Chapter 1

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #aftercare #blindfolded #conditioning #consensual_kink #femdom_hypnosis #forced_orgasm #hypnosis #masturbation #programming #solo

The words flowed through Vy’s mind like water, sliding between actions, trickling around conversations. Seeping into the books and crannies of her brain until it was completely saturated.
Before she’d even realized it they had become part of the foundation of her psyche, rooting into her unconscious. 
She could still talk, of course. Still drive, do her job or make herself food. But the words were always just beneath the surface.
That (Obey) was how (Serve) it was supposed to be. (Worship)
Vy knew that She didn’t want Her toy to become a zombie, after all. 
She wanted her toys to be happy to obey. To enjoy serving. To feel fulfilled by their worship.
In so many ways, it actually made Vy better at her day job. The more she let the words wrap around her, the more she focused on work, that constant blissful white noise helping to block out distractions. 
Obey. (Complete tasks)
Serve. (Be attentive)
Worship. (Please Her)
Before Vy had become one of Hers, she had been coasting. Minimum effort to get by, stay quiet, collect the paycheck, repeat. 
She’d surprised herself with how much she could actually do, and how good it felt to be so productive. 
When Vy mentioned it to Her, She just smiled.
“When you serve others, you are still serving Me.”
Vy nodded. Of course. It all made sense, when she looked at it that way. That was how it should be. 
As if She could sense Vy’s train of thought reaching that destination, She leaned down to kiss her on the forehead.
“You are such a good toy. Would you like to spend some time in your chair?”
Vy could feel herself tremble with anticipation. 
“Yes, please.”
“Good girl. Repeat your words again.”
“Obey. Serve. Worship.”
“Keep going while I get things ready.”
It was so easy to just give herself over to repeating the mantra over and over, her eyes closing as her head dipped forward. 
Vy was still aware of everything on some level, but it was easy to just let them pass through and let go.
Over and over, until She touched her lightly on the shoulder. 
“Go to your chair, Toy.”

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