her body rigid, she didn’t cum. Satisfied, he released his grip, Madison’s lips quivering in response. His fingers moved lower, gliding her over the slight curve of her stomach. Gently, the barest touch, his fingernail traced one of her lower lips. Her hips thrust up, eager for more. Ethan removed his hand, watched as Madison squirmed in her chair. His finger traced her other lip. Then her opening, gently, slowly, not slipping inside. Over and over again.

“So turned on. But you can’t cum. You mustn’t cum.”

“Mustn’t cum,” the entranced girl muttered. “Want to cum.”

“No,” Ethan ordered firmly. “You can’t cum,” he ordered as he teased at her clit, circling it before pressing down. “No matter how turned on you are. And you are so turned on, aren’t you Madison.”


Sensing her drifting too close he removed his hand, another low, desperate moan escaping Madison’s lips. “You can’t cum. You can still feel that pressure around your nipples, locking your orgasm away. You’re so turned on but you can’t cum.” After a moment he resumed his stroking before his fingers slipped inside, entering the gorgeous brunette for the first time, Madison’s back arching as he probed those wet, silky depths. “So turned on, the arousal building and building.”

Sensing her approaching the edge again, he removed his fingers and waited. Then he started again, stroking her labia, teasing her clit, Madison’s chest heaving as his fingers claimed her.

“So turned on. So aroused. You’re going to feel another pinch soon. And when you do, all that arousal, all that pleasure, will be trapped inside, building and building. It’ll be held there, waiting. But you won’t be able to cum, all that arousal locked up.”

Ethan stroked the girl’s labia again, a pitiful mewl escaping her lips. He allowed himself a few more strokes, probably unnecessary but he loved the look on her face, before he turned his attention back to her clit, teasing and stroking her engorged nub.

“So turned. So aroused. But you can’t cum. Not yet. Not now. I’m going to tell you when you can cum. What you’ll need to do. And even when the pinches go away you’ll still feel them, bottling up your arousal, stopping you cumming. Feel that pinch,” he declared his fingers tightening around her clit, blurring the edge between pain and pleasure.

“You want to cum, don’t you Madison?”

“Yes. Please.”

“You can’t cum, not now. But listen carefully, and I’ll tell you how you can.”

Madison squirmed in her seat. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was. What the hell? Why? It was so hard to think. A voice told her not to worry about why she was turned on. She just was. She wanted to cum. The need was driving her insane. But she couldn’t do anything. Not here. Not now. The voice told her that as well. There was a pressure on her nipples, her clit, her arousal boiling within her.

By the time Madison returned to her room she felt like she was going to go insane. The day had been a total loss. She’d hardly managed to do a thing, lost in a fog of arousal. Even an embarrassing trip to the bathroom hadn’t helped, a half hour wasted as she desperately pawed at herself, the only result the need inside her burning ratcheting higher but never finding release, something locking it away. Fumbling, she ripped her clothes off, turned her computer on. As her hands pawed at her body the arousal only burned hotter and hotter. She’d thought she’d just need to touch herself to gain the release she craved.

Her frustration only rose as the minutes ticked by, two, now three fingers deep inside as she desperately frigged herself. Nothing was working. Madison was almost screaming in frustration. She needed to cum. Even her favourite videos weren’t working. It felt like something was blocking her orgasm, bottling up her arousal, a delicious, urgent pressure around her nipples and clit. She flicked through the videos again. Ended on one that showed a brunette, her lips forming almost a perfect ‘O’ as a man ploughed her arse.

That one had always seemed to work.

The video safely playing, her hand lifted off the mouse. Madison hadn’t thought about that movement. It was almost involuntary, something outside her decision. She watched, out of the corner of eyes that went wide, as her hand moved behind herself, slipping out of her view as her eyes remained fixed on the screen. She gasped as her hand landed on her butt, crept around.

Madison found herself lifting her rear off her seat. Why had she done that? She hadn’t thought about it, had she? The thoughts dissolved, the brunette moaning as her hand found her sphincter. Maybe it was because she was so turned on anyway, the fingers of her other hand deep in her pussy. Maybe being touched anywhere would have had her body thrumming with pleasure, but it felt so good to have her fingers teasing at her other opening. Maybe it just didn’t matter, her need a living crawling thing. She was so close.

What would it feel like? she wondered, her eyes still glued to the screen, the woman’s hips rolling, eagerly participating in her own debauchment. An image flashed in Madison’s mind. She shouldn’t do it. She didn’t want to. She wasn’t going to. But she needed to cum. It was almost on her, she could feel it building and building, the pleasure spreading down the inside of her thighs, but she couldn’t quite reach it, something still blocking her crest.

Now! that voice in her head cried. Do it now!

