The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 19

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

CW: beginning of sex near the end of this chapter

Henry sat staring at Sachra, she truly was stunning. Her soft pink wood gave her a calming beauty which soothed Henry. While Hellia had a bubbly energy which came across in every movement Sachra swayed like the wind. She smiled down at Henry and pulled out a batch of cookies from a strange box. Henry wasn't sure what it was. Sachra gently picked up one of the large cookies and held it in front of Henry. He went to grab it but Hellia gently pulled his hand back down. "Hu..uh?" 

He looked back at Hellia. She smiled and whispered to Henry. "Now be good dear." 

He didn't understand but it wasn't like he had the energy to resist or to say no. Sachra leaned forward and gently tapped the side of his mouth with a vine. He wasn't sure what that meant. She then used her thumb to gently pull his lip down. She tapped again and he understood he was supposed to open his mouth. He opened and Sachra slid part of the cookie in. Henry instinctively went to take a bite but Sachra held him back with a vine. She then tapped under his chin and released the vine. He bit down and started chewing. He felt Sachra's vines help guide his chewing. It was a soft and slightly gooey chocolate chip cookie. It was his favorite. It easily broke apart in his mouth and made him feel a spreading warmth. It tasted sooo good. He then felt Sachra rub his throat and massaged it to help him swallow. Hellia giggled and gave him a pat on the head. It felt nice, his whole body felt nice. Sachra began the process again, tapping away at him. He tried his best to keep up but he was having trouble focusing. Sachra giggled "Aww... its okay sweetie, you're so adorable." 

He smiled, it felt so nice to be praised by Sachra. He felt very gently as he was picked up by Hellia and placed in her lap. He lazily looked back at her and rested against her chest. She felt so nice and warm. He started nuzzling to get more of the feeling and let out a soft noise. Hellia nearly squealed but contained herself and kept petting him. It was only a short few moments before Sachra pulled his head to look back at her. "Now now dear, you want to be a good girl and eat more cookies?" She nodded, she was a good girl and did want more cookies. "Awww, you really are the best girl dear." 

Sachra smiled and tapped on the side of her mouth again. She opened and accepted another cookie, she tried very hard to wait for Sachra to let her chew. But she couldn't stop herself and bit down slightly. Hellia moved her vines to tickle Henry. "Now cutie, thats being very naughty~" 

She squirmed at the tickling, she had never been good at being tickled. Hellia didn't relent and kept up the  brutal punishment. She wanted to be good! She really did! 

Sachra spoke in a sultry tone. "Now now Hellia I think she's had enough, isn't that right? We can't all be good at learning new skills immediately." 

Henry nodded, it was hard. "s..sorrry" 

Hellia cooed at her and pet her head. "No no little one, no apologizing!" 

Henry nodded sadly. Sachra pet her this time and adjusted her face to look up at Sachra's. "Now dear you've had a sweet dessert but you do need some proper dinner. Does my dear have anything she wants?" 

Henry tried to form more clear thoughts but it was increasingly difficult. She wanted something easy, she mumbled something about burgers but couldn't get it out loudly enough. Hellia whispered into her ear. "Now now Kitten, you have to speak up for Sachra, she wants to make you whatever your heart desires." Henry felt a small wave of pleasure wash over her from the pet name. She liked being their kitten. She mumbled again louder this time. "Bu..burgers please.." 

Sachra gave her own bombardment of pets now and smiled as she put on an apron that said "Kiss the Chef" and got to work. Hellia played with Henry for a while and gave her more tickles every so often. Henry whimpered and tried to fight back but was helpless at Hellia's assaults. Sachra called back to Hellia. "Now now Hellia she's being a good girl~"

Hellia giggled and gave one last tiny tickle as Henry squirmed in her lap. Hellia smiled and said "Who's a cutie?" 

"" Henry looked up at Hellia pleading. 

"That's right, you're the cutest!" Hellia booped her nose and she giggled. 

Sachra occasionally had one of her vines come up and rub against Henry. It felt so nice and Henry made sure to grab the vine and hold onto it. Hellia was all around her so she didn't have to try to grab any of Hellia's vines. Henry felt so at peace and let out a sigh of relief. She snuggled up to Hellia and waited for food which smelled increasingly good. She could hear the sizzle and pop of the burgers and Sachra occasionally let out soft noises as she cooked. She seemed to react whenever the food did something unexpected. Henry giggled watching her. It wasn't long before dinner was ready, Sachra made sure to also prepare some fries but she largely relied on a strange machine which seemed to make them almost out of thin air. After the burgers finished cooking Henry was carried over to the dinner table by Hellia. There were only two seats at the table and she looked around for her seat. Hellia giggled "Don't worry at all kitten you'll be in my lap!" 

Henry nodded lazily. 

Sachra prepared the table, she was also eating a burger and fries. She had also made sure to pour some nutrient water for her and Hellia. She also poured a small glass of normal water for Henry. 

Hellia sat down and had Henry square in her lap. Henry smiled and stared at Sachra. As Sachra sat down she smiled and nodded to Hellia. Hellia began her own feeding of Henry in the same manner as before. She was more strict then Sachra was and Henry had Hellia's vines carefully placed throughout her mouth as to make sure she could only chew or bite when Hellia allowed it. Henry squirmed slightly as whenever she did fail Hellia playfully tickled her. It took a while but Henry did manage to make it through the whole meal just through being fed properly.

