Birth of an Analyst

Chapter 4

by greyscribbler

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Birth of an Analyst

Part 4

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you’re not that old, Boo! Go away now. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

Copyright 2022

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“So let’s say that someone had managed to instil two behaviours, both related to the reward. But they wanted to focus on one and not the other. Would abrupt or gradual removal of the reward from one of the behaviours be better?”

Madison had to think about that for a moment. “Hmm. Assuming we’re talking about human subjects, then gradual. Definitely. Less likely that they’d be suspicious. A human is likely to notice an abrupt change in the experimental setup, especially if it involves something they wouldn’t previously had done. Gradual change is more likely to be acceptable to the subject. So you should include warning about out for any deviations from the initial design, even if they’re slow or gradual.”

“Right,’ Ethan grinned. “That’s definitely something I’ll note. It makes sense, really. It fits in with the gradual progression we were talking about. So there’d be steps along the way. Now drop for me Madison.”

Ethan found it frustrating, in its own way, teasing and caressing Madison, the mix of pain and pleasure from his attentions having her thrashing in the chair. Frustrating for both of them. But for him there was always that blonde. Just a phone call would have the girl come running. Easy enough to grab one of the meeting rooms for a ‘consultation’ with a student. Once the door was closed he’d have her flip up the little skirt she’d be wearing, Ethan forbidding her anything longer. Have her spread her legs and let Ethan take her, bent over the table, frilly panties around one ankle.

Madison would find her own release as well. But only in the way Ethan allowed. He had some new instructions for her today. The next step in the progression.

By now Madison found it easier not to bother sitting in her chair at all in the evening. It meant she had much easier access to her butt. She’d start by caressing her breasts, tits that voice said, and teasing her pussy until she found a video she really liked, one that she was sure she could get off to. Then her hand would leave the mouse and start on her arse.

Am I getting worse? she worried. She’d started out just watching some porn. That was embarrassing enough. Now it had almost become an obsession. Or an addiction.

Don’t worry about it, that other voice that sounded like her voice said. It’s not a problem. Madison found it so easy to believe that voice. The voice told her things that she wanted to hear. It told her that she could simply enjoy the pleasure she felt. Told her that it was so good to get off. She wanted to believe the voice.

Even when it told her not to worry that most of those videos she now watched involved anal sex. The voice had told her not to worry about it. So she didn’t. Not much. It was her little secret. Embarrassing, sometimes the memories would pop into her head and she’d break eye contact with whoever she was speaking to, shame washing over her. But everyone had embarrassing little secrets, didn’t they? This one was hers. Maybe that it was a guilty pleasure made it even hotter.

And it was oh-so-hot. Knee weakening, pussy-dampening hot. Anticipation would rise, delicious heat spreading through her body, knowing just how good the orgasms would feel, even as her hand crept towards her arse. Even before she was touching herself, she could taste them, sinking into the memories of her body quivering as her crest rode over her.

There was nothing but the image in front of her, her need and the pleasure singing through her body. The woman in the video was so into it. Or at least, if she wasn’t, then she was a damn good actor. Every thrust from the man had the woman’s body jerking, her eyes half-closed, mouth almost a perfect ‘O’ as she moaned in pleasure.

Madison heard herself moan. Maybe her mouth looked like the woman’s, her lips forming that shape. Maybe her expression mirrored the woman’s, animal lust, wanting it, as her hands worked their magic, her fingers thrusting in and out of both her openings.

She was so close, hot, liquid, pressure building in her centre. She wanted it. She needed it, her whole body crying out, nothing mattered but the pleasure. Everything else was slipping away, her knees starting to buckle. No! She wasn’t going to lose this. One hand shot out, grabbed the edge of her desk as the other continued to work its magic inside her.

Moments later, she came, her finger two knuckles deep in her butt.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. What had she just done? Intellectually Madison knew. She’d cum from just having her finger up her arse. She tried telling herself that she’d been playing with her pussy just before that. But it didn’t change the facts. She’d cum with just her finger up her butt.

