The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 18

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

Henry gets home.

Henry cried, he cried for so long and so hard. His soul ached and his eyes hurt. He felt broken down to his core. The emptiness still surrounded him yet, at the same time love was holding him and chipping away at the void. He couldn't say everything felt better, that his resentment or depression were gone, that the emptiness of an unclear future and a hollow self were solved; yet, there were two hands holding his own. Life would still be hard, but he wouldn't be alone and he would keep moving forward no matter what happened. He wasn't sure if he truly believed everything would work out, that he would be happy in the end, but he was sure that Hellia and Sachra would hold his hand and never let go. He cried and buried himself into them, he wasn't sure who exactly he was lying on or how anything ended up playing out but he could feel both of them. They gently held him and rocked him back and forth. He heard their sound and felt them. Their souls caressed his and kept him safe. Things would be hard, things were hard, but he was going, he had to keep going and that was enough. 

It was sometime later, Henry wasn't sure if the car had moved at all or traveled a million miles but he was carried in Hellia's arms to his new home. Sachra held his suitcase for him and left a trailing vine for him to hold onto. He didn't want to let go, no matter what. Henry was in no state to truly process his new living conditions but he saw it was large and extravagant. It was by far the nicest home he'd ever been in, even more so it felt like home. It felt like all the things he could have possibly wanted out of a dream home while still feeling comforting. It was a bit empty, there were plenty of boxes that needed to be unpacked but there was still plenty of unused space. He felt like something should fill it and there was a distant feeling telling him that those spaces were for him to fill. The entire house was for him just as much as it was for Hellia and Sachra. He was home.

Hellia brought Henry to a couch, it was large enough to fit both Hellia and Sachra at the same time. Hellia smiled at him and gently pet him. He didn't have anything to say and he felt so tired, he leaned into it and rested. He tried to keep his eyes open but it was useless at this point so he drifted in and out of sleep. At one point he awoke to the sound of a TV playing. He looked around and saw Hellia intently watching the TV, it was some cowboy movie. Hellia occasionally shouted at the screen or rooted for characters she liked. Henry found it adorable and didn't disturb her fun. He did enjoy the constant ambient petting though. He tried to piece together what was happening. He swore he'd seen this one before, it was near the ending when he finally recognized it was A Fistful of Dollars he laughed which brought Hellia's attention down to him. "Oh you're awake dear! I'm sorry, did my movie wake you up?" 

Henry nodded slightly, he didn't feel like speaking. 

"Do you want me to turn it off little one?" 

He shook his head and nuzzled into her. He was tired and his brain moved slowly but he liked just spending time with Hellia. He felt bad that he hadn't really done anything with Hellia or Sachra for the whole month and half he knew them. He had eaten with them plenty of times and they had talked vaguely on things but he'd never really taken part in an activity with them. He had kind of pieced together their interests and jobs, but it was still spotty. He hadn't ever truly tried. He felt a wave of emptiness flow over him, the pain of realizing he didn't deserve this, it was all too good for him. But he tried to hold it back however little he could. He still ended up crying and Hellia focused on him stopping the movie for now. She caressed him and reassured him, she didn't know why he was sad but she still cared about him so much. He took solace in that warmth even if he felt like it was unwarranted. He wanted to be better for them. He wanted to be with them.

His second bout of crying stopped yet Hellia held him close. He formed what little words he could. "Th..thank you"

Hellia rubbed his head and face. "Of course little one, anything for you." 

He smiled and rested against her. " yo..ur movie..." 

Hellia nodded and gave him a kiss on his head. She turned the movie back on. As the movie finished, Henry finally noticed the strange lack of Sachra. He wanted her near. "" He looked up at Hellia. Hellia smiled down at him. "She'll be here soon, little one, she was reading some things in her room. Do you want me to take you to her?" 

Henry felt like he was truly reduced from his former self to be acting like this, but he did want Sachra. He nodded. Hellia smiled and carried her to Sachra's room. Hellia said something in Affini and her vines intertwined with Sachra as Henry was deposited into her. Henry smiled and rested against Sachra. Sachra smiled and pet him. "Hello dear? Enjoy your nap?" 

He nodded again. 

"Good, would my dear like some cookies? I made a fresh batch just for you~" 

Henry smiled and nodded. 

"Good girl, let's go get you fed." 

Henry's brain slowly processed that word, girl. It wasn't right was it? Was it the first time he was called that?....It was...the..other was a dream clearly. He spoke up slightly. "gi..girl?"

"Oh I'm sorry dear, we can talk about that later, when you've properly rested. You've had enough emotions for today." Henry didn't understand but he nodded. It had felt nice. Sachra and Hellia both moved to what was the kitchen and deposited Henry in a tall chair. He smiled and rested his head against the cool countertop. Hellia gave him a pat and kept talking to Sachra in Affini. The two had a reserved tone but still heartfelt. After a short time Sachra brought out the cookies and tapped Henry on his head. He sat up and looked at Sachra. She smiled "I'm going to feed you now okay Henry? Just follow my lead." He nodded, it was nice to be taken care of. 

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