Birth of an Analyst

Chapter 2

by greyscribbler

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Birth of an Analyst

Part 2

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you’re not that old, Boo! Go away now. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

Copyright 2022

Archived on the Read Only Mind web site by permission of the author. This story may be downloaded for personal archiving as long as this notice is retained.

Lead on to the next behaviour, huh?

Ethan grinned as the glazed look spread across his fellow PhD’s features. She did look so beautiful like this. And she dropped so easily now.

Giving he’d been hypnotising her every day, she should.

So, positive reinforcement? Let’s try that. Ethan was tempted to simply gaze at his fellow PhD student after he’d led her to a meeting room and had her remove her top and bra. Her tits really were amazing. Not large by any means, but wonderfully shaped. Staring at them that wouldn’t get what he wanted.

“Have you been watching porn?”


A thrill shot through him at the empty sound of her voice. “Every day?”


“What do you think of it?”

“I’m comfortable with it. I like it. It’s part of my routine.”

Ethan’s grin spread wider. That was exactly what he’d told her. Had her repeat, over and over, every time he had put her under. “Do you believe that?”


That’s what he’d been hoping for. Every other time he’d asked her she’d said ‘No’. Socialisation is a wonderful thing. “Are you getting turned on watching it?”

“A little.”

That was good. But not good enough. “Play with yourself.”

The girl didn’t even hesitate, undoing her jeans and slipping one hand inside while the other caressed her naked breasts. Getting people to follow his orders was something he’d mastered long ago. It was fun, especially with orders like this. He should have got Madison long ago. Oh well, No time like the present. She certainly made a glorious sight. Something worth remembering.


Hurriedly, Ethan pulled out his camera. Why waste the opportunity? Ethan watched, his gaze flicking between the image on the screen and the half-naked girl in front of him who was pawing at her own body. There was a growing pressure in his own jeans as Madison tweaked one of those pink nipples, her lips quivering. He could just imagine what the hand that was out of sight was doing. “Are you turned on?”


He hadn’t really had to ask. Not with the flush in her cheeks and the way those lips parted just so. But making her answer was its own reward. “Are you close to cumming?”


Did her hand speed after she replied? Maybe. It didn’t matter what she wanted. Ethan knew what he wanted. “Stop. Remove your hands.”

A mewl of displeasure escaped Madison’s lips. But she did as she was told.

“Good girl,” Ethan smiled. “Now listen carefully, Madison. I have some new instructions for you.”

Madison couldn’t help feeling flustered as Ethan walked away from her desk. Was she feeling aroused? What the hell? She wanted to deny it but the feelings in her own body were a very good counter-argument. It couldn’t be because of Ethan. That wasn’t possible.

The sensations stayed with her all day, nagging at her. Not enough to do anything about, but distracting. She didn’t even think of Ethan. So maybe it was just her. How long was it since her last boyfriend?

When she returned home that evening, as was usual now, Madison sat in front of her computer and brought up one of her porn sites. She wouldn’t exactly call it a favourite. More, convenient. The images themselves were just part of her daily life. It was satisfying. She wasn’t exactly sure how. But it was. Like when she completed a particularly hard part of her thesis work. A job well done.

At least, it had been every other time she watched. Now it felt like there was something missing. Something else she had to do. She wasn’t sure what. She was watching as she normally did. Well, almost. Every other night she’d watched in a detached sort of way. Like the debauched acts she was observing were just part of the furniture. Something that was just there, like a familiar old chair. Tonight her attention was sharper, she was following everything that happened on the screen.

Tonight it wasn’t enough just to watch.

She had to do something else.

She had to.

The pretty brunette frowned. What did she need to do? She sat there, trying to work it out. Then realised that her free hand had decided what it was, reaching for her jeans, undoing them, slipping inside. Almost like she didn’t have any control over that hand.

What the? Watching porn was one thing, but masturbating to it?

But that’s what porn’s for, a voice in her head told her. It had to be her voice. What other voice would be in her head? And it made sense. It was after all, the point of porn. To turn someone on. To make them cum. That feeling of arousal, of need, was still lingering. And it did feel good, her fingers strumming her opening. Some of those cocks were so big. God, what would it feel like to have one of them inside her, the brunette wondered, stretching her, filling her, her fingers slipping inside as she thumbed her clit. She watched, almost mesmerised, by the acts playing out before her, liquid arousal coursing through her body. Had she really been paying attention before? Or just letting it sit there, like part of the furniture? She was paying attention now, as she played with herself, her fingers finding just the right spot. Watching. Cocks ramming into pussies. Sometimes in positions she hadn’t even imagined. Lips wrapping around cocks. She even watched some anal, something she’d never ever do, just for a few moments, before flicking on. It was all so hot. She was so turned on. Her jeans and panties were around her ankles, two fingers thrusting in and out of her sopping opening, her back arching as her orgasm rolled over her.