Feeling more than a little nauseous Madison shut her computer down and tried to lose herself in a book.

“You’ll do it again. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Ethan had hypnotised his fellow PhD student as soon as she’d arrived the next morning. He’d loved the sight of her, head thrown back, cumming from nothing more than anal stimulation. But he’d almost panicked when she’d abruptly shut her computer down. He’d arrived as early as he could, worried Madison may not come in at all. But she’d turned up not long after him, even if she did seem distracted.

He hadn’t wasted any time putting her under and taking her to one of the meeting rooms.

“I’ll do it again. Th-ere’s nothing… But…” Madison frowned, more emotion on her face than he’d like given how deeply hypnotised she was.

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” Ethan repeated. “You’ll do it again.” He really wasn’t good at making people want something. That was the whole point of this. All he could do was tell her what to do.

“I’ll do it again,” Madison repeated, less agitated this time. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

He had her repeat that until he was satisfied.

And then let himself enjoy a few nights of watching his fellow PhD student cum with just her finger up her butt. He could still detect some reluctance in her though.

“What would someone try if the subject started resisting the conditioning?”

“Well,” Madison began, considering the question. “Often that could come from going too fast or too abrupt a change. You’d need to ensure the subject is comfortable at each stage before moving onto the next. But you’d need to keep up a steady progression or they’d get too fixated on an intermediate behaviour.”

“Right,” Ethan nodded. “Drop for me Madison.”

Much as he wanted to hurry everything along, Ethan told himself the wait was worth it.

“Repeat after me, There’s nothing wrong with cumming from just my finger up my butt.’

“Th-there’s nothing wrong with c-cumming from just my f-finger up my b-butt.” Ethan didn’t need the slight frown on the girl’s face to know that he still had work to do. The hesitation in her voice was clear.


“Th-there’s nothing wrong with c-cumming from just my finger up my b-butt.”

Better. But not quite what he wanted. “Again.”

“Th-there’s nothing wrong with cumming from just my finger up my b-butt.”

“Let’s trying something else. I’ll do it again. There’s nothing wrong with it. It feels so good. I cum so hard from it.”

“I-I’ll do it a-again. Th-there’s nothing w-wrong with it. It f-feels so g-good. I c-cum so hard from it.”

“Again,” Ethan sighed.

“I-I’ll do it again. Th-there’s nothing wrong with it. It f-feels so good. I c-cum so hard from it”

“Now put it all together.

“Th-there’s nothing wrong with cumming from just my finger up my b-butt. I-I’ll do it again. Th-there’s nothing wrong with it. It f-feels so good. I cum so hard from it.”

That was as good as he could get from her, even after he lost count of the repetitions. He’d take his time. Rome wasn’t butt-fucked in a day, he smirked, gazing down at the naked girl.

A couple of weeks later Ethan had some reward for his patience.

“There’s nothing wrong with cumming from just my finger up my butt. I’ll do it again. There’s nothing wrong with it. It feels so good. I cum so hard from it.”

The words slipped so easily now from those pretty lips. The lips that he watched every night forming into such a tempting ‘O’ as her hips bucked, hand behind herself, finger so deep in her arse. There was no hesitation, no resistance. There was even the ghost of a smile on Madison’s lips as she said the words.

“There’s nothing wrong with cumming from just my finger up my butt. I’ll do it again. There’s nothing wrong with it. It feels so good. I cum so hard from it.”

Ethan certainly had the evidence of the last statement. Every night Madison’s body shook visibly as she came. She didn’t need to hold on to the desk anymore, but every night the hand frigging her pussy left off its task just that little bit earlier.

“That’s right,” Ethan smiled after another faultless repetition from the girl. “You believe those words. Now I have some other instructions for you. Time to start removing the initial stimulus, right? So listen carefully.”

That evening, Madison plopped her bag down on her desk, as she always did. She didn’t think about the purchase she’d made on the way home. She’d forgotten all about that. Just as the voice had told her to. She had more important things to concentrate on.

