A Lady in the Streets

Chapter 8

by Alan Smithee

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Doctor Stewart smiled nervously at the zombified police officer who was monitoring his progress from several paces away. He turned away and pushed the buzzer by the main entrance to the club. The lock inside the door clicked.

“Well, I’ll go in first then,” he said to the woman who definitely could not hear anything he was saying. He reached for the handle and turned it. He held it there for a few moments of hesitation, but he already knew that he was committed to this now. He passed through the threshold and heard Jada following him from behind.

The inside of the club was a ghost town. Only a handful lights were switched on. Improvised cardboard signs had been erected with badly drawn arrows beckoning him to move towards the private rooms. One of them read “This way, Doc”. It had been written in bright green spray paint. The overall visual impression was that of an underground lair where a clown-themed villain would be awaiting him.

He stopped. Jada stopped. He took a step forward, and Jada took a step forward. He took a step to the side, to see if he could get her to do an impromptu dance, but she failed to react. He sighed. Well, time to get on with it.

The signposts took him to the largest of the private rooms, where he came face to face with Isabella. He supposed that it seemed fitting that his greatest enemy was forged by his own hand.

She had undergone a transformation since the last time he’d seen her body. Mia would never have approved of dyeing her hair black, nor of the tight leather corset, nor of the heavy, almost theatrical makeup she’d chosen to emphasise that she was now thoroughly in charge of things around here. It really brought out her pale blue eyes, which was probably for the best if they were to have any hope of competing with the cleavage for attention.

“Fiiiiinally, I was starting to think you wouldn’t come. And you really wouldn’t want me to think that, Doc.”

“Traffic was bad,” he replied.

“Well you’re here now, that’s what matters,” she said, then gestured to Jada. “Now take a seat, and please don’t try to struggle.”

He put his satchel bag down, sat in the chair and held his hands behind his back. Jada clicked her handcuffs around him. They weren’t soft, fuzzy handcuffs, they were cold, uncomfortable, metallic ones.

Jada began silently searching his bag, retrieving a collapsible umbrella, the bell, the metronome, and a stick of deodorant.

“Cute,” said Bella.

“Today certainly hasn’t gone the way I was hoping.”

“Yeah well, all good things, eh?”

“I don’t suppose it’ll end well if I put you to sleep right now.”

“No, I’m afraid it won’t. But I do want you to shut up and listen for once, so I brought this in.” She presented a ball gag for his inspection.

“Well, this is quite a reversal.”

“I think it’s important to always be open to trying new things. Who knows, you might enjoy it,” she said with a wink. “Now say ‘ah’”.

The feeling was strange and slightly uncomfortable, but after a moment of relaxing, his mouth adjusted to not being able to shut itself. It felt like he was halfway through eating something that was a little too big. He wondered if there were different sized gags for different people.

“I’ll be right back, I’ve got some people here who are eager to see you.”

She sped out the door and he was left with his thoughts. He glanced around to confirm that Jada was still standing motionless in the corner. She’d always been obsessed with authority, and installing “robot mode” was much easier than he expected. She barely resisted. There was a novel sexual thrill to it, but he’d become bored with her very quickly. There was simply no challenge, and he preferred a passionate lover to a slavish one. Still, he liked having her inside the police department slowly climbing ranks. It was an insurance policy; it gave him peace of mind. For all the good it’s done me now.

The unnerving near-complete absence of noise was replaced by the sound of footsteps. They were originating from at least three distinct types of footwear by his ear. This was quickly confirmed as a procession of women strode in, all of whom he was uncomfortably familiar with.

“Doctor Nicholas J. Stewart, may I present: Your patients,” said Isabella with a booming voice. “Well, some of them anyway. I’m sorry that Mia couldn’t make it today, but you know how she is, such a bore.”

He scanned the group as a fleck of of drool fell out of his mouth. Doctor Stewart was not a cartoon wolf, and this drooling in no way related to the crowd of gorgeous women shuffling around into position before him. It was strictly because there was a rubber ball forcing his mouth open.

