Chapter 2

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #dubious_consent #f/f #hypnosis #scifi #solo #sub:female #conditioning #corruption #recruitment #shower #useless_lesbeans

The more Maya used the conditioner, the more intense the pleasure became, and the more that mantra embedded itself into her thoughts.
“Obedience brings pleasure,” she mumbled around her toothbrush.
“Pleasure brings obedience,” she murmured on her walk to the bus. 
She had gotten a few compliments from a couple of coworkers about her hair, but most of the people who worked in her office ignored the change in her. 
Part of her wished a few more of them _would_ notice her, but it was probably just as well. Focusing on work was a struggle. She found herself constantly looking off into space, counting the minutes until she could clock out, her whole body feeling like it was throbbing to the cadence of the mantra as she daydreamed about how good it would feel to work the conditioner into her hair again, fingers working along her scalp while the other hand began to stroke down...
“Huh?” Maya blinked several times, feeling as if she was struggling to wake up from a nap. “Ah! Sorry!”
Someone was looking at her with an air of concern. A coworker, she realized. The new girl. Joan? Jenn? No - Jean, that was it! “You feeling ok?”
“Just lost in thought,” She admitted with a blush. “I’ve got some stuff going on at home.”
Jean’s concern turned to sympathy. “I know how that goes. I figured it was something like that - it’s almost five thirty.”
Maya felt a jolt of surprise as she looked over at the clock. “Oh, shit! Thanks for checking on me.”
“No worries.” Jean smiled a bit nervously, and part of her brain decided that the new girl was pretty cute. “You need a ride or anything?”
“I appreciate the offer, but I’m good. The bus stop’s just down the block.”
Jean nodded. “Sure. See you tomorrow?”
Maya did her best to give a reassuring smile back. “Yeah, I’ll be here.”
“Have a good night!”
She waited for Jean to head for the door, then slumped in her chair with a groan. Had she really sat at her desk and daydreamed for the last three hours? Her boss was going to kill her.
Except when she really looked at her was fine. She looked at her sent messages and found a bunch of emails sent in the time she’d been blanked out. Work being completed, even a thank you note from her boss for getting a report finished two days early.
What the fuck, she thought as she closed down her computer and stood up to get her coat.
“...brings pleasure,” Maya murmured as she pulled the coat on, then shook her head. She didn’t need to worry about it. It had all worked out. 
“Pleasure brings obedience,” she repeated under her breath, and nodded to herself.
Everything was fine.
The bus ride home was a soft blur in Maya’s memory. On some level she knew she’d gotten on her bus, paid the fare, made her connection, walked the block and a half to her building, let herself into the apartment, but it was so unimportant that it wasn’t worth remembering. 
She needed to get in the shower. Needed it more than food or sleep or 
The sound of her own moans brought Maya back to reality. 
She could hear the sound of her shower running, but she wasn’t in it yet. 
Maya looked at her naked body in her bedroom mirror and felt a surge of captivating arousal as she took in the bright pink thatch of hair between her legs, and the way the rest of her hair and eyebrows had begun to change color to match, the vivid pink growing more and more vibrant.
Her fingers were pinching and teasing one stiff nipple, hips rocking just a bit as her eyes slid down her body.
It was hard to stop playing with herself, but the moment the warm water hit her skin, Maya was rewarded with another wave of bliss.
“Obedience brings pleasure,” she sighed happily as she luxuriated under the spray, closing her eyes and reaching out for the bottle of conditioner. 
Except, she realized with a burst of surprise, it wasn’t there. 
“Pleasure brings obedience.” 
Maya jolted with surprise at the sound of another voice behind her. “Andi?” 
She turned at the sound of the shower door sliding open behind her, revealing her roommate...her beautiful, sexy, fucking gorgeous roommate. Andi was just as naked, a confident, knowing smile on her face as she held up the black bottle.
“Looking for this?”
Maya’s brain was so fuzzy. She needed...but this wasn’t...wasn’t ok. Was it? “
