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by Fleur Fairyfloss

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #blood #enemies_and_lovers_not_enemies_to_lovers #erotic_dailyfication #fantasy #first_person #magic #second_person #urban_fantasy #videogames #vrmmo #we_love_a_problematic_raid_girlboss

I wrote 1300 words of rotf fic in a burst of hyperfocus, but my brain keeps making windows error noises when I try to finish it, so I decided to post this instead. Enjoy! (i hope)

Log in.
Check the Auction House.
Run dailies.
Thank god VR hides the dark circles under your eyes.
"You're still stuck on Penumbral Palace?" 
Smile apologetically.
"It's?? literally the second raid????"
You wouldn't understand.
"I can carry y--"
Not the way I want.
Queue up. Alone.
"Sorry, I'm just waiting for my friends. We're full."
Well, waiting for -someone-.
Make the same solo run to the end you've made twenty times.
The enemy AI's so -lifelike-, y'know?
The Queen's always waiting for you, all sharp teeth and shadow-skirts, but she wasn't always like this. The first few times, it was just more MSQ slog. But then--
JRPG villainess kayfabe turns to hungry smiles and pet names and talons gentle on your cheek and debuffs like butterflies in your chest and you're pretty sure this isn't supposed to happen! You should report this! But..... 
There's this look she gives you every time, right before the AOE sleep hits. A lot's fuzzy in your mind, but even its vague shape in your memory leaves you weak in the knees for....days?
[Your party has wiped. Return to the beginning?]
Maybe you don't have to report it just yet.
Maybe you could run it again.

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