The whole gang was here – at least the people who still lived locally. Grace appeared to be in a similar predicament to his own, on the end of a leash with her hands together. She’d been stripped of her clothes, everything except her stockings.

“I’m so sorry Doctor, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” she said. She tried to move towards Doctor Stewart until Bella pulled firmly and the collar started choking her.

“Be quiet or I’ll tape your mouth shut,” said Bella. “She tried to do a little breakout earlier, but I think she’s now learned how futile that would be.”

Flanking Bella and Grace were Fiona and Anna on one side, and the twins on the other. The sisters awkwardly fidgeted with their crucifix necklaces, framed beautifully by their cleavage and low cut, bright blue dresses. He was suddenly very grateful that he’d decided to take a “catch and release” approach to some of his other clients over the years, as he wasn’t sure how many additional people could fit in this room.

The group were all dressed well, but then, when were they not? He’d had no small part in shaping every person present. He had gravitated towards them for a variety of reasons, but they were all beautiful. And now, it was becoming clear that his reach had exceeded his grasp.

Bella beckoned Jada over. The human drone obeyed. She removed Jada’s hearing protection and whispered more commands to her. With the headphones removed, a slight hum of music could be heard emanating from them.

“Acknowledged,” said the officer, who then pulled the headphones down again and stood behind Bella.

“You’ve abused your position of power for too long, Doctor,” said Isabella. “And we aren’t going to allow this to continue.”

The group murmured an affirmative sound, except for Grace who was staring intently at a spot on the floor.

“We’ve got a member of the police force right here, and she’s ready to take action at a moment’s notice. You’ll have the whole state coming down onto you. And frankly, you’ll deserve it.”

He wondered why they weren’t taking action now. Did they just want to vent, first, or were they planning some kind of ritual murder?

“I’ve been such a fool,” said Fiona, “to think that all this time you’d been faithful to me.” Oh shit, here it comes, he thought. “But Isabella here taught me how things really were. How you’d had all these little sluts at your beck and call. Um, no offence to you all, I know it mostly wasn’t your faults. But it just makes me sick thinking about it.”

She was almost in tears. Actually, Doctor Stewart was impressed that she wasn’t completely broken down. He wondered how deep Isabella had taken her into a trance to get her to keep it together with a revelation like that. He also wondered whether she’d bothered explaining the joint custody situation between Mia and Bella or if they just hadn’t questioned her sudden name change.

“It dawned on me how much your therapy had changed me,” said Anna. “I’m doing things that would have been completely alien to me only a few months ago. Isabella and I have been talking a lot. It’s been really hard for me to accept, but I think she’s right. Some of the changes we’ve made together in your therapy might have been at least partially self interested.”

He raised an eyebrow. Only partially? Goodness I really did do a number on her, didn’t I? It sounded like it was a serious effort for her to say that. Bella placed a supportive arm on her shoulder and gave her a “there there” look.

“Even Grace here isn’t happy with you, Doctor,” said Bella.

“That’s not true!” said Grace. “Please don’t listen to her!”

“Oh but it is. You said it yourself in trance, and I’m sure if I could find out, then he already knows,” said Bella. Grace was bright red and was breathing quickly. “She feels like you’re a little bit arbitrary. A little bit demanding. I can read between the lines. I’ve seen you two together before. You’re abusing the poor girl.”

“He’s not… I never said…” she replied weakly. But her gaze was taking on that far away look he knew well. She stared at the floor again.

“You were the only one I couldn’t find a file on in your computer, Grace. But I know you’d do anything for that man, no matter what he did to you.”

Doctor Stewart’s eyes lit up at the mention of files. I guess that answers that question. Ordinarily he’d be furious at this discovery, but he had more pressing concerns. Grace fell down onto her knees.

“I’m sorry Doctor, I know you said not to but there was just so much, and th-” Grace said, suddenly cut off by Isabella pulling her leash to choke her again.

