The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 8

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

After finishing the fries Hellia finally left him alone, she mentioned something about checking in tomorrow on how he was doing but all he could think was relief she was gone for now. She also pestered him to make a reservation for dinner tonight at the hotel. He didn't want to come down again during all the clamor but she was not going to leave otherwise. Surely there was no way of her knowing if he went to dinner or not? Regardless Henry returned to his room and finished the cookies, they were sweet and heart shaped. They had a strange aftertaste which made his throat tingle. After a short while he felt  a bit more relaxed and comfortable. Those were good cookies, just had a strange aftertaste. He wondered where Sachra got these? Saigon didn't have many cookie shops, did it? He never had really been in the city before, in fact he essentially never left the hotel. So perhaps there was a western confectionary shop. Regardless he spent the evening on his own before going to check in on Rosaline. He was hoping for the company of someone tonight to get that Sunflower out of his head. As he approached Rosaline's door he heard speaking and loud laughter. He recognized her voice but the other sounded....Affini, after spending more time around them he was starting to pick up on how their voices were different then Human ones. He was frankly shocked at the idea there was one behind the door, he was even more shocked when he started to hear Rosaline moaning. Henry's face was flush when he realized what he was listening too. After a short while of listening he got up and left trying to respect their privacy. He returned to his room and finished an old bottle of whiskey he had gotten the other day. He was running low on drinks, he'd have to check in with the bar soon. He then thought about Sachra again, in comparison to that sunflower she was an angel. He wondered why she sent him a present. Also even odder how Hellia reacted. Maybe he could ask Sachra, or Hellia....?

Henry returned back to his room, he sighed on the way as felt lonely again. It was getting worse. He had to do something but he felt too lazy to do anything. He could talk to more people, he could explore Saigon? Or even head home. But what was the point in it all. 

He sat down in bed and fished out another old book Johnny had gotten for him. Johnny back when he was around more often went into Saigon to get trinkets or books for Henry. It was nice and he missed his friend. He'd essentially reread every book he had. They were mostly a mix of fantasy books with a few science fiction stories thrown in. Sci-fi felt kind of redundant now. He started to read and let his mind wander to the stories of high adventure and monsters. It was comforting. At some point he passed out in bed and woke up in the morning. He looked at the time, not bad in comparison to earlier days. He dusted himself off, changed his shirt and headed downstairs. His hangover was there again but he almost appreciated it if he had to deal with that Sunflower again. He had a fear he was going to see her again today. He luckily saw Sachra at his table waiting for him. He made his way over and sat down. The dining room had gotten actual Affini chairs now but she seemed to prefer the window sill. It did make her look more majestic. 

"How are you Henry?" 

"Oh fine, were you waiting for me?" 

Sachra chuckled softly "Not long, I know you tend to wake up late." 

Henry scratched the back of his head. His hair was scraggly, he had cut it a few times since he's been at the hotel but it was with old scissors in a mirror. It wasn't exactly flattering but it got the job done. He had considered growing it out longer but he felt like Johnny would tease him. He also made sure always to maintain a clean shave. His razor wasn't perfect but he preferred cuts to a beard. He realized he had gotten lost in thought and finally replied. "Sorry about that" He laughed slightly. He hoped it wasn't an inconvenience for Sachra.

Sachra readjusted herself and smiled at Henry. "It is no problem at all dearie. Now what is on the menu for today?" 

"Well I was thinking something heavier, but I'm kind of afraid that Sunflower girl is going to try and make me eat something for lunch." 

"Oh? If you really want me to Henry I can send her away, but then I'd have to look after you." She spoke in a smooth confident voice which sank its teeth into him. He blushed slightly and stammered a reply. 

"N-n-no that's alright Miss Sachra, I wouldn't want to keep you busy." 

She grinned and if these Aliens smoked Henry swore she would now. "It is no issue at all Henry, but as you wish." 

Henry recovered himself. "Right, breakfast....well I guess I'll go with steak and eggs." 

Sachra tilted her head "I've heard of steak before, is that not a dinner food?" 

"Well Miss Sachra it also makes for a lovely breakfast, breakfast is good like that. We haven't even got to the pastries yet." Henry enjoyed breakfast more than any other meal, for whatever reason unlike many foods they didn't bother him. Of course he enjoyed food but a lot of common food just made him feel sick. Breakfast rarely betrayed him like that. 

Sachra nodded. "I see well I'll have to try that then. I've been getting more used to human tastes." Henry thought for a second she had an evil grin on her face but it must have been his imagination. After ordering the two of them simply enjoyed a common silence and occasional words before eventually finishing their meal. Henry had wanted to ask a few questions but he felt bad taking up her time as it was. As Henry got up to leave, Sachra commented one last thing. "Oh yes Henry, I sent another gift to your room, I hope you enjoy these better. I tried to refine the taste." She refined it? Henry was confused there was no way an Alien baked cookies for him. She must have mixed up her words. Regardless he returned to his room content before seeing a dreaded Sunflower beaming with a patronizing glare and smile.

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