The Woman in Question

The Librarian

by comfurtable1

Tags: #aliens #fantasy #microfiction #possession #sub:female #bondage #brain_drain #parasite

The creature desires another host. How can it manipulate the original thrall to help it gain another source of fresh blood?

The search for the lost woman couldn't start until a few days after the first abduction, the activity at the park stayed at typical levels. Even when the search began, no announcement was made public to warn the community of the discrepancy, leaving any wandering party in danger. The police had searched the park for a few days with no sign of the missing woman, and a single missing person case wasn't going to be broadcast to the public.

Four days after the first incident, a well dressed woman began her lunch routine. She found a soft patch of grass and laid a blanket down next to one of the several ponds of the five square mile nature hub. Unless she had been looking for it, she wouldn't have had any reason to think anything might be out of the ordinary.

The only thing that might have caught her attention was that the park was far less occupied than it would normally be on such a nice day. The population of humans was normal, but for any other species available, except one other, the traditional numbers had sunk. The blonde librarian seemed intrigued that so few birds, ducks, squirrels and other critters had ventured to the sanctuary today.

She silently analyzed the area for what the cause could be, but she wouldn't know the true reason until it was far too late. The presence of the strangest predator the earth had ever seen who had grown tired of meals from a single blood source.

The parasite latched to its current host searched the environment for another suitable candidate. To all the world, the dark haired woman was just another oddly dressed patron of the park. She had been living out here since the creature had first taken her, not that her mind really perceived the passage of time anymore. It was far more important that she fed, as she was richly rewarded each time she did.

The woman in question would spot the petit observer of nature and see that she hadn't identified anything amiss other than the missing wildlife. The controlled body analyzed the blonde and concluded she would be a fitting second host. The incoming footsteps reached the visitor, inviting the brand new target to turn toward the increasing noise.

In the days since the incident, the parasite learned finer command of its host. Standard mannerisms, facial expressions and changes to tone of voice match typical human activity. Despite the organism's best efforts, the woman soon to arrive still had an unnatural facial alignment. However, what appeared to be a beautiful outfit covering her torso and long legs could draw attention away from such flaws.

The blonde held back a greeting, as she didn't feel an urge to initiate conversation. She remained perfectly content with eating alone if the girl closing in chose to stick to the walking path. The girl drew closer, moving to the pond a few feet down from the blonde. She stopped and looked out over the pond for a few moments, then commented, "It's so beautiful out today."

The bookkeeper, novel in hand, answered, "I know, but something doesn't feel right. Something is absent today."

"I couldn't agree more... walking in this park is always so lonely." Now the brunette turns and smiles at the blonde. "I'm Stephanie."

"I'm Amy, nice to meet you. If you don't wish to be alone, then why come so far out? This is one of the few places I can get peace and quiet, usually. Even the library can be noisy at times."

"A paradox to be sure. But I find those that inhabit the busier areas tend to not understand the beauty of this calmer section."

"Is there anything besides the lovely scene that brings you out here?"

"Not really. Just need to stretch my legs sometimes. I hate being cooped up at home all day."

The mention of her legs was the perfect little subliminal comment to get the adorable reader to gaze down. "Where did you find an outfit like that?"

Surprised by the early positive reaction, the creature enthusiastically answered, "I found this in a small shop upstate... one feel of the fabric and I just had to have it... I'd never felt anything like it before." Stephanie had never felt the sensations that the creature gave her before being captured.

This sort of talk isn't what Amy enjoyed. Her face scrunched, her light smile turned sour. "I'm glad you found something to indulge yourself in." Body language was a wonderful indicator of comfort, a once open stance has closed off to Stephanie. Amy felt she should finalize her meal abruptly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to keep you from your meal." The wish to taste willing flesh slows down the creature's drive overexertion of the agenda. This new host would have to be fully coaxed into giving herself away.

"My break is coming to a quick end. The conversation was pleasant." As much as that was true, she also has commenced the stowing of her entertainment items. Amy's departure loomed.

Stephanie takes a few steps closer. "It was more than pleasant, Amy. It has been a true pleasure to speak with you."

When Stephanie closed in on the future thrall, Amy had more opportunity to examine her features. Makeup application was a simple trick for such a complex parasite. She has also remained perfectly hairless below the neck with her smooth legs shining in the sunlight as she steps ever closer. Very few signals could be identified as amiss by Amy who replied, "It has, but I am not sure I wish to have another. I hope your quest to not be as lonely succeeds..."

"So quick to judge, Amy? A few moments of small talk makes you so sure you never wish to speak with me again?"

"I'm sorry, I must return to work now." How rude this girl was! How dare she try to shrug off the advances of the superior being?

"Of course." Stephanie extends her hand to the blonde below her, offering to help her up.

There wasn't anything Amy outright disliked about Stephanie's offer to help, so she accepted the hand, letting her own travel toward the outreached limb, and coincidentally the life form attached. Stephanie clasps Amy's wrist and pulls her up, and the end of her 'sleeve' brushes against Amy's hand. Time for this blonde to loosen up a little... be a little more friendly… A soft tingle through her skin... an invitation to touch more...

"Woah! Hey!" She jerked her arm away. "That's a bit forward don't you think? The heck was that about? I'm sorry, I don't wish to be around you anymore. You seem a little impulsive..." Now to her feet, she began backing up toward the path, toward civilization.

