The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 15

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

CW: Sex and genitals

Sachra debated for a short moment whether to let her instincts take over and truly drug Henry out of his mind into pure bliss, but the sudden shaking of the plane shook her out it. She adjusted so that Henry could at least speak and he coughed slightly and sat up more within her body. "uh....miss want to hold me here to feel can." Henry spoke like a mouse afraid of its own shadow. 

Sachra relaxed her vines, losing her more structured shape and simply fell into the couch holding Henry close. She focused her eyes on him and squeezed him whenever she got nervous. Occasionally he would let out a whimper and she'd indulge herself restraining him even when she didn't need it. She smiled as she gently ran her vines along his pants. Unfortunately the Class A he was on was quite weak so he wouldn't feel much through his clothes. She had a devious thought as she squirmed her vines back to his arms. She slowly but surely wormed her vines up his body under his shirt. Henry didn't say anything but he was clearly embarrassed. Sachra as she restrained and squeezed Henry entirely forgot about the plane's danger. Instead it was a faint hum at the back of her mind and Henry was all that was left. 

As Sachra held Henry more intimately, she noticed he shifted trying to hide what was clearly a growing erection. Sachra giggled and then leaned into whisper to Henry. "Dear Henry is everything alright? You're squirming quite a bit."

 "O..oh yes Miss Sa..Sachra" She ran a vine across his crotch waiting just a second too long. 

"I...I'm are...." 

"Yes? What is it Henry? You have to speak up, you're being too quiet." 

" are....a...are...are..a...a." Henry had no idea how to even approach telling an alien he was turned on. Did they even know how sex worked? He supposed at least some did, but did Sachra? And more than that what was he supposed to say! Just admit he wanted her to jack him off? 

Henry debated quickly trying to figure out what to do as Sachra suddenly tightened around him leaving a vine squeezing directly against his dick. He let out a slight gasp and finally bit the bullet.. "Ah...Sachra....yo..your vine me....ahhhh" Crap he still couldn't say it. Sachra also seemed to know what she was doing as her vine turned into a hand gently gripping his entire crotch. 

"Oh...Henry, it's quite alright....I know exactly what you want." 

"Hu...huh...?" She squeezed. 

"Would you like privacy dear? Or do you want to have Hellia see your cute squirming. Henry couldn't form words as the thought of Hellia watching him caused his face to turn bright red. He suddenly realized that Sachra had sat herself up and placed him dead center staring down Hellia. Hellia had a grin on her face as Henry felt himself losing his clothes. It wasn't long before each piece of clothing was carefully removed from him and he was left entirely naked in Sachra's embraced. Yet while Sachra was holding him he could see Hellia speak and gesture in a language he couldn't understand. He suddenly felt as Sachra seized his dick in her massive hand and began to squeeze and rub it against her hand. It was so warm......oh god.... he pieced it together as he saw Hellia say something and Sachra stopped her rubbing. Hellia was in control of him. He whimpered a moan and clenched his jaw trying to hold himself together. Sachra however didn't let him and soon a series of vines began to worm their way into his mouth keeping it open. The vines locked his mouth open but not enough to contain anything. He was drooling now, every time he squirmed or let out a moan more came out. He writhed and panted. Hellia gestured again and Sachra began stroking him again. He couldn't do or say anything. He than heard Sachra whisper in his ear. He couldn't tell what it was but it was so sweet and sultry. He leaned into her face and she kissed him. 

Henry felt a wave of pleasure come over him as Sachra kissed him, her vines formed a thick tongue which wormed its way down his throat. His drool was everywhere and he couldn't focus on anything. He felt Sachra's vines grip him everywhere. It wasn't long until it was over now. He could feel it building, and just as he nearly came Sachra retracted her hand. He whimpered as her tongue squirmed in his throat and he could hear her voice within him. BEG. 

Henry formed incoherent words, he needed it, he needed her. He needed Sachra to let him finish so badly. He was crying just from the overwhelming sensation and his drool was leaking out. Sachra was clearly pleased as she returned to finishing him. She didn't let it end quickly though, she played and toyed with his cock continually bringing him to the edge of cumming. He begged and begged and Sachra did nothing but toy with him. His eyes had been closed for a while now before they were forced open by Sachra and he was made to stare right at Hellia. His face was so incessantly warm now, it was so embarrassing to be displayed like this, yet all he could feel was pleasure. Sachra removed her tongue and then whispered into is ear as Hellia devoured him with her eyes. Oh God she was so pretty...she was like the sun...just warmth....... Henry was losing a grip and then he heard Sachra repeat her words which he hadn't processed at all the first time. Be a good girl and cum. 

She did.

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