The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 9

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

Henry more or less immediately turned around and tried to walk away hoping the ball of energy and smiles hadn't noticed him but alas he was too late. Hellia immediately descended on him, closing off his exit. "Hi there cutie! Did you enjoy breakfast with Sachra?" 

Henry groaned "Yes.. what do you want now?"

"Well little one, i got a report that said you didn't show up to your dinner reservation last night so I made another one for tonight! And don't worry cutie, I'll be right there with you!" She booped his nose again with her vine. Henry sighed. 

"Alright, whatever..." Henry turned around to return to his room and Hellia happily followed him. 

"Oh yes cutie! I noticed you haven't changed your pants, are you in need of new clothes? I made sure to bring some clothes with me just in case!" Henry's eyes went wide. No one had ever noticed his general lack of outfit changes and much less comment on them. He waved her off. "No I'm fine, thanks though" He went to open the door and try to escape inside. 

"If you are having trouble taking care of yourself I am more then able to do it for you!" The Affini seemed to already reaching her vines out to remove his clothes. 

"Hey hey! I'm fine alright! I'll change! Just leave me alone alright, I'll see you at dinner." Henry was upset but not truly angry, just frustrated. 

"Hmmm, alright little one, but if I see this again I might have to try and grab you for myself! Little ones like you need caring owners!" There was a lot in that sentence Henry needed to unpack. To be fair he had frankly no idea what the Affini even did and at this point he wasn't sure what to do about it anyways so he ignored it and moved on. His hangover gave him enough headaches anyways. He made his way into his room and tried to search for a drink only to find he had finished the last of his supply last night. Shit there is no way he could sneak past that sunflower to get more. He'll have to get it for dinner. He didn't even want to go anyways, but now he had to.

Henry waited in his room until the dreaded hour in which he had to appear.  As he heard a gentle but enthusiastic knocking at the door he got up and nearly opened it before realizing he had to change his pants. He grumbled to himself as he changed and straightened his shirt as best he could, he thought about tucking it in but disregarded it. Its not like he knew anyone there. He opened the door and was greeted with the tall alien beaming with energy. 

"Hi there cutie! I'm so glad you changed your clothes! Come now let's go eat dinner. I'm sure you're very hungry! Henry wasn't usually hungry at times like this but he was at least hungry enough to eat something. He followed the Affini out the door and the girl took his hand merrily leading him downstairs. He kept up as best he could but she seemed intent on out pacing him.  "Would you like me to carry you little one! You're so adorable when tuckered out I just wanna scoop you up!" 

Henry didn't even grace it with a response but he was winded by the sudden burst of exercise. As the two finally got to the dining room it was similarly busy which Henry still found quite odd. Everyone who had been at the hotel had cleared out, why were more people coming just for dinner. 

Hellia, after confirming their reservation, dragged Henry along to a familiar table. It was his usual spot but now dressed up for dinner. He sat down at least comfortable here. "How'd you know?" 

"Hmmmm?" Hellia smiled, barely containing her giggles. 

Henry grumbled softly. "That this was my spot..."

"Oh why I asked Sachra! She's taken quite an interest in you cutie! Though I won't let you slip out of my grasp yet~" Hellia reached out her hand and stroked Henry's face. He was so totally caught off guard he didn't say anything but it did feel quite nice.....NO! stay focused. Henry pulled back and simply spat out. "What was that... you trying to flirt with me, sunflower?" 

Hellia giggled so intently her whole body shook. "You'll have to find out cutie!"

To put it simply, Henry was entirely out of his element. He had never been so relentlessly assaulted in affection like this before. Rosaline's attention was largely slow and carnal. Henry served a purpose for her and he got a decent conversation as well as nice sex. Rosaline rarely complimented him much less truly flirt with him. As such he was unused to Hellia's advances but also more importantly his body didn't really know how to react. He felt like he should be flustered, the closest he could feel was that it was nice to have someone touch him but that wasn't particularly special. The words washed over him like he was oil. He had been caught off guard and embarrassed around both Sachra and Hellia but affection like this had little effect on his generally neutral solemn soul. He moved on without much focus on it except the consideration that Hellia might be trying to get in his pants. "Oh... right, I'll be ordering for myself."

Hellia tilted her head. "Hmm?" 

"You don't know what I like and you got lucky with the burger yesterday." 

Hellia's face focused more. "Oh do you have a favorite meal here!" 


"Then what is it, little one?"

"I don't really wanna talk about it, but I'll handle my own meal, you just get your own." 

Hellia's face seemed to radiate positivity but it definitely had concern. She was unsure how to navigate this particular interaction. 

Luckily the waiter arrived and surprisingly brought a small basket. In it was a carefully arranged pile of cookies of varying shapes and sizes. They encompassed mostly geometric shapes and organic patterns. There were also a few heart shaped cookies. The basket had a small note in it with his name on it. The waiter placed it on the table and simply said. "Compliments from the Affini at the bar." Henry looked over straining his eyes but he managed to make out Sachra smiling at the bar talking with other Affini. She glanced over at Henry and he swore she blew a kiss in his direction. But it was hard to tell. Hellia meanwhile seemed to rustle in determination, Henry turned back to look at her and saw what must be aggression in her eyes. Hellia's eyes shifted back to excited happiness and turned to look at Henry. "Well it seems you have a secret admirer!" 

"I don't know if secret is th-" 

"No matter! Little one order your drink!" 

Henry turned to look at the waiter and ordered a bottle of Champagne for the table. He had a suspicion Hellia didn't drink so he could take this bottle home for himself tonight. He knew the Affini had gotten rid of money so it was no issue here. 

The waiter left without issue and Hellia continued to prod and poke Henry with conversation starters but Henry brushed most of them aside as he turned to look at the window. At least he could tune her out, then again there was something else there he couldn't ignore. It was like a soft rhythm in the air. It was nice. After a short time the waiter returned with the bottle and Henry got to work drinking. He needed this. His body relaxed and some of the tension released. He looked longingly out the window but was unfortunately broken out of his trance as Hellia prodded him. "Time to order cutie! The waiter is here!" 

Henry turned back to look at him, he had a sudden and unfortunate realization he hadn't even looked at the menu. He wasn't sure what they had, much less what he'd like. He frantically looked for something. Luckily he found something easy, a Rib Eye Steak. He ordered that and quickly moved through the motions before looking out the window again. He heard Hellia say something this time. "You know sweetie I could always order for you if you get distracted! It isn't hard at all for me, plenty of little ones need help like that!" 

It was a nice thought, but Henry was too used to taking care of himself to change that. He simply replied. "I'm alright, thanks though." 

Hellia's energy dimed slightly as she analyzed Henry, she was looking for an in, something to break through his strange shell....

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