“Yes,” Maya answered softly, barely able to be heard over the sound of the water. “Please, Andi, I need it.” 
“It’s ok,” Andi cooed as she stepped into the shower, her blue hair almost glowing in the light. “I know exactly how you feel.” Maya started to move towards the back of the shower, but a gentle touch on her shoulder froze her in place.
“You’re so pretty,” Andi murmured as she pressed closer. “I knew you’d look amazing, but you are _so pretty._”
Maya gasped at the feeling of their bodies sliding together under the water. She wanted to ask so many questions, but all the words vanished when Andi’s lips touched hers in a gentle kiss. If this is a dream, Maya decided through the hazy fuzz of her thoughts, I don’t want to wake up.
“Obedience brings pleasure,” Andi instructed her between kisses.
“Pleasure brings obedience,” she replied automatically, her fingers sliding down Andi’s back to grope the ass she’d been fantasizing about for months. 
Yesss,” Andi hissed, leg sliding to press between her thighs. “You’re ready, aren’t you? Ready for more?”
The only answer Maya could manage was an affirmative sort of moan as she tried to grind against Andi’s shower-slick thigh. 
“Good girl,” Andi purred, and Maya shuddered against her. “Turn around. Face the water.”
Maya didn’t even think. She didn’t need to think. She just complied, and turned as she had been told.
Obedience brings pleasure.
She could hear the sound of Andi squirting out conditioner into her hand, the bubblegum scent filling her nose. 
Maya shivered as she felt the other woman’s fingers sliding through her hair, and she knew the shower wasn’t responsible for all of the wetness she felt on her thighs. 
“Keep saying it,” Andi murmured into her ear, lips teasing at the shell. “I want to hear you saying it.”
Maya shuddered, her thoughts scrambled and scattered by the feeling of Andi’s hands on her. “Obedience...brings pleasure…” 
“That’s right,” Andi agreed softly. 
“Pleasure...brings obedience...hnnnf...” 
One of Andi’s hands tightened in her hair, pulling just sharply enough to heighten the moment. “Again.”
She repeated the mantra as Andi worked more and more conditioner in, the pulsing waves of pleasure crashing through her until her legs were shaking, barely able to hold her upright. The intensity built inside of her like a thunderstorm, like she wanted to cum more than she ever had,  but there was no release. No relief. Not yet.
“Just relax against me,” Andi instructed, and Maya did as she was told without hesitation. Slim, surprisingly strong arms wrapped around her, bringing a feeling of incredible safety. 
“God,” Andi breathed. “You are so fucking wet, Maya.”
She tried to laugh, but all that came out was a groan as she felt one of Andi’s fingers sliding inside of her. 
“Do you know why?”
Andi gave a low chuckle before her finger crooked and stroked within her. “Because you’re not just horny, Maya. That’s your resistance leaking out of you. The more aroused you get...the wetter you get...the more the Conditioner takes over. The less you can fight it.” A second finger joined the first.
“The less you _want_ to fight it.”
“Obedience brings pleasure,” she agreed softly, an urgent pulse of arousal with each word that made her skin feel like it was burning. 
“Pleasure brings obedience,” Andi confirmed, kissing along the side of her neck. “Just let go. Just let it sink in.”
“Let...go…” Maya’s eyes slid shut again, letting the combination of the water and arousal wash the rest of her thoughts right out of her brain.
She could almost feel the last resistance dripping out of her, just as Andi had promised. That last little bit of hesitation draining away, the quiet little voice that had kept telling her none of this was normal finally going silent.
“There we go,” Andi said with soft, warm approval. 
Maya was vaguely aware of Andi gently lowering them down, sitting on the shower floor as the water continued to spray down, letting her lean back bonelessly even as Andi’s fingers continued to fuck her completely senseless. 
“Here it comes,” Andi breathed, but before Maya could even try to think about what that meant, she understood.
Maya let out a cry that was somewhere between a yell and a scream as the tension that had been so carefully built up was finally allowed to break, and take her with it. 

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