“Hey, come on, go easy on her,” said Anna. “She’s a victim, just like the rest of us.”

“Yeah, seriously, this is making me uncomfortable”, said one of the twins. Doctor Stewart wasn’t sure if it was Mary or Cynthia, but it didn’t seem to mater.

“Oh come on, you’re all with me on this right? You know I have your best interests at heart.”

Anna, Fiona and the Twins responded in near perfect synchronisation.

“Isabella has my best interests at heart,” they said. “It’s important for us to work together to achieve our goals.”

Doctor Stewart laughed through his gag. He’d taught Mia a little too well perhaps, and it was clear Isabella had been watching. At one time, he’d imagined that she’d be funnelling a steady drip of new clients towards him. Just another addition to his pile of regrets.

“What’s so funny?” said the other twin.

He shrugged his shoulders as best he could.

“As I was saying,” said Isabella, “Grace would do anything for you. I bet if you asked her to, she’d walk right up to you and give you a sloppy blowjob right here in front of the rest of us. It didn’t matter how embarrassing it was, if that’s what he’d like you to do, then you wouldn’t want to disappoint Doctor Stewart, would you?”

Grace’s head jerked up suddenly.

“I must not disappoint Doctor Stewart,” she said.

Anna took a step forward.

“Do you really think he’d like that?” she said, licking her luscious lips.

“You keep your eyes off him,” said Ms Barkley. “If anyone here is going to suck him off, it’s me.”

“Hey, no fair,” said the twin on the left.

“Gosh, it’s been too long. I need him inside me so badly,” whispered the twin on the right, a little too loudly. The two then shot a conspiratorial look at each other before turning back and taking a step forward.

The cautious steps from the four women were followed by another, then another. Anna was the closest, but Fiona reached out and tried to grab her. She caught her clothes and yanked on them hard.

“Guys! Stop fighting! We need to work together!” said Bella.

The four briefly froze.

“It’s important for us to work together to achieve our goals,” they echoed, then looked at each other and nodded profusely.

Anna and Fiona started moving again, this time in lock step, then knelt down in front of him.

“No, that’s not what I meant!” said Bella. “Stop what you’re doing right now!”

They did not.

The twins arrived a moment later, hovering around him, unsure of what to do since the prime position had been taken.

Anna was blushing slightly as she unbuckled Doctor Stewart’s belt and dragged his pants to the ground. Doctor Stewart hadn’t specifically planned to have her working alongside other girls to please him sexually, but it seemed like she wasn’t taking long to adjust to the idea.

Up close, Miss Barkley looked furious, but she was no longer actively trying to stop Anna. They were now a team – for some reason. They started attacking his underwear to get at the prize beneath.

The Twins had moved to stand on opposite sides of him, and started nuzzling his neck, planting tiny kisses up and down. The one on the right his bit his earlobe, sending little shivers up his spine.

“We haven’t forgotten what you’ve done for us, Doctor,” the other whispered.

Bella let out a frustrated sigh.

“Ladies! I love an orgy as much as the next slut, but we have business to conduct.”

“Heck yeah, we do,” said one of the twins, who now had a hand up her dress. Doctor Stewart didn’t have a perfect view but he was confident the finger wasn’t going up her pussy.

“Can’t it wait?” said the other.

Doctor Stewart was happy to put off whatever it was. Anna and Fiona were taking turns bobbing up and down on his cock. Anna had her fingers wrapped around his base, while Fiona was very cautiously playing with his balls. Anna seemed to just be happy to be doing something Doctor Stewart liked, but Fiona was taking this very competitively – monitoring his reactions and making sure she was doing things just as well or better than Anna. They were both good at their jobs.

The twins were being good team players, letting the two in front pleasure him directly while they toyed with the rest of his body and whispered sweet nothings into his ears. They hadn’t always worked well together, but thanks to their therapy, when it came to pleasuring Doctor Stewart they had common ground.

