Chapter 3

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #aftercare #blindfolded #conditioning #consensual_kink #femdom_hypnosis #forced_orgasm #hypnosis #masturbation #programming #solo

The pulsing buzz of a vibrator began to send tingling waves of pleasure through her, each one timed to the words, blending into the mantra, raising endorphins and helping to imprint them deeper and deeper into her mind.
The deeper she went, the better it felt, and the better it felt, the deeper Vy went. Her conscious mind completely overwhelmed, while her deeper self, her unconscious self listened and remembered, the words reinforced with each pulse of pleasure.
“You’re going to come for me soon,” She said matter of factly, and the little piece of Vy’s mind that wasn’t completely occupied knew it was true. 
She suddenly ached with need that grew more and more insistent with every pulse, with every word, with every breath.
“You’re going to come for me, and when I tell you to come, it’s going to lock this programming into your brain, making it part of you, remembering how good it feels, always able to come back to this place, deeper and deeper down.”
“You’re going to come for me, and know how amazing it feels, how incredibly good it feels to submit and execute your programming. How lovely it is to be my Toy and how it fills you with so much pleasure to follow your instructions. How good it feels to obey, serve, and worship.”
“You are going to come for me and all of this will be etched into your mind, right where it was always supposed to be, right where you wanted it to be, right where you needed it to be.”
“You will always be my Toy, even when you’re going about your day, living your normal life.”
“You will always be my Toy, and the more you repeat the words the deeper you go, and the deeper you go, the better it feels to Obey. Serve. Worship.”
Vy moaned the words again and again as they took her so close, _so close_ to the edge but not quite over. Not yet. Not without…
“Say my name,” She instructed, Her voice like a thunderbolt that ran straight down Vy’s spine. “Come for me, Toy, my name on your lips over and over as your Programming is locked in.”
Vy’s body shook with release as she finally came, almost sobbing as she gasped out Her name again and again as the vibrator was turned up, jolting her into another orgasm before the aftershock had begun to fade, until her vision was dancing with sparks against the blindfold.
She wasn’t sure how long she moaned and shuddered and gasped out Her name before the vibrations finally stopped, her whole body suddenly able to relax as she went limp again, the headphones slipped away but the words still with her, embedding themselves deeper and deeper into her mind.
Vy could feel her breathing coming back to something more controlled, gliding back down to normal as she let herself silently repeat them, letting herself relax and wait for Her to release her from chair.
She felt the cuffs being undone, and finally the blindfold was lifted away. Vy smiled blissfully up at Her, pushing herself up in the chair just enough to collect a kiss as a reward for another successful programming session.
“Tell me something you need me to know, Toy.”
“I love you,” Vy answered immediately, then gave a moment to listen to her still buzzing body. “But I should go to the bathroom.”
“Ok,” She replied with a smile as she stepped back. “Go take care of yourself.”
Not long after that, Vy sighed happily and melted into Her embrace as they cuddled in bed, exchanging lazy kisses and gentle touches as they both drifted towards sleep, happy sighs and soft little groans turning to deeper breaths and sleepy little snores.
Even as she drifted off, Vy could almost swear she still heard the words in the rythym of Her rising and falling chest. 

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