This human wasn’t going quietly, but she couldn’t be allowed to leave. “Don’t forget your things.” For now she keeps up the friendly facade.

Just what was this girl's ploy? Amy is equally confused and frustrated at Stephanie, unable to put her finger on the root cause of the drastic bipolar actions she witnessed. She cautiously crouched down to fold her blanket.

Stephanie stands over the blonde, waiting… Waiting for the right moment when she's fully distracted. She had to fully commit to placing the large item in her backpack. In the blink of an eye, the creature on her top half detaches and launches itself at the blonde. Amy grunted on impact and dropped to the ground. Now topless, Stephanie's eyes go glassy. The host no longer required a decoy.

The creature first wraps itself around Amy's mouth, cutting off any cries for help. Her muffled screams would only travel so far, beyond the range of any friendly acquaintance to help. The muted whines fail to draw attention.

With that secured, her useless clothing was the next to go. Acid dissolves the fabrics but leaves her skin unprotected and unharmed. Her favorite sweater was eaten, turned into dust. She had to break free! She had to fight against the monster. Why wasn't Stephanie helping? Able to flip onto her back, the librarian peered to the topless woman she just met.

Cloudy eyes stare back without seeing, but her bare top now draws Amy's eyes. Why was Stephanie just standing there? What was going on with her eyes? How is she comfortable not... Not having anything covering her...Wait was... was it her outfit that declared war on her body? How can something so fluffy and gorgeous be alive? There's no way it was stronger than her, right?

The fear stricken damsel triples her effort to rip apart the being that constricted her upper body movements. Her blood flowed faster, and hotter. Veins revealed themselves for the creature to begin feeding on. Stephanie just stands there, watching emotionlessly as Amy struggles. As smart as the avid reader should be, her survival instincts weren't on par with Stephanie. She never realized that her legs weren't occupied, and that she could try to run.

The girl playing overwatch received a healthy helping of a chemical that increased her lust temporarily. Growing addicted to the feeling of another being claimed by her owner. Her mind trained to support the alien race's objective. Soon she would be able to conduct these sorts of operations without a leech attached, and capture stray humans with her own charms.

Amy's thrashing slowed as her energy waned. She had far less stamina than Stephanie, who lowered herself to the ground, pulling the blonde's weakened legs apart before pinning them down. Doomed to be converted, Amy's eyes began to tear up. To her disdain, her own thoughts betray her. Why did it all have to be so enjoyable? So ridiculously addicting? The salty fluid ran down her cheek, and made contact with the outer fluffy wall of the organism that has her almost completely subdued.

The creature feeds on her tears and begins to flow down from her face to her torso. The brunette leaned in between Amy's legs and mercilessly licked her reward. Pleasure was the most delicious substance for the creature to feed on. Yes, blood, sweat and tears could sustain it, but nothing else was this sweet.

Once Amy's optimal spots had been found, the parasite understood just why this new subject would become one of its favorites to control. Her energy is like none it had felt before. Amy's chest is covered and the pleasure surging through her system triples. She moaned loudly which may attract more visitors. Perhaps it was time to transport the concubine to the hideout.

With superhuman strength, Stephanie scoops the moaning blonde from the ground and carries her off. Amy's resistance persisted, but just as with Stephanie, the leech wished for it. The additional speed of the fluid transfer always proved necessary, bringing further ecstasy to the host body's mind and corrupting it beyond the point of return as soon as possible.

Soon the pair of them were in the secluded cave that Stephanie had discovered... far from any ears that could hear any of what would happen next. The creature migrates to Amy's chest as Stephanie lays her on the ground.

No more tears. The only fluid released by the blond former bookkeeper was a large string of drool. Her body rocked all over the place with each and every suck from the mouth of her captor. The drool is collected and absorbed… Stephanie resumes her position between Amy's legs. Overloaded with bliss, she began to forget why this wasn't a wonderful moment.

She had never felt such wonderful pleasure before in her life, and would never again be without it. It was plenty of reason to continue releasing energy. It felt so good to press against the soft fabric. And so good to leak her juices.

Stephanie adjusts, now kneeling between Amy's legs with her own crotch. The creature around her waist extrudes out to form a soft protrusion that thrusts into Amy's hole. The probing forces the small girl's mouth wide open and her eyes to unfocus. Stephanie's hips thrust forward and back to apply intermittent pressure upon Amy's body, which responded instinctively. This revelation supplied evidence that she would willingly reciprocate sexual acts.

Mitosis began as the small mass of the organism inside Amy became its own entity. The heated environment and combined wetness of the two host girls was the ideal location for a new being to be produced. Within a minute, it had grown to half the size of its parent cell, and soon it had fully taken root. With the new being's first act, it rewarded Amy for becoming a full host. As a full subservient birther of life who would gladly do it as many times as required, her eyes join Stephanie's in the shrouded glassy state.

Soon the creature has doubled its harem. Two women wrapped in its warm embrace of mind and body. The search for Amy would trigger an increased hunt for both of the women seized by the alien organism. Little more clues could be used in the search, the only true help that gave the authorities any hint to the whereabouts of either Amy or Stephanie was the fact that the ponds were a location coveted by the blonde for lunch. Which pond? There was just so much wilderness to comb through in order to bring them home.

The librarian in question was never seen again. At least not by anyone who returned to tell the story...

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