The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 22

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

CW: Depression

Henry drifted back into sleep and Sachra easily dried him off and brushed his teeth. She imagined it'd be far more fun to brush his teeth while he was awake. But she certainly enjoyed getting to do as she wanted for now. Henry slept peacefully in her vines. She kissed Hellia on the cheek and wished her goodnight before returning to her room and unraveling for the night. She softly drifted into sleep herself as she looked out over the New Los Angeles from her mountain vantage point. She loved seeing all the lights and hustle and bustle from a safe distance. She wanted Henry to enjoy this view with her. As she drifted off she set the blinds to close and went to bed. She was briefly awoken by Hellia coming in some time later and intertwining herself with Sachra and Henry. She felt warm all over. 

Henry awoke early the next morning. He must have gotten plenty of sleep last night or the day before as he didn't feel tired at all. Him waking up early was no surprise to him, whenever he was in someplace new he always woke up extremely early before eventually settling into a routine. He yawned and looked around where he was. He was in what looked like a normal room covered in vines. He saw what looked like two glowing orbs which emanated the only real light in the room. Some light seemed to drift through the blinds but it was faint. Probably just as the sun was rising. His memory was a bit foggy but it was coming all back to him, the drive, cuddling with Hellia on the couch, dinner, and of course the bath. He blushed at the thought of the bath. It was then he began to piece together the vines must be Hellia and Sachra if their cores were here. He was covered in a thick blanket of the two of them. He slipped out slightly before being greeted by the slight cold of early morning air, and the fact he was quite naked. His blush was greater and it began to really set in that he not only had sex once but twice. He had a lot of emotions to process and it was far too early. 

He slipped back under the warm blanket of vines and let his mind wander. He wasn't really a pet? Or was he? He still wasn't fully sure what that entailed but he knew that Sachra and Hellia deeply cared about him. He wondered if this was similar to having a girlfriend. Then again he'd have two of them now. Oh god, two girlfriends? I guess I'll have to start planning dates or something. He had never really been in a real relationship before. He had his old sweetheart but that was all sorts of shaky around the edges. They never even said they loved each other, he was pretty sure both Hellia and Sachra had already said that to him. He was in it now regardless. He knew sex wasn't just a starter to a relationship, but he was living with them! And they clearly cared deeply about him. He pulled the covers over his face to think. He felt safer in the dark warm blanket. He imagined that regardless he'd have to talk to them first. That certainly would be difficult but not impossible. At least he came to a conclusion. 

The far larger issue was his...well his emptiness. It loomed over him even as he felt so warm and safe here. He felt like he didn't deserve this, any of this, and yet at the same time it only seemed fitting he'd end up as a play thing. His mind was constantly attacking him and trying to undercut what was true and what wasn't. He did his best to think on what Sachra and Hellia had said and it helped to a certain degree but it was not loud enough. It was at this moment he did hear something, a soft pattern echoing through the room, it was pleasant and he clung to that. It soothed him somewhat but his mind still was filled with terrible thoughts. The one thing he felt like he could grab onto was a feeling of he needed to do something. He didn't know what exactly but he couldn't just lie around all day. He needed to find something to do. He would ask Sachra and Hellia about it, he still didn't know what his situation exactly entailed. Henry laid there for a long time, eventually he felt vines curl around him more tightly. Was one of them awake? He wasn't sure but he felt himself be pulled towards one of the cores and he held onto it. It was so warm and calming. His mind didn't empty but it was filled with sounds and feelings of love. He squeezed onto the core and was met with a soft voice all around him. "Henry dear?"

It was Sachra's voice. " pulled me to you." 

"My apologies...I felt you moving around and thought you might be having a bad dream." 

"Oh...did I wake you up?" 

"Something like that, its no worries at all Henry do you want to sleep more?" 

He shook his head. "This always happens when I'm somewhere new...can I just stay here?" 


Henry went silent but he felt Sachra gently stroke his back. He felt like tears were coming out but he didn't know why. Sachra squeezed him tight and held him close. He felt her voice echo throughout his entire body. "You're safe Henry, it's going to be okay" She repeated the words over and over again. His tears kept coming but he felt loved. A few minutes later he noticed that Sachra had more properly formed herself and carefully wrapped him inside her. He hugged her core tightly. She made a pleasant sound and hugged him back. The two were silent for sometime before Sachra adjusted Henry again so he was resting against Hellia's core and she could look him face to face. "Do you want to talk about why you were crying?" 

