The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 7

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

CW: Eating Disorder mention

Henry woke up to two things, one a strange strange clarity and a gentle but consistent knocking on his door. He got up, considered his sorry state of clothes and simply brushed himself off before opening the door. He was greeted by another Affini who looked like a person made of sunflowers. "Hi there little one! There was a report of a little cutie doing unwell so I came to check in on them!" 

This woman's bubbly attitude was immensely powerful. Henry nearly retreated simply out of caution. Yet, he stood firm and responded. "Oh, yeah I guess I was a bit out of last night. Sorry about that, I'm okay now." 

The woman smiled wide back. "Of course cutie! But I do have to check if you have been living properly! Have you been eating okay and taking all your medication?" 

Henry for the first time in a while had clarity and all he wished for was it to go away so he could just get through this. "Look girl, I'm alright. I eat fine and I don't take any meds." 

The woman pulled out a strange looking device and checked something. "Oh? It's odd for a little one like yourself to have no medication. And.." She looked over Henry "You look like you could use more food!"

Henry looked down at himself, he was fine wasn't he? He ate one square meal a day and usually something for dinner. Not all nights but he didn't get hungry often. He finally replied. "Look, I've never needed any meds and I'm eating fine, just a little thin. No harm in that." 

The bubbly sunflower's smile turned sour. "Little one you clearly need something to eat! Come come let's go get some food!" The girl grabbed his hand and easily pulled him out into the hall. He tried to keep pace but she was exceptionally strong and very intent. 

He stammered "h-h-hey! I can walk downstairs just fine on my own!" The woman turned her head, and patted him. Patted him? God, this woman was condescending. 

"Whatever you say little one! Now come come, time for lunch!" Henry felt new emotions this morning.

Henry made his way downstairs with this sunflower girl and the two sat down in the more familiarly empty hotel dining room. They waited for the waiter and the bubbly Affini was smiling the entire time. She spoke suddenly after a short time. "So little one your name is Henry right?!" It felt like she was shouting at him but she was just excited. Henry felt tired already.

" Affini have like, all the names of people at the hotel?" 

"Of course, little one! We make sure every cute sophont like yourself is taken care of and happy!" 

"Wha...what is a sophont?" 

"Why it’s you silly!" She leaned out one of her many vines and booped his nose. Henry was entirely out of his element. 

"I ........I see." Henry turned and saw the waiter coming, thank god. The waiter arrived and asked for their orders and before Henry could even open his mouth the sunflower had ordered for him. He was apparently getting a cheeseburger, fries and a coke! The sunflower didn't even order anything for herself. While this was a fine meal he hadn't had since he was home, this was supposed to be his breakfast! After the waiter was gone Henry rubbed his head and spoke. "I....I...this was going to my breakfast......" 

"Why dearie it's nearly 2! Don't all you cuties eat lunch now? I even read that you little Americans love cheeseburgers and fries! Oh and cokes! You love that sugary soda!" Henry felt like he was gonna burst a blood vessel but at this point he basically gave up. He sunk back into his chair and waited for it to be over. The sunflower smiled and tried to start a number of conversations with Henry. He wished he had a hangover so he could fade it all out better. When his food finally did arrive he ate it half heartedly. He finished the burger and soda but abandoned the fries. The sunflower was clearly unhappy with this development. "Now cutie you have to finish eating it all!" Henry didn't even grace that with a response, and that was when he finally saw a familiar face, Sachra!

The elegant Affini who simply oozed class in comparison to this sunflower woman made her way over and looked down at Henry and smiled before scowling at the sunflower. She spoke with a calm but strong voice. "Hello Henry, I missed you yesterday." Henry wasn't sure how to respond to that frankly. Luckily Sachra continued. "Now then, Miss Hellia, what are you doing here?" Henry finally looked over at the Sunflower girl whose demeanor seemed to shift to a far more rigid stance. " Sachra! is an honor meeting you here!" 

Sachra waved a hand dismissing the girl, now Henry was even more confused. Sachra continued "And my dear, what are you doing here?"

The sunflower recovered "oh well! I was taking care of this cutie here, and someone requested a wellness check for him!" 

Sachra nodded "Ah I see." She seemed slightly disappointed.  "Well Henry, I hope you are doing well." 

"I am Miss Sachra, I..uh apologize for missing you yesterday.....I didn't know you were looking for me." 

"It is no issue Henry, I simply enjoyed our little breakfasts, I would love to continue them." 

"Oh yes that would be nice Miss Sachra. I just slept through breakfast yesterday and got a little disorientated." 

Sachra nodded. "I see, well that is a shame, I hope you got my present though?" 

Henry tilted his head. "What present?" 

"Oh I delivered some cookies to your room" 

Henry thought to himself, so that's where they came from "Oh yes I did see them, they were quite good. A little different tasting but good." 

"Different bad?" 

"Uh..I don't know, just kinda off, though I was also feeling sick last night. I think there are a few left though." 

Sachra smiled "Well I can have more sent up. Now then, I don't want to interrupt your duties Miss Hellia. Good day Henry." Sachra left gracefully her new styled dress flowing in the breeze. Henry wanted to beg her to stay but she was too far gone now. He sighed before looking at the fries. Miss Hellia smiled and said "Eat up cutie!"

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