Saccharine Sweets: Short Fics to Snuggle To

Morning has Broken

by Cassandra Cavenaugh

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #microfiction

“Good morning, pet.” the voice from the computer said brightly as Amy’s eyes started to slowly open. The brightness of the monitor and the fresh daylight forcing her to squint a little to see the video chat window that was open.

“Who-- I-- what time is it?” Amy stammered out as her mind revved up and started to process the situation. She was still in her clothes from yesterday, an empty plate of pasta sat on the desk, and her empty glass of white wine next to it.

“Well, we met last night. Don’t you remember? Ah, that’s right, you wouldn’t.” the voice gently pressed, twisting at the end. What was it that she was forgetting? What kind of wine was in that glass? Wait.

Amy tilted her head to one side and looked back at the screen quizzically, “Pet is confused, what did Miss--”

“Oh, there you are. There’s my darling pet. You’re remembering now, aren’t you? How you dropped so quickly just listening to my voice. How you crawled around on all fours for me.”

“I-- I don’t under-- Miss, what did--”, Amy’s face was aghast but the programming was already there.

“Be a good girl, and sleep.”

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