The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 20

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

CW: Lots and lots of sex. Also some corefucking

 As Henry was carefully placed in the bath he at first squirmed from the pleasant touch of Sachra's vines on his bare skin and then was greeted with the ever relaxing warmth of the bath water. He let out an instinctive moan as it all happened. After Sachra released him he realized just how big the bathtub was, it was more akin to a pool than a bath! Henry's mind raced and he considered the possibility Sachra or Hellia might enter into it as well to get more hands on. He felt his face warm and a pleasant wave crash over him. He really wanted them to get more hands on. Sachra smiled and commented as she watched him squirm all on his own. "Henry dear~ what are you thinking of?"

"Uh-uh nothing!"

"Now Henry, don't lie to us~" 

"I...I was think...thinking about...umm.." Henry couldn't do this; it was too embarrassing. 

Hellia grinned. "Does our cutie want a little help?" 

"Wha, what do you mean?" 

"Would you like some help, cutie! Yes or no~" Hellia's grin widened and she looked like she was going to devour him. 

"Y..yes.." Henry saw Hellia's arm move over to him and it ran over his arm before he felt a gentle pinch. He wasn't sure what happened at all. "Did that...that um help?" 

"Why yes it did cutie now tell us what were you thinking about~"

"I..i wan..want you um......fuck..fuck me...pleaseeee" Henry wasn't sure why he said that, it was to embarrassing to let out! He couldn't just admit that! The certainly weren't interested in him really...they're just being nice..

Sachra grinned as her vines entered the bath quickly spreading out across Henry's legs and lap softly rubbing all over. "Why I think that can be arranged dear~" 

"Th-thank you!" 

"Is there anything you'd like specifically dear?" 

"Welll i is..i um.. I wan..really wanna have sex...but..but're you even do that?"

"Well Henry we have, many many options, but I'm sure we can find something for you to thrust into if that's what you want~" 

Henry blushed quite hard as he felt Sachra's vines begin to circle his crotch carefully riding the edges. They were carefully searching for something, his occasional moans and whimpers seemed to elicit continued rubbing in some areas. They were trying to find his most sensitive spots. He let out a loud moan again. Sachra grinned and ran another vine across his chest. "Now Henry, we do need to clean you~ you can be a good girl and wait for us to finish can't you?"

Henry nodded, there was that phrase again, but it felt nice and he wanted to be good. He wanted to be good so badly. "Yes...yes I can.." 

Sachra giggled as she grabbed a bottle off from the side and began pouring soap onto her vines. Hellia meanwhile plopped herself into the bath and pulled Henry into her lap. He looked up at her " there anything I should do?...I..I want to make you happy...." 

Hellia seemed to blush this time. She giggled and pet him. "Oh...don't worry little one you'll be making me very very happy soon enough~"

Henry smiled as Sachra's vines began to rub across him carefully scrubbing every inch of him. He noticed she cleaned everywhere but one place, leaving it for last. He saw as her vines reformed into a hand and carefully rubbed up against his dick. The soap spreading all around, it felt so so good. Henry moaned loudly and thrusted into her hand. She giggled and as he did so grabbed hold of him by the cock. "What a horny horny girl, don't finish too quickly missy, theres still plenty of bath to get through~" 

Henry gulped and bit his lip, he really really wanted to keep thrusting into her tight grip. It felt soooo good. He had to resist for her. Sachra smiled and used her thumb to rub the head carefully kneading it, he was her plaything. Putty in her hands. Sachra let out a soft chuckle and pulled her hand back just as he was nearing the edge. He let out a loud whimper. "Plleaseee....ahh.h....pleasee Sachra..." 

Sachra wagged a finger in front of him. "Soon dear~"

Henry moaned louder trying to beg further but he knew it was pointless. He tried to thrust again but Sachra began to pull her hand back. Henry in turn tried to move his own hands to finish himself off but He felt as Hellia pulled his hands back and whispered into his ear. "Oh not so fast cutie~ You're going to have to put that to work once I finish cleaning your hair!" 

Henry nodded and whimpered further, he clenched and unclenched his hands as he got desperate to finish. He felt as not soon after Hellia began to scrub something into his hair, it felt so incredibly warm.....oh god he needed to be touched, he needed Hellia, he needed Sachra. He began to helplessly whimper and let out mewling sounds, he squirmed in Hellia's grasp desperate for release. He needed to fuck her, he needed to thrust into her...he had to. He looked up pleadingly at Hellia, his head still being scratched and cleaned by her vines. "Pll...pleaseeee...Hellia...I...I fuck you...pleaseeee" 

Hellia blushed again. "Okay little one...since you asked so very nicely~" 

Hellia turned Henry around so he was facing her, he already was trying to thrust into her vines, he was desperate for her warmth and feeling. Hellia smiled and her vines shifted away revealing a large soft looking orb. Henry had no idea what it was, but it felt like it was calling out to him. He needed to be closer...he wanted to thrust against it....He was seemingly free enough and crawled onto Hellia, she had positioned herself in such a way so he could look right at her face as he climbed towards her core. He arrived leaning against the core, it was so warm and soothing. He didn't know really what to do but he felt as Sachra suddenly pushed him from behind. He was pushed straight into her core, his dick easily sliding in. Hellia let out an unearthly noise which he hoped was pleasure. Her core however was heavenly, it was so warm and it was calling out to him. He hugged onto it and began helplessly thrusting.

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