The Sunset Road Home

Chapter 16

by commanderkaya

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #alternate_history #bondage #drugs #exhibitionism #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnosis #petplay #pov:top #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters

CW: Things are going to get heavy next chapter. There is going to be heavy depression and spiraling 

As it came to an end a wave of relief passed over Henry and he was pulled into Sachra. His mind tired and worked he fell asleep in her arms. His dreams were pleasant. It was like a sunny day at the beach with warm water lapping at his feet. He was just happy. It was a feeling he had forgotten for a long time. 

After some indeterminate number of hours he woke up slightly hazy in Sachra's vines. He could see faint light coming though yet he couldn't tell from here if it was morning or sunset. Things in his mind were strange, he didn't fully recall falling asleep in Sachra's vines, yet thoughts which felt like a dream began sifting back to him. Did Sachra really do all those things to him?....Surely not......The mere thought of it ran like lightning through him. He was starting to wake up and at least he was dressed now so surely it was just a dream. It had to be, Sachra didn't see him that way at all, much less Hellia directing. He shook his mind, he can fantasize about them later. He began to shift and stand up. Sachra adjusted to support him and spoke down to him. "Good morning dear Henry, we're almost home." 

"Oh?...That's good" He yawned and stretched within Sachra. In turn Sachra gently patted him. "Sorry for uh...falling asleep in here, I guess it just felt nice." 

"Oh I would certainly hope so~" Sachra chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Henry began to move the vines away so he could see Hellia and the plane again. 

Hellia giggled this time. "It's nothing cutie~ you're just very adorable." 

"Hmph...I didn't even do anything." 

The two looked at each other and laughed again, he got more head pats for his trouble. 

Henry looked up at Sachra "Do you still want to keep me in here? Or are you feeling better?" 

"Hmmm, I would like to keep you here forever, but what do you want Henry?" 

Henry tilted his head. "Forever? Why?" 

Sachra was truly befuddled at this. "Well, you are very cute Henry and its nice to hold you." 

"Hm, I didn't think you aliens were romantics."

This time Hellia and Sachra truly couldn't contain themselves. Henry couldn't figure it out. The two Affini laughed for a long time all the while Henry got plenty of pats and squeezes. He left it alone for now and simply rested back against Sachra. It was certainly more comfortable than the normal seat. After a little longer Sachra pulled out a bag of some food and offered it to Henry. Henry looked it over and took what interested him but left the vast majority. He had just taken some chips and a soda. He ate for a little while before Sachra spoke to him again. "Henry dear, you didn't take most of the food are you not hungry?"

" I'm fine....." He was lying but he felt ashamed to admit he didn't have a wide array of foods he liked, much less tolerated.

Sachra noticed but said nothing, preferring not to prod him. Hellia at this point spoke up, she had been relatively contained for most of the flight. 

"Henry dear, I know we didn't have much time these past two days to discuss it, but is there anything you'd like for your room when we land? Sachra has more eccentric tastes but we do want you to be comfortable."

Henry tried to muster an answer. " really specific....."

"Henry, please don't lie to us" 

"I'm not lying...I just, I dunno. I guess just stuff from my old least whatever's left."

"Where would it have gone, little one?" 

"I dunno, my dad might've thrown it out or my mom. I hope they're both doing alright. I haven't seen them in over a year, almost two now I guess." 

Both Hellia and Sachra hadn't yet broken the news to Henry but they knew it would come soon enough. Sachra spoke this time "Well, we can arrange to get your things. Do you want us to have it sent over or to go with you to get it?" 

"Uh.. we can go together to get it. I guess I should say hi to my folks and all. Tell them I'm gonna be living with aliens or something" Henry sighed, he wasn't sure exactly what he was to Sachra and Hellia. He wasn't anyone special. 

It truly wasn't long after that point before the plane landed. Henry was back in Los Angeles, home sweet home. The general process of getting off the plane was substantially easier than he imagined and it wasn't long before the three had arrived at an Affini built monorail. Sachra informed Henry these connected almost all parts of the city now. It was odd, he was so used to driving everywhere so simply getting in a train car was a foreign concept. He didn't really have any luggage and apparently Sachra and Hellia's things were either already here or were arriving through some faster Affini transportation. The three got into a crowded car, luckily Sachra and Hellia made ample room for him to stand amongst them. The two chatted in Affini, he had at this point could tell their general tones. It seemed a bit heated, some kind of argument at least. When they both noticed Henry was watching them they quieted down and Sachra held his hand again. He felt like something important had just happened but he had no idea about what. Henry distracted himself by looking out the window. The entire city was different, the smog was all gone, everything looked green and full of life yet also more in character to the fact this was still a desert. He saw so many new buildings and the skyline dotted with plantlife. He wasn't sure yet if he thought it looked better, but he truly enjoyed the clean air. 

After some time the train came to a stop near the mountains. He hadn't ever been this close to them really, he was originally from Pasadena so while the mountains were close, this station was properly in the mountainside. As they got out of the station Sachra spoke to an Affini attendant who directed the three to a strange looking car. It clearly played the part of an alien supercar. Henry got inside and he could tell Sachra and Hellia were giving each other a serious look. Eventually Sachra sighed and spoke. "Henry, there's something we have to talk about. It's regarding your parents."

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