As the meal came to an end Henry smiled up at Hellia staring at her many pretty flowers. She got lost in them and at one point tried to climb up Hellia to take hold of one. Hellia was completely bemused by this fact and made sure to poke and prod Henry as she tried to grab hold of them. She did manage to get one but she didn't seem to notice that Hellia had sneakily placed one in an easier to grab location. Henry smiled and nuzzled it and Hellia. It just felt so nice. She vaguely heard Hellia and Sachra talk. Something something bath, something something drugs? Henry had never tried drugs before. She simply never had a chance or curiosity to. She looked over at Sachra and tried to focus on the conversation. Sachra quickly noticed and smiled at Henry. "Aw dear, we were just talking about your bath time, do you want to be like this or more...clear headed?" 

Henry tilted her head. "Wha?" 

Sachra giggled before looking at Hellia. "Why don't we just lessen it a little, get her more present" 

"Aww but she's so cute like this! Aren't you kitten~" 

Henry nodded, she was cute. 

"Yes but I don't think she'll appreciate it when she wakes up." 

"Awww but she didn't even say anything the last time we did this~"

Sachra shook her head but came over to take Henry into her arms, they were moving into a different room now. "Hmmm, I suppose, but she was still on a lighter dosage then now." 

"Okayyy" Hellia was disappointed but it was more playful than anything, she clearly understood the situation. 

Henry felt a slight pinch in her arm and his mind began to return to him slightly. "Hu...h, Sachra? Wha....oh...I have to take a bath?" 

Sachra nodded. "Yes Henry, now if you want me and Hellia can help but I understand if you want to do it yourself." 

Henry blushed suddenly at the thought of being bathed. "I...I uh, well"

Sachra giggled "It is your decision dear Henry. If you want we can certainly do more then just bath." 

Henry's face went fully flush again. He must be dreaming.

Henry looked away. "wh.....what? m...more?" 

Sachra smiled and pet Henry again as they arrived outside the door to what was most likely the bathroom. "Yes dear, just like on the plane~ I know how much you enjoyed yourself."

Henry's flush lessened and he looked up at Sachra with a confused expression. "The plane?" 

"Yes dear, you remember don't you?" 

Henry shook his head. 

Sachra's face contorted to confusion and looked over at Hellia. Hellia shrugged and simply commented. "She should remember just fine?" 

Henry didn't understand who the she was referring to but continued to look up at Sachra. Sachra feigned a cough and simply commented. " what do you remember about the flight?" 

Henry blushed slightly. " was pretty normal....but I remember falling asleep...and then waking up in your arms...vines?" He wasn't sure what to call the situation of being inside an Affini. 

"Yes...and before you fell asleep what do you remember?" 

"Well I...I think I was holding your hand because you were scared.." 

"Hmmm...I see, did you by chance have any strange dreams Henry?"

Henry's face went flush at the mere thought of that dream. He remembered it very clearly, it felt so they touched and played with was so good. 


"Oh! it wasn..wasn't strange...its just embarrassing" Henry said the last part quietly and tried to hide his blush. 

Sachra chuckled before opening the door to the bathroom and placing Henry down on a stool. "Why don't you share Henry, you know we won't judge you." 

Hellia giggled and sat on the floor next to Henry gently running a vine across his leg. It felt very nice, he shuddered. Hellia giggled and also spoke. "Come on cutie! I'm sure you have very interesting dreams~"

Henry was truly unable to contain himself now and finally explained. " is like...a ...a sex dream?" 

Sachra grinned as she got the bath running. "Oh? A sex dream Henry? Do tell~"

Hellia prodded playfully. "I don't think you've ever mentioned sex before Henry! Please tell us!" 

Henry shuddered as he felt Hellia's vine slowly tightening. "I..I nothing special....." 

Sachra smiled and her own vine found its way onto Henry's other leg. "Why Henry, I don't believe that for a second. Was it about someone you knew? Perhaps what was her name...Rosaline?"

Henry shook his head. " wasn't with her...but..but I that's not important." 

Sachra's grin widened as her vine worked its way up to Henry's belt. " Now dear it's quite alright, please just tell us~"

Henry tried to focus but he felt a slight tug on his pants and Hellia was already working to remove his socks. " was....with you two!!" Henry's face was fully flush and he looked towards the wall trying to hide it.

Sachra chuckled and used her vine to pull his head back towards her. Her face was now right in front of Henry's "Why dear Henry that wasn't a dream at all. I'm glad to hear it felt so heavenly to you~" She pulled off Henry's pants leaving him just in his shirt and underwear. He was bright red.

 Henry didn't just have a blushing face, he also had a full blown erection and it was threatening to peak through his meager boxers. He felt as Hellia's vines wormed their way up from within just carefully avoiding his actual dick and they wrapped to pull off his boxers. Meanwhile Sachra began to unbutton his shirt slowly. He lost his words and stumbled over what few he could manage. "I..i uh, tha..that was real? We...y-y-you h-had sex w-i-th me?" 

Sachra grinned and nodded as Hellia easily pulled off his boxers and Sachra finished removing his shirt. He realized his situation and tried to best cover his "manhood". He tried to cover himself as best he could but he was fully exposed. Sachra grinned and simply said "Yes dear, now its bath time!" 

She picked him up and deposited him in the warm bath  

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