The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 14

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

Henry didn't sleep last night. He got out of bed in the same clothes he wore yesterday and grabbed his suitcase. He exited his room for what would be the last time but it felt like just another morning. He made his way downstairs a few minutes before when he had and sat down in a chair. He was tired, so tired. He was also scared, he was afraid of having to cross that final threshold. Leaving the hotel once and for all. To a life of what? He didn't exactly know what it meant to be a pet and he certainly didn't know what it would be like to live back in America. 

He rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes. His mind faded ever so lightly. Maybe he could rest now.

Henry awoke a few minutes later but something was odd. He wasn't in the hotel. He was inside something? There were vines all around him, cradling him. It didn't exactly process but as he shifted the vines opened and he was greeted by two things. One fortunate and one terrible. 

He saw Sachra's face looking down at him gently, a vine stroked his head. "Its okay Henry, go back to sleep, you're safe with me." 

The second thing was the bright light of a sunny morning. He put his hand up in front of him and instinctively buried his face into Sachra's vines as though they were bedsheets and he had gotten up too early. He thought he heard a giggle and the vines tighten around him but soon the vines fully enclosed him and it was dark again. He went to sleep. He thought he could hear gentle music playing. It was sweet. 

When he woke up he was sitting in an airport chair of some kind. He didn't know what Saigon's airport looked like but it certainly was impressive. It was expansive and all encompassing, he saw a large number of people and Affini moving about in the mixed space. It was clearly built to accommodate both sizes of people. He looked around and noticed something was holding both of his hands. He looked down and saw Hellia's hand holding his left and Sachra holding his right.

He tried to pull his hands back simply out of a general social anxiety, but they held his hand firmly. He wasn't going anywhere. Sachra turned to look at him and smiled. "Hey there sleepy."

"I..oh I fell asleep, I'm sorry."

Sachra giggled slightly as did Hellia, he noticed Hellia was staring at him with a massive grin.

"Oh you don't have to worry, it was no problem at all."

Henry's forming words were cut off by a rumble in his stomach. He spoke again. " you have anything I could eat...?" 

Sachra's smile seemed to grow wider as she pulled out a small bag from within her. "Here dear, I made some donuts for you."

Henry tried to move his hands to grab the bag but the two Affini didn't let go. Sachra placed the bag in his lap. "Do you want your hand back?" 

"Well I have to eat somehow." He felt like some kind of great menace was staring at him from behind as he looked at Sachra. 

Sachra released his hand and patted him on the head. His left was still firmly trapped so he ate the donuts with one hand. They were sugary and warm. The warmth seemed to spread throughout him and he was feeling oddly nice. He had an urge to rest his head against something more comfortable than the seat but he couldn't bring himself to rest against Sachra or Hellia. Regardless he looked back at Sachra. "Those were good. Thanks..."

"I'm glad you enjoyed them. I can make as many as you want when we get home. It will only be a few more minutes before we board." 

Henry nodded. Home. It was odd, he never really felt at home anywhere. His room when he was younger was the closest thing to that. He wondered if it still had all his stuff. His dad had probably thrown it all out when he was drafted.

As the minutes passed they soon boarded the plane. It was a 747 of some kind with what looked like entirely different engines and strange plant like supports. Throughout the entire boarding process his hands were being held but he was walking on his own. It was kind of nice to be held.

When they boarded the plane they were greeted by a pair of flight attendants who were dressed in bright red and orange outfits. They looked very happy to greet all the passengers and both Sachra and Hellia gave the pair head pats. Henry had at least pieced together Affini were quite physically affectionate at this point. It didn't really phase him but he felt....oddly jealous. He wasn't sure how to sort the feelings but he didn't like Sachra and Hellia patting someone else. The plane was certainly luxurious; it was nicer than any plane he had been on. Though military planes were easy to beat. As they arrived at their seats Henry saw it was more akin to a private living room than a true row of seats. 

"Is..this all for you two?" 

Hellia spoke up "Yes it's for all of us silly!" 

The Affini seats to help accommodate the height problem were more akin to couches to lie on. As such it was laid out like two couches and a smaller seat in a triangle. Henry sat in the smaller seat before continuing his line of questions. "So..are you guys like really important? This seems like a lot for just normal passengers." 

Hellia chuckled. "I thought we explained to you already, capitalism is over, this is what it's like for all passengers! Though.....Sachra is quite the well known figure~" 

Sachra blushed slightly. "It is nothing, besides I am on vacation. No more work for now." Hellia nodded and gave Henry a head pat. Oh that was nice... Henry almost leaned into it slightly. He felt odd...he hadn't felt this way before....maybe he was just tired... It was a few more seconds before Hellia pulled her hand back. She looked like she was about to explode of excitement at something. 

It wasn't long before the plane took off. He relaxed into his seat more properly. It was nice and soft, but it was missing something. He wasn't sure what. He glanced over at Sachra and noticed something was wrong. 

"..Miss Sachra is everything alright?" 

Sachra almost jumped. "AH...yes yes I'm fine"

"You don't look fine Miss Sachra." 

"I...ah.." Sachra held her words and seemed almost embarrassed to admit what she was feeling. Planes scared the hell out of her. She could hear every rumble and vibration of the plane as it flew. She knew they were safe now, but oh by the everbloom why hadn't they just taken a shuttle. So many things could go wrong! These things were basically giant fireballs waiting to happen! She might be able to rebloom but this nightmare could kill Henry in a few moments! She was totally lost in thought as Henry spoke again. "Miss Sachra?" 

"Huh..oh I'm sorry dea-" Another wave of air, the plane shook and Sachra immediately grabbed the nearest thing. Henry's leaned over hand. Henry let out a small noise which was truly adorable but she realized she was gripping his arm quite tightly. "Oh..I'm sorry Henry"

He rubbed his arm slightly "Scared of flying Miss Sachra? I thought you guys were supposed to be unkillable" Henry laughed slightly. 

"'s...yes I suppose so." Sachra looked at Henry's arm again. "I..hope I didn't hurt you." 

"Oh no its ah...fine" he was blushing. He had enjoyed that. She smiled at the comfort the Class A's were working well. 

"Is it alright if I hold your hand Henry, it might make me feel better?"

Henry nodded still blushing and held out his arm for her. Her vines curled around him and would often squeeze his arm whenever she got scared. She noticed after a short while his blushing had turned into a full flush and Henry was turned away from her. Then all of the sudden the plane hit a huge patch of turbulence and Sachra instinctively pulled Henry into her as though the plane were going down. She panicked and looked around only to realize the plane was fine. She heard a moan come from within her though. She looked down and saw Henry fully restrained in her vines. He let out a bit of a whimper as she squeezed him again. Oh.... A predator's hunger awoke in her and Henry looked like a deer in headlights.

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