The Sunset Road Home


by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

CW: brief mention of death

January 5th

Hellia and Sachra walked through Saigon back to the Affini District. It wasn't a long walk but she didn't mind escorting Hellia back from dinner. It gave her information on how Henry was doing. 

"So why don't you bring him into a vet, Sachra? I'm sure he might need some medical assistance. He clearly has depression, I read about it the other day." 

"I'm tired, Hellia, I don't want to see him scared."


"I've seen so many humans now scared out of their minds when we bring them in against their will. I...I don't want to see Henry like that"

"But he's suffering still..."

"Why don't you then?"

Hellia was silent, she was younger but she still hated seeing scared sophonts. Unlike many of her friends she didn't want to break someone, she wanted to shower them in love. They both shared that. Maybe it wasn't the right thing but Hellia trusted Sachra to know what she was doing.

"Give him time Hellia, if it is worse than we think then we'll have to bring him in regardless....but I don't want to see him like....that"

January 15th

Sachra sat in her office going over a number of forms. Largely intake forms for the most recent batch of feralists. She had to get these signed off and moved on quickly. Things though have largely been cooling down over the past few weeks. She didn't even have to command specific formations across the Northern Deltas. While November had been as the humans put it "hell" and December a "firestorm", January might be called simply a warm day. The largest cells had been rounded up now in Vietnam and while hold outs in the deep parts of the jungle were still fighting things should be over by February. She knew she was likely to be reassigned back to America simply for a vacation so she didn't worry herself with the China situation. She wondered what she would do after, high command had assured the general council that China would be finished by Summer, maybe Fall at worst, so she probably wouldn't see more service there. Frankly the domestication efforts would probably be done by the end of the year. She supposed she could head back out into space, help the patrols for the next sophont species. Henry was the only thing vaguely holding her here, but even then he would have Hellia if she really wanted to leave. She sighed and pulled out Henry's file to look over it again. She must have read it over a hundred times at this point. Father domesticated after an attempted feralist attack, Mother dead. Wait a moment. His mother died on June 28th in a car crash last year. Oh no. Henry likely had no idea since he had been out of touch for nearly 8 months. She double checked the American communication records, there had been a scheduled communication to reach Henry when he was to originally head back to his staging zone but the Affini had interrupted that entirely. He had no idea.... Sachra had no idea what to do. She put the records down and looked off into space.

January 17th 

Hellia was in her temporary Hab watching TV, she was absolutely in love with an old show that had been airing before the Affini arrived. It was about humans exploring the galaxy and trying to spread peace and happiness. She loved all their little adventures and mysteries. She had spent her time seeing the actual mysteries of the galaxy so there was something truly unique about seeing another's imagination of the possible. When anything was at your fingertip it was almost more satisfying to be pulled into a vision of something that wasn't real. 

She was slowly building a list of shows and series to read as she found them all entrancing. The next series on the list was to read something called "Conan the Cimmerian"

January 23rd 

After nearly a month of breakfasts and dinners, Hellia had started to escort Sachra to breakfast. It was not as though Sachra needed escort; she was one of the most skilled Affini Hellia had ever seen, but it was nice to do regardless. It was a nice morning today and the sun was shining. Hellia was beaming with energy. 

"What has gotten you excited today Hellia?"

"Oh I just love bright and early mornings! I feel so rejuvenated!"


"What is it Sachra?

"Ah I just found it interesting how you're always filled with energy"

"Well it's easy to do in good company!" 

Sachra chuckled. "Oh I see, well perhaps I should meet them"

Hellia laughed. "Ooooh I dunno, they can be quite mean on the surface! Even if they look so sweet~" 

"Hmm well if its a mean Affini I'll have to talk some sense in them to be nice to you"

"Oh why ever would you need to do that Sachra!" 

"Hmm perhaps I should let them be mean to you" 

The two of them laughed as they walked to the hotel.

February 1st 

This was it, Sachra had finished her final documents and the situation in Vietnam was considered fully acceptable. She could have her vacation now. She did receive a request for aid in the China situation. Things had apparently only continued to decline. While not urgent to warrant larger requests, since she was in the area and had ample domestication experience she was on the short list of people to be asked. Apparently the Chinese had tried to use their few nukes in some sort of desperate denial tactics. She sighed this was someone else's mess now she needed a break. She heard a ding from her oven and got up for more important things. 

She had baked a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies for Henry. He apparently loved them more than anything else she had baked so far. It also helped that stasis could keep them as gooey and warm as the moment they came out of the oven. She hoped he liked them. Tomorrow was the big day....she was going to ask him if he wanted to come home with her. She had more than ample justification to take him for herself at this point, but she wanted him to want it. Even if he didn't know going home would guarantee his fate as hers. Hellia was insistent on coming as well and had preemptively gotten tickets on the next flight back for all 3 of them. Sachra wanted to take a shuttle but Hellia rightfully suggested a plane would be more comforting to Henry. Ease him into their extreme disparity in power. She truly truly hoped after this month he would agree. He clearly loved their company, it was the only spot of true life in his existence right now. It would be likely more cruel to not take him.....she...she just couldn't force him like that. She hoped Hellia could if thats what it took. Well... we'll see tomorrow. Sachra went to bed to rest for the night.

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