It wasn’t her only one.

“What the hell?” the brunette exclaimed, noticing the time her computer displayed. She’d been watching the porn, getting off to it, for over an hour. She’d never spent that long watching it before. Let alone cumming to it.

Whoa there girl, you don’t want this to become a habit. That little voice told her that wasn’t a problem. Lots of people watched porn. She was smart. She could keep it under control.

And it did feel good, the aftershocks of her crests washing over her.

Maybe that was why she started masturbating to those images every evening. It did help with the constant low level state of arousal she kept finding herself in. Sometimes she’d even tell herself that she had to stop. But the orgasms were just so good. At one point she wondered if she should go find a guy, get it out of her system. But the voice in her head told her no. She could see to herself. And anyway, a relationship at the tail end of her PhD would probably be a bad idea.

Watching porn was the simplest solution. After a couple of days, she gave up trying to shimmy out of her jeans once she’d sat down. Instead, she stripped off the moment she closed the door. Something told her that would be easier.

She couldn’t argue with the evidence. One hand alternating between her breasts and her lower lips as she sat down and powered up her computer, anticipation humming through her body, the other hand selecting what she was going to watch.

Of course, before she saw to herself, she turned on her webcam. Not that Madison noticed that. Or remembered that she’d done it.

“Well, of course, it varies wildly how long before operant conditioning makes something take hold. It depends on the individual subject and the desired behaviour.”

Ethan nodded in response. They were talking again about his thesis work. Madison wasn’t quite sure why. Most of this stuff he could get from an undergraduate textbook. It made an okay diversion from her experimental analysis. A better diversion would be being at home with her porn.

“You’d be able to tell from observation, right?”

“Yes, observation should tell you how the subject is reacting. In the conditions you’re talking about, someone trying something unethical, they’d almost certainly have the subject under observation. It would be too risky otherwise.”

“Yes,” Ethan agreed. “That’s a given.”

“So they’d know when the subject was performing readily.”

“Right,” her fellow PhD student nodded. “So once they were satisfied with the general compliance they could move on to more specific behaviours. Remember, we’re talking about using something the subject can basically accept to prepare the way for less desired behaviour. So the problem then would be focussing the reward on the specific behaviour.”

“Well, how much of a problem that is depends on the stimulus and the reward and how much control you have over those. Also how related the next behaviour in the progression is to the initial behaviour.”

Nathan looked thoughtful for a moment. “Um, say you wanted to train someone to smoke cigars. How might you go about that?”

Madison felt her face scrunch up. “That’s pretty awful. But it could be a useful example for your thesis. Well, you’d socialise them to smoking in general. Give them a reward when they started smoking and every time they did. Then offer them a range of choices in what to smoke and only deliver the reward when they picked a cigar. Or maybe just work it in if you didn’t want too much of a break. Whether you could do that depends on the reward. Have to be something pretty strong to make someone who doesn’t want to smoke pick it up. But let’s assume you have that. If it’s something you control, you’d simply match the delivery to the action. If it’s a more intrinsic reward you’d be better off if you’re working with a stimulus and then somehow change it, maybe at once or maybe gradually.”

“Right, right,” Ethan nodded, a distant look in his eye. Madison was starting to associate those mannerisms to her fellow PhD student being deep in thought. “So if you were using some stimulus, like pictures of pretty flowers, but you wanted to focus on, say, red flowers, you could switch to a picture of a red flower just before reward delivery?”

“Yes, especially if you were controlling reward delivery, or could predict or observe when it was about to occur. Eventually you’d get the associations you want. All a bit hard with intrinsic rewards.”

“Not impossible, though,” Ethan muttered, Madison frowning at the sly grin that formed on his lips. “Drop for me Madison.”

Switching stimulus huh? Making sure the reward is for the right thing. We can do that. Shouldn’t be hard.

After taking the opportunity to deepen her trance Ethan gazed down at the hypnotised girl for a moment. God, you really are gorgeous. She was. Especially when he had her strip off and masturbate in front of him. He loved looking at her breasts. But that, of course, wasn’t all she had to offer. Her pussy, covered by neatly trimmed hair That will have to go and a round, slim, arse, just how he liked it. Seeing her like this was even better than the images that webcam sent him. Even so, he never let her get too far during the day. He wanted her horny and needy, not satisfied. “Okay Madison, listen carefully. Here’s what you’re going to do.”

