Saccharine Sweets: Short Fics to Snuggle To

The Manor

by Cassandra Cavenaugh

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #microfiction

It was early on that Sarah was introduced to the other kittens in the manor. The group was playful and feisty as any coterie of felines might be, but they were quite curious about her. She bore a simple black ribbon of a collar, and had no fluffy ears or tail to be seen. Sarah was an anomaly to the others.

Madame Celeste brought Sarah to the center of the common room and beckoned the others, “Come sit, kittens. We have a new friend to play with and I’m quite sure you all will enjoy her.”

The women crawled across the freshly vacuumed Victorian rug and perched their hands on the tufted couch in expectation. Their Mistress spoke gently but firmly, “Sarah is deeply obedient, and ready to learn what her role here at the manor will be. She is a present for all of you, and each of you will give her a task. Gem, would you care to go first?”

“Yes, Mistress. I want her to forget,” the purple eared kitten softly mewed.

“And what pray tell do you wish her to forget?”

Gem smiled. “Herself. I want her to be like us. Yours.”

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