The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 23

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

Henry saw that the house was quite futuristic at least in his mind. It had massive windows which lined the entire edge of the house, there were fanciful blinds which currently obscured the skyline and all the while the home still had all the trappings of his own home or ones he'd been in. Wood paneled walls, carpeted floors, lights which he swore were the same ones his mom had bought a few years ago. It felt homely if not a little barren, things needed to be unpacked here and there, paintings or pictures that should be hung up on the wall. Yet, regardless it wasn't the alien home he was imagining. Things in it were certainly sized up, which felt a little out of place but in its own way it felt comforting, he was small, but protected. Hellia held his hand and was happy to take a slow leisurely pace. "You know Henry if you want I'd be happy to show you the whole house after breakfast. Though maybe you'd like it all still being a big mystery!" 

"A tour would be nice, thank you sunflower"

"Of course cutie, anything for you" 

Henry smiled, this was nice, he still had to settle into this but it was nice to know he was in a loving relationship now. It was young obviously, but he hoped it would last. He finally reached the living room which was truly massive, he thought that his old house could fit entirely within it. He looked around far more caught off guard than in the hallway. This was certainly luxurious.  He saw the TV from the night before, it was larger than any he'd ever seen and certainly seemed to have plenty of extra buttons and features. There was a massive fireplace which was surely for decoration as why would aliens need something so simple to warm a house. Yet then again, he still knew so little about the Affini. He felt in over his head, he had asked about the Affini and everything before but he had to admit it largely washed over him. He was now dating two and the most he knew was from a handful of conversations which weren't really about that. As he got to the kitchen Hellia gently picked him up and placed him down in one of the high chairs. Sachra was happily cooking away and there was a song playing on the radio. He couldn't place who was singing but Hellia informed him it was by one Ziggy Stardust, First Floret. Henry looked at Hellia and asked "Why First floret?" 

"Hm? Oh, well Henry when an Affini takes a pet they keep track of how many florets they've had in the past. So Ziggy is the first one for their owner." 

"Have you had any florets before Hellia?" 

Hellia smiled. "No cutie, I hadn't found the right one yet~" She stared at him deeply, there was something different about it this time. Henry looked into her eyes, he had noticed before how they were metallic, but they seemed to almost swirl. They looked so pretty. He was snapped out of it by the sound of a snap. "hu-huh, sorry Hellia, I distracted" 

Hellia grinned. "You sank so easily this time, it's quite alright little one" 


"It's nothing dearie, but as I was saying I haven't had any florets yet!" 

"Oh I see. Sachra, have you had any?" 

Sachra turned around to speak as she was still in the middle of flipping pancakes. "Yes dear, I've had one before, though that was a long time ago." 

Henry nodded. "Was it nice?" 


"To have a floret..?"

"Yes it was very nice Henry, she was a lovely pet" 

"Oh that's good...." Henry was for some reason slightly disappointed. He wan...wanted to be her first.... Huh? Was that what he really wanted? To be her pet? "What's it like.....being a pet?"

"Well, it's very nice Henry, you have your every whim and responsibility taken care of. All you have to do is be yourself and accept endless piles of love. Oh and be very cute." Sachra's vine reached out and gently booped his nose.

"Tha..that does sound easy..." 

Hellia chimed in. "Well, I dunno Henry, you have to put alotta effort into being adorable~"

" do?" 

"Oh yes, it's very hard, but I think you'd be a natural at it!" 

Sachra chuckled. "Don't worry Henry, Hellia's just teasing you, you're already adorable" 

Henry blushed. "I...I am?" 

"Yes, and you get cuter every day~ Now who wants pancakes!" Sachra turned around and placed a massive pile of thin pancakes in front of Henry. Henry smiled and looked around to grab a fork and knife but he didn't see any. Hellia whispered to him. "What're you looking for cutie?" 

"U..Um..a ..fork a..and k...knife" 

"Oh... you don't want your loving girlfriend's to feed you?" 

Henry stumbled over his words but nodded understandingly. Hellia grinned and gently bit his ear. "Good girl~" Henry felt a rush of pleasure over her body. Sh..she was a good girl. 

She looked over at the pancakes again as Hellia pulled her head back. Sachra was leaning over the pancakes and smiled at Henry. "Now Kitten, would you like some syrup for your pancakes?" Henry nodded, she did want syrup.

Sachra grinned and opened her mouth letting a copious amount of a thick sap to slowly fall out. It poured out of her mouth in long strands flowing all over the pancakes. Henry felt a sudden warmth come over her. Sh..she wanted....she wanted drink lap it up......She felt her own mouth begin to salivate. Henry watched as Sachra finished pouring her syrup over the pancakes and began to carefully cut them up into bite sized chunks. Henry felt a tap on the side of her mouth and she opened. A chunk of pancakes was slid in and Henry felt the warmth of pancakes and syrup rest on her tongue. The syrup slowly began to spread out, it was was the sweetest thing Henry had ever tasted. She felt a shiver of pleasure run through her, she wanted so badly to chew and swallow, she needed it..... She whimpered as she waited for the tap that would let her chew. She whimpered and made pleading sounds. Hellia bit her ear and whispered "What a good girl, waiting for Mistress's command." Sh..she...she was a good girl...finally came the tap and she began to chew, she moaned. 

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