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Fiends with Benefits

by Fleur Fairyfloss

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #blood #enemies_and_lovers_not_enemies_to_lovers #erotic_dailyfication #fantasy #first_person #magic #second_person #urban_fantasy #videogames #vrmmo #we_love_a_problematic_raid_girlboss

CW: brief mentions of blood/a knife, first-person

A drop of blood, a promise, a prayer. 
It doesn't hurt as much you'd think, y'know? The knife is big, but its sting is fleeting, 'cos the pain isn't the point, the pageantry is. The ritual of offering, giving of myself even when there is a cost. of sticking my head in a monster's mouth. of trust.
(it sloooooooooowly drips, drips, drips, drags a little bit of me down, down, down)
and then she's there like it's the first time we met again, dolled up in thorns and sweet menace and lies.
(i thought we were enemies. weren't we enemies? aren't we enemies?)
a soft laugh in my ear. "I missed you. ♪"
(god, i'm so dizzy)
and she takes every last thing i've given
(the promises bind like soft rope, like a cocoon, like a love i'd only read about. i don't want to fight. i don't want to watch every word. i want to promise, and promise, and promise.)
and offers something in turn.
(a kiss. i feel the words all over even if i don't quite hear them. everything's slipping and fading and sinking and my last thought is–)
my last thought is--
i never knew what feeling safe felt like 'til i met you. 
(that's okay, right?)

it's slowly dawning on me that i accidentally made a "this hopeless monsterfricker monsterhunter has One Weird Trick for getting relentlessly soft-dommed by fae and occasionally vampires, ancient ecclesiastical secret societies Hate her" extended universe and i'm not sure how to feel about that

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