As she always did, she stripped off. A little worry still gnawed at her, that maybe this was getting a bit much. She didn’t want to let herself become some porn addict.It feels so good, that voice in her head told her. Madison couldn’t deny that. The orgasms were so good. She didn’t worry any more that she only came when her finger was up her butt. I’ll do it again. The thought pushed her worries away, the voice in her head telling her that she was being silly. The memories of the glorious way she felt, her hips bucking, orgasm washing over her, pushed so many other things away.

Everything was alright. She was going to prove to herself that she wasn’t getting addicted. She’d thought of how.

With some help from that voice.

Just one, Madison promised herself, as she started up her computer. Her eyes were soon glued to the screen, one finger slipping past her sphincter as her other played at her pussy. If she was only going to cum once in front of her screen tonight she was going to make it a good one. Her hands played at her openings. They knew just what she liked. She had to drag one or the other of them away occasionally, as each video finished, to select another one. Ones she particularly liked. Or at least ones she’d gotten off to in the past. She didn’t even bother denying that most of them featured anal sex.

She hardly noticed it was usually the hand at her pussy that was the one that she removed.

People do it. Lots of people, she told herself as she watched another video of a woman having her arse taken. Or at least a voice in her head that sounded like hers told her. And it was true. Even if she never intended to be one of those people.

The thoughts dissolved as arousal spread through her body, hot and liquid, the forbidden nature of the acts she was watching adding a delicious spice. Her hand left off where it had been teasing her clit, just that wonderful finger in her arse now, Madison teetering deliciously at the edge before surrendering to the need coursing through her body. Her hips bucked, her moan joining that of the woman on the screen, the brunette in the video collapsing against the wall she’d braced herself against, still impaled on the cock violating her arse. Madison wasn’t that selective in the videos that showed anal sex. Sometimes the women were blonde or redhead or brunette. Their skins might be dark or tanned or pale. Their figures slim or curvy. But somehow it was almost always the sight of pale-skinned brunettes, thin and long haired, that she came to now, the women’s arses being ploughed by a cock.

That’s enough, she told herself, for once both voices in her head agreeing. She could have gone on. Watched more. Came more. But she didn’t. Not tonight. She was going to prove to herself that she wasn’t addicted. She was soon tempted to reverse her decision, her body craving the stimulation.

No! she told herself firmly. She could do this. She wasn’t going to be a porn addict Halfway through the evening she almost gave in, her hand itching to turn the computer on. She didn’t even notice that she was still naked.

Before she went to bed she set up her new purchase. Then forgot all about it again.

Madison went to throw on her nightwear. But then she stopped. That voice told her she should sleep in the nude. The voice that was her voice and not her voice. It was strange. She never slept naked. But somehow she knew that she should. And that she had to do what that voice said.

Once in her bed, Madison hesitated, staring at the ceiling. She wasn’t sure she could do this, no matter how much her body demanded release. But she could do this. This was how she proved she wasn’t an addict. Getting off in bed was bit more normal than doing it while watching porn. She realised she hadn’t even touched herself at night since her new fascination had begun. This would feel like reclaiming herself. And anyway, she hadn’t cum as much earlier on the night as she was used to. She owed herself this.

Madison lay on her back and spread her legs. Not even registering the brand new webcam, pointed directly at her naked body, drinking in the sight of her. Her fingers danced over lower lips that were already wet. Images flashed through her mind, all things that she’d watched. Images of women being taken in the arse. She imagined herself being taken that way. Not something she’d ever do, but the image stoked her fires. She didn’t even bother trying to stop them, her arousal building, sweat glistening on her body. Closer, closer, the ball of her hand pressing down on her clit as her fingers probed her sopping snatch. That word didn’t bother her at all

What bothered Madison was that her orgasm remained frustratingly out of reach.

Almost without thinking the brunette turned on her side, one hand, already slick with her own juices, reaching for her butt. For a moment she hesitated. But that voice reminded her how good it would feel. Her body was trembling with need, desperate for release.

