Saccharine Sweets: Short Fics to Snuggle To

Return to Innocence

by Cassandra Cavenaugh

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #microfiction

Sarah put the mix tape into her Walkman and hit play. Jess gave her the tape yesterday after spotting the beaten and worn player attached to Sarah’s hip. The music started softly, a somber wind solo and then… Tibetan monks? What was this song? Her mind started to wander as the voice trailed off into a 90’s, sensual ballad.

A few moments later, Jess grabbed Sarah’s hand and guided her to an empty study hall room. Sarah’s eyes were glazed over, lost in the music; Jess just smiled and stroked Sarah’s cheek softly. She reached down and stopped the tape before gently removing the earbuds from Sarah’s ears.

“Good girl, I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, Miss.”

The tape had brought her down into trance and brought out the part of Sarah that couldn’t go home to her parents over break. The part of her that hid her sapphic love and deep desire to submit. The song had brought her girlfriend back. It had returned her to innocence.

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