That evening found Madison again in front of her computer, one hand roaming over her naked body, the other tightly gripping her mouse. Her eyes were glued to the images, her nipples taut with arousal, raw pleasure coursing through her body. Her hand dropped lower, teasing at the edges of her opening. She was so wet, it would be so easy for those fingers to slip inside. She didn’t want to. Not quite yet, her fingernails grazing her lower lips before her thumb found her clit. But then it was all too much, watching the blonde on screen, the woman on her hands and knees, moaning, as a huge cock took her from behind. Madison couldn’t resist any longer, her fingers thrusting into her centre.

The video came to an end. She hadn’t cum, her body crying out for satisfaction. Eagerly she clicked through the images. Now it was a brunette, her lips wrapped around a cock, her eyes wide. Then a blonde again, a different one, her legs spread, her shaved pussy so exposed before a man moved in to take her. Madison was quivering, her crest so close now, her fingers trembling, every nerve alive with hot, delicious pleasure. The hand fingering her opening slowed, paused. Why had it done that? Her crest retreated, Madison whining in frustration. She tried again, selecting another video, a redhead, her knees pulled up to her chest as a man rammed into her pussy. Madison could feel her orgasm building again, her fingers thrusting away.

Then, just before the tipping point, her hand slowed again.

Damn it! Frustration warred with arousal, the hand gripping her mouse shaking. Then that hand moved, the pointer hovering over the list of videos she could watch next. Her finger pressed the mouse button. Madison wasn’t sure whether she had meant to or not. Another blonde appeared on her screen, on her hands on knees. But this time the cock didn’t take her pussy. It thrust into the woman’s arse.

No, what? It didn’t matter, the sensations in her body were irresistible. Madison came, screaming in bliss, unable to take her eyes away from the image in front of her.

Even with the pleasant aftershocks running through her body, Madison couldn’t stop the nausea curling in her stomach. She never wanted to be taken like that woman had been. It was demeaning. The woman was just being used. She wanted to deny what had happened. But the orgasm had been so good. Lots of people do it, that little voice in her head told her. And it was so good to cum.

That was true, Madison allowed, shrugging it off as the voice repeated its words. She hadn’t meant to cum while watching anal sex. It was an accident, once only.

At least that was what she told herself. It was so easy to persuade herself, the next night. It only took her two videos for her first orgasm to wash over her, the first that redhead. Then a blonde, taken from behind. In her pussy, not her arse. Madison thought that made it alright. She was almost relieved. What could be wrong about cumming watching something like that? It was just porn and the orgasms were so good.

She moved on to the next video, hands moving in unison, the pleasure building. And building, a wonderful warm glow morphing into something sharper, her centre tightening deliciously as a moan escaped her lips, her fingers so deep insider herself. Then, just when she thought it might come, a brunette swallowing down a monster cock, her hand frustratingly slowed down, the sensations ebbing. I want it. Why shouldn’t she? It was her body. If she wanted it to give her pleasure, then that was up to her. She made her hand start up again, luxuriating in the feeling, pleasure radiating through her body. She was so close now, she could almost taste it.

Her other hand moved. She hadn’t thought about it. It clicked on a link. A link that led to a video of anal sex. Madison came, her eyes glued to the screen, hips bucking, drowning in bliss. It was so good there was barely a pang of guilt.

There was none at all the next night, Madison cumming, her body thrashing, to the sight of a beautiful woman having her arse fucked. At least half her orgasms were to images like that now. Night after night. Each time changing to one of those videos a little bit longer before she came. Each time, a little harder to deny that it was her choice. That she was deliberately watching anal sex, getting off to it. Not that she’d ever do it herself. She’d never do that. But the brunette had to admit it was intriguing, dark and forbidden and so much more tempting because of that. What would it feel like to have something … up there? How full would it feel? Would it hurt? The woman on the screen didn’t seem to be in pain. It was pleasure she saw on their faces.

It would feel good. It was that voice in her head. Her voice. Or at least it sounded like her voice. So it had to be her voice. It couldn’t be anything else.

It would feel so good.

Madison squirmed in her seat, hardly noticing the that her fingers were still stroking her pussy. Even if the thought was correct she still wasn’t convinced. It was wrong, too nasty.

Her fingers kept stroking her pussy. She wasn’t watching the screen now, but the images kept playing in her mind, over and over, as those fingers teased at her opening.

It would feel so good.

It was hard to deny a voice that had to be her own. Maybe it was okay to think about it. It was only fantasies. Lots of people had fantasies they never acted upon. Was that her voice telling her that? It had to be. What other voice would be in her head.

It would feel so good.

Madison came, to those images, to that thought, her whole body trembling. Her limbs still shaky she rose from the computer. It didn’t matter how tempting the thought, she’d never do that.

Even if the she couldn’t get the images out of her head.

(To be continued)

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