“Enough!” Bella shouted. It seemed to startle the four girls enough to stop what they were doing for now, a fact that Doctor Stewart was very disappointed with. The pressure from Anna and Fiona’s hands still felt nice, at least.

“I’m sorry, you’re right,” said Anna. “We got a little carried away there.” She looked the Doctor in the eyes. There was a genuine sadness there. He could see she was struggling with some very conflicting feelings.

Confident that she now had everybody’s attention, Isabella cleared her throat and prepared to speak.

“We will let you walk out of here without going to the police, but if you want to be a free man, you’re going to listen to our demands,” she said. “And you’re going to have to agree to all of them.”

The four women nodded in unison once again. “It’s important for us to work together to achieve our goals,” they said.

Oh my god. My subs have unionised.

“First of all,” continued Bella, “I want equal shares with Mia. Fifty-Fifty ownership of this body. I haven’t decided on how to deal with the 3.5th day each week, but I’ll think about it,”

“You could amortise it fortnightly, I can-” said Grace, before Bella choked her with the leash again.

“I already told you to shut up!” said Bella. “I know how fortnights work. Alright, Anna, you go next.”

“Doctor, I know you’ve got my best interests at heart,” said Anna. “But… oh gosh this is embarrassing, I’m sorry.” She giggled, then caught herself. “I just wish you’d be a little more clear sometimes. What is it exactly that you like? I used to think I knew, but it feels like you’re being vague. I- I know you wouldn’t do that deliberately, but… do you think you could be a little more forthcoming about it? Maybe even write me a list of things you do and don’t like? Well anyway. That’s me.” She offered an awkward smile.

He felt a twinge of guilt. There was something sad about a puppet noticing their strings and asking you to slightly loosen them so they could dance for you better.

“Cynthia, Mary, why don’t you go next,” said Bella. The identical twin sisters had started idly tracing tiny little shapes with their fingers along his back at some point. They briefly conferred above his head and one gave the nod to the other.

“Well – Oh it’s Mary by the way,” said the Twin on his left, “I speak for both of us when I say that we don’t need much. But what we do want is your um, well we want to resume therapy with us. We think we… need some more. To help us.”

Doctor Stewart smiled, remembering their early therapy sessions. Cynthia leaned into his ear and shifted into a whisper.

“We need to be fucked in the arse. Hard.”

Doctor Stewart gave a knowing nod.

“We’ve still been keeping our purity vows, and well, dancing for all these people at the club, it really gets us worked up sometimes,” continued Mary. “It would only be every now and again. Maybe monthly?”

Cynthia gave her a look.

“Oh, um, fortnightly, then. Not forever! Just until we get married,” said Mary. At that comment, Fiona looked over at her. “Gosh, well, that’s us. I guess you’re next, boss.”

He looked at Fiona, who was slightly confused, but still still cupping his balls and seemed eager to get back to her angry, competitive fellatio.

“Doctor, I know I was blind think that you were ever exclusive with me. But what we have together? That’s true love. I’m determined to prove to you that you don’t need anybody other than me. I want you to agree to spend at least two nights with me every week. And, I want you to share all of your sexual fantasies with me, no holding back. I’m going to make all of them come true. I’m going to blow your fucking mind.”

Once it was clear she was finished speaking, Bella looked straight at Doctor Stewart again.

“Grace here wants something too, although she won’t admit to it,” she said.

“No Doctor, I swear!”

“Very well, have it your way,” said Isabella. “Now, Doctor, with everyone here present to witness this, I want you to nod your head if you agree to these conditions. And don’t worry, we’ll get Grace to write it all down for you.”

Doctor Stewart nodded.

The women still poised to strike at his cock with their mouths looked relieved. Isabella’s smiled stretched across her face. The amount of work that had gone into pulling off this scheme must have been immense. It was by far the naughtiest thing she’d ever done, and as somebody with a lot of experience dealing with her under such conditions, he recognised that she was now immensely aroused. As is on cue, she made a lewd hand gesture towards the police officer still guarding the entrance.