"I...i don't know...I just started happening when you pulled me in. I'm sorry" 

"Henry dear, you didn't make any mistake. I'm here to make you feel better and I won't allow you to apologize over doing nothing wrong." 

He nodded. " I your pet?"

"Only if you want to be Henry, but not because you have given up on things." 

"I...I just mean like...what am I to you Sachra?....."

Sachra wasn't fully sure how to answer, Henry was functionally her floret already but he didn't accept that truly. (76)

"Henry, as of this moment you are someone I care about deeply and want to make happier more then anything else in all the cosmos." 

"Does...does that mean I'm your....boyfriend?" 

Sachra smiled "If you want that Henry" 

Henry looked down.. "What about Hellia? Am I her boyfriend too?" 

"Well you'd have to ask her Henry, but I think she'd be more than willing to have you as her partner." 

Henry nodded..."So...if I wanted you'' my girlfriend?" 

"Of course Henry, though if you want me as anything else I'm sure that can be arranged" She smiled and playfully stroked Henry's face, he grabbed onto the vine and didn't let go.

"Th..thank you...." 

"Thank you Henry~"

"Hu..uh why?" 

"Because I've been waiting for you to ask since the day I first met you" That wasn't entirely true, she wanted Henry to be her floret and to beg so pleadingly to be taken in and loved, but this is what Henry could muster now. Henry's face went flush and he seemingly squeezed extra tight on Hellia which woke her up easily. She curled around Henry quite quickly which startled him but she giggled. "Hello there you two~ having an early morning are we?"

Henry blushed and buried his face into Hellia's core and murmured something. "Oh..what was that cutie? You'll have to speak up~" 

Hellia of course could hear every word but she wanted him to say it. "...I...i....I was tal..talking to Sachra....."

"Oh, what about little one?" 

"I....I know...wh..what our relationship was....."

"And what is it cutie?"


"Oh? You're Sachra's girlfriend? Could you be my girlfriend too~?" 

Henry's words were faster than his brain. "Yes..." 

"Good girl"

Hellia giggled and ruffled his hair. Sachra meanwhile chuckled as Henry began to piece together what he had actually said. "I...i um boyfriend!" 

"Hmm? That's not what we agreed on, was it Sachra?" 

"No Hellia it seems Henry dearest is confused~" 

Henry pouted and squeezed Hellias core. "Don't worry Henry we're just teasing~" 

Henry nodded and was carefully propped up by Sachra's vines. "Now Henry dear, feeling better?" 

"I...I suppose. I'm sorry.. I don't know why I'm so flustered recently..." 

"It's okay, cutie! You're very adorable like that" 

Henry laughed slightly. He had gotten used to Hellia's compliments. "Thanks.....oh um could I get some clothes?" 

Hellia giggled. "Oooh I dunno Henry, Sachra should we let our little boyfriend here wear his clothes?" 

Sachra rolled her eyes. "Here you are Henry" she gently placed some pajama pants, a loose t-shirt and underwear in front of Henry. 

Hellia giggled again. "You're no fun Sachra!"

Henry smiled as he began getting dressed and stood up. Hellia and Sachra both eagerly admired him; he was also troubled by a handful of vines carefully teasing and prodding him. " um what...what...hmmmm is there anything we have to do today?" 

Hellia formed herself into her general form and patted Henry. "Well we have a vet appointment for you. We know you haven't been to one in a while" 

"A vet?" 

"Yes it's what we call our doctors for you cuties!" 

Henry nodded. "Right....bu..but I'm not a pet." 

"Oh yes I suppose not! I'm sure the vet won't mind though." Hellia grinned and took hold of Henry's hand. "But first cutie we have to get you some breakfast. Your appointment isn't also until later and luckily for you its a house call."

Henry squeezed Hellia's hand. "Oh! What's for breakfast?" 

Sachra smiled as she began to move towards the door. "Well Henry I was thinking some pancakes with homemade syrup~" Sachra's voice sounded very sultry now. She was up to something. 

"Home made?.." 

"From my body, don't worry, it's perfectly edible and I hope it will taste better then any you've had before." 

"Oh I see! I guess that..makes sense since you're..plants and all" 

Sachra grinned and made her way to the kitchen. Henry took a while as the house was much bigger then he remembered last night, then again he wasn't being carried. Hellia smiled and walked with him.

Apologies for missing an update or two there, I will try to keep to a normal update schedule but my hand has been bothering me recently.

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