The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 21

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

CW: More sex and corefucking

Henry wasn't able to string more than one thought at a time now, all he could think about was Hellia and his desperate need to be in her. He was thrusting constantly and now also clutching her core in his arms. He briefly even considered licking it. But his thoughts were empty aside from a desperate need. 

Hellia meanwhile had already been caught off guard by Sachra forcing Henry inside her. She let out truly alien moans which couldn't truly be compared, air was escaping through her carefully formed vocal leaves but it was disjointed and broken with every thrust. It took an exceptional amount of effort to truly change her form to communicate in the English language and that was being stripped away as her own body convulsed in pleasure. She was able to hold her form but it was tenuous as Henry continuously and relentlessly fucked her. She wasn't even sure how he was lasting this long, it surely must have felt heavenly for him and for most they would have cum on the spot of entering or soon after. Yet, it was at that moment she noticed Sachra evilly grinning. She tried to form words. "AHHSSS wHAt di D you DO" She moaned again as Henry upped the pace. Sachra carefully ran her own vine across Hellia's core. "Oh sweet Hellia~ I'm sure you know what I did. I know for a fact that you don't have any Class-N or its necessary counteragents. Sooooo~ all you can do is lie there helplessly and take it. Enjoy dear~" Sachra chuckled, she was having a very good time.

Hellia tried to form words again and could only muster a desperate whimpering plea. 

Her own sense of time was starting to fade as Henry didn't let up. He was drooling now and burying his face into her core rubbing against it. He needed her so badly. She needed him so badly. She functionally had already cum at some point, but Henry gave her no chance to recover so it simply faded into the next intense orgasm, one right after the other. Hellia was truly at Sachra's mercy here and oh did it feel good. 

Sachra reclined in the bath enjoying the pleasant melody that had begun to form, her vines carefully intertwined with Hellia's and she stroked playfully at her core. She could tell Henry was nearing his limit before he truly broke from the pleasure. She wondered what would happen then, but she aired on the side of caution and just as Henry was about to make one large thrust she administered the counter agent and Henry came inside Hellia. He let out a loud moan and essentially collapsed on Hellia's core. He was panting heavily and Hellia was slowly trying to piece herself back together. She let out a number of further whimpers as Henry's sleepy body still occasionally rubbed against her or thrusted. Henry seemed to fall asleep at this point, and Sachra grinned as she talked to Hellia. "Now wasn't that fun Hellia."

 Hellia rustled herself still disheveled. " are a...mean mean woman..."

"Oh, I thought I was sweet~" 

Hellia laughed. "Wait till I do that to you." 

"Ohhh, my I don't think I'd ever find myself without proper preperations."

"Hmmm, well perhaps I'll just have to get more creative dearie." 

Henry moved again unconsciously and Hellia shivered. "Ah...I must say...she feels wonderful.....its...very hot when she gets needy like that."

"Oh yes it is quite arousing. Shall we get her dressed and to bed?" 

"Mmmmm maybe just a little longer in the does feel nice to just lie here together." 

"It really does...I hope we'll make good owners for her" 

"Oh we will Sachra..even if we are still figuring everything out." 

Sachra nodded and wrapped her vines around Hellia's occasionally petting Henry. "I just want her to have the best possible life" 

"We'll give it to her no matter what." 

Sachra smiled again. "You are so enthusiastic Hellia, its quite endearing." 

"Ohhh just endearing?" 

"You know what I mean Sunflower" 

They chuckled, they were still figuring out their relationship but they truly enjoyed being together like this and with Henry.

They spent a little while longer in the bath talking idly about different plans or future activities. Sachra at least intended in the future to return to her previous occupation but perhaps that would change taking care of Henry. She wasn't really sure what to do instead. Hellia at least had a passion for consuming and writing about human culture, Sachra had spent some time studying human politics and the like but that wasn't really a passion. She'd figure it out eventually, for now she got to relax with her wonderful floret to be and a very bright partner. As they got up Henry was still asleep and riding out the Class As and D they had given her so she was quite cuddly despite her lack of awareness. Sachra smiled and suggested they simply take her to bed with them and don't even bother to dress her. Hellia giggled and said that while that would be quite fun they should at least ask Henry for the sake of her future sober self. Sachra giggled and smiled as she gently woke Henry up. "Hey there kitten, wakey wakey~ where would you like to sleep tonight?" 

Henry in her hazed mind simply snuggled into Sachra's vine and tried to nibble on it. "mmmmmm" 

"Awwww, you're such a good girl, alright kitten you can sleep with me tonight. Do you want to be in your room or mine?" 

Henry this time formed a more coherent thought "y...yo..yours" 

She smiled and looked over at Hellia. "Are you going to join me tonight?" 

"Hmmm, well perhaps I should punish you for your little stunt, but yes most likely~ I'm going to stay up though I have some more westerns to work through!" 

Sachra laughed. "Alright, I'll get her ready for bed" She turned to look at Henry and she booped her nose and Henry let out a little mewl. "Now Kitten, would you like your silly little clothes or would you prefer this adorable state~" 

Henry shook her head and tried to nibble on Sachra again. Sachra laughed and would take her personal option of a naked Henry. She was going to have a lovely morning with her.

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