Madison slipped the tip of her finger into her arse, the blocks on her orgasm dissolving, the brunette crashing over the edge. Her body thrashed, her fingers probing her openings. She slumped in her chair, thought lost for who knew how long.

God, have I ever cum that hard? Something told Madison that she hadn’t. That this was her best orgasm ever. Even so, she wasn’t sure she wanted to do it again. Feeling up her own butt as she came was nasty.

Good as the orgasm had been, something twisted Madison’s stomach. A mixture of guilt and embarrassment. There was something just a little, well, off, about what she was doing. It wasn’t like her. Why was she watching so much porn? She never had before. Maybe it was just nerves as her submission date drew closer and closer. Maybe she’d get rid of her newfound obsession once the pressure was off. It would just be a dirty little secret that she’d never tell anyone, how she’d gotten through the last weeks and months of her PhD.

The sense of shame stuck with her the next day. Every time someone looked at her, a friend saying hello or even the girl handing Madison her morning coffee, the brunette couldn’t help wondering what they’d think of her if they knew what she’d done. Would they stare at her like she was some sort of freak? Simply refuse to talk to her? Maybe she should just stop. It was just a passing phase. She could stop.

Her resolve lasted no longer than the rest of day. Sitting in front of her computer, Madison swallowed nervously at the urge in her hand to reach around behind herself, reach for her butt. Like it was something outside her control. She remembered how good it had felt. The resolve to leave the porn alone had dissolved as soon as she walked in the door, lost with her clothes. Then she’d promised herself she wouldn’t watch any of that sport of porn. That resolution had died as her crest remained frustratingly out of reach. Now her treacherous hand wanted to finger her butt.

Nothing else seemed to work, like something was again bottling up her orgasm. She needed it. She knew how good it would feel. The bliss of the release. She could see the mix of pain and ecstasy on the face of the woman on the screen, the camera zooming into her features before returning to where a cock was pummelling her arse. Why shouldn’t she feel that good? What would it hurt?

And she needed to cum so badly, her arousal clawing at her.

Almost before the thoughts were over Madison’s butt was lifting off her chair, her hand reaching around, the finger slipping gently inside.

The actions came without thought.

It was only moments later her crest exploded, her thoughts dissolving into a million glittering splinters. It was even better than the last time.

No matter how good it was, that mix of shame and embarrassment washed over Madison again, the brunette losing herself in her dark thoughts before realising her finger was still up her butt. Then whipping it away as she glanced about nervously.

She almost felt as bad as she had the night before, her cheeks hot and flushed with embarrassment.


The embarrassment didn’t go away. It ebbed and flowed, like waves on the shore. Sometimes, especially during the day, it would almost overwhelm her. She’d be speaking to someone and her words would dry up, guilt rendering her silent. Sometimes she could almost forget it.

It was never enough to stop her. She’d tamp the shame and embarrassment down when she was alone, the siren calls of her orgasms banishing the feelings. Every night it became easier, every night the hesitation in her lessened. The orgasms were so good. Even if they stayed frustratingly out of reach unless she did finger her butt. Those sensations of something locked around her nipples and clit, holding in her orgasm, denying it to her, were almost welcome now, the desperate pressure of her crest tantalisingly out of reach, promising her how good it would be when it did sweep over her, better than any orgasms had ever been before. All she needed to do was finger her butt. Then the locks would dissolve, molten bliss engulfing her.

It’s not right Madison tried telling herself, one evening as she stared at her computer. The doubts assailed her, even as her hand moved the mouse, brought up the next video, no thoughts of hers needed to direct it. I shouldn’t need to, to… Even in her mind she couldn’t form the words. But she knew what they were. She shouldn’t need to finger her butt to cum. It’s not-

The thought splintered, her attention caught by the image on the screen. A brunette, on her knees, sucking a cock. It was so arousing. Such a turn on, Madison’s free hand stroking her pussy. That was right. Her pussy. She was so turned on, lust coursing through her body. She just needed to cum.

She couldn’t. Madison could feel the pressure on her clit and nipples, locking her orgasm away. She knew what she needed to do.

It won’t matter. It’ll be so good. It was her voice. So it had to be right. Was the voice telling her that as well? It didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if it was telling her not to think certain thoughts. Ordering her not to think them. It was her voice. Or at least it sounded like her voice, no matter what it was saying. With how turned on she was, it didn’t matter. And the orgasms would feel so good. What did it matter how she got them?

The voice told her that, too.

They were even better once she started using lube on her finger, Madison now able to work her digit in past the first knuckle, the brunette gasping in a mix of pain and pleasure that she recognised from somewhere. It didn’t matter. The orgasms were mind-shattering.

And even if the guilt was especially sharp the first morning after she did that, it didn’t stop her.

(To be continued)

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