Madison moaned as her finger slipped past her sphincter, moaned louder as that finger began to thrust in and out in time with her other hand

The hand which whipped away from her pussy as she felt her orgasm start to gather, just her finger sawing in and out of her butt as she came, so hard.

Oh God, did I just? That hadn’t been what she’d meant to do. Don’t worry about it, if that’s what your body wants, let it have it. You weren’t watching porn.

With that consoling thought Madison let herself drift off to sleep.

“Don’t worry about it,’ Ethan said, a hypnotised Madison in front of him the next day. “If that’s what your body wants, let it have it.” He’d given her those orders the day before. He was going to have her repeating them until they sank in.

“I won’t worry about it. If that’s what my body wants, I’ll let it have it.”

It was sometime later, back at Madison’s desk, the brunette ordered to ignore any missing time, that Ethan asked another question. “Would total removal of the initial stimulus be more effective or would they likely continue it?”

“That’s another good question,” Madison allowed. “Probably they’d aim at some continued use. But not extensive. At least if that stimulus wasn’t the end in itself. Reducing use of the stimulus might even reassure the subject. But eventually they’d move on.”

“Yes, they’d need to plant some seeds, wouldn’t they? Drop for me Madison.”

Madison wasn’t sure what to think over the next few nights, the days blurring into weeks. Yes, she was reducing the amount of porn she watched. That had to be good, didn’t it? If she was getting addicted, she’d be escalating, not reducing. Even if she was still cumming at least once a night from seeing some other woman fucked in the arse. She didn’t count her adventures in her own bed. People masturbated. It didn’t matter. A voice in her head told her that. She believed it. So she ignored how often she was doing it.

Just as she ignored how every time she came the only contact from her own hands was the finger in her butt.

Why did she keep doing that? Maybe, maybe that was what she wanted? Madison didn’t really want to think about that. It wasn’t that easy to think, with her hands playing with her arse and her pussy as she watched yet another woman get fucked on her screen. The voice in her head was telling her not to think about it. Maybe the voice was right, the orgasms as she watched some woman’s arse getting split by a large cock were so good. Her hand whipped away from her pussy, a few moments later her crest crashing over her.

“You’d need to keep progressing of course,” Madison said. Had they had this conversation before? Madison couldn’t remember, but something seemed familiar about it. She shook her head. She was sure she’d remember.

“Right, progression,” Ethan nodded. That gesture, at least, was familiar to the brunette. “Drop for me Madison. Time for some more instructions.”

“You wonder what it would feel like to have a cock in your arse. Tell me that.”

“I wonder what it would feel like to have a cock in my arse.”

Ethan had to stop himself laughing. There’d been no hesitation at all in the reply. Nothing like what had happened when he’d told her to get a cock up her arse. That had almost broken her trance. He should have known that appealing to her intellectual curiosity would be the smarter move. And keeping to gradual progression.

“Tell me again. You wonder what it would feel like to have a cock in your arse. Tell me that.”

“I wonder what it would feel like to have a cock in my arse.”

What would it feel like? Madison wondered that night as she lay on her bed, working herself to another orgasm. Or maybe it was that other voice asking her. It didn’t matter. It probably wouldn’t feel the same as having her finger up there. A finger wasn’t a cock. A cock was larger. Maybe a cock would feel better. Even if her finger did feel amazing. Or maybe it was orgasms that were amazing. Or both. Madison didn’t know. She didn’t care, lost in arousal.

Everybody plays with themselves. Don’t worry about it. It was so easy to believe that voice.

Soon she was cumming, thrashing on her bed, the feelings so delicious. It was so good that she had to do it again, her hands back at her openings. Well, her finger had never left her butt. She’d pulled her other hand away from her pussy before she came. That just seemed right now. As her fingers worked their magic Madison told herself that she’d never let a cock inside her arse, no matter how intriguing the idea.

But there were other options.

(To be continued)

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