The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 24

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

CW: a mention of gender dysphoria and depression

Henry felt insatiable, with each bite she needed more, her body cried out in a terrible terrible need for more. She felt everything ache, she needed stimulation. Her clothes felt so nice but she wanted to, she yearned for Sachra's or Hellia's touch. She wiggled in place and felt almost like collapsing onto the counter. It was so much. Sachra was slow and methodical with each bite. She whimpered and pleaded "". 

Hellia giggled and carefully touched Henry's back as she chewed on another bite. She nearly spat it out as she arched her back and panted at the touch. Her breathing was heavy and she had nearly forgotten about the mouth watering food in her mouth. She writhed and leaned back into the touch demanding more. She couldn't control her own mouth and it was open as she panted, drool and saliva leaking out. Sachra smiled and had her vines carefully pull Henry to stare back at her. She felt Hellia carefully running vines up and down her back and she struggled in place. ""

She wasn't sure what she was really trying for other than seeing the gorgeous beauty in front of her. She stared helplessly into her eyes and whimpered. She felt Sachra's vines reach into her own mouth and take control of the eating process. Clearly Henry couldn't even handle such a simple task. She simply let it happen and moaned as she felt every touch and caress. Sachra stared into her eyes the whole time carefully feeding her. Every step made her feel like her desires grew and her hunger doubled. Her whole body was warm and hot; she wanted to bury herself in Sachra or Hellia. She needed them, she wanted them, she had to be with them. She tried to move towards them but was easily held in place and disarmed by the many pleasurable touches, she could barely think and all she wanted was them and more pancakes. She wasn't sure when she had finished eating but she saw Sachra's eyes so golden and perfect looking down at her. Henry loved her so much.

"Now wake up cutie~" It was Hellia's voice

Henry slowly returned to awareness. "hu..uh, what...happened?"

He slowly remembered the events of eating the pancakes. They had felt so good...she...he?...Henry realized that he was a girl or something like it when he was eating....he didn't even know how to begin processing his thoughts. Was he a girl?...he...he did really like it when they called him a good he couldn't ever be a girl...

"Oh we just finished eating pancakes dear. You seemed to enjoy them very much." 

Henry still felt warm. "I..I did..they were very tasty..." 

"I'm glad you enjoyed them!" Sachra beamed and smiled, she looked far more full of energy then Henry was used to. Sachra noticed Henry's observation, "My apologies Henry, I really wanted you to enjoy my breakfast. You loved the food at the hotel so much, I didn't want to let you down." She blushed and looked away, it was very cute. 

"It was very good...did...did you learn for me?"

"Of course Henry, I've been practicing since we first met. I must say I've gotten quite good at it." 

"You're very sweet Sachra...doing all that for me......I can't...I don't deserve that.." 

Hellia hugged Henry tight "Now now Henry, no bad thoughts like that! You are always worthy of love. I hope we won't have to take away your silly little thoughts." 

Henry tilted his head "Tak..take them away?" 

Sachra smiled and caressed his head. "Hellia just enjoys teasing you Henry, but if you really wanted we could help you forget those bad thoughts. Make sure you feel happy and loved always. There's a number of ways to do it, but we do have some drugs that can help" 

"Oh....." The thought of his empty hollowness and self worth issues disappearing sounded very nice, but Henry had never taken any drugs...he was admittedly afraid of the prospect of his mind being altered. Then again he trusted the two of them completely. If they said it would help, it probably would.

"Maybe, I don't know...drugs sound kind of scary..." Henry looked down, he didn't want to disappoint them but he also knew how they didn't like when he lied. Sachra gave him a gentle pat. "Don't worry dear, they're not scary once you get used to them, but I understand. I hope the vet will be able to clear up any misconceptions." 

Henry nodded. He didn't have a problem with doctors but he couldn't say it was a generally enjoyable experience. Still, it seemed slightly demeaning to him that he had to see a Vet, not a proper doctor. Though Hellia and Sachra had assured him it was functionally the same. Henry did watch as the dishes were "cleaned" which he now learned meant they were dissolved into a magical thing called a "compiler". He was fascinated by it. He was told by Hellia that it required voice activation and so he tried talking to it. "Um....hello..compiler?" 

"Hello cutie! What would you like to make today?" 

Henry was dumbfounded and turned to Hellia. "So..I just talk to it? And it'll make me something?"

"That's right kitt-cutie, anything, just remember to say please!" 

"Is it like...a real person or something? I've read some stories about robots who are also people and stuff." 

"Well Henry there are robot sophonts out there! But our little compiler AI is not" 

"Aeye? Is that its name?"

"No no silly, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence!"

"Oh I see..well um...Compiler could you make me....a.....dollar bill please?" He couldn't think of anything more interesting. 

"Sure thing cutie!" The compiler printed out a single dollar bill with perfect form and no folds at all. Henry picked it up. "Look at that Hellia! A dollar bill! Though I guess it doesn't have much meaning anymore." He stuffed the bill in his pocket, he wanted to hold onto it even if it was worthless. Hellia smiled and rubbed his head. "Anything else you'd like to print out?" 

"I don't think so...but I can just come here and ask for anything?" 

"Of course cutie." 


Hellia giggled and squeezed him.


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