The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 13

by commanderkaya

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February 2nd

Henry had just gotten up, he rubbed his eyes and grabbed his glasses from the side desk. It was another day. He felt something, but he couldn't parse what it was. He felt better whenever he was with Sachra and Hellia but the rest of the day was still hollow. He thought it might've been even worse now when he was alone. He hadn't seen Rosaline much anymore, the last time he visited she was talking how she met someone special. She seemed truly happy in that moment. Henry wasn't sure what to say but it was what it was. He also finally learned what happened to Johnny. 

Apparently back when the Affini first showed up in the hotel he got himself domesticated. Henry had only seen him a handful of times since. He did meet his owner though, a large Affini by the name of Gratius. He barely fit in the hallway when Henry first met him. Gratius had also laughed about something saying he was "smelled like Sachra". He didn't really get it but he assumed they knew each other at least. 

Regardless Henry made his way downstairs after getting ready for the day. Hellia had brought him new clothes a week ago and he'd been wearing them since. They were nice. Nothing special really, essentially copies of his old clothes. Still, it was a nice gesture. When he finally reached his usual table he looked up and saw that Hellia was there as well as Sachra. It was always strange when the two were together. He took a seat before looking at Hellia. 

"This is a surprise Sunflower. Did something happen?"

Hellia looked slightly anxious but turned to look at Sachra. Sachra then spoke up. "Nothing happened Henry...but, I am leaving tomorrow."


"My job here is finished and I'm going to my new home."

Henry's heart ached, it cried out in pain. He wasn't sure why this stung, but it did. "Oh...I....see"

"Henry." One of Sachra's many vines reached out and tried to grab his hand. He pulled it back. 

"'s okay Miss Sachra. I'll be fine on my own." 

Henry would be alone again.

Sachra could see it now, Henry wasn't going to ask to come with her. He would suffer here if she didn't do something. He would totally fall apart. She...she had to do th- 

"Henry!! You are coming with us. I won't let you stay here anymore!" Hellia's voice was nearly cracking but it was determined. 

"I..I don-"

"Henry, you need us and you are coming with us now. Tomorrow we are leaving! You don't have to spend today with us if you want to mope but you will be packed and ready to go tomorrow at 7 am!"

Both Sachra and Henry were at a total loss of words. Hellia wasn't fuming exactly but she was clearly quite upset. 

"I..I'm sorry" Henry squeaked out. 

Hellia looked shaken for a moment. " Henry you didn't do anything wrong."

Henry wasn't sure what to say in a way...he didn't want to be alone again. But....he...he couldn't just leave...there was nothing for him. " don't have to take care of me...I'm not anything special." 

"Henry! You matter regardless of whatever your brain is telling you. You matter! You are special! To me and to Sachra. You don't have to be a pet, but you can't stay here. I won't let you"

Henry didn't believe it, he couldn't. But he didn't have any fight in him. He never did in the first place. So he simply went quiet and sat with them. Hellia saw his spiraling and quickly pulled him into a tight embrace. He wanted to run, to leave but he couldn't muster anything in him, so he simply accepted it. It was his life now. Sachra, who had been quiet this whole time, carefully slipped her own vines to hold Henry's hand. Henry was quiet for the rest of the morning. He wasn't sure what to say. If there was anything to say. He ate breakfast as did Sachra and Hellia. Hellia looked exhausted, it took every ounce of her will to speak like that. Sachra was also exceptionally quiet. Henry couldn't tell why, but she looked solemn. He wondered if something was wrong. After breakfast Hellia escorted him upstairs to get his things ready for tomorrow.

Hellia soon left after his clothes and few possessions were packed neatly away in a suitcase she brought. He lied in bed and had no idea what was going to come next. He guessed he was going to wherever home was to Sachra. Would Hellia also be there? He wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen next. She was mad at him. Was Sachra disappointed in him? He wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, he wasn't special or worth the time. 

The time kept ticking and he laid there for who knows how long. He thinks Hellia must have come by for dinner but he ignored the knocking on the door. It must have been close to midnight when he got up to seek out someone. He hoped Rosaline was around. He knocked on her door. It was a few moments before Rosaline got the door, she looked nice. She seemed happy if not slightly dazed. 

"Henry! How are you dear?"

"I've been worse"

"Oh that won't do, come in come in."

Henry looked around and saw her room was far more organized, even barren in places. It seemed she'd been moving her things. 


"Oh, I suppose I hadn't told you, a sweet Affini invited me to move in with him." 


"Hah, Henry don't worry I won't be like one of those pets, but he certainly is nice. He knows how to show a girl a good time." 

Henry nodded. He could have said more but he didn't. 

Rosaline spent the night talking about her new 'lover' and how seductive he was. She claimed it was just a fling but Henry could see the longing in her eyes. She may have entertained many men but it was few people who captured her desire. Henry was fortunate to potentially count himself as one of those, but he frankly didn't know. He thought about telling her he was leaving soon as well. But he was quiet and wasn't sure what to say. As Rosaline finished packing a chest full of clothes she kissed him and said. "Oh Henry I hope I see you again, perhaps here at the hotel? This was a wonderful time. Do take care of yourself." 

"Maybe Rosaline....maybe" 

This didn't help.

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