Chapter 2

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #aftercare #blindfolded #conditioning #consensual_kink #femdom_hypnosis #forced_orgasm #hypnosis #masturbation #programming #solo

Vy had been intimidated by the idea of the chair, when She first explained it, but the idea had also made her heart race and her whole body tingle with anticipation. 
Now, as she settled back, it felt like the most natural thing in the world.
Vy loved the little squeak of leather as her bare skin moved against it, and the way her whole body felt supported as she relaxed and let her head fall back against the cushion.
Her hands felt so good as they gently ran through her hair, and Vy couldn’t stop herself from shivering as She put the straps and cuffs on that would keep her in place.
“I know I don’t need these any more,” She purred with amusement as Vy tried not to squirm. “You want to be here, don’t you?”
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, I want to be programmed,” Vy agreed softly. 
She nodded. “But you like being restrained, don’t you?”
“Yes,” Vy confessed. “I love it when you tie me up.”
“Good toy.” 
Vy felt Her fingers gently press against her neck, and a pulse of pleasure took her breath away, rewarding her honesty and her submission. 
“Th-thank you...”
“You’re very welcome.”
While Vy was still bonelessly pliant, a blindfold was slipped into place, and she felt the warmth of Her breath on the side of her neck, tickling her ear. 
“I want you to listen carefully to the words. Let them relax you as you listen, over and over.”
“Listen to the words as they guide you down, and how good it feels for you to accept them. To accept your instructions as you sink deeper and deeper. To accept your programming as it imprints itself into your mind, becoming a part of you.”
“Listen to the words as they repeat, over and over, until you are repeating with them, and you know how good it feels to Obey. To Serve. To Worship.”
Vy could already feel her eyelids growing heavy as She spoke, drifting and floating on Her voice as the words pulled her down.
Over and over, deeper and deeper with each repetition, slipping further and further into trance, not even feeling the headphones being slipped over her ears. 
The words surrounding and engulfing her, taking up more and more space in her mind.
Vy could feel her lips moving as she mouthed the words, breath rising and falling even as they became the white noise that blanked out everything else.

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