“I’m so glad we could come to an understanding. Now, ladies, please, continue with what you were doing.”

The dam burst. Fiona and Anna hungrily devoured him again. His erection had flagged a little during the “negotiations”, but only a little. He had felt a perverse pleasure at seeing just how thoroughly warped every single person here still was. If this was what they wanted, then he could live with that. For now.

Bella dragged Grace over towards Doctor Stewart.

“Well, how are they doing, Grace? We wouldn’t want him to be disappointed in this all, would we now?”

Grace stared at the group, seemingly confused about what to do.

The twins had walked away for some reason, but he was too busy being distracted by the people in front to really care. Anna seemed largely happy to defer to the very aggressive blowjob that Fiona was now giving him. She applied pressure to his balls and the base of his cock as before, while Fiona did her best to throat him.

One of the factions inside Grace finally won out, and she crawled forwards slightly more.

“Not like that, Anna. More firm on the base,” she said. Anna took her advice and Doctor Stewart moaned through the gag.

“Yeah, exactly like that,” said Grace. “Go a little bit slower, Fiona, and give his head a little lick when you come up each time”.

The twins returned and tapped Fiona on the shoulder firmly. They further slowed their work down to a halt. Doctor Stewart let out a little unhappy sound involuntarily.

“I’m sorry Doctor, but we shouldn’t get too greedy,” said Anna. “It’s important that we work together to achieve our goals.”

The phrase was echoed immediately around the room. The twins had retrieved a bottle of lube and began undressing. The shy, innocent girls he’d met years ago would have felt embarrassed about all this, but they were now firm believers in the compatibility of being strippers and the Christian lifestyle. As long as they steered clear of their vaginas, God was totally ok with whatever they wanted to do. That seemed like it was definitely correct, theologically, at least after a few sessions. Mary removed her butt plug and they began planning their angle of attack. Fiona was unhappy to move away from that central position, but acquiesced.

While this was taking place, Bella’s mindless police slave had retrieved a strap on and lubed it up. Doctor Stewart’s eyes went wide. He felt relief when he she walked past him and it became clear it wasn’t for him. Bella let go of Grace’s leash. She then moved some of the chairs in the room around so that she could watch him fucking the twins while she was taking it from Jada.

Mary warmed a small amount of lube on her hand, then applied it to her object of worship. She moved to let Cynthia hop on first. The Doctor inhaled sharply as Mary helped her guide him into her tight, hungry arsehole.

“Ohhh….” said Cynthia. “Oh yes, Lord yes!”

They settled into a slow rhythm at first, then as she became more and more comfortable they sped up. Cynthia rapidly became incoherent. Mary patiently waited for her turn, becoming increasingly, visibly horny. Anna was monitoring the doctor closely and giving warnings to slow the pace if she thought he was getting too close. For his part, the doctor tried to hold off. He was having too much fun for this to end now. Grace watched closely, but seemed to have no notes as his cock slammed up her arse, over and over again.

Mary got her turn before too long. Cynthia had come screaming at the top of her lungs. She was completely cock drunk when she smiled at her sister and they traded places. Switching from a thoroughly fucked arsehole to a fresh one started the whole process over again. They both gasped as he entered, then settled into a similar rhythm.

The fun couldn’t last forever. He was but one man. It was a good thing that the two girls were on a hair trigger, because shortly after Mary started screaming, he felt himself starting to come. He tried to give a few seconds warning by making a semi-coherent but heavily muffled shout.

“Oh yes, yes Doctor, fill me up!”

This seemed to be the push that Bella needed, too. She motioned for Jada to speed up and started quivering in ecstasy.

Anna and Fiona seized the moment. As Mary hopped off, the two bathed his member with their tongues, eagerly lapping up his semen. Anna locked eyes with him, as if to ask if he liked it. He simply nodded weakly. She beamed with joy.

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